Long 12-day holiday during Christmas 2008

Did you know that we’re having an almost 2-week long holiday this Christmas 2008?
A combination of special non-working days and the government’s policy of holiday economics — wherein specific holidays are moved to the nearest Mondays — made possible as many as 12 consecutive vacation days this December 2008.
Almost always, companies make December 24 a holiday (or at least a half-day holiday); of course, December 25 is Christmas Day; December 26 is already proclaimed a special non-working day; December 27 and 28 are weekends; December 29 is again a special non-working day; December 30 is Rizal Day; December 31 is a special holiday because it’s the last day of the year; January 1 is, of course, New Year; January 2 is Friday and is sandwiched between the holidays so I doubt you’ll work; and January 3 and 4 are weekends which means…
the Christmas season is going to be a 12-day holiday from December 24 2008 to January 4, 2009 for most people!
See you at work on January 5! Happy Holidays!
Complete list of official dates of Philippine holidays here.

3 thoughts on “Long 12-day holiday during Christmas 2008”

  1. It’s enough time for the celebration of christmas and for family…but the sad part is that,it’s
    a holiday that full of expenses… Happy Holiday to everyone..!!!

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