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  1. Is this paypal account can receive a money from other country. I have a relative in Belgium and she wants me to open a paypall account so that the transaction for transfer of money from Belgium to the Philippines will be easy. The problem is I dont have a credit card. I only have a atm account from BPI. It is possible…

    Hope to hear from you..

    Thank you and more power.


  2. Hi Jo, if you open a PayPal Philippines account, it won’t be able to receive any incoming payments. Until now, PayPal Philippines accounts are mere send-only accounts, that is, they can only send, not receive payments.

  3. lmao if you don’t have a credit card don’t even bother signing-up a paypal account. There are a lot of other alternatives out there like epassporte, moneybrookers, e-gold etc. All of them are offering there full services to PH users.

    by full services, I mean you can send, receive money and load funds to your account via your bank account.

    IMO I think paypal will offer there full services to PH soon, I hope 🙁

  4. ^ True, but some sites only want to use PayPal (e.g., eBay, Text Link Ads, other get-paid-to-blog sites, etc.) and that’s why it’s difficult for most Filipinos to participate in those sites.

    I too hope the Receiving service will be offered to PayPal Philippines soon.

  5. sorry for this question but i am really new and confused with this paypal..

    how do i fund my account then? i mean, how do i send my cold cash to someone abroad..?

  6. Hi Ymir, to fund your account, you need to use a credit card. If you have a US PayPal account, you can also fund it via your bank account.

    To send money via PayPal, just use the “Send Money” function in the PayPal site.

    Some other PayPal FAQs can be found in the PayPal Philippines FAQ article.

  7. Hi,

    Im currently using my friends UK Paypal account and im having 5 digits numbers every month, i wish paypal philippines will be enabled in full access so i can transfer my funds to my bank directly. Anyway, you guys got any info when do you think paypal will enable the full access? or do you even think that it will happen?


  8. I’d like to know if I can have my customers pay from the Philippines, pay me directly using my US Pay Pal account. Or do I have to set up a Philippine Pay Account and deposit the money into my Philippine Account?

    Problem with my customers , they receive the items I sell but collecting the money within the allowed installments given, still it causes delay in receiving money.

    Since it’s always hard for them to pay in cash, maybe using their bank cards/ credit cards which earns points, it will help speed their payments to me or any businessowners.

  9. @Kenneth, it will be… soon. For now, no one exactly knows when PayPal would offer the full functionalities of a PayPal account. We just have to wait.

    @Socorro, you mean have your customers from the Philippines pay you via Paypal? That’s already possible since PayPal Philippines accounts are able to make online payments. I just don’t think direct payment is possible, but if you setup an online payment site that uses PayPal, that would be possible.

  10. now i’m not all hyped up about paypal opening in the philippines, what with their faulty Terms of Service, where they take ADVANTAGE of your rights and protection from the law concerning your credit cards ,

    i had hoped more Filipino bloggers would be more aware of this…

  11. alfie, it’s possible as long as the personal profile (i.e., name, credit/debit card info, etc.) in your old PayPal account matches the info in the receiving method (for example, if withdrawing to a credit card, the names in the credit card and in your PayPal account should be the same).

    PayPal_Frauds, I agree with you in the sense that users need to be aware of PayPal’s terms and conditions prior to using it, so they won’t be surprised should something happen to their account (e.g., having chargebacks, being limited, etc.) But, all in all, I think the Receive Paypal feature currently benefits a lot of Filipinos who are into online earning opporunities. We’ll see in the future whether using PayPal is really worth it.

  12. does paypal require a specific credit card (american express lang)? or it accepts others as long as they’re visa/mastercard?

  13. Eric, currently the only way to add funds to a PayPal account is by transferring money from a US bank account. An alternative is to receive it directly from another person, either from a buyer or from someone who owes you money. Another way is to buy it from people selling PayPal funds. In our forum, there’s a folder intended for those buying and selling Paypal and other currencies.

    Tin, Paypal accepts various types of cards, whether they be a Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Plus, American Express, etc. but unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t have a listing of cards they accept. The only way to find out if your card works with Paypal is to try it yourself. Anyway there’s no harm in trying, you won’t be charged if ever your card got declined.

