How to Get your New EMV Card from UnionBank (UBP)

James Ryan Jonas

All ATM and Debit Cards of UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP) that are still not EMV-enabled will no longer be usable by March 31, 2018.

UBP announced this as they reminded clients to claim their EMV cards as soon as possible.

From UnionBank’s official press release:

* * * * * * * * * *

UnionBank will DEACTIVATE all magnetic stripe cards by March 31, 2018 and they can no longer be used for any transactions beyond the deactivation date. Please have your card promptly replaced with an EMV-chip enabled card as it will no longer be accepted for any transaction beyond deactivation date.

The exception are GSIS UMID, GSIS eCard, SSS UMID and SSS Quickcard.

* * * * * * * * * *

How to get the replacement EMV card?

For GSIS pensioners and members, please wait for further announcements from your respective GSIS branches or agency offices on the scheduled release of cards.

For Ewallet, simply visit any UnionBank branch.

For Platinum Debit, coordinate with your Relationship Manager.

For Epaycard/ePayroll, coordinate with your company HR.

For EON, wait for an invitation to update your account which will be sent via SMS, email or mail.

For other ATM accounts, just visit your UnionBank maintaining branch.

What are the requirements to avail of the new EMV ATM?

Just present one (1) valid ID for identification purposes. UnionBank will NOT allow proxy or authorized representatives to claim the new EMV cards.

Is the card free of charge?

Yes, the EMV card that will replace the old non-EMV card of UnionBank is free.

What will happen to my old ATM card?

The old magstripe ATM card will be deactivated 24 hours after the new EMV card has been activated. Cut up your old card and dispose it after deactivation.


Information and Image Credits: UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP)

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