PayPal Philippines can now receive payments

Christmas has surely come early to online Filipino earners.

First, Google surprised Adsense publishers in the Philippines earlier today by offering payments via Western Union free of charge. Now just a few minutes ago, PayPal started offering Philippine-based accounts the ability to receive payments from any PayPal account holder.

That’s right. PayPal’s official website now shows the Philippines as a Send-Receive-Withdraw country, meaning PayPal Philippines account holders can send AND receive payments, AND also withdraw funds to a bank account in the US or to a credit, debit or prepaid card.

Our members have confirmed that, indeed, they can now accept PayPal payments.

Read more in PMT Forum’s PayPal Philippines can now accept payments thread.

Login to Paypal now and see for yourself.

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88 thoughts on “PayPal Philippines can now receive payments”

  1. Question: I haven’t used Paypal yet, I use moneybooks for my online transactions. Is there a sending and recieving limit every month/day using paypal?

  2. If you are verified, no, there is no sending/receiving limit. BUT if you only own a Personal account, you can only accept payments back by credit cards five times within one year and you cannot use a personal account if you are an active seller.

  3. guys, ok ito a, MAY ONLINE BUSINESS na ba kayo na pwede natin itrabaho using paypal? share naman diyan para ma-check or email me para magka-usap tayo personally kung anong magandang largahin using paypal

  4. finally! now we can sell worldwide.
    i been using other methods of accepting payments for my services before.
    maybe i can stick with paypal now.

  5. great paypal is here but i think its just a matter of time that they will encounter huge problem re fraudulent and questionable transactions… there is just no way for now to avoid anyone putting up a site intended to dupe $$$ for unsuspecting shoppers…after all, pardon me for saying…we are just too known for scams of all sorts! Setting up an online store and opening an atm account is as easy as 123, so now its really also so easy mag 123 – online pa! >’)
    i do hope this opportunity will turn out really well and not just another opportunity for us as a country to reinforce the impression that we are a nation of scammers….

    ps…sorry to be so negative…its just an impending reality since there’s no screening process to weed out the illegitimate ones…

  6. Liz, a few members have reported that currently they cannot use BDO Mastercard with PayPal. A discussion of which cards are accepted can be found here: How to withdraw funds from PayPal Philippines.

    alexis, try to register. From what I know, in the US those below 18 years old need to have their parents’ permission in order to register in some sites. But if you are not in the US, I don’t think being 18 or below will be a problem.

    Dennison, there’s a $5 charge if you withdraw funds to your credit, debit or prepaid card.

    rafael, isn’t that automatic? Your PayPal account should now be able to accept funds.

    sarah, that’s a valid concern. Some people probably don’t know that PayPal has a chargeback policy. Which means even if the payment is already sent, if the sender has a valid reason to rescind the transaction, the money can be deducted from the recipient’s account just like that. Let’s just hope the benefits of having a Send-Receive-Withdraw PayPal Philippines outweigh the associated risks and costs.

  7. na-excite din ako sa Receive Money feature na yan. pero meron akong somewhat frustrating experience na ishe-share.

    you see, mawi-withdraw nyo lang yung funds nyo from PayPal into a Visa/Visa Electron debit card. hindi supported ang MasterCard Electron (yet). right now, meron akong Visa Electron debit (atm) card from Standard Chartered Bank. i tried na i-input yung card number ko sa PayPal profile. doon sa credit/debit card form page ng PayPal, required ang pag-input ng CVV2 (card security number). unfortunately, walang CVV2 digits sa SCB card ko, so hindi ko tuloy ma-input yung card info.

    meron akong isa pang debit card from Banco De Oro, complete with a CVV2. unfortunately isa syang MasterCard Electron, so hindi rin sya tinanggap sa PayPal.

    so ang ginawa ko, nag-try akong mag-apply for a Union Bank account sa Ortigas, kasi meron silang Visa Electron debit card. unfortunately for me, nagre-require din sila ng initial deposit ng Php 10,000 which i cannot afford pa…

    so nagpunta naman ako sa Standard Chartered Bank Ortigas para magtanong kung bakit walang CVV2 ang aking SCB Visa Electron card. sabi nila, wala raw talagang CVV2 ang debit cards. pero kinuwestyon ko ang sagot nila, at pinakita ko sa kanila ang CVV2 ko sa Banco De Oro debit card. wala silang naibigay na satisfactory answer kundi “wala talagang CVV2 ang debit cards namin”, etc. then tinanong ko sila kung familiar ba sila sa PayPal. nope, they said, hindi raw sila familiar.