  14. I’m an ebay bidder and I noticed that some sellers indicate in their auctions that they will only ship to “A Verified Paypal Address in a Verified Paypal Account used for paying the item”. Does this mean that aside from having your e-mail verified, you have to get your shipping address verified as well? How do you do that? Thanks!

  15. After enrolling my EON Card to paypal, does this mean that when i buy things using my paypal account it will be debited automatically from my EON Account(considering this is the only account enrolled)?

  16. Hello,

    Bakit po palaging “This payment cannot be funded with a credit card at this time.”?

    Last successful paypal transaction ko 11/27, tapos may gusto sana akong bilhin kaso nakailang araw ko na sinusubukan ayaw pa rin.

    Tuloy nabili na ng iba, tapos nasira pa ako sa seller kasi sabi ko ako ang bibili.


  17. Jeffrey Jimmy Banez Ong

    Salapi ng Pilipinas

    Marami ng paraan ang sinubok ng ating pamahalaan upang mapabuti ang kalagayan ng ating sambayanan, subalit ang matinding kahirapan ay nanaig pa rin sa iba’t ibang panig ng ating bansa.

    Sang-ayon ako sa mga reporma tungkol sa ekonomiya at pananalapi na ibig ipatupad ng ating pambansang pamahalaan, subalit naniniwala ako na ang mga repormang ito ay mabibigyan lamang ng hustong katuparan, kung mayroon tayong mainam na sangkap upang mapabilis ang pag-unlad ng ating ekonomiya. (economic propellant).

    Ang ating pambansang salapi na piso ay maihahalintulad sa isang produkto. Sa pan-daigdigang kalakalan ng salapi (global money market), ang ating salaping piso ay kailangang mapansin ng mga mangangalakal upang ito ay bilhin. Sa nagdaang dalawampung taon, ay naging matamlay ang pagbili ng mga mangangalakal sa ating salapi. Ang patunghay (perception & appraisal) sa ating salaping piso ay mahina at walang katatagan. Ang pagbagsak sa ekonomiya ng maraming bansa sa Latin Amerika na gumagamit din ng salaping ‘peso’, ay maaaring isang dahilan kung bakit napakababa ang patunghay sa ating salaping piso.

    Ang patuloy na pagpapadala ng salapi ng ating mga ‘Overseas Filipino Workers’ mula sa Middle East, Singapore, Hongkong at iba pa, ay napakalaking bagay. Maaaring kung hindi dahil dito, ay patuloy pa ang pagbaba sa halaga ng ating salaping piso kung ihahalintulad sa halaga ng salaping dolyar mula sa Amerika (USA).

    Sa aking pananaw, malaki ang ating pagkakataon na patuloy na manumbalik ang halaga ng ating pambansang salapi, kung ating papalitan ang pangalan nito bilang ‘Dolyar ng Pilipinas’. Mapapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mga bansa na gumagamit ng salaping dolyar tulad ng USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Canada at New Zealand.

    Upang gumanda ang takbo ng ating ekonomiya, ay tunay na hindi sapat ang pagpapalit ng pangalan ng ating salapi. Kinakailangan nating pagtuunan ng pansin ang edukasyon sa ating bansa. Ang kahirapan ay mabilis nating malulunasan, kung ang lahat ng ating mga mamamayan ay mayroong pagkakataon na tumuklas ng karunungan sa ating mga paaaralan na pang-publiko at pribado.

    Magandang halimbawa ang mga bansang maunlad tulad ng Australia at New Zealand. Sila ay mayroong mga paaralan na nagtuturo ng tama at mabilis na paraan ng pagtatayo ng mga bahay (residential houses), gusali (commercial & industrial buildings), kalsada, tulay at rilis ng tren (rail transportation). Ang mga paaralang ito (school of building) ay nakalatag sa mga kumunidad (local communities) sa Australia at New Zealand. Dahil sa ang mga mamamayan ng Australia at New Zealand ay maaaring mag-aral sa mga paaralang ito (school of building), sa halagang naaabot ng karamihan (tuition fee affordability), ay madali nilang naisusulong ang kanilang ekonomiya sa pamamagitan ng pagtangkilik sa mga serbisyo at produkto na gawa sa kanilang bansa, para sa pagtatayo ng mga bahay, gusali at mga kalsada.

