BIR: Deadline to file ITR under TRAIN is still April 15 every year

James Ryan Jonas

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Department of Finance (DOF) released an announcement clarifying the issue related to the deadline of filing the annual Income Tax Return (ITR).

Previously, it was reported that starting 2019, the new deadline to file ITRs is May 15. In an official announcement, however, the BIR and DOF clarified:

“Under the Tax Code, as amended by the TRAIN Law, the deadline for the filing of the Annual Income Tax Return (BIR forms 1700 and 1701) is still on APRIL 15, and the deadline for filing the First Quarterly Income Tax Return (BIR form 1701Q) has been moved to MAY 15.”

This announcement from the BIR and DOF reiterates that for the year 2018, and all succeeding years, the deadline to file the individual ITR specifically BIR forms 1700 and 1701, is still April 15.

BIR Form 1700 is the Income Tax Return form for individuals earning purely compensation income, including non-business/non-profession income.

BIR Form 1701, meanwhile, is the form used by self-employed individuals, estates and trusts, and taxpayers who are engaged in trade or business or the practice of profession, including those with mixed income. The quarterly ITR (BIR Form 1701Q) is filed by self-employed individuals, estates and trusts, including those with both business and compensation income.

Also from the BIR announcement:

“For taxable year 2017, the deadline to file BIR forms 1700 and 1701 and to pay the tax due thereon is on April 15, 2018. While the deadline to file BIR form 1701Q for the first quarter of taxable year 2018 and pay the tax due thereon is on May 15, 2018.”

This reiterates the clarification that the deadline to submit the ITR and the appropriate tax due for the taxable year 2017 is still April 15, 2018. After 2018, the ITR deadline remains at April 15 every year.

However, the submission of quarterly returns (BIR Form 1701Q) by self-employed and professionals for the taxable year 2017 — and in succeeding years — has been moved to May 15 every year.

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