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RESULTS: CPA Board Exam (Oct 2019) List of Passers

Congratulations to the new Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)!

Did you pass the CPA Licensure Exam (CPALE) held last October 2019? Wonder no more. Find out if you or someone you know successfully passed the exam by viewing the list of passers below.

UPDATE (October 2019): The CPA Board Exam Results will be released soon! Stay tuned and scroll below to view the complete List of Passers once released by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission)!

While waiting, why don’t you check out job vacancies and job opportunities for accountants in the Philippines and abroad? Just scroll down to the “Job Vacancy for CPAs” section below. Good luck!

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Reminders for New Board Exam Passers

If you successfully passed the board exam, congratulations! If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do next, check out our useful guide so you can:

(1) register to get your new PRC ID;

(2) verify your rating to check your exam score online; or

(3) find a job for accountants in the Philippines and abroad! (to check out job vacancies, head over to “Job Vacancy for CPA” section below)

Registration and Oath-Taking for CPALE Passers

The registration for the issuance of your PRC ID and Certificate of Registration will be announced soon. Take note that this will be done online via the PRC Online LERIS system. If you want a detailed step-by-step guide on how to register to get a PRC ID, just click here.

Although registration is conducted online, you are still required to appear personally and to be physically present to sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals. You must bring the following requirements with you when you register:

  1. Duly-accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal (which you can download after completing the PRC online registration above);
  2. Notice of Admission (for identification only);
  3. Two (2) pieces passport-size pictures (colored with white background and complete name tag);
  4. Two (2) sets of documentary stamps (doc stamps); and
  5. One (1) piece short brown envelope.

Regarding the oath-taking ceremony for CPA Exam passers, the date and venue is still TBA (To Be Announced). Stay tuned and wait for further notice by liking and following the PRC Exam Results Facebook page.

If you did not pass the CPALE

If you unfortunately did not pass, it’s OK! Just consider this a minor setback for now. Keep your head up and try again in the succeeding exam. You’ll make it next time, don’t worry!

Whether you’re a conditional passer, repeater, or for removals, here are some tips we compiled from previous passers of the CPA Board Exam that can help you prepare for the next exam.

Practical Tips to Pass the CPA Licensure Exam

Want to hear awesome tips and inspiring stories from previous CPA passers? Click here to see our collection of Tips to Pass the CPA Board Exam. A summary of the tips described in that link is as follows:

  • Tip #1: Claim it, you will be a CPA!
  • Tip #2: Adopt an effective study habit.
  • Tip #3: Practice answering problems randomly.
  • Tip #4: Don’t multi-task when solving sample exams.
  • Tip #5: Don’t worry about the school you graduated from.
  • Tip #6: Eliminate the wrong answers.
  • Tip #7: Master Financial Accounting using these tricks.
  • Tip #8: Don’t compare performance with your peers.
  • Tip #9: Isipin mo kung kanino mo inaalay ang pagiging CPA.
  • Tip #10: Find out deep in your heart why you really want to be a CPA.

Now, if you want more practical tips that you can adopt during your review and during the exam, we gathered additional useful methods to aid in your CPALE test. Implement these and hope you pass the CPALE next time!

Useful Tips when Using a Calculator

  1. In your calculator, use the M+ as debit and M- as credit. It will speed up your addition and subtraction process,
  2. Sometimes, you will forget if you already punched a number. To know if you already inputted a number, press “0”. If the zero was added as a digit, you still have not inputted the number. If the numbers on the screen cleared, that means the number has already been punched. Use MR for memory recall and MC for memory clear.
  3. Use the MU function to compute for markup or Gross Profit Rate (GPR). The Gross Profit Rate can be based on Revenues / Sales or on Cost. Use the ÷ sign to markup the cost amount using GPR based on Revenues.

For example, if you were given cost of Php 420,000 and Gross Profit Rate of 40% on sales, to compute the Sales amount, press: 420,000 ÷ 40 MU

The calculator will give you the answer: Php 700,000 Sales

Another example: The total COGS of the company is Php 900,000. The GPR based on cost is 40%. How much is the total Revenue?

To get the answer, type on your calculator: 900,000 x 40 MU

This will give the answer: Php 1,260,000 Sales

Hope this helps!

– Translated to English from a post by Ely Tayko in Accounting Coach Philippines FB group

Useful Tips during the Actual Exam

1. Manage your time wisely. Calculate the average time you can spend on each question by dividing the allotted time. For example, if you are given 180 minutes to finish a 60-question exam, you can allot an average of 3 minutes (180 minutes divided by 60 questions) per item.