    Kaya rin nating mapaganda ang kabuuan ng ating bansa, kung mayroon tayong mga paaralan (school of building) na magbibigay ng karunungan para sa ating mga mamamayan, sa halagang maaabot ng karamihan (tuition fee affordability)

    Sa aking pananaw, maaari lamang na mangyari ito kung may sapat na halaga ang ating pambansang salapi (purchasing power). Sa palitang 42 pesos sa bawat dolyar ng Amerika (foreign exchange), ay maaring hindi pa natin kayang maglatag ng mga paaralan (school of building) sa iba’t ibang panig ng ating bansa. Subalit kung mayroong mga mamumuhunan ng kapital mula sa ibang bansa, ay maaari nating magawa ito. Sa pagpapalit ng pangalan ng ating salapi bilang ‘Dolyar ng Pilipinas’ ay mayroon tayong pagkakataon na tawagin ang pansin ng mga mangangalakal ng salapi sa daigdig (global money market).

    Kung ating susuriin, ang mga produkto na ipinapasok sa Pilipinas mula sa ibang bansa, ay malaki ang pagkakataon na bumaba ang presyo kung ang ating salapi ay tatawaging ‘Dolyar ng Pilipinas’. Isang halimbawa ay ang presyo ng sasakyan. Sa Australia ang presyo ng isang Toyota Corolla (brand new) ay A$ 30,000 Australian Dollars. Sa atin sa Pilipinas, ang presyo ngayong taong 2007 ng isang Toyota Corolla (brand new) ay PHP 800,000 pesos. Kung papalitan ang pangalan ng ating salapi bilang ‘Dolyar ng Pilipinas’, ang isang Toyota Corolla ay magkakahalaga ng PH$ 800,000 Philippine Dollars. Mapipilitan ang kumpanya ng Toyota na magisip dahil sa laki ng agwat ng presyo sa salaping dolyar ng Pilipinas at Australia. (commodity price benchmark comparisons)

    Ang ating Inang-bayan ay mapalad na magkaroon ng isang kapuluan ng mga isla na may bilang na 7,107. Tayo ay binigyan ng napakaraming biyaya tulad ng ating mga likas na kayamanan na sa Pilipinas lamang makikita. Kung ang bawat isa sa ating mga Pilipino na may bilang na mahigit na walumpung milyon (80 million) ay magtutulong-tulong upang maibalik ang halaga ng ating salapi, ay sama-sama nating malulunasan ang kahirapan ng ating Inang-bayan. Mararating natin ang mataas na antas ng pamumuhay, kung ating gagamitin ang ating malawak na pang-unawa, katulad ng matalas at malawak na paningin ng mga ibong agila.

    Hangad kung matanggap ang inyong opinyon.

  18. haaay.. sayang student pa lang ako kaya lala pang atm or sweldo.. kaya di pwede ko magpa-pal.. sarap na lang siguro mangarap.. (sigh!)

  19. I’m already verified but the problem now is about bank code so I can add my bank account to withdraw money. My bank only gave me a swift code and it seems no bank has any knowledge of the bank code PayPal is asking. Unfortunately PayPal is not yet replying. 🙁

  20. Puwede ba mag enroll ng Paypal sa Pinas, Visa Credit Card ko ay Kuwait at gusto ko mag seller status sa Ebay USA? Do i need to open UnionBank account to link my Paypal? Im desperate to be a seller at Ebay USA.
    Need your help..Thanks


  21. sam, you need a credit card (or debit card) to “Verify” your Paypal account. An Unverified account can still receive funds but it cannot be used to withdraw the money. To get a credit card, approach your bank and inquire about their credit card products.

  22. @James
    James | PinoyMoneyTalk.com Says:
    May 20th, 2008 at 3:17 am

    sam, you need a credit card (or debit card) to “Verify” your Paypal account. An Unverified account can still receive funds but it cannot be used to withdraw the money. To get a credit card, approach your bank and inquire about their credit card products.

