Problems with BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands

Dear Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI),

Here are two of your clients with two separate concerns.

One tried to withdraw cash in your ATM, got nothing because the machine did not dispense any but is still waiting, after two long weeks, for the amount to be credited back to the account.

The other allegedly got victimized by one of your very own bank managers. The client was expecting a remittance from another country, was told there were delays because of numerous problems, but discovered that the branch manager himself apparently took the money. Now, after four long months, the money has not yet been returned.

Pray, tell, BPI, why does it take you a long time to act on the following complaints?

Case #1: The ATM machine that did not dispense cash

Around two weeks ago, Forum member restless apparently tried to withdraw P20,000 (US$440) in a BPI ATM but received no cash. The card was ejected but the machine did not dispense any bills. Although the transaction receipt clearly confirmed, “No bills dispensed,” the account was debited P20,000.

restless contacted BPI’s Support Hotline and the agent on the other line filed a report. A week later, to his surprise and disappointment, he was told the case had been investigated but the transaction cannot be found. He decided to visit a BPI branch, armed with supporting documents, to file another report. As of this writing, however, no positive response has been received.

Read more about this case in the “BPI ATM did not dispense cash; money still not returned” discussion thread.

Case #2: The bank manager who allegedly stole a client’s remittance

A post from another forum which we reposted in the “Remittance money allegedly stolen by BPI branch manager” thread tells the story of a remittance recipient who has not received the money despite waiting for four months.

The client was expecting a P300,000 (US$6,600) remittance from his mother in Italy. For several weeks, the branch office manager told him the money has not yet arrived supposedly due to various reasons. Annoyed by the two months delay, he decided to file a report in BPI’s Customer Hotline. The ensuing investigation allegedly discovered that the bank manager himself took the money. As a result, the manager was not fired but merely suspended for one month without pay.

However, after two more months, the client has still not seen his money.

Tell us, BPI, is this really the brand of service the third largest bank in the Philippines offers? Why should your clients suffer for problems that were not of their own doing? Why should they wait weeks or months before you solve their complaints?

Your clients want to know, BPI. Don’t ask why.

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159 thoughts on “Problems with BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands”

  1. Wow! Wait a sec. The word is “stolen” right? Taking money that is not your own… The manager was suspended? Shouldnt he/she be in jail right now? Taking money without permission, by any means, is punishable by law right? Not only should the manager be fired, he should also be banned from any bank he applies, or any financial institution after going into jail!

    I mean come on, we (clients) are punished whenever we have delayed payments and bouncing checks that’s why we try very hard to protect our credit rating. That’s foul!

  2. Nick, sad to hear that. I’ve been using BPI Remittance for more than 2 years now and, fortunately, for me I’ve not experienced any problems. Hope your issue with them gets sorted out. Let us in on any updates.

    jc, exactly. I personally think the public, especially OFWs who course remittances through banks, deserves to know that these scumbags exist. They need to be warned so that they can take precautions and also know what to do should something like that happen. I also agree that that manager should not just be suspended. He/she should be jailed!

  3. hmmm…i’ve been a BPI user for the last 20 years. bata pa lang ako, may account na ako sa kanila. =)

    i have experienced na hindi naglabas ng pera yung BPI ATM kasi makapal na masyado yung pera. i think i attempted to withdraw 10k in just one transaction. may 100s yata kaya kumapal.

    i also experienced when i withdrew my salary and then nakalimutan kong kunin agad yung money from the slot (nakikipagkuwentuhan while nagwiwithdraw). may time limit pala yung money sa slot kaya kinain yung pera ko.

    in both cases, i was able to get the credit in just one day. i just called BPI hotline and gave them the necessary details (transaction #, account details #). i didn’t have to follow up pa.

    even sa emails ko, i always get an answer within 24-48 hours.

  4. Regarding case #2, my bf is the once whose involve here, his card had been broken so he went to his branch which is in UN and then bpi tol him to go back after 3 working days to get his new card, after 3 days he went back an got the card an when he checked it, his balance is zero, so he went back again to the bank and the employee there said that he should talk to the banch manager which he id, the manager said that there had been a problem in encoding, that he should check his acount after 3 working days, so he id an still his balance is zero, so he went back again and the manager sai that they can’t trace the money that his mom snt, that he should call his mom an faxed the deposit slip, the following day his mom faxed it,and again the manager said to wait for 3 working days,after 3 days again, nothing has change, my bf keep on calling the bank and they always said that the main branch is fixing the problem, or the manager was at a meeting in the main branch regarding his problem but after 2 months of waiting my bf finally called their customer service and they said that there’s no report regarding his case coming from UN branch, so the main branch conucted an investigation and found out that the manager in UN branch use the money (Php300,000) because he has a problem at home, the manager in UN branch amitted that he did used the money. He was just suspened for 1 month without pay and he said sorry t my BF, that’s it,they said after 3 working ays it will be fixe but after 3 weeks of waiting, it’s not yet fixe because what the main branch sai that they’re just waiting for the VP to sign the paper because they need his signature because it’s the bank’s money that there going to used, and they said to my bf not to tell anyone or report this to anyone, just between him and the bank. after 4 months of long waiting, my bf receive a check coming from BPI’s main branch with the said amount (Php300,000)

  5. Wow…amazing BPI !!! Is this real or not. I have been banking with BPI for more than a decade now and so far this never happened to me. I even at one point disputed with BPI a penalty of P2000.00 charged to me for a cheque presented to them twice (the same cheque) with first no funds and again with stop payment. I told them the second charge is not reasonable knowing that the cheque has a stop payment and when presented the account holder should not be charged for penalty as when the first time the same cheque was presented without funds. Luckily, I was able to get the P2000.00 and credited to my account. ATM withdrawal has a daily limit. I think maximum you can withdraw for a single day is P10,000.00 or if P20,000 is allowed you cannot do it in single transaction due to the amount being disposed may not fit in the disposal window or it could happen that the cash available inside the machine may not be enough to cover your withdrawal of P20,000.00. You have to do it in batches.
    By the way, you could have filed a case against the branch in that case and you could have been compensated for the trouble they have caused you. What you could have done is discretely gathered the necessary information and proofs that indeed the branch manager has stolen the money from your account and then once you have all the papers and evidence, you could have hired a lawyer and present the case. It is just right that we as customers have the power to be compensated by these banks when they made mistake as when it happened to us they are so quick to penalized us….it is just right to turn the table to the other side sometimes.

  6. my bf doesn’t doesn’t want to sue the manager because he said that the manager is an old man and what he just want is to give his money back. and bpi told him not to sue them and tell anybody what happened

  7. amerah, your boyfriend’s stance on the issue is understandable. If he wants to remain silent about it, then we respect that.

    But I think people, especially those using BPI’s Remittance Service, ought to know that these instances do happen, and that is the reason we posted this article. We hope that by bringing this issue to light, others who had similar experiences will know what to do.

    Still, I personally find it annoying that it took BPI 4 months to return the money to your boyfriend. Was he paid interest on top of the principal? At 1% interest p.a., that P300,000 would have earned P1,000. More if it was placed in a time deposit or a mutual fund.

  8. I’m losing my trust with BPI. What kind of investigating team (or whatever they call themselves) BPI has. They are so slow to act on complaints like the one I filed. I was trying to withdraw 10,000.oo but I did not get anything from the machine, much worse is that it was debited to my account. I called the hotline told me to wait for the result of the investigation. Days passed by, everytime I call Customer Service Hotline, I get the same answer. I think we, clients have weak proofs for these cases because all we have is just a piece of paper which they call transaction slip. They can easily say that there was not found any problem or it’s not that I’m just telling false accusations, and poor me, will suffer the consequences for their mistakes. I was hoping that there are surveillance cameras on their ATM, but to my disgust, BPI DOESN”T HAVE CAMERAS ON THEIR ATM, i was told by a branch manager. I was hoping they have it so I can prove that I went home empty handed. I am not rich. 10,000 is a big deal to me, it was hard earned money. I’ll give them 1 more week, and I swear, I’ll pull out all my money and open an account to other bank.

  9. Im also a victim. i withdraw at BPI ATM market market small amount nga lng d sya nagdespense ng pero ng nagcomplain me they said na despense daw un money but with honesty wala talaga nadespense. kaya after a week close ko na acct ko

  10. ngyari na din sakin yan, im just a small earner with a family.500 pesos is a big deal to me, un nalang natitira sa atm ko gamit para sa salary ko. tapos nun wala akong pamasahe pauwi, naisip kong magwithraw, nakailang minuto ako naghintay taz lumabas ung card pero pera hindi. nanlumo choice naglakad ako pauwi from paranaque to las pinas. it was hard earned money 500 na nga lang nawala pa??????? bakit??????

  11. I hate BPI too! The snooty phone banker did that Pretty Woman thing where the sales ladies went like “The things in this store ARE very expensive!” In my case, the phone banker told me that I probably can’t afford the maintaining balance so she would rather not tell me! Check this out:

  12. Gosh!!! BPI also got me into trouble, just recently nangyari sa akin, nagpadala kasi ang tito ko from taiwan and as usual I made a transaction with BPI atm near our place (teresa) using my AUB remittance card ,and that very day, October 18 hindi ko akalain na mangyayari ang hindi inaasahan, i was debited P10,000 and there was no money dispensed from the atm machine…syempre nawindang ako kasi 10k yun 10k!!!
    E di syempre report agad ako sa BPI (antipolo branch) they told me that i should also report to my HOme Bank, di report ako sa AUB and to my shock aabutin daw ng 7 to 10 working days yun kasi iinvestigahan pa daw, im very much worried na baka magtagal ito and 10,000 is not a joke it’s really a hard earned money at kailangan namin yun for the everyday expences…


  13. Hello,

    I am bumping this thread…

    so far no one has been openly complaining about BPI’s remittance service problems to date. I had been expecting money from the States last week. The money was wire transferred last Nov. 14 and until now I still have not received my money. The money is around 7,500 pesos and it was hard earned earnings from my writing job. and now it seems its lost in the wind. BPI does not answer my mail, when i call their hotline, you have to give an access number which must be first registered or enrolled using the atm machine. what the heck? the hotline is supposed to be there for the customer’s convenience why do they make it so difficult for us to call them? when i went to the branch where i opened the account, the tellers could not help me since remittances daw are handled by the main office and not them. so where do i go form here? it is out of desperation that I am asking you to please tell me what to do and how i will make BPI look for my money. it is so frustrating and i would not really recommend BPI to anyone I know.

  14. OMG! ang dami din plang case na katulad ng sa akin until now i haven’t receive my remittance from my brother worth 30k pesos. the amount was wired tranfer from india last Nov. 24 2008 pa…. and God hanggang ngayun wala pa! ilang beses na din akong nag pabalikbalik sa branch nila here in bataan. They told me that this things really happen specially when there’s an occasion due to large volume of remittances, yah it’s christmas season, but it’s their problem not ours to suffer and they said the only thing they could do is refer the case to the main branch @ Paseo de Roxas Makati.
    It’s their business and they should know peak seasons. peak seasons means large volumes so they should prepare their system for this instances.
    they are earning because of their clients so they should give their satisfying service to each and every clients.

    • I had just a very bad experienced with BPI. While the teller putting the money on a machine for counting the amount which i am also looking at it was okay. The the teller (she) told me that its okay. Showing me through the machine the total amount. When i get home sad to say that the money was not enough. 2k was gone. This is the banks teller modos now adays. Be careful guys and make sure to count your money infront of teller before leaving the counter.

