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Free Seminar: Accounting in the Stock Market

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is inviting everyone to its quarterly industry briefing on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m at the PSE Ortigas Trading Floor, 2nd Floor PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The free event, entitled “Accounting in the Stock Market: An Industry Look at the Role and Importance of Accounting Information in the Stock Market” will feature presentations by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).

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Meralco (MER) stock surges 275% due to Ang-MVP bidding war

If you’re currently following the Philippine stock market, you’re most probably aware of the continuous surge in the price of Meralco (Stock Code: MER).

The stock of the power utility company was one of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)’s biggest gainers during the first half of 2009.

As of July 31, it was up by a staggering 275% from its P58.00 price in January. In the month of July alone, the stock more than doubled in value, closing at an all-time high of P295.00 in July 29.

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PSE stocks performance: January – June 2009

Philippine stocks are currently on the upswing even though the global economic recession is still hurting many investors worldwide.

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), a composite of 30 stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange used to track the general movement of market prices, ended the first half of the year up as much as 30%.

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Global stock markets down 30-40%

Almost everyone knows by now that the US economic crunch is hurting stock markets worldwide. Huge losses are currently the trend and stock prices everywhere are plummeting.

How big are these declines, you ask? Check out the table below which summarizes the year-to-date losses of major global stock markets as of October 8 this year.

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Window Dressing to push stock prices up?

Today, December 28, is the last trading day of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). On Monday and Tuesday next week, the markets are closed for New Year celebrations, and the first trading day in 2008 is on Wednesday, January 2.

Is the market set to close higher today because portfolio managers and traders might try to “window dress” their portfolios in time for year-end 2007?

A bit likely. In a previous article, we explained that Window Dressing is a strategy employed by fund managers wherein they try to make their portfolio look as attractive as possible before presenting it to clients or stockholders.

In the days leading up to the end of the quarter or the year, fund managers would purchase recent winners while selling old holdings at a loss, in an attempt to show that they own the best-performing stocks of the period.

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