Free Credit Card Number and CVV Code

You’re looking to sign up in a website and it’s asking for a credit card number as a verification procedure. But you do not own a credit card.

Or perhaps what you have is a legit and valid debit card but it does not have a CVV or CV2 (card verification value) or CVC (card verification code) that you can use.

Are you looking for credit card numbers and CVV or CVC numbers that you can use online?

Beware! Take note that this scheme of using someone else’s credit card is called credit card fraud or credit card theft. You probably know by now that this is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment under the law.

Your ISP knows you. The government can trace you and the police can run after you.

There is a chance you will spend the rest of your life in jail if you proceed with using someone else’s credit card number. Is it really worth it?

Think twice before using a free credit card number or CVV number you find online.

You might not know it, but these could have been traps set up by the police to hunt down thieves like you.

Don’t be a credit card thief. Don’t risk spending the rest of your life in jail. Beware.

20 thoughts on “Free Credit Card Number and CVV Code”

  1. “Think twice before using a free credit card number or CVV number you find online. You might not know it but the free number you will use may be a trap set up by the police to hunt down thieves like you”<—That shit's true!

  2. Stupid boys, while others are busy working in order to gain money you guys are just in your various homes seeking free credit cards. Silly guys.

  3. Haha! Found someone like me! I am trying to see if there really are credit card numbers online… it’s not like anyone’s gonna just give our their credit card numbers. I’m finding ones so that I can report them… WATCH OUT !!!!!

  4. Good luck people getting yo’ asses in jail. I hope for the best good luck 🙂

  5. Wanna go to jail This is friggen illegal.
    Getta life & well there’s no point, no one would post real one so quit it!!!                                                                        

  6. You won’t just find people’s card information online like that and no one would freely give out such info except you have some understanding with them.

  7. This is illegal… Please don’t do this … You will never find a free credit card number… Use your own money

  8. The government will track you all down. It’s also a bad idea to leave your email address because of hackers 😐

  9. Lol. U r stupid. Just go get a credit card or maybe get a JOB key word JOB were u can get ur own credit card. It’ll be funny if u guys get caught

  10. You guys are still wantin money after knowin you can go to jail? :O the police prob wrote this and readin yo ocmments. have funnn

  11. Idiots, any argument is invalid. U r all idiots. Go work for your money, fucking bum ass mother fuckers. Cunty ass fucking whores trying to get someones credit card number to go on a wawa shopping spree. Lol, arogant fucks.


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