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  1. well, thanks a lot for the information as this will speed up the transfer of commission earnings from my online business instead of sending checks, paypal is a better alternative thru eon visa debit card.

  2. Ako kanina ko lang nakuha ang EON card ko kaya di ko pala nagagawang mag transfer to EON card… Bukas pa maactive after 24 hours sabi ng staff ng bank… Ang saya ko…

  3. Hi guys,

    I already have eon and its already activated. I already applied EON for my extended card in PayPal. but is already 4 days, I checked my eon transaction but I still have not received the 4 digit verification from Paypal although I was already deducted on my eon (arnd 100pesos = $2.00)… On the transaction detail on my eon, it only says on the decription VISA- SG(XXX)..

    And one more thing… anyone transferred around $2K? will I have a problem on that? Coz I read in one website that it took 2 months for union back to release his money amounting 45K pesos….

    Have anyone tried also sending from paypal to xoom? coz I think it will only takes minutes to get your money….

    Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Try calling them to get your Expanded Use Number. Or email them, because from what I heard, they reply in a day or two.

      Paypal to Xoom withdrawals, especially those involving accounts with the same account name, are currently not going well. Some members are reporting that Paypal limited their account after using Xoom to withdraw Paypal.

  4. meron ba sa inyo nakakaexperience ng slow processing ng paypal to credit card withdrawals. Usually kasi pag nag withdraw to card ako ng Saturday before 4 pm, nag mamark as completed na sya ng Sunday ng gabi, then after 2 days , usually nighttime, nag rereflect na sa Eon account. Last Saturday January 26 ng gabi nag withdraw to card ako pero until today, January 30, pending pa rin ang status. Nag withdraw ako ulit to card nung Monday, January 28, still pending pa rin sya. Ngayon lang nangyari to.

  5. Me, too, Donna. I am interested in it as well. I was going to call Paypal. It seems like A LOT of people are stuck in that pending status as well.

    1. do you have the number of Paypal?Until today pending pa rin yung request for withdrawal to credit card,very unusual na talaga.Louie update mo naman dito sa forum kung ano sabi sa Paypal. thanks

  6. @donna

    I’ve also been experiencing the same trouble. I withdraw my money last January 28 into my EON card but its still pending until now.

    It’s the second time I am withdrawing funds from Paypal to EON with the first one just being trial with a smaller amount. And this issue happens just when I am already withdrawing the rest of what I got.

    I just hope that this is a system slowdown caused by their recent offer to allow fund withdrawal to local bank accounts. 🙁

    any update on your call?

  7. Ako rin, nagwithdraw ako from Paypal to my EON last Jan27 pero hanggang ngayon pending pa rin. First withdrawal pa man din at malaking amount…

    May nabasa ako sa digital forums na may aberya ata mismo dun sa VISA cards at nagreply ang PayPal dun sa isang nagtanong sa kanila. Ayon sa PayPal, they currently have their technicians to fix the glitch.

    Makes me think baka totoo nga kasi diba they’re going to undergo some site maintenance? I just really hope the problem gets fixed soon…

  8. darn! i also withdraw using EON for the first time.. 3 days now and still pending… Good thing I did not withdraw all my money, though I withdraw quite Big ($500 to be exact) … I’ll just wait someone who can successfully withdraw money through bank transfer…

  9. Ako din nag withdraw ng money nung January 28 at hanggang ngaun eh not completed parin yung status. Unlike before na medyo mabilis. Anyway I would like to asked kung hindi na ba tayo makapag withdraw through our EON Card?. Buti nalang hindi masyadong malaki yung na withdraw ko. Kaso nga lang hassle tlaga kasi ini expect ko yung money rin pandagdag sa savings. Asked ko lang if pwede ba natin yung EON na gawing bank account din? O dun nalang tayo mag withdraw kesa sa card or visa?>

  10. ang alam ko, someone here able to use his EON account as Bank account.. I think it was Jeric, 1 day lng daw nakuha nya… Im also using my EON account as Bank account.. I’ll post here which come first kc I both withdraw using EON debit and Bank account transfer using my EON.

  11. Im so pissed at unionbank! i withdrew $100 from paypal to my unionbank account. it was completed on feb 18 in paypal
    until now
    it’s not showing in my unionbank account. wtf!