    I have a paypal Unverified Account. i got paid via paypal sooner than i expected & it’s kinda big. applied for an EON account but i only have 30 days to hit accept or deny & i’m afraid i’ll run out of time. can i really receive(hit the accept button & worry about the withdrawal later) the payment with an unverified account?

    more info is greatly appreciated James. (monk3y.bidzness-at-gmail-dot.com)

  23. hello po. I have a paypal account and i already have a bank account number and code entered. The thing is, it is still unverified since i dont have any credit card or debit card, student pa lang kasi ako eh. anyway, ask ko lang these questions:

    a. what is the difference between a credit card and debit card?
    b. bilang student, alin sa dalawa ang pinaka madali kong makuha (i mean applied or something), and kelangan ba talaga may malaking pera involved?
    c. aling bank ang ma re-recommend ninyo na pwede akong kumuha ng credit/debit card? my bank account pala is landbank.

    thank you po talaga and god bless!

  24. hello to pinoymoneytalk.com I want to know how i open a paypal account to get my pAYMENT FOR THE ADS COMPANIES LIKE BIDVERTISER, WIDGETBUCKS ETC.


  25. James this is urgent. Meron na akong paypal account at nagopen na rin ako ng open na rin ako ng eon card account with Union Bank. Yung friend ko nakuha nya na at nagdeposit sya nga P100 sa eon account para ma activate nya kasi nagrerequire ang paypal ng $1.95 para ma link yung paypal sa eon. Ngayon akala namin ok na lahat, yun pala may 4-digit code pang kelangan? She’s been calling the Union Bank pero wala din naman silang idea. Any suggestions? Kasi kung di rin naman ma link yung eon ko sa paypal, what’s the use of getting one? Please help us out. Thanks!

  26. Hi jonhar, I think you’re referring to the 4-digit Expanded Use number. Here’s some more info about how to get that Expanded Use number in Unionbank.

    If you used a UnionBank Visa Credit Card, you can find the 4-digit Expanded Use Number on your next monthly paper statement or by viewing your Visa Transaction History online.

    If you used EON Cyberaccount or eWallet, you need to contact UnionBank Customer Service Call Center at 84-186 (if it doesn’t work, use 841-8600) and ask the customer service agent to provide you with the 4-digit PayPal Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code. You may need to tell the agent the exact date you applied for the Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code.

    Minsan, may mga agents talaga jan na nde alam yun. Pero try calling again at may makakalalam din nun.

  27. hello! oo nga, di ba pwede gamitin ang bpi credit card or bank account to verify your paypal account? what other banks can u recommend? thanks =)

  28. Hi! we want to open a paypal account for our 3 corporations. There are interested international companies and individuals who wanted to pay or transfer funds thru their credit cards. What are the requirements needed for us to register these three corporations and maintain a paypal account?if we are only a receivership/recepient of fund, do we need to have a credit card? as i understand, credit cards are only for individuals not for a corporation.

    i appreciate any information that you could give us asap.

    thank you,

    ismael g. caasi
    lorma inc

  29. I thought I can use my local debit card for paypal.
    I read “you can use credit / debit card” along the instructions,
    but when I registered it required the debit card to be from a US based bank.
    Oh well, I’l just use my credit card instead.

    Thanks for the post though, it’s pretty helpful.

  30. Pls,send me my paypal code as soon as possible, i really need it now so that i can use my account right away.Kindly email it to me,i need it badly.Thanks and more power!

  31. kakiya Buxton Saliku

    Ithink it will bve nice for me to open my paypal account since it will enable me to manage my finance

  32. Bago lang po ako sa PAYPAL….. actually i was able to enroll and get verified merely by following several steps shared by paypal bloggers sa net. but still hindi ko alam how safe paypal is: here are some question that could help clearout my mind:

    1) if a person gets my email and pay me via paypal how long will the transaction reflect on my PAYPAL current balance for me to know that the transaction made was good???

    2) Is there any risk in PAYPAL similar to Western Union, that if a person who pays first would have a greater risk that his counter part would run away from the obligation agreed upon????