If you absolutely have no idea what the answer is to a question, just make an educated guess. If you’re spending more than 3 minutes on a question but you know you can remember the answer given more time, mark that item with your tentative answer, then skip and move on to the next question.

Once you’re done with the last question, check how much available time you still have. If you have enough time, go back to your unanswered questions unanswered and try answering it again. If you don’t have much time left, just mark the answer directly with the guess you made earlier. The important thing is to have lots of answered items even if you were unsure.

2. Eliminate wrong answers. If you find it difficult to guess the correct answer, try identifying and eliminating the wrong answers first. You will likely be sure about some items that are just absolutely wrong. Eliminating wrong answers increases the probability of getting the right answer. Choosing an answer from two or three remaining choices is definitely much better than choosing from four original choices.

3. Understand the nature of each section of the CPALE exam.

RFBT (or the “Law” subject) is a very tiresome section. You might even find yourself taking a nap in the middle of the exam LOL. It’s okay. But be sure that you complete answering the entire exam. Here’s a tip about situational problems and you have no idea what the answer is: the law almost always favors the aggrieved party. Knowing that concept can get you to the right answer.

AFAR and MAS could be the most exciting (and perhaps easier) subjects because if you know the basic concepts, then you’re good to go. For the problem questions, no need to write a solution or to make sure your written solution is neat. Guess what, nobody will check that! All that counts is your answer. So if you already know the answer without having to do the computations, don’t write the solution anymore. It will save you time.

Auditing Problems is another interesting subject because it’s unpredictable. You could end up having no correct answer in a problem set or get a perfect score in that problem. Just take note that usually every question in the set of problems has a relationship with one another.

Taxation is tough but do not lose heart if you are not familiar with a brand-new development in a law or legislation that was approved last week or last month. The exam questions were likely made months before so rarely will the latest developments in the law (from last week or last month) will be included.

– From a post by N. Torrevillas in Accounting Coach Philippines FB group

If you want to know the final score you got in the CPALE exam that you took, follow the instructions in this article on CPALE exam rating verification. Take note that it might take a few days before the PRC will complete uploading all exam scores so if you can’t find your score yet, just return to the page at a later time.

FYI: The next schedule of the CPA Licensure Exam in the Philippines will be in May 2020. Follow this guide if you want to know How to Register for the next PRC Board Exam.

Topnotchers: CPA Board Exam (October 2019)

Congratulations to the top placers in the October 2019 Master Plumbers Board Exam! The complete list of topnotchers is as follows.

Best Performing Schools: CPA Board Exam (October 2019)

Which schools had the highest passing rates in the recently concluded exam? Check out the list below of the best performing schools:

Complete List of Passers: CPA Board Exam (October 2019)

Want to find out if you or someone you know passed the CPALE?

Simply scroll below to search for the name or press “Ctrl+F” on your keyboard or use the “Find in Page” function in your browser. Congrats if you passed the exam!

Official List of Passers (Source: PRC)
Held on October 5, 6 & 12, 2019
Released on October 2019

Job Vacancy for CPA in the Philippines

Now that you’ve passed the CPA Licensure Exam, you’re probably considering to take a job soon as a Certified Public Accountant.

To help you get started, we compiled below some CPA job vacancies posted in various job websites in the Philippines. This is intended to give you an idea of the qualifications, job description, and salary associated with an accounting job.

Good luck in job hunting!

  • Job Title: Staff Accountant
  • Company: Global Payments Process Centre Inc.
  • Location: Mandaluyong
  • Salary: PHP 30,000 to PHP 38,000 per month
  • Benefits: HMO w/ 2 Free Dependents
    • Retirement Plan
    • Performance Bonus
    • Annual Appraisal
    • Life Insurance
    • Birthday leave
    • Core leave
    • 20% Night Differential
    • Unlimited coffee & Milo in pantry
    • Free use of Gym Facilities
  • Job Description: Support the Settlement team through daily completion of operations team requests such as: fund transfer, wire/check request and check deposits; daily manual Journal entries; I-Balance Settlement Entries and reconciliation. The Staff Accountant will also daily review Exception Transactions and prepare Exception journal entries. The position will also provide assistance to the Settlement team to ensure that issues and variances resulting from entries are resolved timely and accurately to help mitigate risk.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Accountancy is required
    • 2-3 years of audit or shared experience
    • CPA Certification is not required but an advantage
    • Windows/PC experience – Microsoft Excel 2007 – normal user
    • Analytical Skills
    • Internal and External Audit experience is an advantage
    • Reconciliation and Audit experience
  • Source: Indeed Philippines

