22 thoughts on “Can I fund PayPal using bank account?”

  1. I cant wait any much longer funding my paypal account via local bank account. I dont have any credit card or debit card this moment. My paypal acount is unverified account until now. in the meantime i’m applying EON CyberSpace account from UnionBank. It this possible since I dont have any valid credit/debit card. although i have a Xoom account and payeasy account. I need your assistance on how do i quickly fund my paypal account. thank you very much

    • To be able to withdraw your Paypal funds, your account should be verified — which means you need to have a debit or credit card. Wait for your EON card and use it to verify your Paypal account.

      As for Paypal funding, aside from debit or credit card funding, you can get funds by receiving Paypal balances of other users. “Buy” the funds from your friends or use our Currency Exchange folder and look for people selling their Paypal funds.

      A note though: Paypal strictly disallows funds exchange, so be careful not to get caught.

  2. Another feature I want to be added in PayPal PHilippines is to have the “PayPal Account Optional”. In this way, we can accept credit card payments from buyers who don’t have a PayPal account. More like a merchant account.

  3. Ano po ba benefits if Premier yung account natin sa PAYPAL..can we receive an unlimited funded credit card payment through paypal??

    • From the Paypal FAQ page:

      What are the advantages of a Premier or Business account?

      Personal accounts are for individual use only and have limited access to PayPal’s features. For those with a high transaction volume or the need to accept credit or debit cards, Premier and Business accounts offer the following premium services:

      * All the core features of a Personal account
      * Unlimited credit or debit card payment acceptance
      * Subscriptions and Recurring payments
      * PayPal Debit Card
      * Mass Payment
      * PayPal Shops
      * Customizable Transaction History Logs
      * 7-day-a-week toll-free customer service
      * Multi-user access
      * Ability to do business under a corporate or group name

  4. Hi sheena, there are limits but yes you can receive Paypal funds even if your account is unverified.

    Philippine Beach Resorts, if you already own the card, try it on Paypal and see if it will work. If you still don’t have it, contact the bank and try to ask them if you can use it with PayPal. Or try posting in the Paypal Philippines thread forum and see if other members can confirm if that BDO card can indeed be used.

  5. hi sir. you said that people can recieve funds even their paypal account is unverified but there are limits.. can i ask what are those limits?? thanks..

  6. Hi James. Can you help me? I created a paypal account but still unverified since I have no credit cards and bank accounts to link yet. I understand my account can still be funded but to a certain limit of around 500 dollars I think. My question is how? A friend from abroad who doesn’t have paypal account but have bank accounts would like to deposit to my paypal account? Can he do that?

    Can you give me the ways how to fund my paypal since I really need it?

  7. Hi Curious, if your Paypal account is not yet linked to a debit or credit card, the way to fund your account is to receive Paypal funds from another Paypal user. That’s simply transferring funds from one Paypal user’s account to your Paypal account. The way to do that in Paypal is through the “Send Funds” function.

    Your friend cannot directly fund your Paypal account using his US bank account. He needs to open a Paypal account first, fund it using his bank account, then transfer the funds to your Paypal account.

  8. Hi James. you’re such big help. Thanks for the reply. Is that the only way to fund an unverified paypal account? No other means?

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