    3) If a person pays through paypal, if the second party has scammed the payer. Is there a possibility that the payer can cancel the payment made or not?????

    please helppppppppppppp. tnx

  33. i need $8 to be sent to my paypal account. i will pay thru gcash asap…pls text me at 09186553273 asap thanks myls

  34. hi i don’t have a credit card but i do have land bank atm card… can i use this to verify my paypal account please reply =D thank you very much

  35. Hi James. I hope you can help. My PayPal balance is zero but I have 2 credit cards linked to my account. I need to send payment online but I get a message that I have to add money for my transaction to go through. I read in previous posts that PayPal gets funds from my credit card if my PayPal balance is insufficient. How do I do this? I also read in PayPal’s FAQ on how to change/manage Funding Options but I cannot find these buttons!

    Please help! Thanks!

  36. Hi James. I hope you can help me re-establish my account with paypal international. My original paypal account was opened in January 2008 linking my credit card in the process and using my e-mail address @ raularc0407@yahoo.com with confirmation code 1608-1712-1541-5892-8413. Unfortunately, there was, according to paypal, unauthorized accessed, which I failed to act on it because I did not know the correct procedure. My account was suspended. I re-applied linking my other credit card using the above e-mail address, which I received paypal’s confirmation code 1022-6381-0783-4719-1915. Paypal required identification documents, which I submitted. I waited for their confirmation. When I log in to my account, I noted that paypal permanently dis-abled my account.

    Can You help with htis problem, I need this very badly because of my international transactions, which is for my own protection.

    thank you

  37. Good news, you can now use smart money card to verify your paypal account. Search on google. I tried it myself and it worked like charm. I was able to verify my paypal account in less than 5 minutes. The four digit EXPUSE number came through text in less than 5 seconds after i added my card.

    Just be sure your card has at least 200pesos and you should call their tollfree hotline to have your card activated. And only the new smart money cards can be used.

    Unfortunately you cant withraw or fund your paypal account using smart money. Just for verification purpose.

  38. Thanks for the Great Article. Now i can easily open paypal account with your article. But i have one doubt, how can i add funds in paypal account?

  39. i don’t have credit card even an atm. I’m jobless and looking for an extra income in job online but i needed to have an paypal account or anything to get payment. is it possible for me to have a chance to have an paypal account???

  40. i dont have credit cards or atm cards, were can i pay or add money on paypal?
    do we have moneypak in the philippines? were you can deposit money for your paypal?

  41. Simplywilson@yahoo.com

    hi, pls clarify. under the header (how to open a paypal acct. under segment #4 you indicated i need to enroll a credit card or debit card in order to ba varified and eligible to withdraw funds from paypal. here’s my question if i don’t want to use my credit card or a debit card? can i just link my BDO current acct and can i get varified with it and withdraw funds with it.

    help i’m having this problem for more than a week now.

    thanks u can send the clarification or help to simplywilson@yahoo.com

  42. hi i am having a hard time using my current account since i don’t have a debit or credit card pleases help. thank you

  43. yes how to verified paypal and your bank account? poydi ba? wala kc kaming credit card . pls advice. email me at sweet_joyce89yahoo.com easy to make paypal account but need to verified. mostly tayo nasa pinas walal tayong mga credit card so paano maging verified sa bank instead, that need the code number which is the code number sa banko pero ang banko wala naman silang code (branch code).. my branch code ba ang banko? thats all i need so i can vrified.?

    actually hindi sa akin para sa aunti ko para madali lang sana mga trnasfer ng money. but i need an advice sa mga tao naka experience on how they can verified paypal & bank account?? sa mga taong walang credit card..

    pls advice kababayan.. thanks

  44. pwede ba atm?
      -an atm can also be used as a debit card. so oo

    anong atm ang pwede?
      -kahet ano basta meron siyang logo na VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVERY, AMERICAN EXPRESS

    ano ung code number na pinagsasabi… where could u find it.
      – this code number, is the transaction number… sa credit card u can see it in ur billing statement. while sa
        atm.. u will have to ask ur bank to provide u a printed history of ur transactions.. 

    want a credit card but ur not eligible.
     – if u know someone who has a credit card ask her to enroll u as a supplementary cardholder, u will have ur
       own credit card.. 

