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Make more money online with Adsense for Domains

Most of you now know how to make money with Google Adsense. Recently, there’s an addition to the program that will help you earn more. Google Adsense for Domains is here and is now enabled for accounts of publishers in the Philippines.

How do I earn from Adsense for Domains?

You put Adsense ads on your undeveloped websites which, when clicked on by visitors, will earn you money.

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Review: New affiliate program in the Philippines

Google Adsense may be the best online money-making program right now, but Filipino publishers looking for an alternative or complementary means to make more money need not look further.

Asia Century Multi-Advertising, Inc. or is a Philippine-based online advertising network that is very similar to the Google Adsense program. Like in Adsense, a website owner registers his site in Asia Century’s affiliate site and, when approved, can start placing ad codes on his site. The site publisher earns whenever the ads deliver a click, a lead, or a sale.

Here is our initial review of Asia Century after trying the program for one week.

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