Top Philippine Stock Gainers and Losers in 2014

James Ryan Jonas

Did you make money or lose money in stocks last year?

If you invested in the likes of Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC), Island Information & Technology Inc. (IS), Max’s Group (MAXS) and Double Dragon Properties (DD), most likely you made huge amounts of money from these stocks last year.

If, however, you were stuck in stocks associated with Antonio Tiu, the Greenergy Holdings (GREEN) and Agri-Nurture Inc. (ANI) businessman who found himself in the middle of the Binay corruption investigations, then it’s possible that you are losing money. 

Find out below if you chose the best performing stocks or, alternatively, made the wrong bets in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) last year.

Top 10 Gainers in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) – 2014

From the 240+ stocks traded in the PSE last year, here are the 10 best stocks that earned the highest one-year price gains.

RankStock CodeCompany Name% Gains in 2014Highest Price in 2014Lowest Price in 2014
1PLCPremium Leisure Corp.674.55%2.280.27
2ISIsland Info662.50%0.820.034
4CATCentral Azucarera de Tarlac457.50%14815
5MAXSMax's Group225.17%687.25
6NIKLNickel Asia213.16%48.9515
7CMTSoutheast Asia Cement166.02%4.20.96
8DNLDNL Industries156.70%17.146.3
9DDDoubleDragon Properties150.00%10.962.4
10CICConcepcion Industrial Corp.124.05%50.0516.54

Top 10 Losers in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) – 2014

Meanwhile, if you held the following stocks last year, chances are you lost money because these were the top decliners in value in 2014.

RankStock CodeCompany Name% Losses in 2014Highest Price in 2014Lowest Price in 2014
1ANIAgriNurture Inc.-59.62%5.982.02
2GREENGreenergy Holdings-55.45%1.20.35
3PBCPhilippine Bank of Communications-52.94%7530
4OVPhilodrill Corp.-48.57%0.040.017
5GPHGrand Plaza Hotel Corp.-44.44%70.525
6TAPETTrans-Asia Petroleum Corp.-43.24%93.9
7MACMacroasia Corp.-38.75%4.041.95
9PXPPhilex Petroleum-35.22%10.424.99
10PNXPhoenix Petroleum-34.39%7.033.03

PSEi Performance in 2014

The 30-company Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi), which is the barometer of stock performance in the Philippines, increased in value by 22.76% in 2014. (See PSE one of Top 10 best stock markets worldwide) If you are a stock investor, this is where you should benchmark your portfolio’s performance.

If your portfolio had a one-year gain of at least 22.76% last year, then congrats, you have successfully outperformed the index! If, on the other hand, your gains were less than 22.76% (or worse, you’re in the red!), then you are underperforming the index.

The key in outperforming the index is to choose good stocks that would give you outstanding gains. Among the 30 PSEi stocks, which ones had the biggest gains in 2014? How about the biggest PSEi losers?

Top 10 Gainers among PSEi stocks only

From the 30 companies comprising the PSE index (PSEi), twenty-five (25) had positive gains, with the following 10 stocks garnering the biggest positive changes in value.

RankStock CodeCompany Name% Gains in 2014Highest Price in 2014Lowest Price in 2014
1FGENFirst Gen Corp.81.88%27.5513.14
2JGSJG Summit Holdings69.23%68.937.4
3URCUniversal Robina Corp.66.10%205113.4
4BDOBanco de Oro54.65%114.169
5EDCEnergy Dev't. Corp.49.36%8.545.11
6SCCSemirara Mining48.95%143.893.67
7BLOOMBloomberry Resorts41.71%15.828.28
9DMCDMCI Holdings35.34%16.811.11
10GTCAPGT Capital33.59%1,148.00718

Top 5 Losers among PSEi stocks only

Among the 30 PSEi stocks, only five had one-year price declines in 2014.

RankStock CodeCompany Name% Losses in 2014Highest Price in 2014Lowest Price in 2014
2LTGLT Group-21.68%19.912
3AGIAlliance Global-14.42%31.8520.85
4AEVAboitiz Equity-4.01%61.648.1

2014 Performance of all PSE stocks

Looking for the returns of other stocks? Check out the complete list of the 2014 returns of all PSE stocks here!

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.