From 0 to $1k in 90 days (An online earning challenge)

It is not impossible to earn at least $1,000 every month. A lot of people have already proven that.

But is it possible for someone who does not have a credit card, is not willing to shell out a substantial amount of money, and has only minimum knowledge of the internet to go from zero to $1,000 online earnings a month in just under 90 days?

That’s exactly what workingpinoy wants to know. He is asking for hypothetical but viable scenarios where a complete newbie can go from earning zero to P50,000 ($1,000) a month in 3 months or less. Everything must come from online opportunities.

Assume as well the following conditions about the newbie:

  1. Has no or does not want to use his credit card;
  2. Not tech-savvy, meaning not well-versed in programming or advanced softwares;
  3. Can only shell out a maximum of $25;
  4. Does not know how to create a website or blog;
  5. Does not want to join online MLM programs

Is it possible?

Anyone up for the challenge may post a comment here or join the discussion Challenge to Online Earners: From 0 to $1,000 a month in 90 days.

9 thoughts on “From 0 to $1k in 90 days (An online earning challenge)”

  1. Quite easy to earn given your conditions actually. The real challenge is actually how to reach the P50,000 a month quota. By the way, I posted my solution to the forum topic. 😀

  2. It would be difficult to make that kind of money without an adword campaign. If you are an established website then I think it would be possible. Being in a sandbox would make it tough.

    There is an exception to the rule. A star athelete could do that starting a website based on a social following.

  3. I’m interested in earning 1k in 90 days. I’m no tech savvy, don’t know how to blog or create website. Don’t want to use my credit card. How can I do that?

  4. I am up for the challenge hehehehe! My tool will be my blog… well, the rule is no blogs right? but I already have a blog anyway… and it’s not earning that much… let’s see what I can do for the next 90 days to pump up my adsens hehehe!

    Create an article on September 1 which calls for those who acted on the challenge =) Let’s review notes =)

  5. I am looking for a part time job at home like typing at home thru online but everytime I searched in the internet, there is always a money involved. Is it really procedural on the part of the company to first ask money to the applicant?Is there always money involved?or is it a scam?

    Please enlighten me and if u know one or two, please help me, I really need to have one. Thanks and more power!

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