How to Franchise: Quickly in the Philippines

With today’s weather getting hotter and hotter, people would always want to refresh themselves. One thing that could make you feel cool is drinking bubble tea, blended ice, or Super Taro Ice from Quickly!

Maybe you want to own a franchise of Quickly in the Philippines someday? Read below to learn more about the investment you’ll need and the application steps you’ll undergo in order to franchise Quickly.

About Quickly

Quickly is the brand name of Kuai Ke Li Enterprise Co. Ltd., a company founded in Taiwan in 1996. It popularized tapioca pearl drinks (bubble tea) or drinks with soft, black pea-sized tapioca balls made from starch extracts of the cassava plant. To date, Quickly is one one of the largest tapioca milk tea franchises in the world with more than 2,000 locations worldwide.

Quickly came to the Philippines in 2000 starting with one branch in Recto, Manila. Now, Quickly Philippines has grown to 60 outlet stores nationwide.

Some of the refreshing drinks that Quickly offers include:

  • Taro Bestsellers – Super Taro Ice, Choco Loco Super, Taro Taro, etc.
  • Shake Fruit – Mango, Green Apple, Strawberry, etc.
  • Coffee Ice – Coffee 1, Coffee 2, Coffee 3, etc.
  • Blended Ice – Green Apple, Tropical Runner, Lychee, etc.
  • Milk Tea – Taro Milk Tea, Choco Milk Tea, Red Milk Tea, etc.
  • Frutty Yoghurt – Mango, Greean Apple, Strawberry, etc.
  • Choco Chill Bestsellers – Choco Chill, Choco Choco, Choco Delight, etc.
  • Pudding Flavored Taho – Assorted Pudding, Taro Pudding, Melon Pudding, etc.
  • Coffee Jelly – CJ, CJ Special, Super CJ
  • Buko Pandan
  • Caramel Series

Franchise Fee and Total Investment

The Quickly franchise investment costs around Php 788,000. This amount includes the following:

  • Franchise Fee
  • Store equipment (freezer, sealer, menu board, counter)
  • Training Fee
  • Initial Inventory
  • Security Deposit

In addition, there is also a royalty fee of 5% of gross monthly purchase that the franchisee has to pay.

The length of the franchise agreement is for a period of 2 years. However, franchisees may opt to renew for another 2-year period with a fixed renewal fee.

Quickly franchisees are entitled to a protected territory. This means that Quickly will not allow other Quickly outlets to open within a 100-meter radius without offering it initially to the designated franchisee.

In terms of space requirement, only a minimum of 6 square meters is needed.

Application Procedures

Be guided by the following steps to make you one step closer to becoming a Quickly franchisee:

  1. Completely fill out the confidential application form. This can be downloaded from the company website. Indicate the prospective location in the application form.
  2. Prepare documentary requirements such as Bank Certificate, Financial Statement, etc.
  3. Email the completed application form and the documentary requirements to
  4. The company shall review the application. Wait for a call from the company for an appointment which aims to have a discussion of the specifics of the franchise.

Application Requirements

Aside from a duly accomplished application form and letter of intent, be prepared with the following application requirements:

  • Company profile – background information about the company and/or individuals who put up the business, list of owners, officers and directors, other businesses
  • Applicant’s passport photo or any government-issued ID
  • Photocopy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation, Corporate CTC
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s Bank Statement of Account for the last three (3) months
  • Photocopy of the company’s current business registration documents
  • Photocopy of any special permits issued by appropriate government agencies

Contact Information

If you have questions about the franchise, contact Quickly Philippines at:

Franchise Manager

Wealthimore Success Co. Ltd., Inc.

39 Malasimbo St. Brgy. Masambong,

SFDM, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: 3652518; 3658516


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Information and Photo Sources: Quickly Website ( and Quickly Philippines Facebook Page

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  1. Wow! this is great! Franchising business is good start to earn a living specially for a young entrepreneur like me.Indeed, it has already have a concept and idea.It is for easy way to manage the business.

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