  15. I have the same sentiment like others here, I have an account in BPI which I used to send money to my family. My companies bank wired transfer the money to BPI last 29 November 2008 but until today (two weeks) the money is not yet credited to my accoount. The bank confirmed that the money has been wire transfered and I was able to get a copy of Fax confirmation of that.

    I think it is not proper to reason out that because of the holiday season why this things are happening, they should anticipate that this things happen during holidays and they should have a counter measure plan to avoid this.

    We already contacted the branch and all they are said is that they contact their remittance department and waiting for the reply. It is so frustrating that this things happen at this season and we don’t even know where we can follow-up my hard earn money.

  16. Were the issues above resolved? I have several issues with BPI and until now they have not been resolved:
    1. BPI charged me for fraudulent purchases on my card.
    2. They refused to cancel my credit card due to outstanding balance, which are the fraudulent charges and the penalties that I refused to pay.
    3. When I did pay all balance (including the fraudulent charge), they stilll refused to cancel my card.
    4. They referred me to two contacts in the credit card department regarding my fraud case — both contacts were already resigned from the company (1 was 3 years resigned, the other was 1 year resigned) — THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH!
    5. They promised callback, never did, then I’ll just receive a text message or email that they are closing my case due to non-response to their calls (DUH!)
    6. They now refused to cancel a scheduled payment I made to World Vision unless World Vision approves! They don’t understand that this is a donation, and I initiated the payment — it’s not liek I owe World Vision anything.

    I have an ongoing fraud case with BPI but I have already decided to pull out all my money from the bank.

    I am also trying to research for any top executives from the bank that can help me with my case. Otherwise, I’ll resort to media to help me.

    This is purely BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  17. Have any more of these cases been taken care of? I have been fighting to get US$1k from them for 5 months we know they have the money but they tell my wife their is no record of the wire transfer. I’m not from the Philippines and really would like to know who to contact about filing charges. Does anyone know?

    How many others are having these problem? Is their a way to do a class action suit in the PH if their are enough complaints? I plan to call the US FBI Monday to see if anything can be done from this end since it was sent from here but I really don’t know what to do. I doubt they can do anything directly but wonder if they might stop transfers from the US to them if their are enough complaints.

    Anyone else with these issues let me know maybe it takes a group effort to get something done.

  18. Twice now, I have tried to withdraw money from an ATM using my BPI Express Card without getting any amount and being debited on top of that. In the more recent fiasco, I tried to withdraw 6,000 when my account balance was 8,310. Again, no money dispensed and upon checking my balance the machine displayed only 227.00 remaining (Total amount debited=P8,083 if you do the math). Over the next cuple of days, I talked to several phone bankers (Archie, Aaron, Shane, Joquin, and Bernadette) who GUARANTEED the money was already credited but when I checked at an ATM or used my CP to inquire about the balance, it was still just 227. When I managed to talk to their supervisor, a certain Donna T., I was told that I would have to wait 3 MORE banking days to be credited only 6,000. Tell me, BPI phone banker…why are you crediting the amount I tried to withdraw instead of the amount which was actually debited (not to mention undispensed?) If I tried to withdraw 100 would you only credit 100 instead of the 6,000 which was actually debited?

    I was also told that sometimes the machineS do not display the correct available balance. But when I asked if BPI is happy to tell people they can never be entirely certain of the information displayed on BPI’s ATMs, Donna T. backtracked and said they would have someone check that particular machine. Too late, hija…You said it. This was all recorded…I wonder if anyone actually listens to these recordings though. It doesn’t seem like they learn anything constructive from them.

    Why does BPI ask you to keep ATM receipts when filing a complaint and then discount the information clearly displayed on that receipt?

    Please help spread the word about BPI express cash. It has NOTHING to do with convenience.

  19. We want to share our story when we try to open an account sa galleria branch.

    Yesterday, since sa galleria kami napunta ng friend ko at nung sister nya, we decided to open a bank account for her sister.
    Her sister is studying sa U.S. and we are thinking of a business and since me and my friend we already have a BPI account (which is tied to our payroll) sabi namin BPI na lang din para easier yung fund transfer.

    So eto na, since biglaan and nandito lang din sila for a vacation and dala nya lang is yung student ID nya sa US. So sabi namin if pwede yung ID na yun.
    Ang sabi di daw pwede kasi dapat philippines issued IDs lang ang tinatanggap nila. Nakipag argument kami na bakit di pwede mag open ng account eh syempre wala pa nman siya ibang ID na issued dito since sa US nga siya nakabase for her studies. So kami pa nag suggest na if mabigay namin passport eh pwede. Mejo naiirita na kami kasi napaka unfriendly, di man lang magbigay ng help or ideas pano kami matulungan para makapag open ng account. Sabi pa nung bank officer, “ah student pala siya”, “a o sige yung passport”, mga ganun lang sinsabi. Next namin sinabi, since na nandito na lang din nman kami baka nman na pwede iaccept yung yung student ID nya pra makpag open na siya tapos isunod na lang namin yung passport next visit and pag bigay na lang nung passport saka n lng namin kunin yung atm. Di daw talaga pwede ang reply nila. So mejo naiirita na kami kasi parang sobra naman kami pinahihirapan mag open ng account, naisip nga namin siguro dahil naka slippers lang kami kaya ganun trato nila sa amin.

    Pakiusap pa din kami. Sabi namin na isang ID na lang nman kailangan na ibibigay naman agad namin. Ang next scene, bigla lapit si manager ang sabi with matching iritadong voice. [i]Pag walang passport di ko din iapprove[/i] so sabi namin wag mo nga iapprove release ng atm unless we provide the passport copy and if babalik kami eh taga san pedro laguna pa kami. Nung narinig ni manager na taga san pedro laguna kami, ang reply nya “taga san pedro kayo?, eh bakit kayo dito nag oopen.” nag init talaga ulo ko. Sabi ko, bakit dito ko gusto dahil near sa work at open pag weekend. pagkasabi ko nun, biglang nag walkout at tumalikod. Super bastos talaga.

    I mean I know there are rules, pero di ba nila kya maging accomodating and at least help us kung pano maayos na magkaron ng bank account dito yung sister ng friend ko. Sabi nga namin, kala namin convenience banking pag BPI eh puro uncoveniences ang binibigay nyo. And the way they talked. Sobrang proud na ang dating eh wala kayong magagwa kasi di ko din iapproved yan. hay….

    May mali ba sa point namin?

    Ang sabi pa nga nila kya ayaw nila kasi pano daw pag naging dormant ang account tapos nandun sa US eh macharge daw ng 200pesos yung account. Sabi namin, we understand yung point na yun kaya nga mag proceed pa din kami because we know our responsibility sa part na yun and umuuwi nman sila every year. But ayaw pa din nila. 🙁

  20. I also have an un-authorized atm withrawals from my acount.File a compliant about it, feed back from BPI will take 3 working days to investigate.Three days passed, hear nothing, called phone, emails, response still on-going. Two weeks later, I called was told final result, money dispensed by the machine, end of story. There’s no courtesy call, e-mail notifying me about the result of their so called investigation. Waht so sad about it, I was told that I have to settle the complaint directly to the branch where the account was– and you know where the branch is –CABANATUAN CITY. I opened the accountin California, picked up the atm card in Cebu, how the hell do I have to settle it in Cabanatuan City, never set foot on that place in my whole life. Bottom line is, BPI is not extending help at all to their costumers, especially the small time ones, but there might be some differences if big time depositors. DOUBLE STANDARD TREATMENT. WE can email, phone calls, all we want but they will just humour us, but no help at all. And to think we trust them to safeguard our hard earned money – only to be stolen from us. We should jsut keep safe under our pillows –

  21. i have a very BAD experience with BPI too. last july i made 2 ATM unsuccessful ATM withdrawals worth 45,ooo pesos but was deducted from my account. i lodged my complaint immediately but until now BPI are just playing around with my withdrawal history insisting that i have withdrawn the money. reading between the lines of the responds from different CS – looks like they are very firm in their stand that the wtihdrawals were successful.

    the problem is i donot have the cancelled receipt, in fact i really did not care that time thinking that BPI is honest enough. but even i if had the receipt, still it will not help as i read similar case where the BPI also ignored the receipts because they said their ATM sometimes will provide erroneous receipts.

    given my situation now, what do you think i should do? appreciate your kind advice guys

  22. I do not understand bkit antgal ng transactions, sna nman wag nyo ng galawin ang pera dahil mas kailngan nmin yang mga nsalanta ng bagyo! Matakot kayo sa diyos.

    Pera pinaghirapan ng ibang tao ggamitin nyo lang

  23. we have also a very frustrating experience with BPI recently, we issue a check amounting to almost P90,000 but we certainly forgot that the remaining balance was short of about P600.00 the concerned BPI branch didn’t even excert effort to inform us at least we funded the minimal difference. Nalaman na lang namin pinatalbog na nila ang cheke na wala kaming kaalam-alam at may penalty agad sila na P2,600 deducted sa account namin. Sabi ng management paimbestigahan daw nila ang nangyari kaso at the end parang pinagtakpan lang ang ginawa nilang kapalpakan. They don’t care and value their customers basta sa kanila siguro kumita kami. Paano kasi yong nag iimbestiga taga branch din na gumawa ng kapalpakan, what can you expect. Sad to say they are only destroying their corporate image.

  24. I have had withdrawal problems with BPI Express Teller. One time I took 10k from an ATM – it was an ATM and as my dad taught me, Cash Machines are less likely to make mistakes when it comes to counting money. It was a thick 10k (pile of 500’s) and there was a long line so really did not think of counting it. When I got home, I was counting every cent inside my wallet and was pretty sure I was missing P1,000. The money I got from the machine were still altogether and folded in halves, counted it dozens of times and kept getting 9k total. What I thought was I probably dropped two 500 peso bills when I paid for something, although I was still doubtful so I’ve decided to just count my money whenever i get them from the machine. —- not too long ago, last week or so… I took 2k from a BPI cash machine. Sine it has been included on my ritual to count the money before I leave the stall, I was surprised that I only got 1.5k. I’m missing P500. Though it was just 500 bucks, it’s kinda unacceptable because I work hard for every peso that is on my account. That happend at around 7am so there was no one in the bank to ask assistance nor to complain. I went home and decided to call their 1-800- number. I was thinking that the same thing happend to my first missing 1k but just ignored it. I got a reference number from the customer service rep and I don’t think they are gonna give it back.

    i did not choose BPI. It’s a payroll account

  25. Don’t be stupid . Do not do business with BPI. If you are banking with BPI you must accept the insults and be prepared to be a loser. BPI will never admit to any mistake or any wrongful or illegal behavior and your only way to seek redress is to file a case against the bank.

    BPI is detaining or hold hostage your money to lend their affiliated companies or pay themselves a fat bonus for tricking the depositors. From fees, ATM short dispensing and yes, from freezing the estate accounts of the deceased, the old people, or by simply lessening your account balance without you knowing. Is this the way to become a big bank? By victimizing the clients!

    Share this with your friends. Mucho gracias.

  26. Dear all,
    i have the same problem, undispense amount but BPI deducted to our my acount. if you will rely only on BPI response/ clarification you will never get back your money. here what I did, I asked help from Office of the Persident & Banko Sentral Governor, the office of the Pres, sent letter to BSP Governor to invistigate my compliant against BPI, at once BSP sent letter tp BPI President and after BPI received BSP letter, after 3 days BPI has returned the un-dispense amount to our acount. Without intervention of BSP you will never get back your money.

    Send your email address and I will send you the letter from off of Pres. & BSP letter and my whole story to be your guide.


    here are emails to

  27. During Spanish times in the 1800s, BPI was established and functioned as the “Central” bank and printed and issued money. The group with BPI acquired vast real estate properties and operated monopolistic businesses by printing more money.

