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You’ve already signed up for a Paypal account but have still not decided which type to use. Read more to discover what type of Paypal account suits you best.

There are three types of Paypal accounts: Personal, Premier, and Business.

Types of Paypal accounts

Personal accounts are, obviously, for the personal use of individuals. They can accept up to five (5) credit or debit card funded payments per year and are assessed a transaction fee. Other payments received are not charged a fee.

Premier accounts are for members who have a high transaction volume or would like to access Paypal’s Core and Premium features (explained below). Premier accounts may operate under an individual name. Unlike Personal Accounts, they can accept an unlimited number of credit or debit card payments. However, all payments received are charged a certain fee.

Business accounts are for businesses, allowing them to operate under a company or group name and accept payment from customers without PayPal accounts. Like Premier accounts, they can accept an unlimited number of credit and debit card payments, although all payments they receive are charged a certain fee.

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Different features of Paypal account types

Here are the Core features of Paypal available to all types of accounts:

  • send money for FREE
  • request money from other Paypal members
  • access and use Auction Tools
  • incorporate Website Payments
  • download log of account’s transactions
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The following, however, are Premium features available only to Premier or Business accounts:

  • all of the Core features above
  • ability to do business under a corporate or group name
  • accept unlimited credit or debit card payments
  • use and manage subscriptions and recurring payments
  • ability to make Mass Payments
  • give multi-user access to an account
  • customizable log of transactions

Best type of Paypal account

So which account type is best for you?

Well, it depends on your purpose for using Paypal. If you don’t regularly receive payments from other users, a Personal Account would be best. This type of account allows you to receive up to 5 debit or credit card payments in a year and, in addition, the payments you receive are not charged a fee.

If, however, you are receiving regular payments from other people, especially those who use credit or debit card, a Business or Premier account may be best. An advantage would be the unlimited number of times you can receive debit or credit card payments but a disadvantage would be the fees charged on all of your receiving transactions.

If you run a business and use Paypal to receive payments, a Business or Premier account is absolutely necessary.

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