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88 thoughts on “How to transfer PayPal to UnionBank EON account”

  1. Robt Ferr says:

    Darn! We have to show up at a meeting at my son’s faculty correct when that is certainly occurring.

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  3. abdulla brahim santos says:

    Hey, I’ve transfer a money from my PayPal account to my Eon Debit Card (Union Bank) last March 21,2017 but then I haven’t received any money yet though it already took 6 days. I’m using a new version of PayPal. I called the Union Bank but their answer was just “You should just wait, coz we don’t have control regarding to this problem”. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hypocrite says:

      I kinda have same problem with you. Have you received your money already? It’s also my 6th day waiting for my money, still haven’t got any to my account.

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