dividend stocks

Cash and Stock Dividends Update: 1st Quarter 2014

We have highlighted several times before the value of Dividends, which are distribution of income by the company to its shareholders. Dividends may be in the form of stocks or cold, hard cash, but regardless of the method, dividend payments are always good news to investors who receive these instant and outright profits.

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Dividend Yield of PSE index stocks (2012)

Dividends are real and tangible profits an investor receives from owning shares of stocks. It is one of several ways to make money from stock investing. Other incomes from stocks may include price increases (or capital appreciation) and stock rights.

Dividends may be in the form of cash (and are called cash dividends) or in the form of stocks (hence, called stock dividends). To learn more how to profit from stocks, read our article on How to Make Money from the Stock Market.

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