Problem with group buying site Ensogo

I’m having problems with a deal I bought on Ensogo, a popular group buying site in the Philippines.

A few weeks ago, I bought a voucher for the supposedly low-priced deal of P8,999 for a 3D/2N accommodation at Gordion Hotel in Vigan. It turns out, I’m not getting any discount at all and I’m even paying more compared to making direct reservations with the hotel.

Here’s the story.

The link of the deal can be found here. The benefits of the deal include:

  • 3 days / 2 nights deluxe accommodation for 2
  • free pick-up at any bus station in Vigan
  • welcome drinks for 2
  • daily breakfast for 2
  • 1 dinner for 2 at the hotel restaurant
  • souvenir items for 2
  • Heritage / City tour

According to Ensogo, this deal is originally valued at P17,999 and with a steep 50% discount, I only need to pay P8,999.

Of course, I wouldn’t instantly buy that voucher without doing any research. I checked the hotel’s official website but, at that time, it was down. I went to several travel websites to read reviews of the hotel. They had positive comments. One hotel reservation site mentioned that the price of one night’s stay was P8,000/night, which made me think that the deal was indeed a discount. I proceeded to buy the voucher.

This week, however, the Gordion Hotel’s website is up and lists the cost of their deluxe room at only P3,000 per night. Now, that is a problem.

If you compute the value of the benefits, they don’t add up to the original price of P17,999 as advertised on Ensogo. Let’s check:

  • 3 days / 2 nights deluxe accommodation for 2 – at P3,000 per room per night, this should cost P6,000 total for 2 nights
  • free pick-up at any bus station in Vigan – let’s assume the price for this service is P500
  • welcome drinks for 2 – let’s sayP100 per drink per person, so P200 total
  • daily breakfast for 2 – this is already inclusive with the accommodation, so no value
  • 1 dinner for 2 at the hotel restaurant – assuming the food is really good, this may cost P500 per person, so total is P1,000
  • souvenir items for 2 – let’s say P200 per person, so P400 total
  • Heritage / City tour – according to the hotel, the tour costs P1,500 for a group of 4, so for 2 people this should only cost P750

Adding them all up, the original value is only P8,850 — even less than the discounted price of P8,999 on Ensogo!

I called the Ensogo support telephone numbers (519-6959 /519-6960 /519-6971) yesterday morning but no one answered the phone. I contacted Gordion Hotel to clarify the deal but the manager I talked to said they recently lowered their hotel room rates and I should try asking for a refund from Ensogo.

I called the Ensogo office again in the afternoon and after an hour of trying, someone answered the phone. The guy I talked to recommended that I send a formal email so they can investigate.

I immediately drafted the letter and I’m now waiting for a reply from Ensogo.

Lesson learned: do not fully trust these group buying websites. Do extensive research and ask other people for their experiences with the merchants before buying a voucher. Apparently, some customers of Ensogo and other group buying sites are also having problems with the deals they purchased.

Of course, in sales transactions, the rule is caveat emptor — “let the buyer beware” — but this cannot be used as excuse for false advertising and intentional deception.

I’ll update this post when I hear a reply from Ensogo.

Update (May 23, 2011): A week after I made this post, I received a call from an official representative of Ensogo. I told her I want a full refund of my payment and she said they will process it after verifying with the merchant. More updates will be posted when I hear from them again.

Update (June 10, 2011): I received a call from Kathy, representative from Ensogo and told me that Ensogo and the hotel will refund the full amount IF AND ONLY IF I delete this blog post. The compromise is that I will get half of the amount I paid and I will get the other half ONLY after I removed this post. Bullies!

Update (June 16, 2011): One month later, this problem is still not solved. Follow the updates in the new post: Beware of Gordion Hotel and Ensogo group buying site

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157 thoughts on “Problem with group buying site Ensogo”

  1. Had a similar experience with Deal Grocer with Mrs. Pixels Portrait Studio located at  Robinson’s Galleria as the merchant. In their ad it says “For a limited time only, get a one-hour photo shoot with an 8×10
    print and soft copy CD for only P500! (Regular Price: P1,250) That’s
    more than half off for photos and memories that will surely last a
    lifetime.” It’s a steal, imagine for P500 you will have plenty of high res photos in a CD and an 8 x 10 print. Their initial offer was sold-out pretty fast then they offered new stocks with a major, major revision. It now says,” This photo shoot comes with one 8×10 print and a hi-res (4R) soft copy
    of that photo.”  A CD with just one photo, really now. This was unnoticed by the members who bought during the second offer because this was not stipulated in their initial offer. In the discussion page, Deal Grocer explained that there was confusion about the soft copy which is why they made revisions in the second offer.  We were duped and now many are asking for refunds.

