(2018) Top Gainers in the Philippine Stock Exchange

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Which stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) are top gainers and which ones are awful losers? For easy reference, we summarized that information below.

Investing in stocks is challenging, especially in recent times where we saw the PSEi suffer a huge 22% drop from its peak of 9,000 points earlier this year. This index performance means if you invested P100,000 in the PSEi during its peak, your money is now just worth around P78,000. Ouch!

But there are both best and worst stock performers in the PSE. Which is why selective and intelligent stock picking is key to making money.

So without further ado, let’s check which stocks are the Top Gainers and Top Losers at the end of the 9-month period January to September 2018.

Top 10 Price Gainers in the PSE (Jan-Sept 2018)

  1. HVN (Golden Bria Holdings): +1,327.27%
  2. IRC (IRC Properties): +206.67%
  3. ATN (ATN Holdings): +200.00%
  4. ATNB (ATN Holdings “B”): +172.34%
  5. NOW (Now Corp): +156.49%
  6. VUL (Vulcan Industrial & Mining): +150.63%
  7. TBGI (Transpacific Broadband Group Int’l): +103.64%
  8. ISM (ISM Communications Corp): +100.71%
  9. MHC (Mabuhay Holdings): +96.72%
  10. SGP (Synergy Grid & Dev’t Phils): +93.23%

Top Gainers in the PSE (3rd Quarter 2018)

PESO BOND FUNDSJan-Aug 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Aug 2017-Aug 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1Cocolife Fixed Income Fund3.52%5.42%5.27%5.33%
2ALFM Peso Bond Fund1.12%1.68%1.75%1.61%
3Ekklesia Mutual Fund1.08%0.69%1.16%1.07%
4Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund0.24%0.93%0.27%0.51%
5First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund0.14%0.20%-0.07%0.25%
6Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund-0.37%0.16%-0.13%-0.15%
7Philequity Peso Bond Fund-0.53%0.09%-0.06%0.10%
8Grepalife Fixed Income Fund-1.09%-0.69%-1.37%-1.34%
9ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund-1.57%-1.40%-1.39%-0.23%
10Soldivo Bond Fund-2.10%-2.71%-1.34%No Data
11Philam Bond Fund-2.25%-2.85%-0.99%-0.40%

Top 10 Price Losers in the PSE (Jan-Sept 2018)

  1. BCOR (Berjaya Phils): -69.52%
  2. X (Xurpas): -57.50%
  3. MAHB (Metro Alliance Holdings “B”): -56.18%
  4. MAH (Metro Alliance Holdings): -55.43%
  5. CHP (Cemex Holdings Phils): -51.03%
  6. RCB (RCBC): -50.99%
  7. DD (DoubleDragon Properties): -50.94%
  8. PX (Philex Mining): -47.81%
  9. STI (STI Holdings): -44.03%
  10. WEB (PhilWeb.com): -43.06%

Top Losers in the PSE (3rd Quarter 2018)

FOREIGN CURRENCY BOND FUNDSJan-Aug 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Aug 2017-Aug 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
3ALFM Euro Bond Fund-0.14%0.39%1.39%1.73%
4ALFM Dollar Bond Fund-0.28%0.18%2.34%3.18%
5Philequity Dollar Income Fund-0.66%-0.96%1.04%2.17%
6First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund-0.80%-0.80%0.68%No Data
7ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund-1.27%-1.19%1.23%2.14%
8PAMI Global Bond Fund-3.27%-4.31%-0.96%-2.03%
9Philam Dollar Bond Fund-3.29%-2.98%1.13%3.32%
10Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund-3.45%-3.96%1.03%2.30%
11Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund-3.58%-4.36%0.03%1.93%
1MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data
2MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data

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Stock Top Gainers in the PSE

Top Stock Losers in the PSEBelow is a complete list of stocks traded in the PSE and their price changes in the last 9 months, from January to end-September 2018.

All PSE Stocks Ranked from Top Gainers to Worst Losers

PESO MONEY MARKET FUNDSJan-Aug 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Aug 2017-Aug 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1ALFM Money Market Fund1.72%2.28%1.64%1.44%
2Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund1.67%2.32%2.09%1.33%
3Philam Managed Income Fund1.43%1.86%0.39%0.38%

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