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(Phishing Email) Here are the Elements of a Fake or Scam Email

Ever received an email from eBay asking you to verify your account? Or from Gmail warning you to login otherwise your account will be suspended? How many times have you gotten a supposed Paypal email asking reactivation because your account has been hacked?

Tips from BPI: How not to be a Victim of Fake Emails and Phishing Scams

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has constantly been issuing a warning to users of BPI ExpressOnline (BPI EOL), its online banking facility, against phishing emails. Phishing — pronounced “fishing” as in “fishing for information” — is a type of deception designed to steal one’s personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords, and …

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Fake ‘Download Internet Explorer’ email by Microsoft

Last week I received an email supposedly from admin@microsoft.com instructing me to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0, the latest update to Microsoft’s browser. If I didn’t know better, I would have automatically clicked on the download link. Instantly, then, I would have made myself a victim of a spyware threat.

Security Warning email from Google

Yesterday I received a “Security Warning” email supposedly from Google and I must say that if I didn’t know better, I would have been the next victim of this phishing scam. Here’s a copy of the email.

New scam using fake Paypal email

A Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) member emailed me yesterday to ask whether a Paypal transaction she is planning to enter into is a scam or not. Apparently, some guy supposedly from the UK contacted her asking help to transfer Paypal funds. The guy claims he plans to visit the Philippines and needs help moving funds …

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Bonjour! C’est un PayPal phishing l’email

Pardon my French (literally), but a few minutes ago I received an interesting email supposedly from PayPal France. The polyglot that I am (not!), I had to get help from a Language Translation site in order to decipher the message and, as expected, it is just one of those many PayPal phishing emails

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