Where to get PayPal EXPUSE Number?

James Ryan Jonas

Update: We have received reports that UnionBank has already disallowed the use of “8400” as EXPUSE Number. A few members have said that inputting an incorrect EXPUSE number several times canleads to a Limited PayPal account.

Be warned. Better contact UnionBank to get the EXPUSE number so as not to risk your account.

(Original post follows)

Users of UnionBank EON CyberAccount need not wait for several days and need not contact UnionBank anymore just to get the Expanded Use (EXPUSE) Number necessary to verify a PayPal Philippines account.

Today I added my UnionBank EON account to my newly-opened PayPal Philippines account and successfully enrolled as well in the Expanded Use Program.

Normally, UnionBank EON and eWallet account holders have to wait for 3-7 days before they can get the Expanded Use Number. (Visa credit card holders need to wait for the next month’s statement to get this number.)

The EXPUSE number is supposedly not accessible online so users are asked to contact Unionbank’s hotline to get the number.

But this morning I applied for the Expanded Use Program, logged in to my UnionBank online account, used as EXPUSE number the numbers I saw in my Transaction History, and voila! I’m now a Verified PayPal account holder with no Sending limit.

How to get the EXPUSE number online

This worked for my EON account. I’m not sure whether it will work for yours. Please read our Disclaimer above before proceeding.

  • [box]2. Once logged in, access the “Transaction History” of the account you used to enroll in the Expanded Use Program.[/box]
  • [box]3. Scan your history for the transaction that debited your account with the $1.95 Expanded Use Enrollment fee (the Peso charge is normally around P87+).[/box]
  • [box]4. In the corresponding “Transaction Description” column, check if you see a 3- or 4-digit number. In my case, this is 840 from the line VISA-SG(840).[/box]
  • [box]5. Since the EXPUSE number is a 4-digit number, I added “0” as the last digit. I used 8400, the new 4-digit number (840 + 0 last digit), as my PayPal EXPUSE number and, guess what, it worked![/box]

Try it and let us know if it works for you too.

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