      • there needs to be some consumer reports website for deal websites
        so people will be aware of who is good and who is not…
        there are many reports but its spread all over the internet, theres no centralized place

  2.  Actually, may ganyan experience din ako sa Ebay Kuponan naman, For the Deal 3D2N Hong Kong (details of the Deal here > ) The thing is that the Deal Costs a total of 10490 wherein the said original price was 28350. So nag go na ako, pagdating dun sa Agency kung san kukunin namin yung deal, inamin ng Travel Agency na yun na mas mura nga daw yung 3D2N HK Tour kung direct na kinuha sa kanila kesa sa may middleman (ebay kuponan) which is I think a few Thousand less than the 10490.

    The catch DAW is hindi pwedeng ibenta nung Agency yung Deal na yun outside Ebay Kuponan or else pwede makasuhan yung Agency because may contract na pinirmahan or something.

    On my side though, kahit na nalaman ko man yun by researching and inquiring direct sa Agency, wala din siguro ako magagawa since may “pirmahan” na nangyari between the agency and Ebay Kuponan…

    Charge to experience nalang din siguro…

    Good luck sa case mo sa Ensogo bro. Susubaybayan ko ang mangyayari dito.

    •  its more expensive kasi most group buying site ask for half of the profit. Very disorganized. Basta kung ano yung pwede pini-feature nila. consumers need quality of deals, consistent. Hindi random picks

    •  Kainis talaga yung mga ganyan. These group buying sites should really focus on improving the quality of their deals. Otherwise, customers will get disappointed and that could be the end of group buying in the Philippines.

  3.  I think the problem here is on the said hotel, maybe the hotel made or change their price more cheaper when the deal is still running on ensogo.

    •  In that case, Ensogo should really refund their customers. This does reek of fraud and false advertising.

    • both of them. the hotel couldn’t do such thing without the naughty ensogo advising them to, as a way to get their deal.

  4. wtf, i purchased three vouchers two days ago from ensogo.. now i wonder if they were really discounted coupons or just some sort of lame trick. if you guys know brandsfever, this website works just like ensogo. i checked the so-called discounted price from the featured products main website..and guess what, the “discounted” prices are just the same with their original prices. i’m not buying any vouchers from these anymore. they suck big time!

  5. wtf, i purchased three vouchers two days ago from ensogo.. now i wonder
    if they were really discounted coupons or just some sort of lame trick.
    if you guys know brandsfever, this website works just like ensogo. i compared their so-called discounted prices from the featured products’ main
    website..and guess what, the “discounted” prices are just the same with
    their original prices. the vouchers were not discounted at all. i’m not buying any vouchers from these anymore websites anymore.
    they suck big time!

    •  These sites that claim there’s a discount when in fact there is none are committing a fraud. They should be reported to the DTI so they can be sanctioned.

  6. FROM Ensogo’s site:

    We guarantee the Best Price. If you find a better deal within 30 days
    from the same merchant, we will refund you twice the difference. 


    • In my email asking for a refund, I actually cited that clause I found in their Terms and Conditions. I hope Ensogo would honor that. It’s been a week and I’ve heard nothing from them. I’ll follow up next week.

    • etchos yan. how will it be featured in another site if they’re asking for EXCLUSIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i do also buy at different website for food and skincare only.If it’s a getaway place i do make sure to check the resort or yung place kasi baka hindi rin talaga discounted. 

  8. tourist and vacationist will be gain through service and accommodation provided with a reasonable price. that’s  business life or theirs will end… 

  9. Ensogo Rapide promo was a big crap!!! it’s just a big come on so that you’ll go to their shop. I availed 3 vouchers then when my husband went to Rapide to avail it… they are requiring so many thing to change… there will be an additional of almost 5k for the aircon cleaning voucher…. to think our car is just 2008 model. with the aircon still functioning well… my hubby just wanted to try and use the voucher I bought… I hope ensogo wouldn’t put a crap deal like that again!!! 

  10. from experience, it is not really the group buying site’s fault but the hotel’s. 

    when these group buying sites strike a deal with any establishment, they rely on what deals/prices the establishments give them. usually these establishments will give the “published rate” (and the group buying site will discount that by 50% more or less). then when you contact the establishment straight, they lower their fees to entice you to deal with them directly. 

    ensogo once offered 50% off on the annual fee of a shooting range in manila. when i called the shooting range, they were offering the same thing. they’re not supposed to do that for as long as ensogo has the same deal because what ends up happening is that the shooting range just uses ensogo for its marketing but tries to get people to purchase these deals with them directly, depriving the group buying site of its commissions (which, in my opinion, they deserve for marketing the product/deal).

