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FAQ: How to withdraw PayPal to bank account in the Philippines

Here are some more information regarding the new withdraw to bank account feature of PayPal that it started offering late last week.

Is there a requirement before I can withdraw funds to my bank account?

Yes, you need to add a bank account and you need to be a verified PayPal member.

How do I add a bank account?

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to your PayPal account and go to Profile > Add or Edit Bank Account.
  2. Add your bank details. The Bank Code is a unique 9-digit number which you can get from this list of PayPal Bank Codes in the Philippines.
  3. Review your bank information and click Add Bank Account to confirm.

Make sure that the first and last name on your PayPal account matches the name on your bank account. If it does not, your withdrawal request may be rejected by the bank.

How do I become a verified PayPal member?

Detailed instructions in our How to open a PayPal account FAQ page.

How do I withdraw PayPal to my bank account?

  1. Login to your PayPal account and go to My Account > Withdraw.
  2. Click the Withdraw funds to your bank account link.
  3. Input the withdrawal amount and select the bank account where money will be transferred.
  4. Review the transfer details and press Submit button to confirm the withdrawal request.

Can I use any bank to withdraw my money?

Yes, all local banks can be used to withdraw the funds.

How long before the funds will reach my bank account?

Your withdrawal request should typically be completed within 5-7 business days. However, depending on your bank’s policies, it may take additional time.

Are there any minimum or maximum withdrawal amounts?

There is a $10 minimum withdrawal amount. Verified PayPal users DO NOT have maximum withdrawal amounts. Also, non-verified PayPal members will not be permitted to withdraw any amount to their bank account.

Can I still withdraw PayPal to my credit or debit card?

Yes, this is still available. Click here for information on what cards in the Philippines can be used.

Can I receive my funds in dollars?

No, your withdrawal will be converted into Pesos and transferred to your local bank account.

What fees do I have to pay when withdrawing to my bank account?

Withdrawals of P7,000.00 or more are FREE. For amounts less than P7,000.00, there is a P50.00 fee.

Foreign exchange fees may also apply.

Do note that some banks also charge a fee for electronic funds transfers. Ask your bank whether it charges for electronic fund transfers before you initiate a withdrawal.

Transfer requests with incorrect bank information will be canceled and charged a P250.00 return fee.

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45 thoughts on “FAQ: How to withdraw PayPal to bank account in the Philippines”

  1. noemi says:

    I already initiated a transfer to my BPI account yesterday. Let’s see how it works out in 5 to 7 days.

    1. James | says:

      Let us know, Noemi, what happens with your withdrawal next week. Hope it gets through!

  2. Hye says:

    Thanks for the info… now I don’t have to apply for Union Bank account… I’ll post this in my blog with credits from you.


    1. Don says:

      You still need to apply for an E-ON card since you need to be a verified Paypal member to use this feature.

    2. James | says:

      Or use a credit card to be verified, if you have one. Otherwise, yes, the EON card is your easiest choice.

  3. j says:

    tanong: paano kung yung bank account mo ay dollar account? pwede ba yun? paypal to dollar bank account?

    1. j says:

      nabasa ko sa paypal, hindi pa pala talaga pwede yung paypal to dollar account =(
      pero ilang months lang yan supported na yan


  4. Blogoloco - Win $250 says:

    this can only do good for our country. Good start. I do hope that the Philippines will progress further more in the next few years.

  5. ambo says:

    Now i know. Yung mga hindi pa verified ang account sa paypal and u dont have any credit card, eon card pa din ang kelangan to get verified at para ma-transfer to your bank account. thanks again james.

  6. Don says:

    Just heard about this feature through their e-mail and I feel so happy knowing that I don’t need to find damn exchangers with faulty rates anymore.

  7. Ed says:

    Am I right to conclude that this is another bad joke of PayPal’s? After receiving their email and researching the bank code for my bank, I find myself still unable to withdraw any funds, because I cannot become a verified member as I lack a credit card. They say, “Adding a bank account and completing the Random Deposit process enables your sending limit to be waived.” But there is no link for “Random Deposit” and it’s nowhere to be found in the system.

  8. Don says:

    It’s working fine for me Ed. You should be verified first before using this feature. So technically, you still need a credit/debit card, EON card to be specific.

  9. Ed says:

    That’s what I said, Don: the new feature is a bad joke, because it doesn’t change anything for me. On Moneybookers I don’t even need a bank account to become verified, they would send me a letter by mail, and I would copy the code therein into an online form. PayPal is too f*cking lazy to even properly publish the bank codes, what to speak of user-friendly verification.

  10. James | says:

    True, if you don’t have a card, your Paypal account won’t be verified which means you still cannot withdraw it to a local bank account.

  11. gin-gin says:

    a.k.a. ang bagsak pa rin ng karamihang walang cards para maging verified (tulad ko) ay EON Card. wehehehe

  12. James | says:

    ^ Exactly. No card, no verified Paypal, no withdraw. Solution? Get an EON card! Hehe.

  13. Don says:

    A better solution is to get a Virtual Credit Card and then add your bank account ;)

  14. louie says:

    Can you explain po kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng paypal sa agreement na nasa ibaba. Kasi nag-aalala ako. Because I will be receiving every 2 weeks my salary sa client ko po sa CA, using his paypal account with his credit card. Mahal kasi ang western.

    ” 4.2 Receiving Different Types of Payments. If you have a Personal Account you may receive Balance/Bank Funded Payments for free, and up to 5 Card Funded Payments per 12 month period for a Fee, except that you may not receive Card Funded Payments into a Personal Account for an eBay transaction.”


    1. James | says:

      It only means your Personal Account is only allowed to receive 5 credit card-funded payments per 12 month period. Succeeding funds sent from a credit card won’t be credited to your account, unless you upgrade to a Business or Premier account.

