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Problems with BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands

Dear Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI),

Here are two of your clients with two separate concerns.

One tried to withdraw cash in your ATM, got nothing because the machine did not dispense any but is still waiting, after two long weeks, for the amount to be credited back to the account.

The other allegedly got victimized by one of your very own bank managers. The client was expecting a remittance from another country, was told there were delays because of numerous problems, but discovered that the branch manager himself apparently took the money. Now, after four long months, the money has not yet been returned.

Pray, tell, BPI, why does it take you a long time to act on the following complaints?

Case #1: The ATM machine that did not dispense cash

Around two weeks ago, Forum member restless apparently tried to withdraw P20,000 (US$440) in a BPI ATM but received no cash. The card was ejected but the machine did not dispense any bills. Although the transaction receipt clearly confirmed, “No bills dispensed,” the account was debited P20,000.

restless contacted BPI’s Support Hotline and the agent on the other line filed a report. A week later, to his surprise and disappointment, he was told the case had been investigated but the transaction cannot be found. He decided to visit a BPI branch, armed with supporting documents, to file another report. As of this writing, however, no positive response has been received.

Read more about this case in the “BPI ATM did not dispense cash; money still not returned” discussion thread.

Case #2: The bank manager who allegedly stole a client’s remittance

A post from another forum which we reposted in the “Remittance money allegedly stolen by BPI branch manager” thread tells the story of a remittance recipient who has not received the money despite waiting for four months.

The client was expecting a P300,000 (US$6,600) remittance from his mother in Italy. For several weeks, the branch office manager told him the money has not yet arrived supposedly due to various reasons. Annoyed by the two months delay, he decided to file a report in BPI’s Customer Hotline. The ensuing investigation allegedly discovered that the bank manager himself took the money. As a result, the manager was not fired but merely suspended for one month without pay.

However, after two more months, the client has still not seen his money.

Tell us, BPI, is this really the brand of service the third largest bank in the Philippines offers? Why should your clients suffer for problems that were not of their own doing? Why should they wait weeks or months before you solve their complaints?

Your clients want to know, BPI. Don’t ask why.

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156 thoughts on “Problems with BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands”

  1. Jairus Jacob says:

    sakin problema ko easy savers.. current balance meron pero available balance wala… more than one week sitting on that status.. di nagiging avilable.

  2. cheesed off says:

    That’s quite a worry reading some of the comments on here about BPI

    It’s quite a worry for me because I am expecting an international bank transfer into my BPI account, now the sender informed me that my money should be in my account by Monday 29th Feb as the sender’s bank is on BPI corresponding banks

    It’s now Wednesday 2nd March and until now the funds still have not shown in my account

    But after reading the post about a bank manager who swiped a customers remittance kinda makes me worried but I am keeping my fingers crossed it clears because it’s quite a large sum of money don’t want some crook swipeing it

    As for the ATM machine problem not dispensing cash I have heard of that problem many times in fact my wife had this problem before she used her Union Bank ATM card luckily she got her funds back within 3 days

    But with all this issue with BPI if my funds clear into my account I think I better to protect my funds and avoid the hassle and open another account in another bank

    I have to say one thing BPI is always banging on about security and how they advise their clients on how to protect their cards pin numbers and passwords and to report any issues right away yet as it seems reading from the posts on here the biggest security threat is actually within the banks

    1. chris revera says:

      You are right. Bank staff who are unhappy working for this bank will commit violations or disobey requests or bank clients/depositors just to hurt their bank.

  3. Oliver Bulaong says:

    nababanas narin ako sa BPI, nagdeposit ako kanina sa machine putek hardware error daw pero pumasok pera ko, at hindi nacredit sa account ko. P5,000, grabe wala nakong pang gastos ngayon, at ang pinaka ayaw ko sa BPI, yung mga guard walang alam pangiti ngiti lang, tapos di ako inasikaso agad ng stuff ..I..

