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Don’t be fooled by spoof PayPal mails

Forwarded this PayPal phishing email to and got a reply several hours later: Thank you for contacting PayPal about a fraudulent (spoof) email or Web site. We appreciate you bringing this suspicious email to our attention. We can confirm that the email you received

Fake PayPal email

Now that you have a PayPal account, you should be wary of emails you receive supposedly from PayPal. Although the email might have a header and logo similar to that of PayPal, most of these are actually phishing mails intent on stealing your personal information.

Link UnionBank EON or credit card with PayPal

As of October 2007, the previous “Send-Only” PayPal Philippines accounts have been upgraded to “Send-Receive-Withdraw” status, meaning, PayPal users in the Philippines can now send, receive AND withdraw PayPal funds. With this feature, can now directly withdraw Paypal funds to your bank account, credit card or debit

PayPal Philippines FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions related to PayPal Philippines and PayPal accounts in general. Can I receive and send funds with my PayPal Philippines account? Your PayPal Philippines account is a limited, send-only PayPal account. You absolutely have NO ABILITY at the moment to receive

Paypal vs. Credit Card: Which is better to use?

If you still need to add a valid credit card in your PayPal Philippines account, which then would be better to use when purchasing online: your Paypal account or your credit card? PayPal Philippines account holders find themselves in this dilemma after discovering that for them