  11. i am a seller who had several meetings with different group buying sites. i recently had a meeting with cleverbuy who did a presentation to us and gave me a nice folder as a reference. representative clearly stated their company cannot do such thing and theres no way the smart end users will not find out while greedy merchants and deceitful group buying sites will get away with from. thank you for the heads up,!

    • So how come so many businesses report about late payments from Cleverbuy, their staff not answering calls, and even the staff says that the German guy, who owns Cleverbuy, is like a dictator and recently like laid of 10 people? Why not say you’re some Cleverbuy staff upfront? Or even the German boss himself? The owner of Danielli Spa told me even he was dissappointed by the less than 100 sales you made him. He was so highly speaking about you guys but in the end you failed to live to his standards. Boo.

  12. Feel free to share more of your experiences (good/bad) with group buying sites at Post a comment or two under our deal’s comment section or post to our FB page.

    We are hoping to make group buying a more enjoyable experiences for buyers by highlighting the good sites and warn users on the reported sites.

    If you are new at group buying in Philippines, see our Dealshelve Sites where we list all the group buying sites that we are aggregating.

  13. They may have some internal flaws but hey they’re not robots. People work for ensogo can make mistakes too, like us. We should not always be too demanding and learn how to be good buyers too.

    • Wow Ann, so you mean requesting for a full 100% refund like for this Gordion Hotel disaster would be too much to ask for? Or one will be a “bad buyer” if one asks for a refund then? What’s a “good buyer”? Are you working for Ensogo? Everyone makes mistakes, but the mistake of Ensogo is that they offer this blogger only 50% refund upfront and the other 50% after he removes his negative review about Ensogo. Never heard about freedom of expression? Ensogo can pull off this show in they’re home country Thailand, where they’re from, but this is the Philippines, and thank god we have the DTI, which is currently investigating Ensogo and its scams.

      • No. I don’t work for Ensogo, I work for a real estate company and yes I’ve heard about freedom of expression – here’s an example of expressing one’s opinion and expression. All I want to say is that people make mistakes, not everything can be solved with anger and harsh ways and I think there is a reason why they are currently the leading buying site. That’s all. Thanks.

  14. I have a problem too, my account was deducted twice the amount. And I don’t know how to get in touch with Ensogo because their landlines are always busy.

  15. If an only if you delete this blog post, thats great work on their end.

    hopefully they get a clue now that they have different owners

  16. Groupon goes above and beyond to keep its customers happy – to the point na may mga nangaabuso. Biro mo, Groupon refunds at any time, no questions asked, and still some people ask to refund kahit na nagamit na nila yung voucher. Pero because of this “no questions asked” policy, madaming consumers (and merchants) ang masaya! If only all the other sites were like this.

  17. consumers beware. let’s not be misled by so called “discounts”. hope ensogo takes ownership and as a business recoginizes:”customer is king”. All businesses have a responsibility to its’ consumers

    Ann Margaret. you are a stupid woman.
    you will realize that once the same happens to you.

  18. naku.. i had also experience same scam to other GBS. already raised them up to DTI. i suggest to you raised it to para mas lalong mamonitor ng  DTI mga GBS..

  19. I bought a coupon for Dezato. They changed the terms of the coupon after the sale. Very unfair I think and as usual, no reply from Ensogo when you confront them about it. I only use deal grocer now.

  20. I bought the Dezato deal as well, they just changed the items that can be gotten with the vouchers – how rude and unprofessional of this company who came from Thailand. I heard Ensogo is not even a registered business in the Philippines.

  21. Really? Ensogo was featured on TV months ago db? Tsssk. And, I was about to purchase a voucher from them, buti na lang nabasa ko tung post na to. 😐

  22. it really helps.. most of us here in our office.. availing voucher from ENSOGO and other group buying sites.. we’re now aware.. thanks James.  🙂

  23. ENSOGO is a sister company of Living Social here in North America. Another group buying site.
    Actually, Living Social bought Ensogo ASIA. Recently in the news, andaming reklamo sa mga deals ng Living social! kaya BEWARE!

  24. I also find some Travel Deals not cheap. They have a 3D/2N stay in HK for 13,999 they say its should be 31,000. But if you check other Travel agents, they can give you the deal for 11,000 including Disneyland Entrance Tickets and Half Day City Tour. For Ensogo, these two attractions are not even included and extra costs for you. So I think, we are not saving for the Travel bit at all. Ill try to avoid these deals. It’s a rip-off I would say.

