14 thoughts on “How to get Paypal referral link”

  1. @Jay, start right now so you can get more referrals which will hopefully give you passive referral income! 🙂

    @mountain top experience, try it. Anyway, there’s nothing to lose on your part.

    @Dinah, congrats on the $15! Burger, burger! 🙂

    @ice_hot, ngeks kaw kaya malaki kinikita. Kaw manlibre!

  2. Step 1 create a paypal account here
    Step 2 one created log in your account

    Step 3 at the bottom of the screen find referrals and copy your link.


  3. I lost my Paypal referral link and want to get it again.  But the “Referrals” link at the bottom of the page is no longer there.  I tried to search for it but still couldn’t find.  Do you guys know any other means on how I can get my referral link? Thank you.

  4. well as Michelle said i can’t find my referral link all i find is a “referrals” in “payments received” it shows only that “no activity” atleast say me how does it look like?
    so that i can manually give someone!!!


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