    finally, naisip ko na ang Banco De Oro bank ay may portion na galing sa Equitable-PCI Bank. na-research ko sa internet na ang Equitable PCI Bank ay nagsu-support ng Visa Electron. so tinawagan ko ang Banco De Oro at tinanong ko kung meron ba silang Visa Electron version ng kanilang debit card. wala na raw silang Visa Electron, sabi ng BDO, kasi naka-disabled na raw ang Visa Electron nila. tinanong nila ako kung meron bang essential difference between a MasterCard Electron card and a Visa Electron card, kung meron bang advantage or disadvantage ang one or the other. binanggit ko na may disadvantage ang MasterCard Electron ngayon sa PayPal, dahil ang tinatanggap ng PayPal ngayon ay Visa/Visa Electron cards. tinanong ko sila kung familiar ba sila sa PayPal. they said nope, di sila familiar.

    so sa ngayon, mukhang magsti-stick pa rin muna ako sa 🙁

    • Sir Perry,

      I’m a 20-year-old college student…may paypal account na po kaso lang wla pang laman…sang bangko po ba maganda mag apply ng debit card?
      Or any suggestions para malagyan ko na ng laman ung paypal account ko….PLS REPLY>>

  8. Perry Valdes—->
    when i applied for a debit card sa Unionbank, i paid the initial Php.350 para sa mga something-something tapos i did it online. then you just specify san mo pickup yung iyong debit card. For manila applicants, it would only take a week ata para makuha mo yung iyong debit card sa specified branch where you want it to be picked up. Anong debit card etong sinasabi mong kailangan open ng 10K?

    this is the link sa application form:

  9. Php 350 only?? okay ah…

    pero nung nagpa-open ako ng account sa Union Bank ortigas last week, ang hiningi sa akin ay Php 10,000 for just an ordinary ATM savings account (pero may Visa Electron, no passbook). medyo di ko ine-expect yung ganung amount, kasi sa ibang banks ang opening deposit is usually between Php 1,000 to Php 5,000 (sa BDO it’s Php 2,000 for an ATM-only account and Php 5,000 for an ATM/Passbook account).

    i really don’t know why, pero Php 10,000 is roughly US $200. siguro it’s because the minimum opening deposit required for international accounts is US $200?? just speculating…or maybe i’ve just misunderstood something…

  10. The minimum amount needed to open a UnionBank Savings account is indeed P10,000. If you want to save money, simply apply for an EON Visa Electron account. According to their site, an initial deposit is not needed although you need to pay the P350 annual fee. I’ve been using the EON card for more than a year now and it’s OK.

  11. @Perry, you should apply for the EON CyberAccount instead of the ordinary Unionbank savings account. With EON, there is no maintaining balance; you need to pay an annual fee of P350.00; and your account will only earn interest if the balance is above P10,000.00.

  12. Hello, forum newbie po! I need to have this paypal thing with sending and receiving feature, I’m trying to figure out how to do so…
    Can anyone help me and guide me through this? Please? I have BPI debit and credit cards, and metrobank debit card. Do I still need to open a new account like the Union EON for this?
    Thanks in advance

  13. Jhenzy, ang puwedeng credit/debit cards lang right now ay yung cards na merong Visa or Visa Electron. tingnan mo yung mga cards mo kung meron sila nun. kung meron, mag-login ka lang sa PayPal account mo at idagdag mo sila sa Profile mo.

    pag may nagpadala sa iyo ng pera via PayPal, puwede mong kunin ang perang yon by transferring (withdrawing) your money from PayPal to your card. kung sa credit card mo ita-transfer ang pera mo, magiging “cash advance” or “advance payment” sa card mo ang pera mo, kaya puwede mo nang i-cash advance ang pera mo. kung sa debit card mo naman ita-transfer, magiging deposit naman yan sa account mo.

    pero medyo mababawasan yung makukuha mong pera pag nag-withdraw ka from PayPal, kasi kakaltasan ka ng PayPal ng US $5. tsaka puwede ka lang mag-withdraw from PayPal kung mahigit sa US $10 ang pera mo doon.

    personally, di ko ita-transfer ang pera ko sa isang credit card, especially kung may utang pa ako sa credit card na yon, baka mamaya kasi hindi ko na ma-withdraw yung buong pera ko kasi naging pambayad na siya dun sa utang ko…

    kaya para sa akin mas maganda pa rin kung ita-transfer mo ang pera mo to a debit card…in this case, maganda yung Union Bank EON cybercard.

