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Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines (June 2011)

Top 100 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines (June 2011)During the first six months of 2011, we assessed the performance of more than 200 blogs using four (4) measures related to Website Traffic and User Engagement. The result: a list of the Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines.

As we’ve explained before, high traffic alone does not make a site popular. A truly popular site has HIGH-QUALITY TRAFFIC, which is a combination of high number of visitors and high level of interaction between the user and the site. A detailed explanation of these metrics can be found in our post 100 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines in 2010.

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Top 50 Philippine blogs in 4Q 2008

Our last ranking of top Filipino blogs based on Alexa rank was made in August, third quarter of 2008. After that post, we decided not to monitor the ranking of blogs every month because we didn’t think it would provide a lot of value. Instead, we opted to simply track the Alexa ranking of Filipino blogs every quarter.

And so we bring you the listing of the Top 50 Philippine Blogs in the 4th Quarter of 2008 based on their 3-month Alexa rank.

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