Best Electronics Technician (ECT) Schools in the Philippines

James Ryan Jonas

Electronics, such as cellphones and cameras, are a huge part of our everyday life. Thus, if they break down or get damaged, ways to repair and maintain them would be appreciated. The repair and maintenance of these equipment, among others, is the job of an Electronic Technician (ECT).

Licensed Electronic Technicians

In the Philippines, electronic technicians perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Maintenance and testing of electrical and electronic, parts and systems;
  • Application of various know-how in electronics and mechanics to be able to determine sources of malfunction in equipment;
  • Application of the same know-how to actually repair equipment;

Electronics Technicians Board Exam

To be a licensed Electronics Technician in the Philippines, the individual must graduate from a “BS Electronics Technician” course in a duly accredited educational institution in the Philippines and then pass the Electronics Technician Licensure Exam administered by the Board of Electronics Engineering, under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The Electronics Technician (ECT) Board Exam is conducted twice a year, in April and in October of every year.

If you are considering to be an Electronics Technician soon, take note of the following ECT Board Exam coverage:

  • Technical Subjects and Laws and Ethics – 100% (including Basic Mathematics, Ohm’s Law, Electronic / Electrical Machine or equipment, Test Equipment, Electronic /Electrical Component, Maintenance and Repair, Philippine Electrical Code, Philippine Electronics Code and R.A. No. 9292 or the Electronics Engineering Law of 2014)

What you want to know would be the schools which develop the greatest amount of graduates who pass the electronic technician exam, right? Well, look no further for here they are.

These data were compiled from previous ECT Board Exam to find out the schools with the highest ECT Board Exam passing rates. Hope you find this information useful!

Best Electronics Technicians (ECT) Schools in the Philippines

Category 1: Universities with 200 or more ECT Licensure examinees

DOLLAR BALANCED FUNDSJan-Sep 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Sep 2017-Sep 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund1.16%5.85%7.31%3.75%
2Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Wellspring Fund-1.35%0.96%No DataNo Data
3Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder-2.85%-2.64%No Data2.26%
4PAMI Asia Balanced Fund-5.97%-2.74%4.77%-0.53%

Category 2: Universities with 100-199 ECT Licensure examinees

PESO BOND FUNDSJan-Sep 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Sep 2017-Sep 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1Cocolife Fixed Income Fund4%5.48%5.33%5.34%
2ALFM Peso Bond Fund1.33%1.55%1.79%1.70%
3Ekklesia Mutual Fund0.88%0.03%1.09%1.10%
4First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund-0.08%-0.14%0.02%0.36%
5Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund-0.62%-0.25%0.19%0.40%
6Philequity Peso Bond Fund-1.04%-0.54%-0.45%0.11%
7Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund-1.14%-1.15%-0.31%-0.23%
8ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund-1.78%-2.27%-1.07%-0.28%
9Grepalife Fixed Income Fund-2.10%-2.22%-1.50%-1.33%
10Soldivo Bond Fund-4.20%-5.22%-2.04%No Data
11Philam Bond Fund-4.81%-5.98%-1.62%-0.76%

Category 3: Universities with less than 100 ECT Licensure examinees

FOREIGN CURRENCY BOND FUNDSJan-Sep 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Sep 2017-Sep 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1ALFM Dollar Bond Fund-0.11%0.32%2.35%3.16%
2ALFM Euro Bond Fund-0.23%0.59%1.42%1.67%
3Philequity Dollar Income Fund-0.56%-0.89%0.99%2.05%
4First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund-0.80%-0.80%0.82%No Data
5ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund-1.18%-1.02%1.05%1.83%
6Philam Dollar Bond Fund-3.55%-2.91%1.19%2.83%
7Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund-3.95%-3.88%0.94%2%
8Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund-4.02%-4.13%-0.02%1.51%
9PAMI Global Bond Fund-4.06%-4.60%-1.24%-2.59%
10MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data
11MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data

Note: The table above only ranks the passing rates of First-time takers only; repeaters are not included in the passing rate. All figures are based on the four (4) previous Electronics Technicians Board Exam, specifically the ones held in April and October during the years 2016 and 2017.

Sources: PRC Philippines (; Society for Human Resource Management;

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