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List of Credit Cards with No Annual Fees

The annual fee is undeniably a burdensome charge that credit cardholders have to pay for using a credit card and, sometimes, just by owning a credit card.

3 Tips How to Solve your Credit Card Problem

A P30,000 credit card debt that ballooned to almost P1 million because of interest charges? About this post: credit card debt, credit card debt philippines, credit card number sample philippines, credit card cases in the philippines, credit card forum philippines

Easiest way to solve credit card debt problem?

How do you solve a serious problem like credit card debt? I was watching videos on YouTube earlier and, funnily enough, I found the most sensible answer to that question in an old comedy sketch aired on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Interest Rates: Housing Loans, Credit Cards, Savings and Time Deposits

Easily compare interest rates charged to you by banks and other financial institutions in this compilation of our past posts. Find the best rates in the industry by checking out the links below that summarizes housing loans, credit cards, time and savings deposit products in the

Compare: Credit Card Interest Rates in the Philippines

A number of Filipinos have a severe problem with credit card usage — leading to piles of debt which, when remain unpaid, continue to balloon month after month. The primary culprit, of course, is the credit cardholder’s negligence to pay his or her obligations. Worse, some even

Interest Rates and Fees Table: Metrobank Credit Cards

We continue our Credit Cards series here in PinoyMoneyTalk with a listing of fees and charges for all Metrobank credit cards. We know that it is expensive to maintain a credit card, so so make sure you manage your finances properly! About this post: metrobank finance charge, metrobank credit

Citibank Annual Membership Fees & other Credit Card Charges

We continue our Credit Card series here in PinoyMoneyTalk with a listing of annual membership fees and charges for local credit cards. We know that it is expensive to maintain a credit card. That’s why we give you these updates so you’d be aware of all fees and charges, so

BPI Credit Card Promo: Brothers Burger 10% Discount (2014)

You probably don’t know it but banks regularly offer perks and benefits to credit card users. So in this section of Credit Card Promos, we compile contests, promos, and offers that you can avail as an eligible credit card holder.