    After World War II, there were newer banks that became bigger over the years. BPI, then No.1felt threatened, so it started to acquire banks like Peoples Bank and Trust and later Commercial Bank and Trust in the 70s.

    Starting in the late 70s occasionally rumors of bank runs persisted. Scared and panicky depositors transferred their deposits to BPI as a result.

    In the 90s, despite the highly popular Banco Filipino no longer a major force in the private banking sector, BPI felt challenged by other Unibanks so it started to pacmanized the Far East Bank and Trust in 2000, and Prudential Bank and Trust in 2008. Yet today it is only fifth largest bank.

    With the high service and penalty fees, very low interest rate of .375% per annum, high minimum amount to open and maintain an account, faulty ATM withdrawals, and the difficulties in dealing with their staff, many smart depositors chose to close their accounts or to look for other banks.

    To improve the cash position and to remain in the fifth, BPI in October 2009 launched an appliance “giveaway” for as low as 75.000 pesos savings locked in for 3 months similar to what the closed Orient Bank offered years ago. My lolo is still waiting to claim for his Lazy Boy (Presley-F) since October.

    To maintain a strong cash position, bank withdrawals of 6 figures or more are being harassed by questions like: What are you going to do with the money to be withdrawn?
    The money is your own and not the bank, so they have no business to ask! Large withdrawals have to be notified a day in advance because the bank vault usually contains less than 1 million in cash. When withdrawing without notice for large amount, you will wait for hours just for a manager’s check to be approved and processed.

  28. Caution to those who are thinking of opening an account with BPI in their caravans (these are the
    mobile BPI booths set up in malls that processes quick account opening). Last May 14, 2010 in Robinsons Pioneer, I opened an account with BPI for my nephew whose schooling I am going to support. Initially, I only wanted to deposit 2K so I went ahead and filled out a deposit envelope with the amount. However, one of the tellers told me that if I made my initial deposit to 3K she would give me a body bag freebee. OS I thought why not and besides 3K is the required maintaining balance for the account. So I went ahead and filled out another deposit slip and made my initial deposit to 3K instead. It did not occur to me to tear the first envelop or throw it in the trash but gave it back to the teller together with the other required docs. A week later, upon doing a balance inquiry, I discovered that that I only have 2K as the balance. I filed a complaint but was not really hopeful that something is going to happen. I’m just leaving everything to the laws of karma.

    The lessons are:
    1. For the potential account holders; Do not open an account in BPI caravans. You wouldn’t know if the same people (all of them were girls) will process the account for you as those who processed mine.

    2. For the BPI Management(if this complaint will ever get to you); please use this experience as a guide in implementing controls on how you can protect your clients in these caravans since there are no receipts being generated. In my case the only proofs that I have in claiming that indeed I deposited 3K were the body bag freebee (Is it in the protocol of the caravan to give body bags if a depositor deposits the maintaining balance), 2 two colleagues who also opened an account at the same time as mine (they only got a pen freebee since they did not deposit the 3K). Please remember that this could happen to several people which could turn into a big amount.

  29. i have a question…what if the atm card captured by the machine???/what can i do?and the owner of the atm card is out of the country.

  30. BPI na yan nangbiktima mgwithdraw ka sa ATM machine nila wla pera lumalabas pero ngdebit sa account
    1 month na ung complaint ko sa kanila now wla parin nangyayari. Ung nsa employee ng banko sila ung kumukuha ng pera kung ano ano dahilan nila. Dapat sila tangalin at yang BPI na yan di siya trusted
    pati employee pag magtanong ka sagot di alam maari ba un di alam sila employee. SAFEST ANSWER DKO ALAM protecting ba sa mga tao alam nila na nagnanakaw ng pera sa mga Tao ng work sa ibang bansa. ALAM BA NILA KUNG KAANO KAHIRAP KITAIN NG PERA SA IBANG BANSA bakit ganun.Dapat ung banko sentral gumawa ng paraan para matigil ang kalookohan ng mga taga BPI na yan.

  31. After reading all this comments left me worrying that I may not be able to get my money that I tried to withdraw just hours ago. Walang lumabas na pera pero naibawas na sa account ko. The receipt says no bills dispensed pero kung naghintay yung iba ng matagal and at the same time hindi friendly yung mga mga staff ng BPI eh paano na? Estudyante ako and that money is very much needed to survive as a student. My ATM card is international coming from a Singapore bank.

  32. If you guys have problem in withdrawing from BPI atm then don’t use it anymore. You can try other banks…
    Furthermore, if you have problems with undispensed cash then you report it and if they say it was dispensed then I suggest you ask which department handles the cash balancing of those atm machines and complain there-if there’s undispensed money they will SURELY have overrage and if your card is an International Card, why not try complaining to your Bank? I mean it takes two to tango- your International Bank should act like your collector. In ATM machine transactions it may seem simple to you but it’s not because it passes from one bank(owner of the atm machine), communication provider and the issuing bank. Once Communication is interrupted in between, then there’s a probability that your ISSUING BANK has debited your account without the BANK (owner of the ATM MACHINE) getting credited-If that happens, then why would the Bank give you money when they haven’t been even credited???

    I’m VERY sure that these incidents doesn’t only happen to BPI ATM Machines. I know for a fact that when you get debited from a BDO machine they won’t entertain you and refer you to your own bank.

    I know it can be a hassle- but my practice is to withdraw small amounts, at least that way if I get debited with money dispensed-I’d still have extra money.

    • The banking system is a public trust ………………………  its not  just a private business ………….. under law they must adhere to the terms/rules ………. I have never heard of these kind of practices in 40 years of using ATM machines …………… This is why tourist  don’t come here  ……….. they don’t want 2 b cheated

  33. I am currently experiencing the same issue with BPI wherein the money was under dispensed. I have been waiting for 2weeks for the money to be refunded but they said that it was dispensed. I don’t know what to do anymore. Thoughts?

  34. no cash dispensed after transaction to other banks atm machines takes 2 to 3 wks processing. the reason behind is that, both the two banks need to validate the transaction, confirmed and attest the complained incident. that long weeks of waiting w/c the complainant redound to idleness, is actually both the acquirer bank and the issuer bank is testifying the said transaction since it is machine generated.

  35. if transaction happened to the atm machine where you are maintaining your account i.e. atm account, it takes 3-5 days to credit back or address ur complain, that should be. just a friendly advice, bank may credit back the day or after 24-hr the debited amount if and only if you are requesting in a nice manner as if money is to be used abruptly. js a matter of accounting entries on the part of the bank, then later to be adjusted once complain has been confirmed by atm reconciliation department. js ask to pls credit back, and not as angry as u shud because ur dissatisfied for the situations.

  36. card has been captured but the owner is out of the country. it is a bank discretion if they will release the card. but per policy, the cardholder shud be the only one to receive, to use and to transact using the card with all the knowledge and obligations thereto. just a friendly advice again, convey your stand just to release the card, in a way that you are needing the money in as much as the owner do thats why he trusted it for you. and you are very much willing to give infos for the bank to attest in case of problems since you are about to receive the card in behalf of the owner. with honesty, your credentials will help to convince the bank for them to release the card.

  37. just got my latest weird experience here in bataan.i was withdrawing my money at an atm,inquired my balance,transaction receipt dispense then withdraw 6k,card dispensed then…BROWNOUT!!!! check my balance,6k was deducted,no cash dispensed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the manager mr.bong mercado was around yet the response was not justifiable enough.I know its not banking hours but what happened to GOODWILL.BPI tagline….lets make it easy!!!hope its true….RETURN MY MONEY ASAP…

  38. i had bad experience also about widraw cash at bpi atm machine, march 18 friday night at 6:53 pm i tried to widrawed 8,000 pesos in BPI atm machine at butuan city but recieved no cash.the card was ejected but the machine did not also dispense any bills. the transaction clearly confirmed no bills dispensed, the account dibetted 8.000 pesos .. im very disappointed for what happen because i came from bayugan and we travel yet almost 1 hour in motor even rain so that we can widraw cash since my card is mastercard, and i need to wait until monday to solve this… i just hope this monday my money will back to my card since it was so needed to my family…

    • Same thing happened to me in Balibago BPI ………………………………… somebody is stealing …………… i never got my money 10,000 pesos

  39. we send money to bpi bank trough zoom but when my sister is going to pick it up the BPI bank says that i would takes another week because we dont pay enough charge to them what kind a bank is that i thought the charge are automatically taken out and its fixed for the amount we are sending you bpi bank are sucks…its already been a week you meant we need to wait another week ha.ha.ha. this money needs to be used for emergency and very sick person i guess before the money receives the person that needs it is probably already dead. And by the way we contact the xoom and they told us the money is supposed to be ready to pick up so just give the money and dont hold it to make a business out of it

  40. my sister went to BPI and try to pick up the money worth 2,999.00 but seems like they are giving her a hard time it was sad that we have to experience this hardship with our own money that we sent.

    • the only way to make bpi deal honestly and fairly with the depositors is to tell others to stop doing business with bpi. Many bigger and better banks offer better service and convenience. Hassle free! 

  41. ask ko lang po bakit ang isa sa agency na naggaguard sa mga bangko at atm machines ninyo ay huli magpasahod. april 1-15 n sahod wala pa rin hanggang ngayon palagi na lang delay ang sahod kung ibigay sa kanila di ba sila marunong maawa sa tao nila na yan lang ang inyo po nanggagaling ang sahod nila dahil kayo ang nagbabayad sa agency di ba. kung delay kayo magbayad wala talaga sasahurin ang mga kawawang tao nila na nagbabantay sa bangko ninyo at mga atm machines pero kung on time kayo magbayad ang may kasalanan ay ang agency wala magawa ang mga tao nila baka sila pag-iniyan lalo na ng mga buwaya sa opisina ng agency nayon

  42. ang asawa ko po ay isang ofw,sabi nya mag open account dw ako sa banko at duon dw sya magpapadala ng pera.ang napili ko ay bpi,ok dw,maganda dw sa bankong bpi.nag open account ako ng 10 thousand for maintening balance,pagkaraan ng ilang buwan winidraw ko ang 2 thousand dahil wala akong pera.ang sabi sa banko pag winidraw ko dw ang 2thousand magbabayad dw ako ng 2hundred,sb ko ok lng kc wl tlg akong pera,pagkalipas ng 13 months sabi ng asawa ko may problem dw ang banko.kaagad kong winidrw ang pera 8thousand na natira ang nakuha ko nlng ay bali ang nakuha nila sa akin ay 2600 sa loob ng 14 days.ano ba yan..imbis na tumubo nabawasan pa ang pera ko.daig ko pa ang nag 5/6.

  43. gumagamit po ako ng ATM mastercard from my husband,american po sya,try ko withdraw ng 10,000 ang request ng BPI sa bank ng husband ko is 20,000……so nakakalaltas sa account namin 20,000 pero ang nawiwithdraw ko 10,000 lang….tapos it’s been my 2nd time na no cash dispense pero kaltas sa account ko ay 10,000…..2 times na at nagreport na ako sa BPI sabi nila gagawan nila ng paraan pero it’s been 2 months now di pa rin naibabalik pera namin….ano ba ang nangyayari dito?  legal robbery………..ibalik nyo pera namin ang laki na nga ng kaltas nyo sa withdrawal pati inquiry may kaltas nakikinabang naman kayo bakit pa kayo kukuha ng pera na hindi sa inyo….tinutukoy ko dito ang BPI bank dito sa ANGELES PAMPANGA,PHILIPPINES……sino ba ang responcible dito????