  15. Ed says:

    If PayPal cannot simplify their services big-time and go user-friendly real soon, they’re gonna lose it, and everybody is going to use Moneybookers, which does everything you can ask for, and does so for many years already. 4+ Million users and growing. Wake up guys, PayPal is crap.

  16. elaine says:

    Is the bank code for BPI same as the routing number?

    1. James | says:

      Nope, the bank codes are not the same as the Routing Number or the SWIFT Code. Just refer to our list of Paypal bank codes in the Philippines for the correct bank code to use.

  17. Chris says:

    hi tanong ko lang.. i verified my paypal account using a credit card

    pwede ko ba i-add yung unionbank eon card ko as a “bank account” and NOT a debit/credit card para doon ko na lang iwithdraw?

  18. Andrea says:

    If I add a Dollar Savings account, will I be able to receive the funds I withdrew in US dollar denomination?

  19. elaiplane says:

    can anyone help me about withdrawing my funds at paypal to my metrobank debit card? I tried to added the bank but I still not successful. Is there anyone successfully withdraw there money with metrobank debit card?. I don’t know the security number with it. Please let me know how you did it. please help me. thank you so much.

  20. Chew says:

    This might be out of the topic but I maybe someone can advise me. I have a Unionbank EON card.

    I am currently in Saudi Arabia and I am using my Union Bank EON to withdraw money (saudi riyals) here….

    The other day I have enrolled my Union Bank EON with Paypal but now I can no longer use this Eon Card to withdraw money or to any POS transaction…

    Any advise will be highly appreciated…

    Thank you

  21. James | says:

    @Chew, your best option is to call Unionbank’s Customer Service Hotline to report what happened and to inquire what you should do. Probably your card was deactivated for incorrect password tries or for not paying the annual EON card fee.

  22. mika says:

    im very much new to paypal.i link my metrobank account and tried withrawing the funds of 95.80 from it but it just keeps on getting me to a page asking me to link a credit/debit card which i dont have.
    i just want to widthraw the money i have thru paypal but looks like i have to go thru frustrating task thats ending up more frustrating. my question is,how can i withraw the money from paltalk thru my back account without having to link a credit/debit card?

  23. Pinoy Bisnis says:

    I’m happy I found your post here.

    I’m a newly verified PayPal account holder. Last week, Oct 19, I requested a money withdrawal to my Metrobank bank account and It was successful. It just took 4 days before I received it thru my bank account.
    .-= Pinoy Bisnis´s latest blog ..How to Start a Fashion Clothing Business =-.

  24. Fritz says:

    Kapag ba Philippine peso bank account ang meron ka pero ung binabayad sayo via paypal ay dollars, if you’ll withdraw the money, macoconvert na ba sya to philippine peso? May mga charges ba?

    Thanks and please help

  25. says:

    how come there’s no option to specify how much I want to withdraw?

    Does the withdrawal process occur right after I add my bank account details?

  26. Icek Blueyez says:

    Hello people!
    Thank you for this valuable info. Pede na pala dito makuha mga bank code for paypal.
    I can now withdraw my account at paypla. Thanks a lot!
    More power!

  27. angel says:

    I really need help.. I want to withdraw money from my paypal account to my Philippine bank account it possible to do so even you dont have a visa or mastercard debit or credit card? please help me..I have a visa card but it’s not on my name..How will i do this.

  28. kitee says:


    thats my problem too!

  29. hugebelle says:

    I’d like to ask…linking (bank account DEBIT CARD) BPI express teller to paypal, What option (between visa, mastercard and american express) will I opt to? I’m having problem linking my bank account with my paypal. Anyone please advise. Thanks

  30. hugebelle says:

    I would like to add up if where can I see the expiry date of the BPI debit card? Other atm card provide expiry date like BDO but I can’t locate the expiry date of BPI express teller. Pls advise.

    I’d like to ask…linking (bank account DEBIT CARD) BPI express teller to paypal, What option (between visa, mastercard and american express) will I opt to? I’m having problem linking my bank account with my paypal. Anyone please advise. Thanks

  31. Patfredk says:

    I found a website with information on how to get and withdraw PayPal using a master card. This method is good where PayPal don’t allow withdraw to bank direct example Kenya see

  32. Manalok9 says:

    I’ve been trying to link my debit card to Paypal, I supplied all the necessary info, but it says it cant be processed…. is there a local helpline for this?  (My card is a BDO Mastercard debit ATM card.)

  33. paula says:

    hi..i’m having trouble of linking my card to paypal..i filled up all the necessary info needed but it says it can’t be processed..what should i do??my card is a BDO debit atm card..pls. response..

  34. Rue says:

    Can I withdraw even if the currency is dollar and I don’t have a dollar account?

  35. Mae says:

    If I have a dollar account in a Philippine bank like BDO, may conversion fees pa rin ba kahit na from USD to USD naman ang transaction?

    1. jeff says:

      Any answer for this inquiries. I have the same concern also.

  36. kelvin says:

    kamusta po? usd ba ung nag reflect sa dollar accout mo?

  37. Mary says:

    Hi,what debit card po na pwede e wdraw from what process po..I try to wdraw but it will just return to my paypal acc.ty po & godbless.sana po my mkasagot.

  38. Kariz Chavez says:

    I recently withdrew funds into my husband’s bank account last July 12th and it was rejected by the bank. My questions is, why did Paypal approve the bank account I added when it was invalid (because it wasn’t under my name) in the first place?Also, It’s been 3 business days already since the bank rejected the payment/withdrawal but the amount is still not back to my Paypal funds. It’s like it disappeared into thin air.

    I hope somebody can help me. I already opened a case with PayPal to no avail. The case was just closed and not to my favor.

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