  12. Paypal has not confirmed my EON debit card yet. Does anybody know how many does does it usually take Paypal to link a crd to Paypal and thereby enable a person to withdraw from his/her account?

    Anyone who applies for EON will be at a loss of what to do next unless he/she makes a research or visit blogs like this one. There is nothing attached to the card except for a slip of paper with important numbers to remember.

    So for those to apply for EON read read read and research research research for helpful blogs, or you’ll get frustrated.

  13. hi, i do not have an EON yet cause unionbank is having problems with their system..
    do somebody know if i can use my mother-in-law’s credit card, which is obviously not
    named after me…=) i need response please….i’m running out of cash right now, cause
    my homebased work is sending $$ thru paypal…thanks for any response in advance…

  14. hi there,

    i own a mobite site (wap) and im earning money from it for almost a year now. i have question and i hope you can help me with it. does paypal allows you to withdraw paypal funds to my unionbank account with out confirming my cc or dc? my problems is i dont have a cc or a dc, im not yet qualified applying for one, that’s why i have troubles withdrawing my paypal funds to my bank account.

    or can you post the requirements for withdrawing paypal funds to bank accounts? thanks hope you can reply asap.

  15. regarding EON, and how to obtain u only need internet connection and follow the steps, nonetheless, i myself had problems applying for it online thus i decided to go to the nearst unionbank, however, the people in tutuban branch were of no help so i looked for another within teh area and with two thumbs up for teh quality of service that union bank soler rendered, i highly recommend them for hospitality and warm hearted peoples… dun na kyo mag-open, they will surely help u a lot. i got my card thru them in 5days, and funded the card with 250. per paypal’s advise that teh card should have sufficient fund ($1.98), nonetheless it is refundable… approval/statement thru internet banking will include a four digit paypal code for said transaction, key in then presto! link/confirmation complete.
    now, im just waiting for sunrise to check my withdrawal to BPI for i fear of $5.00 charge on EON card withdrawal… for other issues u thin i can be of help please email me (ma_reign@yahoo.com/ma-reign@pldtdsl.net) i can allow others to use my acct for their convenience or help you up with aeon application thru soler branch. -reina

  16. Hi,

    I just want to share my successful withdrawal from paypal to my eon account. I started to withdraw and transfer it to my card last jan. 5,that’s monday and it was completed last tuesday (jan.6) Today,(Jan.8) the money was reflected on my eon bank account. How fast it is! Its like 3 days only. Maybe, its my bday today thats why. hehehe!

  17. Hi, thanks for the detailed and clear steps you provided. When I checked today, my paypal withdrawal to my EON account was already completed. I hope it will take only one day or tow before I see it in my EON account.

  18. Hello Sir!

    I would like to ask for help regarding my EON.

    I have tried using it to verify my PayPal Account but PayPal just keep on flashing the message that:

    “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    I have made sure that I have entered the right information and I have tried many times but still it won’t be accepted.

    How can I resolve this issue? What should I do? I badly need my PayPal account.

    I do hope you can help me sir. Thanks a lot.

  19. I wonder if there is now a way to transfer funds FROM EON TO PAYPAL. In verifying my Paypal account, Paypal withdrew $1.95 from my EON account. That means that a Paypal account can be funded from an EON account. But last time I checked, a fund transfer from bank to paypal can only happen in the US.

    moralde’s last blog post..Getting My EON Card and My Paypal Verification


    The 24 hour customer service is non existent! You send an email and you get a response after 2 months if ever you get one.

    I have been using eon for a year. It works but if you have a problem you are on your own. Now we have other options for paypal such as offline banks.

    This probably explains why this thread is so long. Customers are looking for support somewhere else. hehehe.