  44. I withdrew some 4k one weekend only to find out after 3 days, my card was debited for 8k. Worst, i am not alone on this.  Most of my officemates experienced the same.  We all can’t withdraw cash for over a week now.  Bank should be held liable for this.  Is there a law about their inefficiency given the glitch in their system?  This is more than an inconvenience!!!!

  45. hoy mga taga BPI mahiya nga kau.. pinag hihirapan ng pamilya namin ung pera tapos ang pangit ng serbisyo nyu… Pinag katiwala namin ung pera namin sa inyo pero anong nakukuha naming kapalit?? nag tataka lang ako kung bat ganito ang nakukuha naming serbisyo at ang taas nyo sa ranking nyo..

  46. BPI sucks bigtime!!! screw all the tellers there for all the inconvenience you gave me, i should not have transferred some of my money from BDO if I’ll be getting that kind of bad service. Wrong name on ATM, weeks delay just to open a savings account for what reason your telling me? your negligence????? let me quote BPI st ignatius branch katipunan, particularly the teller “CHE”. thanks really for wasting my time

  47. sir i have a problem. i have an atm card that was i used here in the philippines, the atm is a pnb account that was my sister account name. the problem is, my atm is not  read by the machine. what can i do & what are the requirements in changing tha atm, but my sister is not here in the philippines, she’s abroad. what can i do

  48. sir/ma’am, ask lang po kung pa’no ko pa makuha ang pera ko. kasi kaninang umaga nag-withdraw ako ng pera nakuha ko lang ang receipt pero ang pera hindi lumabas sa machine. hinintay ko hanggang sa may sumunod na nag withdraw wala ding lumabas na pera sa kanya. ano po ang dapat kong gawin para makuha yong pera ko., salamat po.

  49. Hi, I have thesame problem but it was a DBP machine, but the error is with BPI. Just yesterday I was withdrawing 20k, 10k first, it came out but the second did not. I waited for like 15 secs, the card came out without a receipt or cash, when i checked it out, they deducted a total of 20k from the account. BPI shows the debited docus but I don’t have any failed slips. What shall I do? HELPPP!!

    • sis maloim, naayos po ba yung problema nyo…kasi kami din po nagkaroon ng ganyang problema…….BPI plaridel bulacan….

  50. good day. i got another BPI bank manager ( location not revealed)  issue. this bank manager constantly calls my husband even at work for rediscounting of “her” check amounting to 30t. she said that her father is sick and she needs the money. she also told my husband to find “clients” who will be willing to. anyway, when my husband could not find anyone for that, she still calls him but my husband would not answer the call. since we have a friend who worked with the same bank months ago ( she resigned already), she told me that this bank manager had a history of wanting to borrow money even with clients and from fellow tellers. she said that the bank manager would peek at the accounts of the clients too ( we have 5 accounts with the said branch). i told my husband not to give in to the rediscounting of check. right now, we would want to open another account but second thoughts of wanting to deposit here again. freaking out that people are indeed peeking at our accounts! we still did not confront the bank manager up to now nor written any complaints.this bank manager has the tendency to use her charm, her nice voice and nice face, so i just have to warn my husband not to succumb to such distractions if ever.

  51. BPI sucks!! no scanner, no photocopy machine to process your requirements!! They let their customers look for the available computer shop outside!! wasted time!!

  52. I had a problem with my account as well. l just got my express online activated via net and ATM machine, then, when I got home and checked if it’s already available, the system told me that my account is disabled, I tried to check it in the ATM, my account is not available as well. 

    So I talked to the phonebanker and asked what should I do. They told me that my account is active; They told to nominate another password for my online account and activate it AGAIN in the machine. I’ve tried it. Nothing happens. Poor system. My account is just 2 days old when it happened.

  53. I share your sentiments! they’re a crap! I withdrew from their machine and their machine cancelled my transaction and said it cannot process it  and now when I tried another bank it already says insufficient funds because BPI already took the PhP10k I withdrew! My God!!!! i was not playing to earn that money , I did not just pick it up from the streetS! I got bills to pay and a family crisis and this is how they service fellow Filipinos?what a shame!!!!! I worked hard day and night just to earn that money and I look forward to that every week to be able to sustain for my kid!!! Damn you BPI!!!!

  54. hi! I hope somebody can offer me some advice on how to deal with my BPI predicament. I used the BPI Express Cash deposit in one of the ATM terminals in Paseo Roxas amounting to 9500p in 500p bills; however the machine gave a prompt of get the excess cash -2000p; however no receipt came out for my 7500p deposit; =( I checked my balance in another terminal and IT DID NOT REGISTER. Where did my money go? Been trying to contact their hotline to no avail. I resorted to sending them an email. Sana naman mabawi ko ang pera kong pinaghirapan. HELP!

  55. I also encountered a very unprofessional bpi banker! She even stood up  while I was on her table to try to intimidate me, I came there to claim my atm but forgot to photocopy the requirements i bought, and she told me straight face “Hindi ka ba nagbabasa ng requirements?”  Hello ms. employee, if it was really a bad mistake to go there without the photocopied reqmnts, just tell me to come back and don’t treat me like a stupid person…  WTF????!!!! Is that how a banker should respond to clients, without us depositing your bank will not exist, and you bankers won’t have jobs!!!!! How do I file a complaint? her name is RAIKK from BPI PANAPAAN near Casa Real Montessori School.. Such a rude employee! Im not even sure what her position is because definitely, she shoudn’t pass as a CUSTOMER SERVCE ASSOCIATE (i repeat CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!)

    •  I also encountered the same problem with several BPI employees. Since December 2011 the BPI  emplyees had no consistency and obviously no awareness of their guidelines cause they gave me conflicting instructions. It’s now January 2012 and after treating me like a ping-pong ball back and forth, I cameback for the nth time..the employee finally said my requirements looked xeroxed. I assured them I myself witnessed the printing and signing of the documents. After they tampered with my letter, the sent me to another BPI branch and that branch questioned why it was tampered. They said the ID’s that I xeroxed were not valid, but were the only ID I had that had my signature. I asked if they could xerox my ID for me using their xerox machine and the rude woman said “wla kami xerox machine”. At BDO, I didnt have that problem, they voluntarily xeroxed my ID’s for me. The BPI worker made me fill out all these paper works that were unecessary, so I complained that I was told all I  had to do was sign a pc of paper! I WAS RIGHT. Another BPI worker took over and finally after ONE MONTH I was able to reopen my account. Lastly the rude BPI workers were saying out loud “meron tayong paimportanteng client”. That’s so unprofessional. BPI do not know how to treat their clients right.

  56. Sir/madam nais k lng po ipaalam s inyo n d b tlga pwde mgpalit o mgpabarya ng khit magkano khit n s inyo nman ngde2posit ang aming kompanya at pra p clang galit smantlang maayos k nman ngpa2palit pkisa ayos nman ang inyong problema s bpi 6750 bldg.d2 s ayala unlike s ibng branch like trinoma at lalo n s market market serendra bldg.cla ay mba2it at pla kaibgan ang mga teller d k2lad d2 s 6750 ilang bses n k ngdeposit pro pa2lit ayaw smantlang s iba ay pnapalitan ang payroll atm nmin ay bpi at blak k din mg open acct.sna kso nka2dismaya pki fix n lng po sna kung my problema man cla s branch n bpi 6750 thanx

  57. nakakarelate ako sa CASE#1 because na experienced ko cia last week Jan.13, 2012. Nakakainis 3 CSR agents na nila nakausap ko mali mali mga information na nilalagay nila sa report. Nag report ako Jan 14, wala daw transaction na nangyari but I have the receipt sabi ng agent follow up ko ng Wednesday. Jan.18, nag follow ulet ako, sabi nung 2nd agent na nakausap ko wala na naman daw at take note MALI DAW ANG TERMINAL ID NA BINIGAY KO, advised saken i check ko mismo sa BPI branch kung saan ako nag withdraw…so pumunta ako pinakita ko pa sa CSR yung receipt at sabi nung nakausap ko tama naman, tumawag kami sa call center ng BPI ta dun cnbi nung CSR na yun na tama yung terminal ID na binigay ko. Gumawa na naman cla ng report that day at sabi saken ma reresolve na yung problem on Friday (Jan 20) which is TODAY!

    Tumawag ako ulet for the 3rd time and im really pissed off!!!! nung cnbi saken ulet ng CSR nila sa call center na wala daw ganun nangyari!!!! their CSR  really SUCKS!!!!! sinasadya nila maliin mga mga info na binibigay ng customer…ok lang sana yung 100 or 1000 ang nawala saken kundi buong sweldo ko….so sad kc BPI ang pinagkakatiwalaan kung bank but now??? not anymore

  58. Talaga bang matagal mag credit ng remittance and BPI? First time namin na gamitin ang bank na ito for remittance and it has been 1 week pero wala pa ung money. Laging sinasabi na i-monitor daw online since direct saving ang account ko.  Nakakadismaya for a new client na kagaya ko. Mas mabilis talaga ang BDO, ilang minuto lang nasa account na. Will never use this bank again for remittance services.

  59. Talaga bang matagal mag credit ng remittance and BPI? First time namin na gamitin ang bank na ito for remittance and it has been 1 week pero wala pa ung money. Laging sinasabi na i-monitor daw online since direct savings ang account ko. Nakakadismaya for a new client na kagaya ko. Mas mabilis talaga ang BDO, ilang minuto lang nasa account na. Will never use this bank again for remittance services.

  60. haaaaaaay shit!
    i have remittance from dubai.. it’s not my first time to remit to BPI fr. dubai.
    I got this money worth 19,000 plus alst feb 20.  I do withdraw 4000 and then 500 in other day then debit tru EPS the 1,000 plus. the last sunday i try to withdraw tru BPO becauseBPI inside sm fairview is not dispensing money. as the instructions was posted on paper. using bdo atm amchine i cant withdraw its says insufficient funds then i try to bdo again same thing happen “insufficient funds” then i try to go outside the mall and try to balance in BPI i got balance. at the top is the amount remaining from 19,000 + then at the bottoom available balance is (-5000 smething) as in nak negative pa.. then i try withdraw ayaw.. unavailble daw..pag uwi ko tawag ako sa bpi customer care then sbi nya punta daw ako sa bank ko tom. Monday nitong feb 27, 2012 pumunta ako sabi lang sakin nakahold duon na daw un sa bank doon sa dubai my prblem. then kinuha un # ko at ifloow up nalang daw ako.. then di ako nakatiis paguwi ng email nga ako sa bpi.. ETO SBI SKIN: Dear Ms. Ignacio: 

    Greetings from BPI Express Online! 

    We apologize for the time it has taken us to reply. We apologize for the inconvenience that we cannot immediately verify the reason why the amount is on hold. We will coordinate with your Branch of Account for this. We will notify you as soon as feedback is already available. May we also have your contact numbers? 

    If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to send us another e-mail. 

    Thank you for choosing to bank with us online! 

    Mayfel Lopez 
    BPI E-mailbanking Team 
    E-mail address: 

    email ak ulit nagyong gabi kasi meron tumawag skin kanina tanghali na ganun nga nkahold at sabihan ko daw ung ngpadala.. edi inemail ko un byfriend ko.. ETO SBI:
    I checked with my friend in Dubai and his bank said that once the money is in your account they cannot have control over the money, I think your bank is saying rubbish since it is in your account and it is yours.I think you should ask to talk to the manager.tama nga naman kasi once napasok na wla na sila mgagawa dun iyong mgrereciv nlng sa pinas ang mei kargo non.. tae tlga ngiinit ang ulo ko.. ng nakita ko eto 4ward ko din skanla.. grabe eh… kasi kung talgang d pa pumasok un pera sa kanila..dpatung buong 19,000 eh naka hold na.. eh kaso hindi eh ung 14,000+ lang un ang question ko sakanila PANO KUNG NAWITHDRAW KO N LAHAT UN PERA NUNG FEB 20 PALANG.. ano ihohold nila? dba? dba? ipapa imbestigador ko sila sabi ko sa email ko pag hindi pa nila naayos e2.. ang dami ko na dapat bayaran e.. 