  25. This happened to us before when we purchased the Sofitel Buffet from Ensogo. Ensogo offered it at 1500 each (inclusive of wine) – other dealsite offered it for only 1100. Yes, it was 50% because it has a wine, but we don’t actually need the wine. Still a waste of money. 🙁

    This deal sites are good only if:
    1. you are familiar with the merchant
    2. you read before you purchase. Sometimes there are deals that are too far to your place.

    i only purchase vouchers if deals are really discounts (i.e buy 250 worth of 500 food & drinks at merchants).

    Just sharing. 🙂

  26. same issue i had in refunding my money back.. i was browsing about the deal for a zest airways ticket, when my system messed up. i’m still unsure if i will get the deal or not. anyways, to cut the story short, when i restarted my laptop.. and checked what happened to the deal i’m browsing it shows that i was able to get the deal. i immediately called ensogo’s office but no one bothers to pick up the phone. i emailed them, then after a day, i received a response that they haven’t receive the payment through my credit card.. so that’s still considered unsold. i notified them that i don’t want to get the deal anymore because of other cheap offers made by the airline company themselves.. i received an email saying that they won’t continue the processing of my deal. after a day or two, i called my credit card issuer, if the deal went through, and they told me without hesitation that YES, the payment was made, and it will be billed in addition to my other successful credit card transaction.

    second issue was, i bought a RAPIDE deal.. when i get there, aside from paying for the deal.. since it was really incomplete for a full aircon cleaning!!! i ended up paying 3999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    since then, i told myself, that i wouldn’t buy anything from ensogo.

    PLEASE.. guy’s stop buying from ensogo. 

    i would recommend cash cash pinoy..

    and metrodeal

  27. False advertising, anyone? Patrons were instead made to “feast” on a limited buffet at the nearby Noodle Works restaurant:
    Resorts World Manila Buffet

    Only P588 per person for an Eat-All-You-Can breakfast or lunch with
    refillable drinks and 5+1 bucket of beer at Bar 360, plus Free RWM
    Membership and Match and Play bonus bet worth P300 at Resorts World
    Manila (valued at P1,735)

  28. I tried it for the first time and bought their seasons buffet for 24
    pax. There was a problem with their system and I ended up paying for 72
    vouchers instead. I tried writing them an email explaining that I only
    needed 24 vouchers but got a reply that they will get back to me no
    more than 72 hours. After 72 hours with no reply I send another email
    and immediately received a reply with the exact wording from their first
    email of a response not later than 72 hours. It must be an automatic
    system reply. Six days later still no reply and none of their phones
    work. Its really frustrating.

    Does any of you know how to get in touch with them? Any help is much appreciated.

    • hi,

      we have the same problem. i bought 7 vouchers of their pinatubo adventure last june for 1998/head. we were booked for the trip in november.  then  2 months ago, the organizer- access8, advised me that the pinatubo tour is moved due to road constructions and weather. the thing is, we cannot push through with the trip beyond november because of conflict in schedule. i called ensogo and they told me that i can request for a refund by emailing them. so i did. 

      here comes the juicy part. after emailing them the voucher details and following up constantly, i keep receiving the same email which says they would contact me in not more than 72 hours. i tried calling their numbers but nobody was picking up. i tried emailing again and again and again and i keep receiving the same message- which, as you were saying, is probably an auto system reply.

      im refunding a total of almost Php14,000.00 and i still haven’t heard a word from them. should i now go to DTI and formally complain the company?

      any help is much appreciated as well. you can email me at thank you.

  29. i just want to share my bad incident with that group buy site called
    ensogo and their resorts world buffet deal. the friend who invited me
    blogged about it:

    ensogo unfortunately is getting quite popular for their misleading
    ads. it seems like they are growing too fast to keep up with their many
    promises on their website, sad to say.

    who wants to join us to file a complaint against ensogo at dti and
    nbi? their landline never works, i am so disgusted that it seems like
    ensogo is becoming more and more of a scam. they already ripped me off
    with their zest air deal hoopla. will call now my friends at the media
    to report them.

  30. I’m also a subscriber of this group buying deals. Though I never experienced what you guys does. Sign up me up to file complaint against them. Thanks guys for warning us.

