Adsense interest-based ads effective?

In the past few days, the number of ad clicks in my Google Adsense account remained virtually stable and yet revenue increased. Take a look at the screenshot of these two Adsense metrics taken from my Adsense stats in Analytics.

As you can see in this screenshot, during the first days of April, the two metrics Ad Clicks (orange line) and Ad Revenue (blue line) seem to go hand in hand. But come the middle of the month, Adsense income seemed to grow at a faster rate than the number of Ad clicks. In fact, despite almost the same number of ad clicks in the latter part, revenue kept on growing.

What accounts for this? Right now, I can only think of two possible reasons for this.

Higher-paying keywords

Probably during the latter days, there were more keywords with a higher cost per click (CPC). This means that even if the number of ad clicks is the same, I get higher earnings because each click is worth more than before. But then again, why would there be higher paying keywords specifically during the period? That is something only Adsense can answer.

Interest-based advertising

According to Adsense, interest based advertising started on April 9. Coincidentally, my ad revenue increased after this time. Probably, since advertisers can now target users, they are more willing to pay higher bids for each ad click, which explains why my ad income is growing despite the same number of ad clicks.

Whatever the case, I’m just happy my online income is again increasing at a time when most Adsense publishers are seeing their Adsense incomes go down.

Did you notice any change in your Adsense stats this month?

3 thoughts on “Adsense interest-based ads effective?”

  1. hee… for me, things have been a little slow… however, i did notice that when i browse the internet, i am more attracted at the google ads of the pages that i see. just means nababawasan ang ad blindness ko… but still, in the end i choose to be ad-blind. hahaha!

    sir, parating na yung contract. nakalimutan ko kasing dalhin on the way to zamboanga last time ako pumunta. xenxa sa delay… i’ll lbc it asap. patext na lang ng adress nyo po. tnx. hehe.

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