  61. this BPI is really a mess! this happened to me for the 2nd time!…. i withdraw in their atm machine and their aint no cash dispense but the amount was deducted to my husband’s account.  shit on this bank…shit on their poor service….. 

  62. I thought I was happy with BPI since I was in college, atleast nailuluwa ng ATM nila allowance ko everytime I needed cash. I once opened  a time deposit in Makati branch which have I have pulled out after 5 years, and a credit card na di ko nagamit since i joined my husband abroad.
    So just recently when I decided to settle in the province, I went to their branch and once again to open an account, a dollar savings account this time. The staffs were not as accomodating compared to Makati and other branches. Inisip ko nalang, kasi cguro naka tsinelas lang ako. Pero kahit naman sa Makati, naka pambahay lang din ako pero maayos makiharap ang manager. 6 months later, I tried to apply for a credit card. I wasnt working anymore, but my husband has been depositing atleast US$2,500. monthly  under my account (with US$6,000 balance). The staff informed me that I cant be qualified for the credit card application since I am no longer employed So sabi ko, what if kong mag open ako ng time deposit as collateral with an agreement that you can pull out my investment if di ko mabayaran. Sabi di daw sila nag aallow nyan sa province. But I was shock when he said “bankbook mo nalang ang ipa hold mo sa amin”. Hold as in sila hahawak ng bankbook ko wherein my savings and my husband deposits his remittance for my monthly expenses. I left the bank with my passbook. Ka walang hiya na talaga ang ibang employee ng BPI lalo na sa province.

  63. their housing loan sucks. pa-isa isa ang requirements. di pa nila iisahin. we applied for a loan last april but up to now, madami sila requirements na delaying tactics. we submitted our requirements completely then bigla may pagbabago. mamayat maya may kulang daw. are they playing games with the clients? and ang bilis nila magkaltas ! ( sa loan kasi meron na tinatawag MRI which sa amin amounted to 50t.) aba ang bilis kumaltas talaga. next time, i will find another bank for that. 

  64. naku walang kwenta talaga kung iaasa nyo lahat sa kanila, nag deposit ng check yung misis ko sa tulong ng staff nila, after 3 days clearing wala pa din na credit sa account ko kasi nawawala yung check. imagine yung check nawala e samantalang pinasok mo sa machine…almost 2 weeks na wala padin solusyon kailangan pang mag pa issue ng bagong check pero kami pa mismo ulit nag kukuwa ng nawala nilang cheke…galing napakagandang serbisyo.

  65. wala sa ayos talaga ang BPI na ito….last year july, august 2011 nagremit ako ng 60k sa BPI imus branch. nang umuwi ako ng october 2011.sinadya ko ang BPI bank sa imus branch malapit sa LOTUS supermarket. nag check balance ako. ang lumabas sa resibo eh yun lamang opening balance ko na wala yung niremit ko sasaudi na almost 60k. di nakapasok sa ATM ko..di na ko nagreklamo sa bangko.naisip mko na dito na lang ako sa saudi magrereklamo sa remitance opis ang AL ZAMIL sa Dammam, KSA.
    nagpunta ako sa Al Zamil at nakipag usap sa mga pinoy na nagtratrabaho dito..sila ay nagtataka at agad nilang hinalungkat ang records ng mga remitance ko sa awa ng dyos nabigyan nila ako ng confirmation ng deposit  ng tatlo  pinadal ko from al zamil to BDO to BPI.
    and boung akala ko ay okey na ang lahat..nang umuwi ako nitong 22 May 2012 at nagbakasaling okey nagpunta ako sa BPI, IMUS Branch
    petsa ng 25 or 26 May 2012 para mag check balance ako. sira ang ATM machine nila.kaya minabuti ko na dumeretso sa opisina nila at itanong na rin kung ano ang naging problema ng ATM savings ko.
    nakausap ko ang Manager ng BPI Bangko ng oras na yun..ipinakita ko ang dokumento na galing sa remitance company dito sauid ang ibinigay sakin ng pinoy na nagtratrabaho sa remitance company at ipinaliwanag ko ang mga nangyari sa manager ng BPI.agad naman niyang check sa system nila ang accounts ko…ang sabi niya sakin wala daw details or deposit confirmation sa system nila againts my tinannong ko sila bakit nagkaganun eh confirm na pumasok daw ang pear sa BPI.dala dala ko nga ang xerox copy ng deposit remitance confirmation na pasok ang deniposito ng BDO sa BPI..bakit wala sa system niyo.
    ang sabi ng BPI manager mag apply daw ako ng RECONCILLATION NG ATM ACCOUNTS ko at agad naman ako binigyan ng isa sa mga clerk nila at sinisingil pako sa pag aaply ko ng one hundred something.sabi ko sa kanila hindi naman po ako ang nagkamali sa saving acvcvopunts ko bakit kailangan niyop ako singilin sa extra charges niyo…kinausap ng clerk ang Manger ng bangko at ang sabi ng Manager ng bangko i wave na lang daw ang sinabi sakin na bumalik daw ako after 2 weeks
    after 3 weeks bumalik ako ng BPI bank,datewd 21 june 2012 .1 day bago ako bumalik sa saudi arabia. Imus Branch, deretso ako sa Manager ng bangko at nakilala naman niya ako..tinanong ko sa kanya kung naayos na ba ang problema ng ATM ko.ang sagot niya nak leave daw yung clerk na nagsubmit ng reconcillation application ko. kaya di na follo up sa main branch…
    so sama katwid walang nangyari sa 3 weeks na hinintay ang sabi ng manager siya na raw ang mag aayos ng problema ng ATM ko… wala na akong time para matutukan ang gagawin nila sa ATM pinaubaya ko nalang sa anak kong PULIS at natatandaan  naman pala ng manager ang anak. so napag kasunduan namin na ang anak ko na ang mag follow up ng ATM ko.
    nakabalik mbnako ng saudi at bumalik ulit ako sa remittance company at sinabi sa pilipino na nag sertvise sakin nun ako ay nagpadakl ng pera sa ATM ko na di pa rin nila ma trace kung pumasok ang remit sa bangko nila…nag tataka ang mga pinoy na ito…di raw pwede na sabihin ng BPI na di pum,asok ang pera ..may hawak silang papeles ng confirmation na na depositop sa BPI ang pera nga yung hawak kong papeles na pinakita ko sa manager ng BPI,imus branch..
    nang tumwag ako sa anak after 1st week of july nabigyan ng bangko ang ank ko ng statement of accounts ko at laking gulat ko at nakapag withdraw ng 2 beses na tig 20k nung 26 october 2011 at 17 october 2011 ng 18k…..1 day bago ang flight naming mag ama pabalik ng saudi arabia.
    ang nakakapagtaka bakit di nila nakita ang statement of accounts ko nung una kong punta sa kanila nitong 25 or 26 May 2012.ang palaging sinasabi ng manager na walang detalye ang pangalan ko sa ATM sa system nila.
    at kung kelan ako nakabalik sa saudi eh nagkaroon na ng detalye ang pangalan ko sa system nila.

    ang ibig sabihin pala ay pwedeng nakakapag withdraw  ang ang isang may ATM accounts sa BPI kahit walang Nakadeposito oh detalye sa system ng BPI ang may ari ng ATM.

    kasi ang nangyari nai withdraw ang pera ko kahit wala siyamng hawak na ATM card at di alam ang Password KO……PAPANO NANGYAYARI ITO……






  66. my daughter’s ATM account with BPI has been “hacked”. Someone withdrew Php 20,000 last month without her knowledge- meaning it was debited from her account even if she had her ATM in her possession. BPI records show that the withdrawal was made in an Allied Bank ATM, UE Recto Branch. How can someone withdraw money from your personal account without your ATM or signature? Hacker? BPI is giving my daughter the run-around.

    • good evening ganito ung problem ko ngaun sa kin naman P10,000 and nawithdraw daw sa bdo lucena,eh taga quezon city ako.nasa sa kin naman ung card.. what happened with this mam?anong steps gnawa nyo. thanks..

  67. I got problem on this BPI bank, I cant withdraw my money on ATM machines, its so very important to have that money for my exam tomorrow, I can able to take the exam!

  68. it really sucks . we all the same problem so i decided to ask help from media ,thinking Mr. Tulfo so the public must that BPI cannot be trusted please support me bout this coz until now i keep calling them bout my complain keep telling me and askin me the same thing im tired of this foolishness. while my transaction is being processes the machine went off so no money and receipt was dispense so i immidietly ask the staff of BPI so hes blaming the PLDT. so ive waited for 20 minutes then the machine went on so did checked my account balance so surprised its already debited so i tried twice but still the same so i fill up the report form and he told me its takes 5 workin days as they need to investigate so i had my doubts i called the BPI hotline and they gave me ref.# to follow up the case, so i called the following day to ask the progress of my complain and guess what they dindnt do nothing and they told me the ref # was wrong . i was pissed off coz im not idot i repeated it twice to the first CSR ive spoken .if they wont return my money i will come out to the public by media to let the public know that they cant be trusted. so please support me to this battle.

  69. Just opening new deposit account with BPI is not easy. And
    when you make a large withdrawal. BPI will delay the transaction. Sometimes
    bank staff will ask “for what purpose?”

    Years ago, my sister-in-law was not able to withdraw the
    remaining million pesos in the saving account of her late mother after
    complying with required documentation including the extra judicial settlement
    and estate tax clearance from the BIR. She confided to me that she strongly
    felt that the bank officer was expecting a balato or an offer. She appealed to a
    vice president at the head office, the reply was to go back and talk to the
    branch head.

    Today, my sister in law is now mentally disturbed and very

    I pity her and the thousands of BPI depositors who suffered
    the same experience.

  70. I’am a client at BPI Fort in front of Mcdonald’s… it was my 1st time to deposit in their new office.As soon as i arrived at BPI Fort i went straight to their machine to get a number, we we’re waiting for about an hour , all of a sudden their was this client who just arrived got a number and went straight to the teller and the teller accomodated that client. I asked the teller ” diba me number kayo and bakit kakarating lang niya inuna mo pa siya sa amin” the teller said ” nakaayos na kasi pera niya” to my surprise i told him “nakaayos na din money ko”, I was so so disappointed.. Please do something about this, we won’t bother writing this complains if we were satisfied with your services. And to top it all we are also concern with BPI. I know the top management doesn’t know what is going on with their tellers, i do hope that this will help your bank in improving your services to your clients. Thank you so much and i hope you will be able give me a feedback regarding this complain..

  71. Online service means, FAST and that’s what I expected from BPI to do. I applied for a savings account online Nov. 5, 2012. After I hit send, an auto reply came and instructed me to reply to them after 10-15 days. So I did. I replied to them Nov. 15, 2012. After that I received a reply from them asking about some information, so I sent them the same information I provided when I enrolled. A few days after, I received an email again, they’re asking me how I will use my atm, So I sent them a reply again. And now, it’s been 21 days since I applied but seems like it will take forever for them to process it. I went to another bank this morning and asked about their online card and they told me to apply online since it’s so much faster. They said I will be able to receive the atm card tomorrow and use it. I’ve had an account with this bank before and I know they provide fast and superb service. I SHOULDN’T HAVE WASTED MY TIME ENROLLING ONLINE FOR BPI’s CRAPPY SERVICE. I should have gone straight away to the bank I went to this morning. I’m a mother and I receive my salary online, so I need a way to receive my money. If I will wait for BPI’s LOUSY ONLINE SERVICE, my child would’ve starved to death. BPI REALLY SUCKS..!!