  31. they have this kind of promo again,but this time with here is the link:

  32. ENSOGO IS SUCH A SCAM. They offered an apology on their FB page but the
    gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals. They
    blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my
    refund for the Pisobid fiasco. also was avictim of the Fila deal. They
    keep blaming other people but can’t accept that they are a stupid
    company with poor customer service and scam deals (see bacolod inasal

    • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE, SUCH A SCAM! Just today, I called one of the merchants, Melo’s
      steakhouse for 4 vouchers worth P700. Felt like we’ve been scammed by this offer. This was not a good deal, voucher was not applicable as a discount but rather a way to get more people go to the restaurant and be forced to order as much to use your voucher. You can only use the voucher if you are a pair. And it was Not even a discount voucher. It was even better if we just went to the restaurant without this “voucher” and order as a regular customer. The said voucher was not a discount coupon or a discounted deal for a specific item. Talked to the staff of the restaurant, they said I should get back with Ensogo for this, see how the merchants and Ensogo are working together.. they are pushing people to blame the other party for the worst experience they caused. Such a waste of money!

  33. i’m not sure who to blame but i purchased wart removal treatment from ensogo. the deal is with the beauty room/embassy spa. the doctor was late for more than an hour so i requested the receptionist to call the doctor (dr. christine V – sabi ng receptionist). she was far pa daw. so i talked to the doc. she wasn’t apologetic, in fact she asked me why i was early daw kasi. BAD talaga. i demanded for my money back right at that moment. they said it’s not the policy but i was fuming so they didn’t have any choice. 

    i will never ever go to the beauty room/embassy spa at manila pavilion ever ever ever again.

    and i will never buy from ensogo again.

    • Hi, this is Czarina from GMA7 News TV, I’d like to ask if I could have
      your contact details, I would like to make further inquiries regarding
      this kind of alleged online purchasing scam. You may send an email at

      Looking forward, thanks!

  34. Hi, this is Czarina from GMA7 News TV, I’d like to ask if I could have
    your contact details, I would like to make further inquiries regarding
    this kind of alleged online purchasing scam. You may send an email at

    Looking forward, thanks!

  35. I would like to join those who are going to file a complaint with DTI.  Same bad experience. I could not contact merchant for a service and I tried reporting to Ensogo with no response.  It’s been a very disgusting experience compared to other deals.  Please contact me at or 09162275018 if you need more supporters for the complaint.

  36. same here. had a bad experience with ensogo, i bought a voucher for an hour of  massage for about 150 and since i’ve been busy with work, i almost forgot the said voucher, 2-3 wks before the voucher expires, i tried calling the contact nos. provided in the deal to book and avail the massage,, however, the said contact nos. were always busy so i tried calling one of the branches,accdg to the receptionist, bookings should be made only by calling their main office, i emailed ensogo  a couple of times to ask for assistance in making a reservation and waited for their  reply, but to no avail, i didn’t get any reply form them. though it was only 300, it still is my hard-earned money.

  37. same here. had a bad experience with ensogo, i bought a voucher for an
    hour of  massage for about 150 and since i’ve been busy with work, i
    almost forgot the said voucher, 2-3 wks before the voucher expires, i
    tried calling the contact nos. provided in the deal to book and avail
    the massage,, however, the said contact nos. were always busy so i tried
    calling one of the branches,accdg to the receptionist, bookings should
    be made only by calling their main office, i emailed ensogo  a couple of
    times to ask for assistance in making a reservation and waited for
    their  reply, but to no avail, i didn’t get any reply form them. though
    it was only 300(for 2 pax), it still is my hard-earned money

  38. Another Ensogo victim here. I purchased their La Carmela de Boracay deal,P 6,940 using a credit card for a 3d/2n quad sharing accommodation for me and my family last December 12,2011. Reservation was immediately made the same day for February 2-4,2012 travel. At first they were responsive to my emails until they informed me that my preferred travel date is not available and that I was waitlisted. I sought their assistance telling them that it is the only time we will be in Boracay,they told me that they will get back to me as soon as the get an update from the hotel. Since then no emails were received from them,I made follow-ups regarding my reservation but no email was received. I sent them another email one week before our flight and this time I was blaming them for their irresponsible customer service was was asking for a refund. They replied to my email telling me they were sorry to inform me that La Carmela de Boracay has no available on those dates. How irresponsible and unapologetic of them! I really want a refund because the vouchers are of no use to me anymore. I hope someone could help me and other consumers on this!