    Just my 2cents

  21. Alfredo Hidalgo

    After all the updates and fixes of Unionbank..I want to ask all of the people who visit this site and have experiences on paypal to EON account..How many days to transfer money from paypal to EON debit card??? In this date July 2009?!?!?! I want an update..Please..Thank you! =)

  22. It seems Unionbank thinks they have a right to keep peoples money.
    We have just been informed about a case of a young woman goes to a ATM machine to withdraw money from her Unionbank account for food, the machine does not pay out but it still deducts the amount from her account, so she reports it to Unionbank only to be informed it will take them between 3 to 15 days to even look into it. In that time the woman goes hungry, what if it was her rent money she was withdrawing and Unionbank takes 15 days to look into it, by that time she has been evicted from her house and living on the streets.
    It is theft and there is no doubt about it, they have taken her money and are refusing to let her have it.
    .-= BG´s latest blog ..Unionbank Philippines Theft =-.

  23. I called EON cust svc 3 times today bec. i got this email from paypal sayin “An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

    Invalid Bank Account Information”

    the cust svc staff told me it’s a paypal issue. I went back to my paypal account and found out that indeed if you’re not aware of your registered name to be diff from that of your eon account name then transaction problems like this occur. so i change my business name and I will have to wait again for another 4 days hoping this time it will push thru. I was deducted P250 from my paypal account for this incorrect Account Name entry. So advise ko lang dito sa mga mag withdraw from paypal to eon… make sure your eon account name matches with your paypal account name.

  24. Hi,
    Withdrawal from paypal using EON is not so hard at all, just make sure that the following details are correct:

    1. You added your EON account to paypal;
    2. Your paypal name and EON account name is similar and all the details are correct to avoid return of withdrawal and a fee of Php250;
    3. If you don’t want to be deducted by paypal with $5, withdraw at least Php7,000.00. Withdrawal of the amount less than that will attract $5.
    4. Withdrawal from paypal may take 3-5 working days. I usually withdraw on Monday, in this case it usually takes 3-4 days only that the amount will be credited to my EON.
    5. You can check your balance whether you receive the amount online, to avoid unfruitful trips to ATM. But make sure that you have enrolled in online banking.

    In case you face problem with your EON transaction, it is the best choice to call them or visit their branch.

    Hope I am able to help you guys!

  25. i usually get my money from paypal within 3 to 4 days. also i only use the direct to bank deposit which you only pay 50 pesos.

  26. I have a problem. It’s my first time to withdraw paypal using my EON. I withdrawn it last April 29 and the status was already “completed” but until now the money is not yet in my account. The paypal sent an email that says by May 6 the money will be in my account. It’s been a week but none yet. Is this normal in Paypal and EON? HELPPPP!!!!

  27. @justin its 3 to 4 US working days. there might be a problem with your banking details you setup with paypal.

  28. My name is ABCD EFGH I. JKLM but the one’s printed on my EON debit card is only ABCD I JKLM. What should I do? Is that okay or should I ask for a new one?

  29. Hi, I have a problem. I just join the paypal for almost 3 week, and now its my 4th time to withdraw a funds from paypal to my eon bank account. I withdraw $76, but when I check it a few hours I saw that it was reverse. What is the real limit of withdrawing a money for the beginners like me?

  30. @Jen,
    That’s not a problem, because we have a limit on the number of characters placed in the card. So your name might have exceeded that limit that’s why they shortened it. If you want, you can verify your account name to your maintaining branch or you may call our Customer Service at 8418600. Hope this helped:)

    May I know if your paypal is already verified?

    By the way guys, we’re having a promo for all our Visa Debit Cardholders. Use your card at eBay and get a 5% rebate for all purchases made from July 23 to August 22 2010. AND we’ll give you a 2GO Cargo coupon if you link your card to PayPal during the promotion period. Know more about it here.

    If there’s anything else we can help you with please do not hesitate to inform us. You can post on our Facebook wall @ facebook.com/unionbankph or you can follow us on twitter @unionbankph.

    Thank you!

    UnionBank of the Philippines

  31. Hi! Is it possible to use “WITHDRAW TO BANK ACCOUNT” in paypal withdrawal options using my EON debit card? It’s the one that charges 50php ONLY if the amount is below 7,000php. Please answer. Thank you!

  32. had my paypal account one month ago and i got some funds there that i wanna transfer to eon unionbank.. i got my eon card today and tried to transfer funds but i can not link my eon debit card it has error everytime i link my paypal to eon..whats wrong? grrrrrrrrrr! i hate it! i tried couple of times already and its still the same..