  72. To Whom It May Concern:

    I wrote this letter because I can
    not bear my wife being slighted by one of your employees under the name of
    certain MS. TRIXIE LIM and whose salary
    is also being paid from the deposits of your so called “NON- PREFERRED”

    This unfortunate incident
    happened last December 17, 2012 at your BPI Mayamot Branch near Cherry
    Foodarama Antipolo under the management of your certain Ms. Marivic A. Abrian.

    I and my wife went there to
    transfer some funds from her savings to her current account to pay the tuition
    fees of our children who are studying in San Benildo Integrated School in
    Antipolo City. We arrived early so she has to line up outside for her slot
    number once she entered the bank. When the branch opened, she got her slot
    number and seated herself to wait for her turn. At first, there were two
    tellers entertaining clients. However, as time passes, only one was left in
    your so called “PREFERRED” lane. To my wife’s delight, the slot numbers of
    non-preferred clients including her who were patiently waiting for their turn
    continued to be called even if there is only one teller in your so called
    “PREFERRED” lane at that early?

    When her slot number was about to
    be called, one of your “PREFERRED” clients suddenly appeared and instead of her
    slot being flashed, your teller in your “PREFFERED” lane entertained
    immediately the new arrival. At first, my wife understood that she has to wait
    a little longer because the new comer must be a “PREFERRED CLIENT” and she is
    not… and she is also lined-up in a “PREFERRED” lane hoping to be entertained by
    a “PREFERRED” client teller. At long last, my wife’s number was flashed and she
    stood and walked towards the teller. However, another of your “PREFERRED”
    clients appeared and instead of my wife being entertained, the teller immediate
    acted on the new arrival. This time, my wife can no longer bear what is happening
    and complained to the teller. Instead of being properly answered, the teller
    arrogantly asked if my wife is a “PREFERRED CLIENT” (In her exact words- “PREFERRED
    CLIENT HO BA KAYO? …) and continued with the new comer. And worst, she even instructed
    another new comer whom we thought is another one of your so called “PREFERRED
    CLIENT” to line up in front of my wife.

    I should have let this incident
    passed knowing that it is actually happening everyday but I cannot bear seeing
    my wife go into tears every time she recalls it and feels sorry for herself not
    having enough money to be shown “RESPECT”.

    For now, I just want you to let
    her know that what she did is not befitting of her position and the high
    standards of your prestigious company.

  73. Bpi family called me and told me that we have to pay 52k for thier clerk’s negligence. Last june 2012 we preterm the time dep of my parents because my dad have to undergo heart bypass. The bpi emplyee gave us a computation with about 41k to be deducted to the principal due to penalty and other charges. Almost 7mos after, today we were informed that the employee gave us wrong computation for the penalty and we have to pay almost 52k. I told them we are willing to settle it as long as the employeee that caused this should share in paying the said amount. I dont want to be harrased but i know its not fair if i pay the amount all by myself. Please help. Thanks

  74. The guard and management of BPI Heart Center are rude and inconsiderate of its clients. I parked my car to withdraw in the ATM at around 5:30pm today (March 21, 2013). I tried to withdraw in the ATM and seeing that there is a long line, I told the guard that I’ll just buy food from a nearby stall for my 3 children who were with me. The guard and manager told me to leave and park somewhere else. Wow! great customer service. No wonder you are no longer number 1.

  75. Earlier while I was trying to deposit in the Express Assistant machine in their Kalayaan branch it had a hardware error and my cash was still inside the deposit bin. The machine returned my ATM card but my cash was still inside. I immediately waved at the security guard at the entrance. The guard was irritated and pointed to one of the desks. I asked the other depositors in line to wait since my money was still in the machine. I went to the desk the guard pointed. They pointed me to another desk. I went to the desk, supposedly for “customer service”, and the woman standing behind the desk referred me to another female (with a nametag “Mai”). I told them about the problem and that my cash was still in the bin (not yet deposited to my account) and that there were still people waiting in line. “Mai”, in a glacial pace, got a piece of paper from one of their desks and told me to accomplish a complaint form. While I was filling up the form one of the depositors at the BEA line went to the desk and asked “Mai” if the machine was working or not. She told the teller that they should have immediately have taken action and put a sign on the machine.

    I accomplished the form and handed it to the teller. She asked me how much I deposited and how much was not credited to my account. During our discussion she repeatedly stated my account balance, which was overheard by everyone inside the bank. She told me the money stuck in the machine would be credited to my account next week, which I am extremely doubtful of.

    • Hi same thing happened to me today, kaso nung hindi na lumabas yung pera ko, may sumunod na agad sakin na magdeposit. tapos yung empleyado dun binigyan ako ng form, sabi nya balik daw ako after 3 days? ask ko lang kung mababalik ba yung pera ko dun?

  76. Yesterday, I was so excited since my husband informed me that he already send an allotment in my dollar account. I immediately went to a nearest BPI branch here in Iloilo to withdraw that money in order to pay my bills and of course to do a little shopping. Sadly, that excitement turned into a disaster when I was made to wait for more than an hour before I could transact to a teller since queue number is not applicable when withdrawing foreign currency account. I entered the bank at around 10 am yet at around 11:15 am pa lang ako hinarap ng teller. Then when I informed her that i will withdraw that money in dollar she told me to get a queue no. and wait for my number to be called. Nainis talaga ako kasi ang tagal kong naghintay tapos mag-aantay naman ako ulit. When my number was called to be accommodated the most horrible thing happened .. after waiting for too long the teller told me to see the bank manager because they don’t have enough U.S. dollars for that withdrawals . Sabi nila na I need to inform them a day before for reservations… My goodness do I need to inform them first for just a $1000. How funny di ba? … You know what I did? Hysterically, I smack the table and make for another withdrawals shouted in a loud voice to be heard by all other depositors and bank clients to return the hard earned money of my husband.. I decided to withdraw all my deposits and closed my account because di ko talaga nagustuhan ang service nila. Then suddenly umalis yung teller tapos pagbalik nya meron na raw available na dollar. So suddenly di na kailangan mag pareserve since nakita nila that I lost my temper. Suddenly, di ko na kailangang pumila since nakita nila na umiyak ako. Ganun ba talaga ang customer service ng BPI? Baka nagkataon lang sa akin kasi mababa ang tingin nila sa akin kasi OFW lang ang asawa ko at plain house wife lang ako. Wala bang batas laban sa bangko na nagharrass ng depositor na ayaw sa kanila magpapalit ng dollar. Hamakin mo eh ang palitan nila 43.05 lang samantala sa mga money changer is 43.50 na. Anyways, nakalabas ako ng bank at around 12:30 na and I hope na i won’t be seeing that bank in my entire life

    • good decision . I sympathize with u gurl…Hey BPI pipol ! hindi ba kayo nahiya at this incident? to think that you take pride in being the largest bank?? sa allied bank or metro bank ka na lang magdeposit hija…so thankful i am not a bpi account holder…..

  77. It’s time to teach BPI a lesson. Let’s withdraw and close our bank accounts. The service sucks because the upper management of BPI has no control over its branches. Due to its obsolete system they tend to hire low quality employees with dubious integrity and below average knowledge in customer relations. There are many banks which offers better services and outstanding customer relations so bakit tayo magtitiis sa BPI.

  78. Bpi should provide clients the utmost quality services.. Hindi mo kaagad makukuha pera mo mamalimos ka muna ng serbisyo nila bago ka makukuha. They treated you like a trash esp.if ur looks could not satisfy them.. So sad..

  79. I feel for the other clients.. But I think it’s case to case basis.. I mean, I have had a problem with my card.. Tried calling their hotline but everyone seemed engaged.. So I decided to send them an email. An proper email asking for help. After a day, I received a response asking for my contact number and voila, they phoned me.. Asked me some details and explained to me the problem and solution.. Day after, my problem was solved.

    Again, this is from my experience.. They have been really good. I don’t have millions under their bank.. But with a simple request, it was easily communicated and resolved.

    I’m just saying.

  80. Opening a bank account

    Years ago, a bank account that you wanted to open as an “OR”
    only will revert to come out as “And/Or” with the bank explaining that it is
    just the same. And it is system/computer generated.

    About 5 years ago, some banks after the BSP consumer affairs
    dept. warning, they started recognizing that an “OR” only account is definitely
    not the same as the “And/Or” account.

    Banks will not make public this unless you are insisting on
    it. They will always assign or change the bank account to “And/Or” for their
    advantage. When one is withdrawing a
    big amount, the bank will refuse outright and will have to confirm with the
    other co-depositor to make sure he is still around, before releasing. When this
    fails, the bank manager may at his discretion or for a consideration, waive
    this unethical process of checking with the co-depositor.

    My advise is for you to always insist on “OR” only
    account name to avoid unexpected complications and if the bank still
    refuse, take your business to another bank.

    You can amend your existing bank accounts to “OR” only, free
    of charge.

  81. The bank reputation is also affected by how transparent it
    is with its clients. If the bank fails to disclose in print form just one basic
    requirement for a successful transaction, such information omission may be the
    basis of case dismissal.

    Interest rates for depositors has been set to near nothing.
    So this bank with its cheap cost of money, can re-lend to its subsidiaries and
    affiliates to invest in projects such as real estate, utilities and
    infrastructures wherein you pay as a helpless consumer.

    The LOVE and Greed for Money is the root of all evil.

  82. i tried to withdraw P20,000 in a BPI ATM but received no cash. The card was ejected but the machine did not dispense any bills. Although the transaction receipt clearly confirmed that the money was dispensed, but the account was debited P20,000.
    restless contacted BPI sarmiento branch in Novaliches and Support Hotline and tiled a report. A week later, to my surprise and disappointment, i was told the case had been investigated that the transaction is SUCCESSFUL.I decided to visit a BPI branch, my complain to file. As of this writing, however, no positive response has been received.

  83. I was a visitor to Manila from the uk and during June/ July 2013 I had my credit card cloned whilst using the BPI ATM at malate. I have tried to take legal action here in the uk against my bank for letting the transactions take place but they are calling me a liar so I returned to Manila in December 2013 hoping BPI there would help me, I went to the malate branch but on the first 2 occasions no-one was available to help me but when I finally got someone to look into my case I was told BPI would look into it as long as I didn’t take action against them. I filed a complaints form ( which was never submitted but I’ve still got a duplicate copy). I was told to go back to the branch the following week which I did but as it only left me with 2 days before I was flying back here to the uk nothing was sorted. I’ve emailed BPI many times since I arrived home and they responded but they will not let me know if any other complaints were made during June/July about the mentioned ATM. Because the amount of money that was taken from my account was a very large sum I am returning again to Manila in June where I am going to file a complaint to the police at Manila City hall and I am going to let the media know. I have all the chargeback sheets from BPI which shows my card was used at usually just before midnight or just after but as well as my card showing there are 4 other cards that appear on the same dates as mine and either within a few minutes of mine. BPI along with most banks are DISHONEST and I intend to take my case to the very top..

