List of Philippines’ best blogs – 2nd Quarter 2009

It’s time once again to bring you the quarterly report on the performance of Philippine blogs. Our latest update was in April 2009 where we gave you the list of the Philippines’ Top Blogs of 2008.

The list for this quarter is quite interesting because a variety of new blogs are entering the Top 50. Nine out of the Top 50 blogs are new, meaning they were either established during the quarter or were previously unknown but are starting to be popular.

The current list also identifies the biggest gainers and decliners in terms of Alexa rank. The gainers have a reason to feel good but the decliners must feel concerned because sooner or later, they may be kicked out of the Top 50 if their rank does not improve.

Without further ado, here is the quarterly change in the ranking of blogs from the 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter of 2009.

The Philippines’ Top 50 Blogs, as of 2nd Quarter 2009
Ranked by Alexa’s 3-month traffic rank


New Blogs in the Top 50

Let’s congratulate these blogs which managed to enter this quarter’s Top 50 list. Some of these blogs were existing before but we started tracking only now while some of them were created only during the quarter which makes their high ranking more impressive.

The 10 Biggest Gainers

Usually, a preview of who’s going to be on top is seen on who gains ranks the fastest. Here are blogs that gained the highest percentage increase in their Alexa ranking during the last 3 months.

The 10 Biggest Decliners

Those with declining Alexa ranks, on the other hand, should be concerned because new blogs may push them out of the Top 50. Here are 10 blogs with the highest declines in Alexa rank during the last 3 months.

The 10 Up-and-Coming Blogs

In addition to the Top 50 blogs, here are some more blogs to watch out for. These blogs ranked 51st to 60th may soon enter the Top 50 list.


Although the Alexa ranking system is not perfect, we are using it for this list because it provides objective information about the popularity of a website.

Some blogs tracked on the list are not one exclusive blog alone. On the same domain may be some more sub-blogs or sub-sites, which may affect the rank of the domain.

Our List of the Philippines’ Top Blogs excludes blogs whose majority of posts:

  • feature nude or sexy pictures or videos of people;
  • offer free streaming or download of copyrighted music, videos, movies and other media;
  • provide links to free downloads of themes, layouts, games, software, etc.;
  • promote sex, violence, terrorism, or discrimination; or
  • are mere aggregate of other blogs and sites

Corporate blogs and subdomain blogs which cannot be separately ranked are also excluded from the list.

If you know a blog that should be included here, please contact us so we can include it in the next update.

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36 thoughts on “List of Philippines’ best blogs – 2nd Quarter 2009”

  1. @Ambo, congrats on being part of the list!

    @Edz, your blog will be included in the next update. Right now, it is indeed part of the 10 Up-and-coming blogs. Congrats!

    @Reel Advice, you’re getting there. Your blog’s Alexa rank is currently 331,834, somewhere in the 80s-90s rank on our list.

    @Ferdielicious, your blog will also be included in the next quarter’s update but just to inform you that if majority of the posts in your blog will continue to be about scandal or sexy photos, it might be disqualified.

    @Jehzeel, bumabawi pa rin naman ang blog mo. Oks lang kahit bumaba ang Alexa rank basta mataas pa rin ang online income di ba? 😉 Hehe…

  2. One more reason to live and breathe on my bread and butter blog Pinoy Teens which gives me baon in the pocket. :p

    Tsk, konti nalang sanang tyaga ang kulang sa ko which is at 190K something, kaya pa yan sa next update, and “upcoming”, Teen Philippines which is still way way down the road :p

    Thanks for having these kinds of update, they always boost the morale of the bloggers (and my so-called contributors who actually haven’t done MUCH) 🙂
    .-= Kevin Paquet´s latest blog ..And I Love You So not in SM Cinemas =-.

  3. @Kevin, congrats on one of your blogs being part of the Top 50 and another one soon on the Up-and-coming blogs! Your site is currently rising in rank, now at 187,772. A few more notches up and it can even break into the Top 50!

  4. Congratulations to all of those who were part of the top blogs. Kung wala tayo sa top 100, Sabi nga ni Robin, “Think Positive! Wag kang aayaw” who knows, baka in ten years mapasama na tayo. lol.. happy blogging. And to all of the top bloggers keep it up… or else.

  5. Maraming salamat sa napakagandang listahan ngmga huwarang blogista ng Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang mga Filipino sa buong mundo (ang drama naman ng comment na to! haha)

    I’m happy that we are indeed making great progress in our blogs and I am hoping that we’ll be able to continue going onward. My blog may not have made it to the top 50 or top 500 but that’s fine, I enjoy what I’m doing. James, I’d like to congratulate you on keeping your PR for the keyword “make money online”. Our kidblogger has dropped from 1 to 2 but that’s fine, he’s still on the top 5.

    Congratulations to all who made it!
    .-= jonhappiness´s latest blog ..Koobface Facebook Virus Defeated =-.

  6. Thanks James for compiling another update! Unfortunately for me, my rank has drastically declined which a result of my 2 month blogging hiatus. Hope to improve my rankings in the next update. Congratulations to all the blogs who made it to the list. 🙂

  7. thank you very much sa pinoymonetalk for mentioning our blogs eventhough pang 53rd pa lang sya…next quarter sana kasama na..its a big accomplishment for 3-months blogs to achieve that alexa rank.

    congrats sa top 50..keep it up.

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  9. wow! i was skeptical at first when i heard this news from ‘X’ who is also a blogger and one of my CBS family (Cebu Bloggers Society). but he`s right, my site is included in the list.

    i`m so grateful to have been part of this, especially that i doubted before that my blog would surely make it to the top… but then again, this won`t really happen if not because of my loyal readers and visitors as well. thanks to all.

  10. Congrats to all bloggers who are part of the list! Just a reminder, if you have or know a blog who you think should be part of the list, please leave the blog’s URL here so we can track it for the next update. The next update will be released in September 2009.

  11. Huwaw! Walastek naman, napasama ku sa top 50! Thanks so much for this report. Grabeh, ang hirap sigurong karirin ang pag-track nito but you did an excellent job!

    More power to all Pinoy Bloggers!!!
    .-= chuvachienes´s latest blog ..Jason Schwartzman Weds Brady Cunningham | Brady Cunningham, Jason Schwartzman =-.

  12. I would be glad to have a list of do-follow Pinoy sites which could help our SEO linking…but congrats to those included in the list here…where can I find the 2010?

  13. How I wish I was listed in the ranking list but since I am new to this blogosphere, I will just keep dreaming. hehe.
    @Alvine, I agree with you.

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