iPad 2 launch sends Apple stock rising

Steve Jobs’ announcement of the launch of the new Apple iPad 2 last March 2 sent the Apple stock (Stock Code: AAPL) rising 0.80% to $352.12 at the close of the announcement day.

Indeed, when investors see positive outlook in the future of a company, they respond by driving the stock price up.

Without a doubt, Apple’s products were a hit not only to consumers but to stock investors as well. Back in 2001 prior to the launch of the first iPod, the Apple stock was trading at a mere $9 per share.

Now, at the close of the day of the iPad 2 announcement, the Apple stock was trading at $352.12 — a 3,800% increase in value in 10 years.

See below how the Apple stock (AAPL) rose in price together with the launches of their popular products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Timeline: Apple stock price and Apple product launches

October 2001 – The first iPod is launched. (AAPL stock price: $9.15)

January 2007 – Apple announces the iPhone. (AAPL stock price: $85.38)

April 2010 – Apple begins selling the iPad. (AAPL stock price: $270.83)

March 2011 – Apple launches the iPad 2. (AAPL stock price: $352.12)

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