  84. I applied for an ADA on my SS contribution last Aug 2008
    when I worked overseas. I requested to cancel this when I returned here in
    Philippines for work last Jan 2010. Since then, they no longer debited my
    account for SS contribution. Last Apr. 2014, there was an authorized deduction
    from my account. When I checked with them, they told me that the amount
    deducted was paid to my SS contribution thru ADA I made with them. I told them
    that my ADA has already cancelled last Jan 2010. And the amount debited from my
    account is also greater than the amount I have agreed to be deducted on my ADA
    so I believe that the said transaction was really an error. They told me that
    they will investigate my case and asked me to submit a written request of ADA cancellation
    again. After months of follow-up, they just told me that they already cancelled
    my ADA and asked me to coordinate with SSS directly for the refund of my

    I was really disappointed that I have to be the one to
    coordinate with SSS regarding the incorrect payment they had made.

  85. reklamo ko lang yung BPI teller sa JP. Rizal St.poblacio,makati city. ang pangalan sa ID nya ay “GING”.
    Ganito yung setwasyon kanina:
    Mga alas 4 ng hapon(June 25,2014) nagdeposit ako tapos pagpasok ko ng bangko tinawag ako nung teller(GING),eh hindi ko pa nabibilang yung deposit ko kung magkano,tapos binilang ko dun sa harap nakisuyo ako na baka pwede manghiram ng “CALCULATOR” at ang sabi nya “WALA AKONG CALCULATOR DITO,ITO YUNG GINAGAMIT KO DITO”habang pasigaw at medyo padabog nyang sinabi yun sa akin.pero hindi ko yun pinansin.pagkatapos binigyan nya ako ng SCRATCH PAPER para ibreakdown yun g pera.tapos kinumpyot ko sya manually at Bigla na namang nagsabi sa akin “SA SUSUNOD PAG MAGDEDEPOSIT KAYO,KAYO ANG MAGTOTOTAL HINDI YUNG TELLER”tapos medyo hindi na maganda sa pandinig ko kaya sinagot ko sya ng “KAYA NGA NANGHIHIRAM SAYO NG CALCULATOR EH”


  86. May I just say what a comfort to uncover someone that actually knows what they’re discussing on the
    net. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it
    important. More and more people really need to check this
    out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular because you surely have the gift.

  87. NAWALA ANG REMITTANCE ko para kay Inang. Itong BPI pinagpirma ako ng APPLICATION FORM para
    itelegraphic transfer noong Hulyo ng 2014. Hangang ngayon WALA pa nakatangap
    ang pinagdala ko. Ang sagot ng BPI sa reklamo ko-hindi kami managut kahit
    nakamali kami ayon sa fine print nasa application form. SAYANG ang pera
    napaghirapan ko.

    Sa sunod, gamitin ko ang money remittance centers na lang.
    Bukod sa araw-araw na bukas sila, simple at mura pa!

    • Hi if this is true although it has been months since you posted this, you should complain with the BSP to get your money back.

  88. Share ko lang experience ko kung gaano kabulok ang services ng BPI. Most especially Ayala-Paseo branch. Nag withdraw ako sa PS bank atm at transcation can’t be process. nag-report ako ng complaint sa PS bank nung narealize ko na na debit ako dun sa transaction na yun. So to make the story short. 2 beses nag investigate ang PS bank at lumalabas sa result na ang problema ay sa bank ko which is BPI. nakailang ulit na ako nag report sa BPI hanggang sa umabot ng 9 days at dun ako nagpasya na personal na puntahan yung ayala-paseo branch. Hanggang sa huli, pilit na nagpapalusot ang BPI at binabagsak ang sisi sa PS bank at nangatwiran pa yung nag assist sa akin na talaga namang nakaka-degrade at pinagmukha akong bobo, sa dun nagsimulang kumulo ang dugo ko, nag withdrawal exceeded daw ako kasi me charge ng P5 per transaction. kaya nagexceed daw ako sa limit na P20,000 kasi me charge na P10. KUNG HINDI BA NAMAN ISA’T KALAHATING BOBO YUNG EMPLEYADO NG BPI NA YUN, SA IBANG ATM NGA WALANG ISSUE SAMANTALANG P12 PA ANG CHARGES PER TRANSACTION. Sa sobrang bad trip ko sabi ko sinabi ko na gawan nila ng paraan dahil kailangan ko na yung pera ko at sobrang tagal na nung report. AKALAIN MO BANG UMABOT PA AKO NG 5 ORAS SA BRANCH NA YUN AT AKO NA LANG ANG NATIRANG KLIYENTE KAHIT NA YUNG MANAGER NA ANG NAGHANDLE. SAN KA NAKAKITA NA YUNG ISANG DEPT NILA NA MAY IMPORTANTENG ROLE SA BANK PROCESSING E HINDI MACONTACT AT HINDI NAGRE-REPLY SA EMAIL? KULANG NA LANG E MURAHIN KO NAG PUTANG INA NYU YUNG MANAGER AT YUNG NAG ASSIST SA SOBRANG BULOK NG SERBISYO NILA. SANA WAG NYU DANASIN YUNG INABOT KONG KAMALASAN SA KAMAY NG MGA PUTANG INANG EMPLEYADO NG PBI AYALA-PASEO BRANCH.

  89. I just want to share my story aswell. I went to BPI Family Bank, Eastwood Libis branch on Dec 22, 2014 to deposit a cheque amounting of 20,662.80 . I was told that by the teller that it will be available thursday which is Christmas day Dec. 25, 2014 I confirmed it with her if they really realise money on a holiday and she said yes. Dec 26 I tried to withdraw the money but its not yet available. I went to the branch again December 29, and asked for a supervisor. she tried to explain to me that it’ll be available by january 5th and I told her I can’t accept it as this information should’ve been told by he teller who assisted me in the first place. She then made few calls and said it will be cleared over night and that it’ll be available today Dec, 30, 2014 but til now its not there yet. ofcourse since today is Rizal’s day all the banks are closed and I would need to wait until january 5th.
    Knowing that these people are working in a known bank in ph. It’s quite dissappointing that they are giving all customer wrong expectations.

    • blackswan, you are not alone in your sufferings doing business with BPI. I am sure other banks can serve you better so why not try other banks with more ATMs?

    • If you deposited the check on the 22nd, even if it was beyond cut-off, it should have cleared by the 29th. You can actually file a complaint with the BSP so that they’d know that BPI is violating clearing rules. If you want quality branch service with TRAINED tellers, i recommend the security bank branch in eastwood.

  90. Same bank who victimized me. And how can a telco guy install a skimming device in the financial district of Makati.
    Who owns the telco and the bank? Another similar incident happened at the Global City ( The Fort) last year.
    And last night another news came out on television this time somewhere Cavite ./Alabang with the same bank.
    How come up to now no one will admit that there was a breach or lack of security and lapses on their part.
    And a case was also filed for the same bank in court wherein a bank manager and a teller was found to fabricate ATM cards and was found guilty
    No amount of television and print ads can enticed depositors to stay with you. And we were aware that you have lost a lot of big depositors because you were only good when our money was not yet siphoned by your employees.
    And surprisingly their spoke person who came out on TV which was interviewed by Maan Macapagal on television showed only half of his body.and not his face
    For other victims of this bank please surf thru the internet and search the name of this bank ( . . . Complaints) and be the judge as to how many were victimized and were never paid by this callous and recalcitrant bank
    They have even taken the hard earned money of our fellow OFW.
    Be brave and do not curtail the justice system .
    You will be unanswerable to our Almighty God.
    And you still allow dishonest employees to work.
    You did not have any preventive suspension as part of your employees’ policy hurled against them .
    And they can go back to work only when they have proven themselves not guilty.
    I read in an articles from US and Europe that this was happening worldwide
    And in fact a congress was held recently on bank fraud in London and Singapore.
    And according to FBI this was a white collar crime with the blessings of upper management and not until a whistleblower comes out in the open, this will be kept as a secret among the employees of bank.
    Are you not ashamed to be working in an institution with no moral responsibility and corporate accountability.
    In a speech by Gov. Tetangco at Makati Shangri-la and to quote him ” it is an expensive exercise for a depositor to file a case in court and the bank must pay their depositors even if they have to go down to the pit”
    And among 15000 plus officers and employees of the local banks only 300 plus were able to attend the course on international banking rules and principles.
    And according to the rules of SENTRAL BANK rules and regulations:
    SECTION 55. Prohibited Transactions.
    No director, officer, employee, or agent of any bank shall —
    Make false entries in any bank report or statement or participate in any fraudulent transaction, thereby affecting the financial interest of, or causing damage to, the bank or any person;
    Without order of a court of competent jurisdiction, disclose to any unauthorized person any information relative to the funds or properties in the custody of the bank belonging to private individuals, corporations, or any other entity: Provided, That with respect to bank deposits, the provisions of existing laws shall prevail; Any officers and employees of the bank will be criminally liable.
    The checks that I have issued were not returned to me by this bank up to now.
    If indeed they are not guilty why keep those checks that were altered and some checks were not mine
    And even the CCTV camera was not provided when in fact the case was filed within the prescriptive period.
    Now why should I fight a Goliath if I am not telling the truth.
    In fact I was surprised when I saw that you were returning the checks of your depositors here in Bacolod .
    But in my case I started not receiving my checks in 2006 and only scanned copies which could hardly be deciphered because in one piece of paper you have scanned 8 pieces of checks and you need a magnifying glass.
    You tried to duped me slowly and even used my account for kiting.
    You really made a profiling and segmentation study on your depositors.
    Return what is not yours and follow one of the Ten Commandments ” thou shall not steal.”

  91. I live here at filinvest 2 QC and i used to deposit payment for my obligations at BPI don antonio branch. at first the waiting time was tolerable and just this afternoon (may 7’15) i did transact again for this branch is very much convenient to me because of its close proximty to my house.But to my dismay, service was still bad. It seems that there’s really no sense of urgency for them to expedite the process . Imagine, my number was 266 and when i came in the number being served was 180 with only two counters functioning at a snail paced and for a span of 30 minutes only one number qeue was called. to my mind i thought it wouldtake me eternity to be served,hence i went to their techno hub branch and lo and behold! it took me less then10mins to finish my deposit. I will never ever do business to this branch and to bpi as a whole!……never again.

  92. Yesterday me and my brother went to BPI Gapan Branch to inquire on how to open a checking account for our small business. We were entertain by their supervisor or senior teller I think, my brother is asking a lot of question kasi first time namin magopen ng checking account and since both of us have an account on BPI so pinili namin siya. The supervisor told us that we are eligible to open up a joint checking account just bring the Business Permit on Monday, di pa kasi napipirmahan sa munisipyo. After my brother asked her if maybe he can fill up the form and signed the specimen signature so he doesn’t have to go back on Monday kasi di na sya pwede magabsent sa work, para ako na lng ang babalik. This person from the bank reacts in a very rude manner, she gave the form to my brother and told him this exact same words ” Sir, wag ka masyadong presko kasi ako pa rin ang magaapprove ng application mo. Pwede kong i-deny yan kung gusto ko”, then she stands up and asked the other teller to assist us, pero sinabi nya muna sa teller na, “required kong bumalik pareho yan sa Monday kung hinde di ko aapprove yung application nila for checking account”. Di na ngsalita ang brother ko but he was very offended. Tapos pinagfill up pa sya kung babalik din pala sya. Di na kami babalik sa branch na yun and we were gonna close both our savings account. Di ko lng nakuha yung name nung person.

