Review: New affiliate program in the Philippines

Google Adsense may be the best online money-making program right now, but Filipino publishers looking for an alternative or complementary means to make more money need not look further.

Asia Century Multi-Advertising, Inc. or is a Philippine-based online advertising network that is very similar to the Google Adsense program. Like in Adsense, a website owner registers his site in Asia Century’s affiliate site and, when approved, can start placing ad codes on his site. The site publisher earns whenever the ads deliver a click, a lead, or a sale.

Here is our initial review of Asia Century after trying the program for one week.

First impressions

We first received an invitation to join Asia Century in June this year. We took a look at the site but back then, we were not yet ready to entertain other advertising networks. But Asia Century’s CEO Anders Barris was persistent. Almost every other week, the email invitations kept on coming. And so last week, we decided to give it a try. We thought, what’s not to like if it’s going to complement our Adsense earnings?

We signed up and in a matter of minutes, was approved and the ad codes were ready to be placed on the site. We logged in to the affiliate site and, interestingly, the interface was very similar with another affiliate management site Commission Junction (CJ).

The CJ-like interface works for Asia Century’s advantage because it is familiar and easy to use. The main difference, of course, is that Asia Century’s ad campaigns are targeted to the Filipino public and well, sadly, offer lower payouts as well.

Still, those looking for a complementary money-making program won’t be disappointed. More than 34 affiliate programs are running right now, with varyings offers such as free music streaming, free TGIF gift cards, and a games site that gives away free cellphone load (sample ads can be seen at the bottom of this blog article).

Ads have various formats that can suit a site such as text links, small banner ads, big banner ads, and, yes, bigger banner ads. We noticed, however, a few campaigns that do not offer any ad unit so we wonder how a publisher can promote that campaign.

One good thing is that most offers don’t necessarily have to generate a lead or a sale in order to generate income. A click on the ad normally would suffice, and the income from one ad click may vary from P0.50 to P0.70.

Another plus point is the comprehensive earnings report which details which ads made money and when the ads were clicked. These information surely help site owners determine which affiliate programs should be highlighted and which ones should be terminated.

Needs improvement

As a new player in the local online advertising industry, Asia Century is definitely not without flaws. One major problem is the slow loading of the affiliate login site. Actually while writing this review, it took us 3 minutes before we were able to log in to our account.

We also noticed that the Affiliate Login field in the main site doesn’t work. It looks like a JavaScript problem but we’re not sure if the problem is with our PC or with the site itself.

Regarding the ad campaigns, having more ad format options won’t hurt, and we’re not just talking about the size of the banner ad. Alternative ad colors or new ad content can help publishers select which ad formats they think will generate more clicks on their site.

It also would be good to have a search function that can filter campaigns depending on how a publisher can earn from the offer, i.e., per-click or per-lead or per-sale.

Of course, constantly adding more merchants and affiliate programs is a must and, if possible, increase the commission rate as well to attract more publishers. We think the per-click commission of P0.50 might be too low but we’re extremely satisfied with the per-lead payout of up to P100 per successful lead.


A week of trial with Asia Century earned us a total of P40.00. Asia Century is definitely nowhere near the caliber of Google Adsense in terms of higher payout but why complain if you can earn by simply adding a simple code to your site?

If you’re looking for an alternative or complementary way of making more money online, you should take a look at Asia Century advertising network.

Next to test: receiving payment from Asia Century. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem to cash out the earnings from them, unlike other affiliate programs in the past that turned out to be scams.

15 thoughts on “Review: New affiliate program in the Philippines”

  1. Just to share a story. Their rotating banner scripts went haywire last Sept 1 causing websites to intermittently redirect to an error page. A lot of people thought their sites were hacked. It caused a mild panic among bloggers that day. Consequently, this made them leave Asia Century.

  2. Thanks for the info, fritz. Although Asia Century has been operating for months now, I think it is inevitable for them to experience so-called birth pains. However, they must really work hard to solve and eliminate the problems. Otherwise, their members will indeed leave them. For example, for me if they won’t be able to solve the slow loading of the affiliate login site, I too won’t bother to use them anymore.

  3. interesting. i hope they work out the kinks in their system, as well as provide more options aesthetics-wise. i just like the idea of having more options.

  4. and i think they better move fast since nuffnang has finally arrived here in the Philippines. i am already seeing many blogs who used to have their banners now carries those of nuffnang.

  5. im almost at my minimum payout of 2k. i already have more than P1,900 in my account. One morning, i checked my e-mails. i received like tons of same messages from them. the e-mail said that the merchant does not have money to pay me so i better change the banner links on my website. I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THEM! I gave them the best ad space on my website and this is how they repay me. I hope will make a follow-up review about them. I am willing to show you screenshots of my present earnings with them and I am very much willing to forward to you the e-mails they sent me.

  6. Hi Paul, so you already earned some earnings then Asia Century decided to take it back because the merchant doesn’t have money to pay you? That’s really unfair. Please send your proofs so I can write about this. This is not really good.

  7. Paul Says:
    November 9th, 2008 at 7:41 pm <<< this is true. i got email yesterday from asiacentury telling me the same thing. and i have google and found this blog. what a shame company. Now their website cannot be access. I cant login.

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  9. Marlene Dorantes

    Hello there!Others have voiced my confusion above, but it’s pleasant sometimes to add towards the melee. I have been signed up since the middle of January, but have three letters. They’re excellent letters! But similarly, I’d like to know if this is just the process of the dust settling or if this is to be expected?Thanks!

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