    • better not to get the tour packages. Mas okay ng mejo mahal kesa maraming hassles.Iba talaga kapag promo, maybe less priority for the customers

    • much better kung hotel accomodations lng na promo kukunin nyo ,so far sa ganun wala akong hassles, kapag may airfare/ tour kasi parang medyo magulo at di mo makukuha ang magandang slots minsan

  39. just noticed that they do NOT have a limit on the number of deals being sold… one time, I saw a bora package at P4500 for 3D2N including airfare…  I was about to buy the deal when I noticed the “1024 sold” msg below the buy button (there’s 12 hrs left to buy)… imagine, validity is one year, but the Inn has 5 rooms only…(for me, size of the hotel or inn doesn’t matter as long as it’s beachfront)… how many weekends do we have in one year? around 54? multiply by 5 rooms = 270… in one year, only 270 of the 1024 sold deals will be able to avail the package on weekends like fri to sun… that’s 3D2N,  so let’s say another 270 for sun to tue… another 270 on tue to thur… total is 810 ONLY… they’ve sold more than they could accommodate…

    • As a regular user of group buying sites I think it is reasonable to point out that hotels and resorts are mostly open 365 days a year and that they do not promise, or even suggest, that they can guarantee weekend stays for promotions. To take advantage of extra cheap rates it is best to understand that a little flexibility from the consumer side is required.

      My advice, look for resorts offering deals with longer availability so that if you really want a weekend date you can choose one later in the offer. But if you really want to guarantee a weekend date within a couple of weeks then book directly with the resort.

      You may pay a little more but you will get the dates that you want.

      • I see, but even for 365 days it will still be short even we include all the 365 days..
        365 days * 5 rooms = 1825

        1825 / 3 nights = 608 available slots.

        So what flexibility do you really need..

        and of course, if we remove the weekend then available slot will go down a little further.

        What I would suggest is to not use(or think about) ensogo but to contact the resort directly.. there are plenty of site where they give you off-peak season rate which will give you a good steal.

  40. just noticed that they do NOT have a limit on the number of deals being sold… one time, I saw a bora package at P4500 for 3D2N including airfare…  I was about to buy the deal when I noticed the “1024 sold” msg below the buy button (there’s 12 hrs left to buy)… imagine, validity is one year, but the Inn has 5 rooms only…(for me, size of the hotel or inn doesn’t matter as long as it’s beachfront)… how many weekends do we have in one year? around 54? multiply by 5 rooms = 270… in one year, only 270 of the 1024 sold deals will be able to avail the package on weekends like fri to sun… that’s 3D2N,  so let’s say another 270 for sun to tue… another 270 on tue to thur… total is 810 ONLY… they’ve sold more than they could accommodate…

  41. Ensogo Philippines ripped me off by charging an item worth P999 I did not order. Looks like I’m not the only one. Please warn other could-be victims. I got refunded promptly by and for overcharges, but Ensogo Philippines never bothered to respond to my complaints. Check out:  

  42. Purchased 8 of their Inasal Chicken Bacolod (ICB) deal last Nov. 2011 at P75.00 each. Even before purchasing the said deal, I called up the merchant at SM Manila to confirm the said deal and was assured that the deal was valid and will be available 1st wk of December. My husband was able to use 1 voucher immediately when the day of redeeming the voucher came. I was in SM City Manila with friends Monday the following week and called up ICB in that branch to confirm I will be dropping by to use the voucher that lunch and was given a go signal for that. I surrendered the voucher immediately upon entering the establishment so I was really surprised to be informed the voucher is no longer valid! The staff was apologetic telling me they were only RECENTLY informed about it. It’s really embarassing because we were already seated. But knowing I did my part to verify the voucher even before entering their establishment, I asserted the fact that they should honor it since I made a phone call prior to availing the vouchers and they gave their go signal for it. I even requested to speak to the ICB head office. In the end, they also allowed me to use the vouchers. I still have 5 unused vouchers and ‘STILL” waiting for Ensogo to make good to refund the vouchers which they said will be in 12 working days because the deal was cancelled. I sent all the details of the info required by Ensogo 1st wk of January yet and made several follow ups but there is no refund to speak of. This deal was offered for 1 week, I kept monitoring it and although I was tempted to buy more, Im glad I did not. Approx. 13,900 purchased this deal, that’s equivalent to more than 1 Million pesos money in Ensogo’s custody! What more the other unattened complaints? If Ensogo is in good faith to return the money, they are in a position to easily do so, even the least in the form of credits since they have all info. of the customers, really no need to wait for the customers to request for a refund since they were the one who cancelled the deal! I still have to know someone who doesnt want his or her money refunded. If we can easily pay them with just a click of the mouse, they can refund the payment no matter how many the customers are since everything is already automated! It’s not like they have to send the refund my snail mail individually. Ensogo already removed all traces of the ICB purchase in my account,  dont know, perhaps, from the account of all who purchased the deal, if they can do that, is this a way to conceal their more than 1 Million Pesos obligation and act as if no problem existed? I hope Im wrong. Doing so  simply means they know their inventories… but how come they still need a refund request? delaying tactics? despite doing so,  how come there is still no refund to speak of even in the form of credits?  they did give a 150 credit for  this turned sour deal, that’s all? So before purchasing from them, be ready to take all the risks since complaints and negative feedbacks are screaming on their facebook page, not to mention those posts they deleted because they cant accept the feedback. I was able to purchase some other deals which are ok. But now, with this kind of service, it really makes me think twice before purchasing from them again. 

