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Top Stock Picks (Maybank ATR KimEng, January 2013)

What are the best stocks to buy this 2013?

For those who are into stock trading, this is perhaps the one question they have been asking everyday. Sadly, no one can give a 100% correct answer to that question. No one can claim he or she has the power to accurately predict what will happen in the stock market.

In fact, analysts are still not in agreement as to their outlook in local stocks this 2013. Several economists expect a continuation of the rosy performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) last year, where it registered a 32.95% full-year growth — earning the PSE a spot in the top 10 best performing stock markets in the world.

A few analysts, on the other hand, believe the local stock market is currently overpriced and stock prices would have to fall in order for market correction to occur.

Which is the correct outlook? No one knows for sure. Fortunately, we can use several research reports prepared by stock brokers to guide us in our stock investing decisions.

First in our brokers’ top stock picks is the list from Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation.

Top 10 Stock Picks (as of January 7, 2013)

The top 10 stock picks of Maybank ATR Kim Eng, as of January 7, 2013 are as follows. The current prices, target prices, and upside potential of each stock pick are summarized below.

  Company Stock Code Sector Target Price (PHP) Jan. 15, 2013 Price (PHP) % Expected Increase / Upside
1 JOLLIBEE FOODS CORP JFC Consumer 126.49 106.10 19.22%
2 UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORP URC Consumer 100.00 87.00 14.94%
3 FIRST PHILIPPINE HOLDINGS FPH Conglomerate 116.60 100.20 16.37%
4 AYALA CORPORATION AC Conglomerate 605.75 530.00 14.29%
5 FIRST GEN CORP FGEN Power 27.15 23.90 13.60%
6 ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CORP EDC Power 8.05 6.98 15.33%
7 FILINVEST LAND INC FLI Property 1.77 1.63 8.59%
8 GLOBE TELECOM GLO Telecom 1,346.00 1,095.00 22.92%
9 PLDT TEL Telecom 2,879.00 2,708.00 6.31%
10 METROBANK MBT Banks 119.30 107.00 11.50%

According to Maybank ATR Kim Eng, consumer-centric companies such as Jollibee and URC are expected get a revenue boost this year primarily owing to the upcoming local elections.

Also based on their valuation, telecom companies Globe and PLDT are set to produce significant upside potential and may produce additional income to investors in the form of high dividend yield.

Filinvest (FLI) is considered a laggard in the property sector and expected to catch up with its peers, such as Robinsons Land Corp (RLC) and Megaworld Corp (MEG) in terms of stock price increase.

Holding firms FPH and Ayala Corp. are expected to remain profitable, thanks to their various business units that are set to earn record revenues in 2013.

About the Broker

Maybank ATR Kim Eng is a diversified financial services conglomerate listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange with “MAKE” as its stock trading symbol. Its principal shareholder is Maybank Kim Eng Holdings Limited, a leading securities and investment broking group in Asia.


The data and content presented above are for information purposes only and are not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell the securities mentioned. They are also not meant to provide personal investment advice to readers of this article. Investing in stocks is risky and loss of capital is a possibility. Past performance is not and cannot be a guarantee of future returns.

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