Review: Infolinks In-Text Advertising program

It’s been exactly one week since I applied for an Infolinks account and used it as additional money-maker for the PMT site. I know, I’ve been late to join because thousands of bloggers have already joined this since early this year. Anyway, here’s what I have to say about Infolinks after using it for 1 week.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an advertising program that inserts text link advertisements within the content of a website. The text ads usually appear as double-underlined links which show an informational bubble when a mouse hovers on it. Sample Infolinks ads can be seen in the PMT Forum.

I’ve known Infolinks since early this year but I was hesitant on using it because I really dislike seeing double-underlined links and automatic pop-up ads on the site. This explains why I use it only in the forum and not on the blog.

Anyway, after seeing good reviews from other bloggers, I decided last week to give it a try.

The Good

Getting your account approved was surprisingly quick. I applied for an account last week and within 1 day, my account was approved and the ads were already visible on the site.

Another good thing about Infolinks is that it is easy to use. You are given a simple snippet of code which you place somewhere on your site and you’re done. Unlike Google Adsense, you don’t need to tinker with the ad design or placement. Simply paste the Infolinks code on your site then the ads will appear instantly.

You also have control over the look of the ad links. You can choose the link color, single- or double-underlined links, number of ads that will appear per page, and ad content category. A downside is that, according to the site, changes will take effect within 2 hours, much longer than Adsense’s in which changes take effect within 10 minutes.

What about earnings? During the past week, I was able to earn an average of $1.50 per day. That’s based on around 50-60 clicks everyday. That’s still pretty decent, considering the ads are in the PMT Forum where most users don’t normally click on the ads (including Google Adsense ads). It is still not a lot compared to how much we’re getting from Adsense but it’s definitely a good addition to our online income.

The Bad

One major downside is the “annoying” nature of the ad. When you hover on an Infolinks text ad, the informational bubble automatically pops up. So for those not really interested in looking at the ad but accidentally hovered their mouse on a link, this might be really annoying.

In addition, some of the ads are not properly targeted to the niche of the site. In the PMT Forum, there are ad links for text such as “new,” “yesterday,” “at 11,” and even “Aug” — text that are not of interest and of value to most of our users.

Although Infolinks claim to pay the “best revenue share,” we still think Google Adsense pays more. For example, we got 50 ad clicks in Infolinks and got paid $2.00 while the same number of ad clicks would have already given us $8.00 in Adsense.

The Verdict

Overall, Infolinks is a good complement to other ad networks you are already using. On its own, however, the earnings it provides may not be that big, unless you have lots of visitors interested in clicking on the pop-up ads.

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23 thoughts on “Review: Infolinks In-Text Advertising program”

  1. Hi James! For me, I implemented infolinks in my blog way back February 2009. But I admit that it’s a very very slow income earner for me. I also dislike the fact it changes the font of my blog description. It’s annoying, definitely. If you can visit my site, my blog description “Journey to Financial Freedom”, the word Financial Freedom changed its font because of infolinks. What would you recommend as a reader? Is it really annoying that I have to delete? Since February, I think I have only earned around $55 so far. 🙁
    .-= Tyrone | Millionaire Acts´s latest blog ..Why do you need to borrow money? =-.

  2. Hi Tyrone, Infolinks does not indeed provide me with big earnings but it complements my other online income sources. I too don’t like the way they choose the words which they will highlight as ads because sometimes the text they highlight simply don’t make sense. You’ll have to ask your readers if the ads are annoying to them. If they are, weigh the consequences. If you remove Infolinks, is it ok for you if you get less income? If your answer is yes then go ahead with it, otherwise, leave it there. Anyway, I don’t think your readers will leave your blog just because you have those Infolinks ads.

  3. @sekret:
    Natawa naman ako dun sa comment ko kasi pati pala si James nagkamali din ng post minsan! Ako din nga eh nagkamali ng pinost kahapon lang, nakakahiya tuloy, but lesson learned? Wag matulad sa dating Chicago Tribune na post kaagad just for the sake na maging una kasi pag di verified, magagalit lang or maiinis readers kasi nga hindi naman too.

