PayPal Philippines

Paypal sending and receiving fees in the Philippines

We last wrote about Paypal’s transaction fees more than four years ago, and although most of Paypal’s seling and sending fees remained the same, a few things have changed since then. (See also: New Paypal fees in the Philippines)

New Paypal fees in the Philippines

Sellers from the Philippines using Paypal will have to pay higher fees starting September 10, 2013. This paves the way for an increase in fees affecting commercial payments.

Paypal fees when withdrawing to BPI, BDO, Unionbank accounts

When withdrawing funds to a Philippine bank account, there is NO CHARGE if the amount withdrawn is at least P7,000.00.You therefore save on fees if you withdraw P7,000.00 or more. If withdrawing less than P7,000.00, Paypal charges P50.00 per transaction.

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