  14. Hi. I want to use my paypal account as a payment facility for my business locally. I have tried to apply for the virtual terminal wherein I can just assist my customers, get my credit numbers and start doing my selling through this facility. I have my paypal account, my debit card but the US paypal customer service guy said that the virtual terminal feature is not available here after I paid for the opening fee and everything. Can someone help me? Does anybody know how I can get around this issue and process payments for my products that they order from me? A lot of my clients are ready and just want to process through payments via their credit card number and I do not wnat to lose this opportunity to do business

  15. Hi Pam,

    I’m not really familiar with the virtual terminal you are talking about, but I am fairly sure you can use PayPal’s Merchant services in your sites so you can start selling online. With that, you can easily integrate a credit card payment system in your site using PayPal. Visit PayPal’s site for more details on the Merchant Services.

    Hope that helps.

  16. i’m new to this forum I know there are a lot of freelancers here in Philiipines including me, for those who ask about withdrawal on paypal accounts you can use xoom to send money to your existing atm/debit card mine is EPCI ATM card. Create an account on Xoom and then send payment using your paypal account charge is $3.

  17. May I kindly ask for advice, please.

    I tried to purchase an item through e-bay, (the item location is Hong Kong).

    As a registered pay-pal member here in the Philippines, I paid for the e-bayed item using the pay-pal method.

    While my payment was credited, the item was not delivered to me.

    When I contacted the seller, he said that he will just refund me. He then asked for the email address I used in connection with my pay-pal account.

    Is that how a refund will be normally processed? Am I not setting myself up for a (further?) scam here?

    Thanks for your advice.

  18. onadzen, thanks for the info. Is $3 the only fee charged to you? I know PayPal charges $5 for every withdrawal to a debit or credit card, and Xoom has its own charges as well. But if indeed your total charge was only $3, then that’s one of the cheapest PayPal withdrawal methods I’ve seen.

    Jeff, try to negotiate with the seller first before doing any further action. It’s ok to give him your PayPal email address. I assume what he’d do is go through his transaction history and look up your payment then issue the refund. But I suggest you ask for a timeframe so that you’ll know when to expect the payment. A day or two should be enough, refunds can be completed in just a few minutes.

    However, if you want to try getting your money back asap, open a Dispute claim in your PayPal account’s “Resolution Center.” There are instructions there on how to file a claim. The Dispute Claim elevates your complaint to PayPal who then decides whether you should get your money back or not.

    Good luck. Let us know what happens.

  19. There are reports from other PayPal users that some banks with MasterCard works, example CitiBank’s MasterCard (and Visa) will work.

    So finally, we’re seeing MasterCard support. I really hope BDO-EPCI follow suit.

  20. Thanks for the advice James.

    I followed option 2, which is to file a dispute with Paypal. After a few days passed by without receiving any response from the seller, I escalated the dispute to a claim.

    Hopefully, I get reimbursed for the money that I lost.

    Thanks again and regards.

  21. although paypal is send and receive, the problem is ebay because we are not hub to international like or unless you will registered those ebay international..i mean if you sell in , your item won’t be seen in or only in unlike if you sell in or or , you can see in … we will drag to be connected in ebay international.

  22. ask po ako ng question. How can you receive funds if you don’t have a credit card? I mean meron me ATM but wala po ako Credit card. Is there a way to receive fund from other country? may relatives kasi ako sa NJ, send sana sila sakin funds. Thanks!

    • You don’t need a credit card (or a debit card) to receive PayPal funds. You only need one if you are withdrawing the funds.

      If you don’t have a card which you can use to withdraw funds, you can simply ask your relatives to send you PayPal via Xoom.

      Or you can open a Debit Card, for example UnionBank EON, etc., then use it to transfer your PayPal funds to your bank account.

      You can check the ways to withdraw PayPal HERE.