    preffered bank to use
    –  union bank – easy to withdraw…. and they are familiar with paypal.
    (im using metrobank… – sadly their not familiar with paypal)-

    u want to have a credit card but ur afraid.
    – u must be afraid of urself loosing control. hehe. what u should do is to ask the bank to put limitations to ur card. and when paying online always look for the https in the adres bar.

    dont use paypal if ur main purpose is for the convenience of ur aunt or mom sending you money from abroad
    – why? that convenience can be a pain in the pimple.. bayaran na ng tuition fee ngyung linggo… ur mom sent u the money… do u think u will get to withdraw that in less than a week? no…. paypal takes time to clear that money… will take about 1-2 weeks  before u can withdraw… convenient huh?  di kna nka exam..(not sure abowt this if it applies hir sa pinas “if u have a merchant account its easier to withdraw”)

    *careful when dealing with international buyers…..

    — suggestion….. 
    i was once someone who had no knowledge about paypal. i asked forums… no one seemed to answer…. 
     —- so walk inside a bank and ask…. it wont hurt you… it will help u…

    hope this helped… paypal helped me earn 


  45. Is there something wrong with the Paypal site? I have been trying for days to apply but each time it results to an error page with the message: Please enter a valid phone number. I am puzzled because I have been entering the valid Philippine phone number with the proper country code and format (+6309….) but I still get error page. I emailed Paypal and all I got was 2 email replies that tell me to have the correct phone number. I asked them for a phone I could call so I could talk to a Paypal agent, but they don’t give any. Would you have any suggestions on how I could solve this problem?

    1. I’m encountering the same issue. Did anyone else encounter this? Need help correct format of filling  out phone number. THanks

  46. confusedpaypalapplicant

    Look guys  I have tried opening a paypal account without a credit card and its possible.But when I tried to transfer funds from my bank account to my paypal account here’s what I got:Add Funds is Not AvailablePayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account. 

  47. www.florenceblooms.com

    14.) Dec 30, 2011 I received a paypal email for email change confirmation. Anotheremail for bank account added to my account. Another email for password resetrequest.

    15.) I called paypal as soon as I read those emails. A specialist named Adam toldme that he has spoken with me 2 hours ago. And that the hacker added a photo ID ofme in my account.

    What is so frustrating about paypal is that, they claim to be a secured paymentfacility, and yet when somebody calls them claiming she is me, they will believeher after she has answered their security questions of 1.) “for security purposes,what is your bank account number?” 2.) “what is your address?” Those details are readily available once they successfully hacked youraccount. All details paypal ask for security purposes are there in my profile

  48. www.florenceblooms.com

    My paypal account was hacked by a Filipina. The hacker’e paypal email address is
    r00.b0rn@yahoo.com. Her bank accounts are with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). I
    had tried to ask paypal the complete bank account number as I can only see the last
    4 digits in my profile but they wont give. she has her mobile no. 09433044331 which
    is always “unattended”.

  49. www.florenceblooms.com

    Paypal system is not secured. It can easily be hacked by a person just calling their US office, and claim he is the paypal account holder. And from there paypal will change whatever the hacker requests. They do not have secret access code during phone calls. Paypal system is not good.

  50. This is also my first time to apply here in paypal account,what assurance can your company give to your client that it won’t be hacked by anybody?
    We only want to accept on line jobs at home for source of income,but when I read some comments here,I have lost my interest to open an account,unless you can give absolute assurance for your clients.I’m looking forward to hear from your company.

  51. mark anthony rana

    ano pa bang paraan kasi hindi pwede ung number ko.. need nya telephone no. eh wla kming landline pra mka gawa ng account sa paypal.. thanks

  52. It’s better to read the terms and conditions of PayPal before opening an account…. do not rely on blogs…

  53. Adelene Almerez

    i really wanted to open an account in paypal but i don’t know how to access, if ever i can access on it, am i able to use it whenever i apply in any computer jobs related?

  54. I opened a phillipine account, but now I need a card to verify it. Has anyone used Auction Essistance’s PayPal vcc to verify their account?

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