Top 50 Philippine blogs in 4Q 2008

Our last ranking of top Filipino blogs based on Alexa rank was made in August, third quarter of 2008. After that post, we decided not to monitor the ranking of blogs every month because we didn’t think it would provide a lot of value. Instead, we opted to simply track the Alexa ranking of Filipino blogs every quarter.

And so we bring you the listing of the Top 50 Philippine Blogs in the 4th Quarter of 2008 based on their 3-month Alexa rank.

The Philippines’ Top 50 Blogs in the 4th Quarter of 2008
Ranked by Alexa’s 3-month traffic rank


The blogs were identified from listings in,, and If you have or know a blog that should have been included here, please contact us so we can include it in the next update.

Do note, though, that the blogs we rank exclude those whose majority of posts:

  • feature nude or sexy pictures or videos of celebrities and other people;
  • offer free streaming or download of copyrighted music, videos, movies and other media;
  • provide links to free downloads of themes, layouts, games, software, etc.;
  • promote sex, violence, terrorism, or discrimination; or
  • are mere aggregate of other blogs and sites

Corporate blogs and subdomain blogs which cannot be separately ranked are also excluded from the list.

The Alexa ranking system may not be perfect but we use it because it still provides objective information about the apparent reach and popularity of Filipino blogs.

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not?, and are still the leading Pinoy blogs today. They have been occupying the top spots ever since we started the ranking last year.

Former #2, however, dropped 10 places this time to settle at #12.

The 8 Biggest Gainers:

The 7 Biggest Decliners:

Who’s New?

Ten new Filipino blogs joined the ranking this quarter. They are:

Who’s Next?

Here are 10 upcoming blogs to watch out for:

What’s Next?

Next quarter, we’ll celebrate our first year of ranking the blogs in the Philippine blogosphere. Watch out as we identify who stayed on top — and who disappeared from the list — after one year. The list will be out during the first week of April 2009.

But before we come to that, let’s congratulate first all bloggers who made it to this quarter’s Top 50 list!

Kudos to all of you!

41 thoughts on “Top 50 Philippine blogs in 4Q 2008”

  1. Oooh, I’m declining! Awesome. πŸ˜› LOL. I guess that’s what happens when you only blog 8 entries in 2008. And so far, just one in 2009. Still not bad for a Blog Slacker.

  2. @joey, just work on increasing traffic to your blog para next time, masama ka na sa list πŸ˜‰

    @randomdetox, congrats on being #33!

    @fruityoaty, just 8 entries in 2008 and 1 in 2009 and yet you’re still #42? That’s quite a feat! That probably means your previous posts still appeal to certain groups of people who are looking for those information. Good job for a “blog slacker”! Hehe…

    @Boy, congrats on being one of the top gainers in this ranking!

  3. Ang layo ko. I bet I’m out of this in the next update. Lalo na ngayon na super busy being a fourth year graduating student na mejo alanganin sa Math:p hehe XD

    Tska, may mga new websites ako binabalak, mukang aalis na tlga ako kahit kakapasok lang

  4. sayang di nakasali blog ko na “Inday’s Stories” .. 211, 067 lang kasi alexa rank ko.. tapos penalize pa this february , from PR 3 to PR-0..huhuhu..

    ingats james.. πŸ™‚

    eto pwede din ba makasali “” – Alexa is 146,011..


  5. @Ambo, konting-konti na lang, pasok ka na! Hope to see you in the Top 50 next quarter πŸ™‚

    @inday, ba’t na-penalize yung blog mo? Baka may paid posts ka hehehe…

    @marhgil, I’m sure next time mauunahan mo na ako πŸ˜‰

    @jehz, sinimulan ko i-monitor ito nung April 2008 kaya sa April 2009 yung 1st year report. From the looks of it, mukhang isa ka, kung nde ikaw mismo, yung biggest gainer in 1 year. From 102,719 in April 2008 to 48,835 rank a year later. Astig!

  6. wow, congrats naman to those who made it to the list… sna blog ko din mpasama next time sa list ngayong year..

    im a newbie sa blogosphere, but aspiring dn ako na sana mamention din sa list.. hehe

    here’s my blog . can someone give a hint?


  7. @Millionaire Acts, good luck! Hope to see your blog on the list soon!

    @Bloggista, congrats on being #37!

    @Derek, will include your blog in the next update. Right now, pasok yung blog mo sa #26. πŸ™‚

    @PSP mania, as per our ranking rules, we don’t include blogs that offer downloads of music, games or software. Pero congrats for having a high Alexa rank on your blog!

  8. james, may paid post nga bat matagal na un tapos “nofollow” din.. pero baka nga naman google still took that against me..huhuhu.. oi james pano ba makasali sa rankings mo? hehhe.. may Alexa is now 133,000 .. tumaas.. last comment ko dito 211,000 pa alexa ko nun..hhhehe..

    thanks james.. ingatz.. πŸ™‚

  9. @inday, ewan ko rin pero mukhang matagal bago tanggalin ng Google ang penalty sa mga blogs na may paid posts. I’ll monitor you blog until the next update. Basta majority ng posts mo nde katulad nung list ng excluded blogs na na-mention sa article, sama ko yan sa ranking sa April πŸ™‚

  10. hi james.. i think wala na penalty blog ko sa SERP. it’s just the PR ang nawala.. I’m getting more visitors lately.. nako wala akong free streaming and free illegal downloads sa blog ko..wala din nudity..sana makasali..hehehhe.

    by the way, ganda ng niche mo. I know it’s getting a high ecpm kasi finance/money niche to eh..Authoritative ka naman kasi sa topic nato..anyway, goodluck James and more power sa PMT ..:)

  11. Hi James! I know you’re busy but if you have the time, it would be nice to see an updated list for the 1st quarter of 2009 and see how things have changed. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for saying so, i need some time to think about this. I have just got interested in blogging and hopefully i am able to do so

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