    1. hello, Gurlwitchy!!!, that is why you couldn’t link your EON to paypal because you need to go to the union bank where you open your EON, and ask SOA ((statement of account), from the SOA you can see the 4 digit paypal code use it on how to link paypal to your debit card. just log on to http://www.paypal.com and follow the instruction. hope my explanation could help even a little to your concerned. God bless!!


    1. If you are buying something, Paypal will automatically deduct an amount in your EON card if the funds in your paypal are insufficient. Lets say you have 10$ in your paypal and you are buying something worth 15$. Paypal will deduct 5$ in your EON Card (peso equivalent) automatically.

  33. Hi i just wanted to know what you meant of “transferring of paypal balance to another person that takes 1-2 days”? is it transferring paypal to paypal or paypal into a bank account? Thanks!

    1. No. 50 pesos per withdrawal if you are withdrawing 6999 pesos below. Its free if you are withdrawing 7000pesos above.

      the 5$ is a return fee if the details you input are correct so be careful.

  34. I withdraw 18 dollars last June 16,…and now I don’t receive the money… paypal said invalid transaction and they get 250.pesos return fee…all the details I enter are right…whats the problem?

  35. I have both my eon and metrobank link to my account, which is the better option to withdraw my funds? Because base from what I read here withdrawing to your eon account from paypal will cost you $5.00 while withdrawing to your local bank (metrobank in my case) would only cost you the 50 pesos deposit fee.

    1. Withdrawing to eon is cheaper if you chose the WITHDRAW TO BANK Option… You can link your EON as a bank account not a card. If you chose to withdraw to card, that would be $5 withdrawal fee. But if you chose Bank>UnionBank, withdrawal fee is P50.00

  36.  i have opened a paypal account,my problem is i would’nt not transfer my earnings to the paypal account what should i do pls help me! for example earnmailer to paypal account? 

  37. I was worried, cause I’m new in paypal. and I already have 350$ there. I already transferred it on my UNIONBANK card. I’m just wondering if how many days, can I widraw my money on my account? and I’m in my 4rth day already. how many days can I widraw it?

    1. in my experience if I withdraw my money before 6am I will receive it the next banking day…please don’t count holidays and weekendsjust banking days..and make sure you choose the withdraw to bank option it is cheaper and faster than the withdraw to card

  38. can somebody help me with my problem? 
    I have a paypal account and an eon card.
    I’ve already withdraw my money from paypal last Jan.11,2012, but the money did not appear on my eon card and today is Feb.13,2012. Can somebody give me a hint on why I didn’t received the money? Paypal emailed me the success of the transaction yet I didn’t receive it.

    no email from paypal yet regarding of the return.
    Please help. Sorry for my bad English.

    1. Try contacting UnionBank. Since paypal sent it successfully, the problem could have been with UnionBank not identifying your card or something.

  39. If you don’t want to waste your time waiting for 2-5 business days before your withdrawn PayPal funds reflects to your Eon account, I recommend you use Peso Exchanger. You can even withdraw your PayPal funds to cash/bank transfer to your Eon account even on holidays and weekends. You can visit their site http://pesoexchanger.com

  40. I have been withdrawing my Paypal Funds to Unionbank EON account but using the BANK ACCOUNT Option. There is a corresponding Unionbank Account Number for every Unionbank EON card. Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Credit/Debit Card (EON Card) will cost you much more vs. Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Unionbank Account w/c will not cost you any centavo.

  41. abdulla brahim santos

    Hey, I’ve transfer a money from my PayPal account to my Eon Debit Card (Union Bank) last March 21,2017 but then I haven’t received any money yet though it already took 6 days. I’m using a new version of PayPal. I called the Union Bank but their answer was just “You should just wait, coz we don’t have control regarding to this problem”. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    1. I kinda have same problem with you. Have you received your money already? It’s also my 6th day waiting for my money, still haven’t got any to my account.

  42. For reference, same issue until now. I am not sure if my hard earned money will be reflected by Eon. Transferred from PayPal 10 days ago.

  43. I transferred On Feb 23 at 1 AM. Received it Feb 23 afternoon, Now i transferred again its been 2 days and still not in my bank account…. 🙁

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