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A number of Filipinos have a severe problem with credit card usage — leading to piles of debt which, when remain unpaid, continue to balloon month after month.

The primary culprit, of course, is the credit cardholder’s negligence to pay his or her obligations. Worse, some even deliberately attempt to run away from their debt.

What they don’t know, though, is that simply deciding not to pay only compounds the problem. Even if they had ran away, their bad credit history (which is now shared by financial institutions in the Philippines) will catch up with them sometime in the future, affecting their financial profile which could lead to possible disapproval in a housing or car loan application and even a denial in new credit card application in another bank.

credit-card-debtWorse, additional interest rates and fees continue to be charged on the balance causing the credit card debt to uncontrollably pile up. So make sure you know how much interest rate is charged in your credit card. This interest rate (also known as Finance Charge) is the fee paid for borrowing funds from the credit card and is usually charged when a credit card balance is unpaid and carried over from one month to the next.

For your reference, we compile below the interest rates charged by credit card companies in the Philippines. Compare and see which credit card companies charge the most and which ones offer the best rates in the market!

Interest Rates (Finance Charges) of Credit Cards in the Philippines

 Banco de Oro (BDO) Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
1BDO Titanium MasterCard; Platinum MasterCard; American Express Platinum Credit Card2.50%
2BDO Standard MasterCard; Cathay Pacific American Express Credit Card; Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card. Forever 21 MasterCard; Bench MasterCard; Gold MasterCard; JCB Gold; Visa Gold; Visa Platinum; UnionPay Gold; American Express Gold Credit Card3.00%
3BDO Visa Classic; JCB Lucky Cat; American Express Credit Card; Blue From American Express; ShopMore MasterCard3.25%
 Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
4BPI Ayala Malls Amore Visa; Amore Visa Platinum; Blue MasterCard; Delta SkyMiles Classic; Delta SkyMiles Platinum; eCredit Internet Shopping Credit Card; Edge Mini-Edge MasterCard; Gold MasterCard; Petron MasterCard; SkyMiles MasterCard; SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard3.40%
 Citibank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
5Citibank PremierMiles Platinum Card; Rustan's Citibank Platinum Card; Platinum Visa2.75%
6Citibank PremierMiles Card; Rustan's Citibank Gold Card; Mercury Drug Citi Gold Card; Shell Citi Gold Card3.25%
7Citibank Mercury Drug Citi Classic Card; Shell Citi Classic Card; Rewards MasterCard; Rewards Visa; Megaworld Citi Card; Cebu Pacific Citi Card; Cash Back Card3.50%
 Metrobank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
8Metrobank M Lite MasterCard2.49%
9Metrobank Dollar MasterCard2.75%
10Metrobank M Free MasterCard; ON Internet MasterCard; Classic Visa; Classic MasterCard; Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard Classic; Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard Gold; Platinum MasterCard; World MasterCard; Gold Visa; Gold MasterCard3.50%
11Metrobank Femme Visa; Toyota MasterCard3.54%
 Standard Chartered Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
12Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card1.99%
13Standard Chartered Classic MasterCard; Classic Visa; Gold MasterCard; Gold Visa; Platinum Cash Rewards Card; Manulife Standard Chartered Card; Infinity Standard Chartered Card3.50%
 Maybank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
14Maybank MasterCard Standard; Visa Classic; MasterCard Gold; Visa Gold; MasterCard Platinum; Visa Platinum3.00%
 Eastwest Bank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
15Eastwest Bank Platinum MasteCard2.75%
16Eastwest Bank Practical MasterCard3.49%
17Eastwest Bank Classic Visa; Classic MasterCard; Dolce Vita MasterCard; LausAutoGroup Visa; Hyundai MasterCard; Gold Visa; Gold MasterCard; EveryDay MasterCard3.50%
 Security Bank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
18Security Bank MasterCard Classic; MasterCard Gold; MasterCard Platinum3.25%
19Security Bank Diner's Club International; Diner's Club Premiere3.50%
 HSBC Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
20HSBC PremierMasterCard; PlatinumVisa2.75%
21HSBC Advance Visa3.00%
22HSBC Red MasterCard; Gold Visa3.50%
 RCBC Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
23RCBC Bankard Diamond Card2.75%
24RCBC MyDream Card2.90%
25RCBC Citrus Bankard; Fully Booked Card; HBC Card; Landmark Anson’s Bankard; LJC Bankard; Mango Bankard; Wilcon Bankard3.25%
26RCBC Bankard Black; Bankard Classic; Bankard Visa Infinite; Bankard World; Gold Mastercard3.50%
 Philippine National Bank (PNB) Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
27PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard2.70%
28PNB Platinum MasterCard3.00%
29PNB Visa Classic; Visa Gold Essentials MasterCard; Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard3.25%
 Landbank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
30Landbank Classic Local Visa; Gold Local Visa; Classic International Visa; Gold International Visa3.25%
 Unionbank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
31UnionBank Gold Card; Classic Card; Great Treats and Rewards (GT+R) Credit Card; Omni Pass; Bai Credit Card; Shop and Talk Card3.50%
 Allied Bank Credit CardsInterest Rate per month
32Allied Bank Alumni Association of Xavier School (AAXS) Credit Card; De La Salle Zobel Alumni Association (DLSZAA) Card; Immaculate Conception Academy Alumnae Association (ICAAA) Card; Jaguar Platinum MasterCard; Land Rover Platinum MasterCard; The Travel Club Platinum MasterCard3.25%

Try your best to settle your monthly credit card obligations so you won’t be one of the poor victims drowning in credit card debt!

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