  23. I plan on doing some testing later this week, if all goes well, I will let you all know. I plan on testing via SmartMoney. SmartMoney is basically a debit card witch is attached to a ChinaBank bank account. If all goes well, then one could easily set-up PayPal via the SmartMoney Pre-Paid Credit Card, which according to PayPal, the prepaid cards will work, so we shall see

  24. oops…guys, before planning to use paypal and EON account, pls read this: I’ve been using paypal for 6 months now and only last month (Sept, 08) I got problem with paypal. I withdraw my money from Paypal going to my EON account and up to now I didn’t receive my money. They told me that I am their valued customer and yet all they told me are lots of promises. I hope they’re true with their words. I keep on waiting until now and hope that they’re going to send my money to my EON account. Imagine,my hard-earned money is somewhere out there…I believe in God’s miracle, so I hope that Paypal will send my money to my EON account this week.

    Think it twice!!!

    Thanks Guys!!!

  25. I am planning to open a personal acct… so did you finally receive the transfer you’ve been waiting for? I hope paypal keep their words..baka affectado ng melt down US economy???

  26. baka naman kasi may problema sa bank hardworker… have you tried to ask for a trace? call paypal and ask them about it. give paypal a chance, ok?

  27. What happened Mr. Hardworker? Did you finally receive your money from paypal? Is there really no scam involved here? I am afraid I might suffer the same fate as you do if I use paypal.

  28. Banking in the Philippines is a total waste of time, the system is about 50years behind the rest of the worls. I am now in the us and sometimes in the Philippines. You cant blame PayPal for banks that use primitive methods of banking. even tranfers from the US can be a headache so much so that banks sometimes say they cant transfer to home. Yes the bank tellers are stupid and don’t conform to world standards.My husband even had his account closed and money vanished because he is forign and didn’t use his account for 12 month because it was savings. PayPal works bad here.Be sure you confirm your bank knows what PayPal is and if they will associate with it because it could be 50 years before they are inline with other countries

  29. lol, the land bank in philippines lapu-lapu branch near in AVON building they dont know ehat is paypal lol they are very stupid teller!!!! hahahaha

  30. hello! how can i withdraw money from my paypal account? everytime i tried to withdraw money to my landbank account, i was always asked to confirm or link my credit card number…i don’t have credit card. why can’t paypal just forward the money to my Landbank of the Philippines account. please help me…

  31. You have a good question. Anybody could answer that query? We will take this opportunity and the Pinoys can now do more business from the online world!


    1. Your primary bank account should be linked to your Paypal account.
    First you need to activate the “Activate Account Box” after you’ve logged on. Select the “Add Checking Account” option.
    2.Just fill out your primary bank account information. If this has been linked to Paypal service then no need to do this everytime you plan to transfer the funds to your bank account.
    3.Choose the “Withdraw Money”. Once you clicked that button there will be some options to choose from. Take note that there are service charges if you want to withdraw money other than the free-of-charge funds transfer to your bank account (Check the Paypal Services if in Philippines they are charging the money transfer to your bank account). Do not forget to choose the transfer money to your bank account as your option.
    4.Key in the dollar amount that you wished to get from you Paypal to your bank account. Of course make sure that your desired money to be transfered should be equal or less than the money you have with your Paypal account.If your bank account is in PHP then this will be converted automatically.
    5.That’s it and wait for the money transfer to your bank account which normally take 7 days or more.

    You can check out over the internet o check with Paypal services if some are not applcable within the Philippines.
    .-= Crazyhorse´s latest blog ..Internet Scams =-.

  32. Hi,

    I want to sign up for Paypal for online shopping but the thing is I don’t have a credit card only a bank account, is it still possible for me to use PayPal even if I only have a bank account here in the Philippines? What is the process?

