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Review: Infolinks In-Text Advertising program

It’s been exactly one week since I applied for an Infolinks account and used it as additional money-maker for the PMT site. I know, I’ve been late to join because thousands of bloggers have already joined this since early this year. Anyway, here’s what I have to say about Infolinks after using it for 1 week.

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From 0 to $1k in 90 days (An online earning challenge)

It is not impossible to earn at least $1,000 every month. A lot of people have already proven that.

But is it possible for someone who does not have a credit card, is not willing to shell out a substantial amount of money, and has only minimum knowledge of the internet to go from zero to $1,000 online earnings a month in just under 90 days?

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Analysis of Adsense income thru Google Analytics

Are site traffic and pageviews directly related to income?

The formula, they say, to successfully make money from a website or blog is Quality Content + Traffic.

A lot of “make money online” experts — the true gurus and fakes alike — claim that fresh, unique, and high-quality content translates to traffic and traffic ultimately equals online income. By now, it probably is an accepted fact that a website with more visitors will earn more than another site with fewer visitors.

But how related exactly are site traffic and pageviews to the advertising income of a site?

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