Top Dividend Paying Stocks in the Philippines (2013)

Every year, we compile a list of publicly listed Philippine companies that pay the highest amount of dividends. As we have explained in our previous articles (see Top 10 Stocks with Highest Dividend Yields – 2011 and High Dividend Stocks in the Philippines – 2012), dividends are another way for stock investors to make money in the stock market.

Dividends are distribution of earnings to a company’s shareholders. These dividends may come in the form of cash, stocks or property. All shareholders on record are entitled to receive dividends. The shareholders on record are determined based on the Ex-Date, also called the Ex-Dividend Date, which is the first day when buying a stock DOES NOT entitle the buyer to the dividends.

Dividends Guide and Tutorial

Learn more about Dividends in our Stock Guide below:

In the past months, stock prices have fallen to the point that stock investors are booking losses. Dividends, as another form of income, provide a cushion to investors by offering tangible returns at a time when capital losses are being incurred. Thus, aside from the capital appreciation potential of a stock, it is also wise to take a look at the dividend distribution policy of a company.

Dividend Yields

To easily compare the dividend distribution policies of a variety of companies, we can use the Dividend Yield ratio — a simple formula that gives us an idea how much income (in the form of dividends) we receive as a percentage of the current stock price. Of course, the higher the Dividend Yield, the higher is our potential return.

The Dividend Yield is computed using the formula Dividends Received divided by Current Stock Price. Multiply this by 100 and you get the Dividend Yield in percentage form. If we’re only talking about Cash Dividend Yield, we limit our numerator in the formula only to Cash Dividends received from the company.

The table below summarizes the Cash Dividend Yields in 2013 of select 50 PSE stocks. Compare this with their Dividend Yields in 2012 and in 2011.

Cash Dividend Yield of PSE Stocks in 2013


Sources: Bloomberg, Angping Securities, BPI Trade

13 thoughts on “Top Dividend Paying Stocks in the Philippines (2013)”

  1. Strange, LAND should be amongst the top 5 dividend payers for 2013, with 11 cents per share (P1.65/share) should come up to 6%. Factoring in the dilution effect of the 20% stock dividend, the net dividend should be about 5.5%.

  2. Lots of missing property-related dividend payers from the list. SHNG is also not listed in at P0.11/sh (P3.20/share) = 3.44%

  3. ALCO, another property-relatd dividend payer is also not in the list. P0.012/sh (@P0.202/sh) = 5.9% (should come in the top 5 too). Actually property-related stocks are amongst the steadiest dividend payers

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