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  1. this is not being implemented as far as I know, i inquired bdo and bpi and told me they still don’t have this facility. has anyone tried opening an account thru other means?

  2. wow PERA IRR approved in 2009 but more than five years later, still absolutely NOTHING! I can’t imagine what possible private interest is there that might be getting in the way of PERA implementation. Wouldnt all parties be in a hurry to have this running? Tax for the government! Commissions and fees for the administrators and custodians! Savings for the accountholders! What else do they want?!

  3. This is good news! I’ve been waiting for this. A few questions here: Is your initial contribution to PERA subject to the 100k limit? Is the 100K limit is across all the age group? Tax-deductable din ba ung contribution since contribution made is after-tax money or un na ung 5% tax incentive? Up to what age your allowed to open PERA? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dennis, we’re not experts in the PERA Law but based on our understanding:

      1. Any investor can contribute up to P100,000 per year to his PERA account. Every P100,000 contribution annually gives the investor P5,000 tax credit every year.

      2. Based on the current guidelines, any person below the age of 55 may open a PERA account.

      3. The annual contribution is not taxable per se, since it’s not earnings or income. But up to P5,000 of which is tax deductible, and this is the maximum tax credit that an investor who will place P100,000 will get per year.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Today, Aug 3, 2017, I went to a nearby BDO, checkbook in hand, ready to open a PERA account.

    They have heard of it, but as far as they know, it’s not being implemented.

    They just got my contact info and will hit in touch with me.

    It’s disappointing because the information itself is not being disseminated to the banks, and they don’t know much about PERA, much less accept investments.

  5. Janice Bernardo

    Is it the same po bas a BDO PERA Equity Index Fund and BDO PERA Bond Index Fund?
    Looking at BDO UITF, meron po silang ganyan investment product. But I’m not sure if this is the same with PERA Investment.
    Can someone enlighten us about this matter? Thank you!

  6. I also went to my BPI branch and they also don’t know how to handle PERA investments yet.

    And seems the process is quite complicated, BPI has to coordinate with some licensed PERA personnel and I have to make an appointment in advance with that personnel.

  7. Yes, You can invest already in PERA investment through BPI Investment and BDO Investment, they are offering an array of PERA products.

  8. I just opened my PERA account last Month through BDO internet banking. You must have an account from BDO to enroll your PERA. Just follow the steps and go through the slides. Minimum investment is P1000. I f you are locally employed P100k is the maximum savings and P200k for ofw. Theirs only UITF to invest with for now.

    1. Hi Janni Mae. I also have a PERA acct with BDO and same with you I invested thru bdo internet banking. My question is how does the 5% tax credit works since I am employed and my employer is the one who is doing my ITR.

  9. Wilfredo E. Sebarillo

    How do I get the 5% tax credit? Will the administrator send it to my address and when will I recieved it?

  10. Ronnie Castaneda

    Is the capital investment guaranteed? Despite the drops in prices on the chosen type of investment (ex. stock, UITF, etc)

  11. A most important question: What are the annual fees? Sure, you get 5% off the top, but then lose some of that in fees, that year and every year. Is it worth the extra fees?

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