  33. I have my paypal account and it isn’t verified yet cause i don’t have credit card too. But i have tried purchasing globe load online and it works! But as far as i know, you can only use $500 of your paypal earnings even without verifying it with any bank or credit cards. Hope that helped.Ü

  34. I sent $297.00 to paypal for emergency treatment for my fiancee in St Valencia 10 December 2008 we still cannot withdraw it from the account even using a BDO account debit card to acctivate and confirm the account. They will not offer why this has been the case with three different banks and will only offer that we have to confirm the account with the Debit card. They are criminals in my opinion but we now use which cost $2.00 to transfer money much better than WU who a while back charged me £50.00

  35. Hi! I’ve had my paypal account for quite a while now but I found out recently that you can send money to the philippines cheaper by using it.. just want to ask if I’m sending the money to a dollar account in the philippines using canadian funds will it be converted to philippine peso or does paypal allow to send US funds in philippines? I will really appreciate if I get an answer… thanks! 🙂

  36. Hi. Please do enlighten me on this. I have a paypal account set to a BPI atm savings account. My Paypal account notifies me to link my paypal account to a credit card or debit card, I dont have any of those two. Could I still be able to withdraw through my BPI account even if I have not linked my Paypal to a credit/debit card. I really need an answer asap. Thanks. Please reply also at

  37. This is a response to the posted information by crazyhorse. I tried to follow the suggestion, but I cannot continue even for Step 1. I cannot find the “Activate Account Box” or the “Add Checking Account” options in my paypal account. So I believe she has not given an answer to the query regarding the problem of not having a credit card to withdraw money from paypal. Personally, I have added a bank account already, and it is a Mastercard too. So it is a credit card and bank account in one. But the problem is that paypal won’t recognize my credit card, however, it is accepted as a bank account. I would be delighted if someone can furnish the right information. Thank you so much.

  38. Hi everyone. I got this answer from Yahoo Answers: “If it’s an ATM (debit) card, it must be connected to some sort of bank account. That’s they way that kind of card works. This is not a Pay Pal issue, it’s a card issue. If the card was not connected to a bank account with enough money in it, the card would not work for ANY merchant.” Perhaps this is the missing link to all failing transactions in paypal. If this is the case then, it would be difficult for someone like me, who tried to earn money online because I don’t have money yet, to withdraw money from paypal. Does Union Bank’s EON cybercard follow the above procedure?

  39. Hi everyone, Paypal can only be useful if you have a visa/mastercard/am express card and all cards alike linked to your account. You will be blinded by some advertisement that it’s the quickest way of transfering fund, but trust me, IT’S NOT because I have already tried.
    You can only withdraw money if you have the above mentioned card. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW THE DESIRED AMOUNT YOU WISH if you only have a cash card/atm card linked to your bank account  so don’t even try. And the only other way to have your money back is to create another PayPal account. Originally I have sent £108 but due to unable to withraw this amount in the PHILS, i have send it back to my other paypal account, and gues what, I have only received £93.50 after all the charges imposed.  
    Aside from that,  it will take 2-4 business days to withdraw from your registered account(bank account) so it is pointless and NOT COST EFFECTIVE TO USE PAYPAL TO TRANSFER FUNDS, aside from the charges that  your bank imposes.. I think this is the worst issue that needs to be resolved.
    If I will Rate this  services by PAYPAL it woulb be -2 out of 10.

  40. I
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    • Dont believe this! This is a SCAM! Anyone can apply for paypal account and it’s free until you use it to transfer funds. I think everyone is smart enough to avoid this.

  41. Interesting. I am based in the US. when i go to the philippines on several months vacation, i use my paypal ATM Debit card to widthraw cash. guess what, it works in any ATM machines like BDO and whatever in the philippines. i never had any issues. paypal does not charge any conversion fees from dollar to pesos. only the actual BDO (banco de oro) or whatever bank owned the machine will be charging 200 pesos (about less than $5US) per transaction ($200 limit / 10,000php limit widthrawal per day). So yeah, Paypal issued me a “Paypal Debit Card” because i run a business. Maybe you can apply for that. It was free. No charges. ANother best thing, if you use it as a credit card instead of a debit card, you get 1% cash back ! No gimmicks. I guess paypal will see if you are a spender and a seller through your paypal history, and they will invite you to sign up for the business account. If you have family in the Philippines, it is best you give them a Paypal Debit ATM card. It’s the most economical way to send money. I have tried western union, direct bank transfer, and this is the most convenient so far. my business is selling on ebay.

  42. Paypal is now offering promos. you can redeem your paypal points… and convert it to paypal funds.. and transfer it to your account. Maybe because lots of competitors are doing better than they are giving promos.. you can redeem your points.. at …spread the news.

  43. Just wondering, before I consider subscribing… is this an actual, individually composed letter to each individual subscriber, or does each writer compose a single letter each week and send the same composition to all on the subscribers they’re assigned to write to?


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