    Well ang alam ko nagbabayad naman ang Infolinks, marami akong alam na mga bloggers na kumikita din naman paunti unti tsaka instead na umasa lang tayo sa adsense diba?

    isa pang sobrang nagandahan ako ay yung Adgitize kasi when I joined dumami pang hindi lang tagavisit ko sa blog but i also earned new friends. mas importante sakin yung huli kasi pangpamtagalan yun kesa sa pera. konti lang din naman yung kikitain mo pero maski na, online marketing or making money online is not an easy game din naman eh, it woudl require time talaga. most easy money are not for real kaya mabuti ng paunti unti muna. Parang EC na ikiclick mo yung image na nasa blog mo, visit mo yung blog na yun. they will pay pala pag nag post ka, pag nag view ka ng blogs na nag advertise sa kanila. ang maganda pa, nag lelearn ka talaga sa mga blogs namabiew mo, hindi sya parang basta nalang makamonetize but to enjoy every moment of doing it.

    sa mga interesado, eto nga pala ulit yung link:

    .-= jonharules´s latest blog ..Social Networking Hacked: Friendster and Facebook =-.

  4. I also just tried Infolinks and have been quite impressed with its performance. Although not big, this is definitely one of the better “Text Link” networks I have seen.

    You should try Kontera and you will see how much infolinks is better!

  5. yes, they do pay. i already received the first payment via paypal last june 30. minimum payout is $100. i’m expecting another one this september. it’s better than kontera though, 2-3 times better.

  6. for readers like me, i find those infolinks links majorly irritating! but if i really like the site, i dont mind too much. pero pag hindi, i never come back.

  7. regarding dun sa double line with infolinks base with my experience eh pwede mo namang icustomize base sa gustong lumitaw, kung anung color tsaka kung ilang underline yung lilitaw para hindi makairita sa mga viewers ng blog mo.

  8. ang kita will really depend on the traffic that you have on your site. My infolinks is earning way better than my adsense now. I got $50 from info in my first month and went to $450 in the second and $800 on my third. I guess it would really depend on your niche.

  9. Second income earner ko rin tong infolinks. Napansin ko nga na me infolinks na rin PMT. I was about to ask James. Good move. My infolinks is giving me at least 1/3 of what I’m getting from adsense. I’m expecting na rin payment from last month. Eksakto bang end of every month ang bayad nila? Maganda din sa infolinks e straight to your paypal account ang bayad.

  10. I was paid twice by Infolinks. It’s a good source of income if your blog has a good traffic and a good niche as well. I must agree sa iba, pwede namang icustomize ang look ng underlined ads kaya di naman irritating sa readers.

  11. @Reel Advice, I tried Kontera before and I too was not impressed by them so I dropped them. Infolinks right now seems to be a good text link advertising alternative for me. Doing good with Infolinks so far.

    @Dinah, ako rin, ayaw ko sa ganyang link ads. Kaya hanggang ngayon, sa PMT Forum muna ang Infolinks. Ginawa ko na rin siyang single-line na lang, mas nde na mukhang annoying ngayon yung ad.

    @sirshatterstar, congrats. I think as in Adsense, the performance of Infolinks will also depend on your site’s niche. Yours seem to be lucrative for text link ads. What niche/s are those, if I may ask?

    @Graphire, I’m currently satisfied with Infolinks. Does not pay as much as Adsense but it’s a good complement. If things go well, by next month up for payment na rin ako.

    @Ambo, yup we can customize the look of the ads pero ako personally, ayaw ko ng links na may nagpa-popup na ad hehe. Pero basta kikita ako dun, pwede na rin haha.

  12. To those bloggers who still have low traffics in their blogs, just stick to google adsense. Instead, keep being busy increasing your blogs traffic. Its simply because when there’s more traffic in your blog, the more revenue from your google adsense you have. More power to all bloggers!

  13. Hindi ko po maintindihan ung 2ngkol dito kung paano mag-earn ng money while blogging.. can someone tell me (assist me) about this.. tnx

  14. I was paid twice by Infolinks. It’s a good source of income if your blog has a good traffic and a good niche as well.

  15. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people for this
    subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  16. Hello,

    Is it possible to have adsense ads and Info links ads on the same website/blog?

    I am just getting started with sports niche, so also want to know whether Info Links is good for Sports traffic or I should try some other option?

    ~ Shemmy Hein


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