  43.  I’ve bought several vouchers from ensogo and so far I’m glad I’ve not experienced any problems with ensogo vouchers. Don’t use your credit cards.  It’s most likely a scam. 
    pay via BPI or BDO only.

      • likewise here, i had purchases a lot from ensogo using my credit card. Regarding delivery, they arrived as expected within the dates mentioned. Am luckier i guess i didn’t encounter any difficulties or irregularities at all from ensogo, metro deal, groupon.

        On the other hand, it was really very tempting when deals offered like Leisure with 3D/2N Accomodation and airfare and so on….but I always keep the urge from buying one as the chances of getting a definite date to avail such deals is very SLIM with the availability of your chosen date and other factors to consider. More even so if there were plenty who bought the deal. Chances are most likely I will not be able to use it at all.

  44. i just experienced the same problem with is group buying site… i purchased beverly hills polo club automatic lock belt, and ensogo says that the delivery date is from 13-29 feb 2012, but this now wala pa ang item ko…. wala rin sumasagot sa  contact number nila….

    • I have the same experience. I have been following up the voucher for the item I ordered. They don’t reply to emails and faxes. They don’t have human beings to answer the phone.. The customer service is terribly bad.

    • i purchased the same item…but i’ve got mine within delivery period by LBC. but surprisingly, the courier delivered it without getting the voucher nor the receipt…

  45. Same here… I bought the 4 in 1 Fuji Xeros machine from Ensogo.   They said that reservation of the item has already been place and delivery schedule is from Feb 6 to March 6 but until now (March 23) theyhave not deliver the item.  I called their office and e-mail them at the same time but to no avail.

  46. 2months na wala pa rin yung item eemail aq sakanila wla  nman response..kala q ang ensogo d scam?kya ngavail aq ng voucher..napanood q kc sa tonight with arnold clavio kasama sa mga guest nia ung ensogo kya naisip q d nman cgro sila mgiinterview ng scam…mali lang pala akala q!..

    • What?! I bought a cake for mama in celeb of mother’s day, and I’m going to pick it up this Sunday. Goodness, wag lang sana may additional fee. Hidden fees are fraud advertisement Ensogo!

    • i bought this cake okay naman, you have to pay 130.00 kasi , depende po kasi yun sa price ng cake na bibilhin nyo. It’s like a discount coupon, although i had some problems with them regarding sa reservation, pero mas sinisi ko yung merchant. Although, i liked the cake! 🙂

  47. thanks for the post. after series of buying in online deal sites, i stopped. because most of them are not discounts at all! well some of them are (just to be fair).

    so ur suggestion is true, better research first.

  48. Over…. Thank you for the info. I think mas mainam ipull out na namin ung deal na gusto ng kuya ko. Buti nabasa ko to. Mapost nga sa wall nya ng makita nya.

  49. Naku Same here!!!!! I hate ensogo!!!! metrodeal is real but this one I think is a scam! I purchased 1 Set of Advance Body System worth PhP999, free delivery within manila but until now I haven’t received the item yet! I even visited ensogo main office in The Fort, (a big hassle on my part ‘coz I’m from Las Pinas) But the BullS**T part was when I asked the receptionist for follow-up regarding my purchased item she just told me that they don’t have a control on that, I rather asked for the contact number of their merchant but she told me that they don’t have any contact number of their merchant, which is NAPAKA-LAKING KATANGAHAN naman nun!!! Kumuha sila ng merchant without any contact numbers?? That’s really BS!!! I went there para makakuha ng sagot per sayang lang ang effort ko! Gumastos pa sa gas!!

    I’ve been sending them an email but no one is replying or at least sending me an acknowldgement receipt on my message! Very disappointing! I know that’s 999.00 is just a small amount to be pissed, but I’m more concerned for their high valued items to be purchased by an innocent person like me! I will try to report this to DTI to avoid this to happen again! Guys, pagtulungan natin sila!!! SCAMMERS should not be TOLERATED!!!

