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28 thoughts on “How to add funds to a Paypal account?”

  1. NARUTO_ED says:

    I added my bank account just now, i thought it will be verified or something like how they do in the us. I want to know, can I still send money using my bank account even if im not yet verified? someone help :)

  2. entrepreneur2k9 says:

    does Paypal accepts USSC debit card (VISA) ?

  3. Travellers Deal says:

    very useful information. thank you so much for this

  4. Guest says:

    the answer i was looking for fro so long

  5. Kimberly Descalsota says:

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  6. kennzy says:

    If you badly need to add paypal funds, you can check this out –

  7. Rosario Montecillo says:

    Hi, kabayan. It’s strange, but in my account, I don’t see the “Add Money” or “Add Funds” button which is visible in the other Paypal accounts of other nationalities.
    So, how do I add funds now to my Paypal account from my bank account?

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