Google Adsense

Earn from Google’s Adsense Pay-per-click program

On Google Adsense link units

Got the following email from Google Adsense a few minutes ago. Hi, As a publisher using link units on your pages, we’re writing to let you know about a recently resolved reporting issue that affected your account.

Adsense optimization tip: Go for wider ad units

Last week I received an email from the Google Adsense Optimization Team giving me tips on how to supposedly increase my Adsense earnings. I even had to double-check that the email was really from them and not a phishing email. Anyway, here goes their ad optimization tip.

Adsense interest-based ads effective?

In the past few days, the number of ad clicks in my Google Adsense account remained virtually stable and yet revenue increased. Take a look at the screenshot of these two Adsense metrics taken from my Adsense stats in Analytics.

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