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Google Adsense announces revenue-sharing percentage

After years of keeping mum on the Adsense revenue share, Google finally broke its silence and announced via an official blog post how much advertising money it shares to publishers. On the Inside Adsense blog, Google disclosed that: For Adsense for Content (the usual contextual

On Google Adsense link units

Got the following email from Google Adsense a few minutes ago. Hi, As a publisher using link units on your pages, we’re writing to let you know about a recently resolved reporting issue that affected your account.

Adsense optimization tip: Go for wider ad units

Last week I received an email from the Google Adsense Optimization Team giving me tips on how to supposedly increase my Adsense earnings. I even had to double-check that the email was really from them and not a phishing email. Anyway, here goes their ad

How to filter or block ads in Google Adsense

On your site, Google Adsense ads appear promoting your competitor site. On your gadgets and technology blog, unrelated ads for weight loss and religion sometimes appear. If you are faced with the following problems as a Google Adsense publisher, what do you do? The simple

Time of day with highest Adsense earnings

Question to Google Adsense publishers: Do you know what time of the day you earn the most Adsense income? If not, then it’s time to use Google Analytics to find out. Question to Google Adsense publishers: Do you know what time of the day you

How to decrease or change font size of Adsense ads

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the font sizes of Google Adsense ads have now gotten bigger. That’s because the default font size of the ads is now “medium.” Starting last week, publishers were given the option to change the font sizes from small to

Adsense ads gone = Banned Adsense account?

If you visited this site a few weeks ago, you probably noticed a few blank spaces previously occupied by Google Adsense ads. What happened, you ask? The simple answer: we were banned in Google Adsense — although temporarily. If you visited this site a few

Adsense interest-based ads effective?

In the past few days, the number of ad clicks in my Google Adsense account remained virtually stable and yet revenue increased. Take a look at the screenshot of these two Adsense metrics taken from my Adsense stats in Analytics.