    1. Joelyn Quinlat says:

      Hi po..ttanung ko lang kung ilang araw po nabalik yung pera nyo?!ganun din po kc nangyare skin 2 days ago.. :(

    2. Oliver Bulaong says:

      makukuha mo rin yun dipende sa tagal ng pagpunta ng nagbibilang ng pera sa Deposit Machine bibilangin pa kasi nila yun, kung totoo bang may naipasok kang pera at hindi na credit sa account mo, dapat sabihin mo sa manager ng bangko na pinagdepositohan mo para tawagin nila yung taga count ng laman ng Deposit Machine, irereconcile nila yun.

    3. Jaryll Asuncion Farrel says:

      ngayon araw nangyare sakin, ilang araw ba mababalik yung pera ko na nadeposit pero hndi credited dun sa account ko? friday kasi ngayon by monday kaya, maibabalik na dn un? thanks!

  4. kel Manansala says:

    Nag withdraw ako nung friday bpi card ko sa security bank machine ako ng withdraw kaya lng lumabas sa screen transaction is temporary unavailable tapos nilabas na ung card ko wla nmng receipt na lumabas at wala ding nadispense na pera, nagtry ako sa ibang machine kaya lng pagwithdraw ko insuficient funds na kinabahan na ako nun nagpunta ako sa malapit na branch ng bpi pinacheck ko ung card ko debited na sya ng 6k pero wla nmn akong nakuhang pera. Ginawan ng bpi ng report thay day sabi nun staff dun 2 weeks dw bago mabalik un kc kailangan pa dw antayin buksan un machine ng security bank tapos kung may sosobra dw dun un dw ibabalik sa acc ko and then inadvised nya din ako mgpubta sa security bank para magfile din ng report tinanong ko un stagg dun kung ilang araw aabutin bago mabalik un pera ko sabi nya icheck ko lng dw kasi automatic nmn dw mababalik sa card ko un kung meron tlagang balance dispute. Hangang ngaun wala pdin silang binabalik sayang naman ang pera sampung araw ko pa nmn pinaghirapan un.????

  5. chris revera says:

    Today Aug 31, 2016 BPI advised its clients to update by Sept 30, 2016 their personal data or encounter problems with withdrawals and other transactions. I am not banking with BPI. I stopped years ago.

  6. Adnan Monsur says:

    Happened to me September 6. I am a foreigner and tried to check balance in my account. There was money. Then I tried to withdraw and took a long time and my card came out, and transaction was cancelled. On my next try, it was insufficient balance. I called my bank and they said that money was withdrawn. But I didn’t get anything. No receipt and no cash.

    1. chris revera says:

      It was a bizarre situation. You may review previous posts about BPI and you may find out it occurs now and then. If the amount in question is significantly large, I suggest that you either email the BSP consumer affair dept. for their intervention.

      BPI wins 99% of the time when you become their depositor-client. It is better when you try other banks that are friendlier and honest.

  7. regie villanueva says:

    hindi ko p[o makuha ung card ko ilang oras na pag dial kay 89100 wala parin .. ano pwedeng gawin ???

    1. chris revera says:

      Dapat sulatan mo ang BM(branch manager) at may kopya ipadala din para sa Presidente ng BPI. Kung walang mangyari, mag serado na ang bank account ninyo na lang.

  8. jubrin1 says:

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  9. Colleen San Juan says:

    Guys, I just wanna ask, what if biglang nagmachine unavailable ung bpi express deposit machine , biglang nilabas ung card ko and hndi nagdispense ng receipt. Pagbalance ko sa ibang atm , hndi pumasok ung dineposit ko? what will be the best thing to do? thanks

  10. Florence Tunac says:

    I can’t withdraw and balance inquiry.
    The machine say, ” invalid card”
    Anong action dapat kung gawin? Anong problems??? Bat nagkaganun biglang nag invalid card. ??? Help pls. I don’t know what to do.

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