  • Job Title: Associate – Accounts Payable
  • Company: Shell Philippines
  • Location: Manila
  • Job Description:
    • 1. Process invoices in accordance with standard procedures set out in the standard AP Work Instruction as well as in the agreed-upon country specific guidelines;
    • 2. Ensure that all inputs are correct prior to completion or posting of invoices to avoid re-work;
    • 3. Have enough knowledge on withholding taxes, VAT and other tax related codes and transaction codes necessary to process the invoice correctly or respond to vendor inquiries;
    • 4. Understand and operate effectively applicable SOX and business controls;
    • 5. Investigate queries raised by stakeholders;
    • 6. Exercise diligence in reviewing and unblocking invoices;
    • 7. Respond to vendor inquiries in a polite and helpful manner;
    • 8. Ensure delivery within agreed global and local performance metrics;
    • 9. Identify opportunities for process improvements in assigned and related tasks.
  • Qualifications:
    • 1. Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Business Administration preferred; CPA
    • 2. Experience in a similar role is preferred but not required;
    • 3. Possess basic Financial Accounting knowledge;
    • 4. Experience of customer relations management for Vendor Help Desk role;
    • 5. Good English communication skills;
    • 6. Good in problem solving and has critical thinking skills;
    • 7. Ability to work under tight deadlines;
    • 8. Computer literate – knowledge of SAP application and other Microsoft software is a plus.
  • Source: Indeed Philippines

  • Job Title: Certified Public Accountant
  • Company: The SM Store (Calamba, Laguna)
  • Location: Laguna
  • Qualifications:
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with at least 1 year working experience in all aspects of accounting (general accounting, receivables, payables, payroll, inventory or sales audit)
    • Working knowledge on standard accounting procedures
    • Ability to implement policies and procedures objectively
    • Can carry out the assigned tasks with minimal supervision
    • Flexible to be assigned to work schedules supporting the retail operational hours
    • Willing to be assigned in The SM Store – Calamba
  • Source: BestJobs Philippines

  • Job Title: Finance Specialist for Laguna
  • Company: Jollibee Worldwide Services
  • Location: Laguna
  • Qualifications:
    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Accountancy
    • Knowledgeable in Audit and General Accounting (Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Payroll & Timekeeping)
    • Accounting Assistants and/or Specialists positions are available; Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are
    • encouraged to apply
    • CPA license is an advantage
    • Willing to work in Laguna
  • Source: Jora Philippines

  • Job Title: Fresh Graduates Of Finance and Accounting
  • Company: Citi Group  (Citibank)
  • Location: Makati
  • Job Description:
    • The analyst will take responsibility for the integrity of the head office reporting process, and for the reasonableness of the various financial head office reports, which include Quarterly Memo cable and FAS107.
    • The analyst will assist in the management of the flow of information needed to monitor, enrich, and influence the business’ decision process, and will provide detailed analytical support on head office financial reporting.
    • In addition, the analyst will be providing support in interpreting account changes, maintaining a rigid system of internal controls in the record-to-report process, ensuring compliance of head office reporting requirements, and providing the pertinent financial information reports to facilitate the needs of the business
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of Finance, Accounting, or any Business related courses
    • In-depth knowledge on financial and management reporting is an advantage
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to demonstrate good analytical skills
    • Proficient in MS Excel application
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an advantage
  • Source: LinkedIn Philippines

Job Opportunities / Salary of CPA Abroad

If you’re looking instead to work abroad as an accountant, we’ve also got information for you below. Here are sample job opportunities, with compensation details, in foreign locations.

  • Job Title: Certified Public Accountant
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Qualifications:
    • Candidate must possess at least a Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam), Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.
    • At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
    • Applicants must be willing to work in Doha, Qatar
  • Source: Jobstreet Philippines

  • Job Title: e-Commerce Operations Associate
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Salary: US$43,000-$45,000 per year (around PHP 2.5 Million to PHP 3.5 Million a year)
  • Agency: Savvy Creative Recruitment
  • Job Description: Reporting into the Director, this position performs all activities (Sales, Merchandising, Customer Service, Shop Management, Finance, Stock and Warehouse Fulfillment) accurately, to a high standard and in a timely manner.
  • Qualifications:
    • Experience in servicing customer queries in an online environment
    • Experience of e-Commerce merchandising best price, with an understanding of user behavior
    • Experience of stock management and financial procedures
    • Understanding of e-Commerce fulfillment process and CMS
    • High standard of written and spoken English
    • Strong negotiation and communication skills
    • Interest in technology and evolution of the web
    • University graduate with 1-2 years experience preferred
  • Source: LinkedIn Philippines

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