  93. Folks, july 21 i tried to deposit 19k so i can pay my bpi bill online.
    So in goes my money,then came shuffling sound that lasted like 3
    minutes, then “hardware error” message flashes on the screen. Spits my
    card out, then the machine goes back to business as usual. Im now
    posting complaint messages on bpi fb page, idiot bpi customer service
    a**hole keeps on implying that i might be trying to scam them into
    giving me 19k. So now it almost been a week they’ve been holding on to
    my money… no news whatsoever and best of all, my own bank who i’ve
    banked with for 16 years is calling me a crook. Way to go bpi. I would
    definitely bad mouth them to everyone i know

      • Customer Service Hi Ben, we are sorry for this inconvenience. However, we are unable to confirm your deposit without the official receipt.

        • Ben Plores Hi
          bpi cs! Kindly please educate me on how it is my fault that your
          machine not only captured my cash but also did not print out any
          receipt? The only education i gained from all this experience is to not
          put in bpi’s hands. And warn my friends, colleagues and
          acquiantances as well on how winderful your services really are. DO YOU

        • Customer Service Hi
          Ben, it is not your fault. We are only ensuring that we do not give out
          free money to scammers who claim they have made a deposit without any

        • 3 hrs
          Ben Plores but
          now, YOURE GETTING FREE MONEY FROM ME because your faulty machine
          unpredictably swallowed my cash without printing out any receipt. This
          is getting funnier. I, for one, would NEVER RUIN my 16YEAR BANKING
          HISTORY with your honorable bank for a measly 19k. KINDLY EXPLAIN TO ME
          HOW YOUR TAGLINE “Let’s make it easier” FITS IN ALL THIS MADNESS.

        • Customer Service Hi Ben, it does not. Our new tagline is “Make the Best Happen.” That must be an old Deposit Machine.
          Like · 24 mins
          Ben Plores well, it’s even worse. Make the best happen for who exactly?

  94. Last July 19, 2015, Sunday at 9:34pm, I tried to withdraw P10k from an ATM machine (SID#8858) at BPI-FSB Taytay Ortigas Branch. The machine cannot print receipts but after I accepted the transaction, my card came out but no money came out of the machine. So i reinserted my card and made an inquiry and found that my account had been debited P10k. I immediately went back to the bank, Monday morning, July 20 and filed a written complaint with a Ms. Jacquelyn Bautista and I was told that it would be corrected in at least 5 days. After a week I followed up but I was told that the report had not yet been received. When I called after another week, she told me that according to their report the ATM did dispensed the amount. I argued otherwise that no cash was dispensed and I was told to submit a Balance Statement. Since i have an express online account i printed my balance statement that I accessed online. But instead of bringing this to BPI-FSB Taytay Ortigas, I went to Taytay Bayan branch where I opened and maintained my savings account. Asking for assistance and being a Preferred Client I was referred to Mr. Andrew Pol Lucido and to Ms. Menchie Dawis Manalo (Relationship Manager) who told me that they will personally attend to my problem and that they will call me immediately on the result. But instead of calling me, I was the one calling them and I received alibis and assurance that they will call me later. Now, its been a month and when I called Ms. Manalo, she told me the same as what Ms. Bautista had told me more than 2 weeks ago. She also asked me to write a letter which I submitted the same day. I also asked her if they had reviewed the CCTV of the ATM machine but she told me that the camera wont show if the cash was dispensed. She resigned to just forwarding my letter to their Customer Service at their main office. Now I have to wait further and see if I still have to trust BPI or to withdraw all my money and close both my savings and my trading account with them.

  95. I tried to withdraw 2k only lunchbreak. I waited long for the process to complete. It got stucked at this message “Please wait transaction is being processed.” I then felt something strange might happen for the unusual waiting. Then a message came next “Machine Unavailable”. Badtrip. It released my atm card. I reinsert it Check Balance, 2k has been deducted. I’m planning to report the incident to nearby BPI office tomorrow if God is willing. I do hope they will help me coz I have the receipts for both transactions i.e. withdraw and check balance. They will really see from my receipt. There was a video cctv in that machine i saw.

  96. BPI woes… My card got captured at a BPI atm last Oct 15 (payday, of all days) at one of their off-site machines, reported immediately to BPI Shangri La branch, and was told they would have my card between 1-5 days… almost two weeks after, still no card, was told that a technician has not gone to the machine to retrieve captured cards yet… been texting the lady at the branch almost everyday, to no avail…

  97. try and call 89-100, hopefully your patience is very long, i have tried now for 2 1/2 hours and all phone bankers are still busy

  98. Hi! Gusto ko rin mag share ng bad experience ko sa BPI! nakakreceive ako ng remittance every month from abroad, nung una check ang narereceive ko kasi hindi ko pa naasikaso yung direct deposit, kaso tatlong checke ko ang naencash ng ibang tao, humingi ako ng copy sa Bank of america na naforward sa kanila ng bpi as proof na nareceive ko yung pera ko, may naipadala naman, name ko pero iba ang pirma at ang letseng bpi, pinauso nila ang pagdedeposit sa machine kaya wala ng ibang verification basta magsubmit lang ng id e ok na sa machine. pagkadeposit sa machine, idineposit nila yung pera ko sa isang account n kapangalan ko. naghinala na ako, hinihingi ko yung info nung account holder n kapangalan ko e ayaw nilang ibigay. (NAPUNTA SA IBA ANG CHECKE KO KASI HINDI NA NAKAKARATING SA BAHAY, SA POST OFFICE PALANG E NINAKAW NA KAYA ALAM KO KASABWAT ANG POST OFFICE AT KAWANI NG BPI SA MODUS NA ITO).


    • BPI is staffed by good lawyers who are very competent in protecting
      the bank itself and selected staff against valid complaints. The
      complaints are ignored because they have powerful and sympathetic

      Talk to us on per TV ads

      Ok you talk, but BPI no action.

      ANO BA YAN?

  99. Disgusted with BPI. They don’t understand the meaning of “and/or” and “or” as a depositor. nakakahiya. they have to ask their legal department/lawyer (and indeed they called them nga) Central Bank of the Philippines and english teachers po!, can you teach BPI, especially the one at Cubao Branch what it means, SUPER NAKAKAHIYA! kaming mga future investors, although born in the Philippines but made it big abroad and gustong mag-invest sa Pinas will think otherwise! Sa·cr é bleu!

      • you know. poor Philippines banks. NO foreign investors wants them except t to “flick” t(paglaruin) their stocks at the stock exchange trading.Even here abroad,
        they won’t touch any Philippine banks as an item in their foreign investments portfolio, except when they are a subsidiary of a holding company.

  100. sakin problema ko easy savers.. current balance meron pero available balance wala… more than one week sitting on that status.. di nagiging avilable.

  101. That’s quite a worry reading some of the comments on here about BPI

    It’s quite a worry for me because I am expecting an international bank transfer into my BPI account, now the sender informed me that my money should be in my account by Monday 29th Feb as the sender’s bank is on BPI corresponding banks

    It’s now Wednesday 2nd March and until now the funds still have not shown in my account

    But after reading the post about a bank manager who swiped a customers remittance kinda makes me worried but I am keeping my fingers crossed it clears because it’s quite a large sum of money don’t want some crook swipeing it

    As for the ATM machine problem not dispensing cash I have heard of that problem many times in fact my wife had this problem before she used her Union Bank ATM card luckily she got her funds back within 3 days

    But with all this issue with BPI if my funds clear into my account I think I better to protect my funds and avoid the hassle and open another account in another bank

    I have to say one thing BPI is always banging on about security and how they advise their clients on how to protect their cards pin numbers and passwords and to report any issues right away yet as it seems reading from the posts on here the biggest security threat is actually within the banks

    • You are right. Bank staff who are unhappy working for this bank will commit violations or disobey requests or bank clients/depositors just to hurt their bank.

  102. nababanas narin ako sa BPI, nagdeposit ako kanina sa machine putek hardware error daw pero pumasok pera ko, at hindi nacredit sa account ko. P5,000, grabe wala nakong pang gastos ngayon, at ang pinaka ayaw ko sa BPI, yung mga guard walang alam pangiti ngiti lang, tapos di ako inasikaso agad ng stuff ..I..

      • makukuha mo rin yun dipende sa tagal ng pagpunta ng nagbibilang ng pera sa Deposit Machine bibilangin pa kasi nila yun, kung totoo bang may naipasok kang pera at hindi na credit sa account mo, dapat sabihin mo sa manager ng bangko na pinagdepositohan mo para tawagin nila yung taga count ng laman ng Deposit Machine, irereconcile nila yun.

        • ngayon araw nangyare sakin, ilang araw ba mababalik yung pera ko na nadeposit pero hndi credited dun sa account ko? friday kasi ngayon by monday kaya, maibabalik na dn un? thanks!

  103. Nag withdraw ako nung friday bpi card ko sa security bank machine ako ng withdraw kaya lng lumabas sa screen transaction is temporary unavailable tapos nilabas na ung card ko wla nmng receipt na lumabas at wala ding nadispense na pera, nagtry ako sa ibang machine kaya lng pagwithdraw ko insuficient funds na kinabahan na ako nun nagpunta ako sa malapit na branch ng bpi pinacheck ko ung card ko debited na sya ng 6k pero wla nmn akong nakuhang pera. Ginawan ng bpi ng report thay day sabi nun staff dun 2 weeks dw bago mabalik un kc kailangan pa dw antayin buksan un machine ng security bank tapos kung may sosobra dw dun un dw ibabalik sa acc ko and then inadvised nya din ako mgpubta sa security bank para magfile din ng report tinanong ko un stagg dun kung ilang araw aabutin bago mabalik un pera ko sabi nya icheck ko lng dw kasi automatic nmn dw mababalik sa card ko un kung meron tlagang balance dispute. Hangang ngaun wala pdin silang binabalik sayang naman ang pera sampung araw ko pa nmn pinaghirapan un.????

  104. Today Aug 31, 2016 BPI advised its clients to update by Sept 30, 2016 their personal data or encounter problems with withdrawals and other transactions. I am not banking with BPI. I stopped years ago.

  105. Happened to me September 6. I am a foreigner and tried to check balance in my account. There was money. Then I tried to withdraw and took a long time and my card came out, and transaction was cancelled. On my next try, it was insufficient balance. I called my bank and they said that money was withdrawn. But I didn’t get anything. No receipt and no cash.

    • It was a bizarre situation. You may review previous posts about BPI and you may find out it occurs now and then. If the amount in question is significantly large, I suggest that you either email the BSP consumer affair dept. for their intervention.

      BPI wins 99% of the time when you become their depositor-client. It is better when you try other banks that are friendlier and honest.

    • Dapat sulatan mo ang BM(branch manager) at may kopya ipadala din para sa Presidente ng BPI. Kung walang mangyari, mag serado na ang bank account ninyo na lang.

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  107. Guys, I just wanna ask, what if biglang nagmachine unavailable ung bpi express deposit machine , biglang nilabas ung card ko and hndi nagdispense ng receipt. Pagbalance ko sa ibang atm , hndi pumasok ung dineposit ko? what will be the best thing to do? thanks

  108. I can’t withdraw and balance inquiry.
    The machine say, ” invalid card”
    Anong action dapat kung gawin? Anong problems??? Bat nagkaganun biglang nag invalid card. ??? Help pls. I don’t know what to do.

  109. Compose: Ako po c jeffrey glory, nais ko lang sana itanong kung bakit na de-activate ang ATM account ko po,,? 03/26 pa po ang expiry, ng accnt ko po,, di po ako maka deposit dahil po sa nangyari sa accnt ko po,,sana po matulungan niu ako at masolosyonan,niu po ang accnt ko na ma activate niu,,salamat po ma’am/sir,,

    Expiry date: 03/26
    Debit master card
    Jeffrey glory

    Dego silang, branch taguig city


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