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Updates on the Royal Manchester Five scam

Just a month after the Royal Manchester Five scam became public, there seems to be less media attention now and the enthusiasm of victims to run after the scammers is beginning to die down.

We scoured the internet for recent updates on this scam but failed to get news on major developments. Here’s what we’ve seen, though.

Pyramiding scam charges filed (March 26, 2008 – Source)

The government has started filing charges against the officials of Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp., a company accused of duping over 3,000 investors in a P2.1-billion scam, an official said yesterday.

The first case of syndicated estafa was filed in Manila this week against RMF owner and president Cyrus Yap Hao, comptroller Rowena Uy, senior vice presidents Joseph Bualay and Edwin Rosas, executive vice president Joselev Colina, and company agent Suzette Uy Pinto.

NBI agent Ronald Aguto said his agency filed the case following a complaint from seven employees of a Manila hotel where Uy Pinto also worked and doubled as an RFM agent.

Aguto said Uy-Pinto promised her officemates 3 to 5 percent monthly interest if they invested their money in RMF, and they later put in P200,000 to P500,000.

They were issued good post-dated checks initially, but “those were followed subsequently by stale checks,” he said.

Aguto said the NBI would also file separate cases of syndicated estafa against RFM officials before the Justice Department in a week’s time after consolidating all complaints against them.

The elders of three religious groups said they would also file charges against their pastors who enticed their members to invest in RMF.

Harry Soriano of the Victory Christian Fellowship, Ferdinand Tolentino of Jesus the Cornerstone Ministries, and Eric Magtabog of The Lord’s Assembly are being blamed for the loss of thousands of pesos in members’ money to RMF.

BIR urged to go after suspects in investment scam (March 13, 2008 | Source)

Lawmakers called on the Bureau of Internal Revenue to investigate and prosecute six officials of the Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp. who are allegedly involved in a new multi-billion peso investment scam.

Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas said the government should do something about the racket that victimized even celebrities. He said the suspects should be liable “for possible wholesale income tax evasion.”

In a statement, Gullas said that “the authorities should find ways to establish that they made a lot of potentially taxable income, but never reported, much less paid taxes.”

Solon tells AMLC to freeze accounts of RMF officials (March 12, 2008 | Source)

A lawmaker called on the Anti-Money Laundering Council to conduct an investigation and “freeze” the bank accounts of six officials of the Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp, which is allegedly involved in multi-billion peso investment fraud.

“To protect what is left of the money put in by the investing public, the AMLC should take purposeful pre-emptive action against the company and its officers and their bank accounts,” lone Catanduanes Rep. Joseph Santiago said.

He also urged the government agency tasked to go after dirty money to check what banks these RMF officers have deposited the money they took from their victims, and find out whether these banks have been “diligent in reporting the suspicious transactions.”

No less than the National Bureau of Investigation confirmed the extent of the fraudulent transactions, and identified the RMF officials as president Cyrus Yap Hao and vice presidents Edwin Rosas, Renato San Juan, Joesedev Colina, Joseph Bualoy and Rowena Uy.

We’ll continue to post updates on the RMF scam here as long as we see one. Here’s to hoping that the victims get the justice they deserve and the scammers sent to where they really belong: jail.

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9 thoughts on “Updates on the Royal Manchester Five scam”

  1. wendy says:

    all the victims (investors) should submit their bounced cheques and returned demand letter to SEC & NBi…. Baka kasi nagsasaya na ang mga Scammer na yan, akala nila namamatay na ang issue at malaya na sila, hindi nila alam marami ang gumagalaw in silence.

  2. Sayrus Ciao says:

    Ano ng nangyari sa mga incorporators?

  3. rare says:

    hi everyone.i was a victim also of the RMF scam. can someone tell me how and where exactly to file my complaints to. Where sa SEC & NBI? and waht other documents do i need to have to file it aside from hte certificate and bounced checks? what is the latest na ba with RMF?Wala na ba tlgang makukuha or mahahabol ang mga victims sa pera.I hope someone will reply to this. tnx

  4. rmf victim says:

    rare, you can file the case of syndicated estafa in the fiscal’s office of the place where you were enticed. halimbawa kung taga laguna ka at doon ka niyaya, pwede ka mag file sa fiscal sa laguna. no need to go to manila….pwede rin boucing check kung yung tseke deposited and nagbounce sa laguna…no need to go to manila…mabuti yun para mahirapan sila kakapunta sa kung saan probinsya. halimbawa may mag kaso sa cebu or sa bikol….pwede yun

  5. anonymous says:

    777 9 de pebrero brgy mauway mandaluyong city loc of rowena uy and clarence lao

  6. kiel says:

    anybody knows ano na update sa rmf?

  7. Minamartinez2007 says:

    i knw the adres of rewena uy. they have a big house in the province before its barong barong

  8. Kim Sessler says:

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  9. Alfredo Koh says:

    Mga Sir;

    Paki advise lang kung pwede pang habulin ang mga nag encourage samin na mag invest .
    Kasi iyong isang nag encourage samin ay na trace namin after several yeras na nag tago.
    Compare ko pa iyon !!!
    pwede pa bang habulin itong mga tao na ito , sila ay kumita ng husto dito . I lost more than 750,000 pesos.

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