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New Apple iPad Mini — Like it or Hate it?

It’s pretty much the same Apple iPad tablet — except it’s lighter, cheaper, and fits comfortably in one hand. That’s how Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the newest member of the iPad tablet lineup, the iPad Mini, during an Apple press event on October 23.

New iPad 4: Photos, Price, Release Dates (Live from Apple’s event)

Less than a year after the newest iPad — the iPad 3 — was launched, Apple unveiled again today the latest update to the world’s most popular tablet. Dubbed the iPad 4, Apple’s newest gadget is not much of a design or functionality overhaul compared to its predecessor but instead offers hardware and performance upgrades.

iPad 2 launch sends Apple stock rising

Steve Jobs’ announcement of the launch of the new Apple iPad 2 last March 2 sent the Apple stock (Stock Code: AAPL) rising 0.80% to $352.12 at the close of the announcement day.

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates: Funny Jokes on Being Rich

Yesterday I received a forwarded email showing Photoshopped pictures of tech icons Steve Jobs and Bill Gates delivering jokes about being rich. A sample of their “conversation:” Steve Jobs: Remember when we were poor? Bill Gates: No. Steve Jobs: Me neither. (Both laugh.) Hilarious, indeed. And another one:

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