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  • naknak

    It’s better to read the terms and conditions of PayPal before opening an account…. do not rely on blogs…

  • Juneth Baliwis

    can i open a paypal account without having a credit card or a debit card?


  • Allan joveres

    i would like to open an account in paypal but i can’t access what should i do?

  • Adelene Almerez

    i really wanted to open an account in paypal but i don’t know how to access, if ever i can access on it, am i able to use it whenever i apply in any computer jobs related?

  • loweh

    no scam po to kung gusto nyo extra Encome trust me di to scam……

    try nyo po di po scam Via Paypal po ito

  • mimi

    can i open two paypal personal accounts in two different banks?

  • jeykel

    if you don’t have a paypal account yet try to have an account in this site

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  • Would it be a good idea to have Auction Essistance help me open up a PayPal account?

  • Nuzzo

    I opened a phillipine account, but now I need a card to verify it. Has anyone used Auction Essistance’s PayPal vcc to verify their account?