(Tutorial) How do I start trading stocks?

I’m ready to start trading stocks, what do I do?

Are you sure you’re all set? Have you reviewed our stock trading tutorial about the types of stocks and other securities being traded, how profits are made, how much you need to trade stocks, and what types of orders you can make?

If you did and are ready to go, continue reading below.

Step 1. To be able to participate in the stock market, you need a stockbroker to buy and sell shares of stocks. A stockbroker is a person or a corporation authorized and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to trade securities.

Click here to know more about choosing a good stockbroker.

Step 2. Apply for an account with your chosen broker. Normally, you will need to fill out a Reference Card and submit identification papers for verification. Once approved, you will be assigned a trader or agent to assist you in buying or selling stocks. In the case of online brokers, you can start trading online without the assistance of a personal broker. But first, you need to fund your account.

Step 3. Fund your account either by issuing a check payable to your chosen broker or by depositing cash directly to the brokerage firm’s bank account. Contact them for more details on how to send your payment.

Step 4. If your broker assigned you a personal trader, communicate and discuss with him/her your stock order, then wait for the transaction to be executed. Normally, your personal trader will contact you if the transaction was executed or not. If what you have is an online account, you can buy and sell stocks without anyone’s assistance. Check the FAQ or tutorial of online stockbrokers for guidance on how to navigate their online trading platform.

Trading stocks entail costs. Here’s a listing of taxes and fees when buying or selling stocks in the Philippines.

Step 5. Three (3) days after the buy or sell transaction, you will receive from your broker the cash proceeds, if you are selling stocks, or proof of ownership of the stocks (confirmation receipt and invoice), if you are buying stocks.

Easy, right? Happy investing!

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31 thoughts on “(Tutorial) How do I start trading stocks?”

    1. gusto ko din matuto kung paano mag invest through stocks..saan ba ako magsisimula???i extremely need your advises guys…

        1. thank you so much for the links sir!…pagkatapos po ba mag create ng account, ano po ba ang next step?

        2. marami pa talaga akong dapat matutunan..sa madali’t sabi, kelangan ko po talaga ng adviser.Sayang lang din kasi ang income ko pag hindi ko alam kung paano ito palalaguin..mapupunta lang ito sa banko ng walang interest.

    2. sir paul!..i really need ur advise..after po ba pag may account na ako, is pwede na po ba akong mag join sa trading???o hindi pa kasali dyan ang pagbili ng stock sa 5k na yan???

      1. After you send your requirements (via LBC), someone will contact you thru email or phone. He will provide you a Reference number for you to fund your account.

        Deposit P5,000 (via BPI, BDO, Metrobank). You will receive a confirmation from COLFinancial regarding the fund you deposited.

        You can start buying stocks immediately after you receive the confirmation :)

        1. thank you so much for the response. but i think its hard for me to do while I am here in another country. I mean kUng nasa pinas lang sana ako I can easily do that.
          I know you understand how to speak in cebuano..nahihirapan kasi akong mag english..analyzing details on how to start to invest!..but anyway salamat po talaga..I hope madagdagan pa yong kaalaman ko tungkol dito ..siguro hindi pa ako handa..Thanks and godbless!

  1. Guys,can anyone help and to share more knowledge on me with regards for Stock exchange investment. i started to read some articles about stocks but am still confusing on what really happened inside.I wanted to invest 100k peso. i would rather preferred if there are someone can guide or advice to me.here is my email calklien_195@yahoo.com.ph

  2. Hope someone can help me with my situation here. My mother passed away a year ago and while cleaning her files, we found out that she invested in stocks in three different companies. Now, my problem is how to deal with her stock certificates. I don’t know who her broker was and since I really don’t know anything about stocks, I don’t know how to deal with them to begin with. Any advice will be appreciated.

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