  50.  Hi. I am looking for someone who avail a deal from any dealing sites and confirmed that the deal is not true. Something like summer related deals. Feel free to respond on this thread or message me through fb at thanks

  51. I bought avea naturals soap last April 13, 2012, pero until now wala pa rin ako nareceived.i emailed, pero walang nagrereply. i called many times sa phone number nila wla din sumasagot.sana ayusin naman nila ang service nila, kaya nga online buying para less stress at less hassle pero mukhang kabaligtaran ang nangyayari. It seems wala na sila gaano malasakit sa customer kapag nabayaran na yung deals na offer nila…

    • As you can read from my username, I am a DTI officer from the consumer complaints division. Ensogo is surely liable for the scam and fraud they have committed in this case. Also, as a matter of fact, we have received so far 50 complaints against Ensogo for this year alone. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to report an Ensogo scam, fraud or fake deal from to us via – Thank you very much and we’re looking forward in assisting you in obtaining refund and appropriate remedies and have the respective culprit party penalized.

  52. As you can read from my username, I am a DTI officer from the consumer complaints division. Ensogo is surely liable for the scam and fraud they have committed in this case. Also, as a matter of fact, we have received so far 50 complaints against Ensogo for this year alone. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to report an Ensogo scam, fraud or fake deal from to us via – Thank you very much and we’re looking forward in assisting you in obtaining refund and appropriate remedies and have the respective culprit party penalized.

    • I bought worth 2500 voucher from ensogo for Medical Mendez Group service. Accordign to the advertisemnt and the voucher.  It is valid from June to December. I went to Mendez and they told me voucher can only be used on November.   this is Scam, this is Fraud.

  53. There was also one instance wherein Excellent Massage had their promo discount wherein consumers have just about to buy the regular price for it. Excellent massage doubled the price of their massage service and for 50 percent of you will still get the regular price indeed! Such cheaters! Ensogo should always conduct a study first before featuring Merchants service price!

  54. The best is Groupon former Beeconomic. If you think that the deal is unfair to you, you can have your moneyback! For Metrodeal, no contact numbers at all!!!! you can only contact them through email! 

  55. i also have a bad experience with cleverbuy..the merchant told me that cleverbuy havent given any payment or a percentage in advance to them, to the merchant so they are not accepting any voucher fr. the fraud cleverbuy. when i availed the milk rebond of shone makeover, i didnt received any notification in my email that i have purchased the service. dragonpay isnt forwarding purchase/payment notifications. somebidy from thefraud cleverbuy cimpany called me to deposit my payment to their account cleverbuy and so did i. sobrang makulit ng agent so the thought of having contacted by an agent will expedite the process. after the deposit, the number that called me isnt reachable na. and until now cant reach them. i even went to megamall to complain but their kiosk wa already closed. a terrible bad buying expetience. what more to the merchants na more than 50k pa receivables. it’s really hard to trust online shops. i want to refund pero pano and saan? anyone, please help. thanks9

  56. I also ordered from Ensogo last April 30, but until now the item is not delivered.  Already emailed and called their number many times but couldn’t get a reply; their phone just kept on ringing. VERY BAD COMPANY – don’t patronize! Seen a lot of complaints already… to0 bad I didn’t see the  volume of complaints before paying my orders to this Ensogo *sigh*

    • YEAH!


      Have it picked up as much as possible. I bought a watch, last October 7, redemption and delivery period on Oct 26-Nov 26. I followed up last Nov 15, they said the item was already dispatched for delivery. But then Nov 24 came, still no item. So i went there to have it picked up instead but Guess what, They said started dispatching items for delivery last November 20(tuesday)! then they’re saying it usually take 2 days for the item to get delivered. GUYS, Its already Nov 24, still no item!!

      They’re a bunch of liars!

      So i suggest, have your item picked up as much as possible

  57. I just bought an item at ENSOGO up to now i havent receive any update on when will be the delivery or if theyre still planning to deliver it. ive been sending them emails but still no reply.. i purchased the item 1 month ago!!!! 

  58. I purchased an ensogo offer last May 2, 2012 and until now no voucher was available. I really want to use the voucher! I’ve been calling them for ages and no one answers!They suck!I want a refund!

  59. It’s my 3rd time to email them regarding a product that i bought 2 months ago. the voucher states that it is free nationwide delivery but until now it is still not yet delivered. the voucher had expired already. they haven’t responded to any of my emails…leason learned: never deal with ensogo…

  60. BUYERS BEWARE. mabilis lang sa bayaran and ENSOGO. Its been more than a month wala pa din un item ko. They told me as soon as the deal was close forwarded na daw sa LBC mga items, when I ask for tracking # wala pa daw kasi by bulk daw ang pag forward nila sa LBC. Which is impossible, 1 month na hinde pa na pprocess ng LBC. don’t blame other companies for their incompetencies.
    I dont know kung dadating pa un item or baka na scam na ko. tsk tsk tsk…..

  61. I bought 2 USB Flashdrives from Ensogo, I only got 1 USB, the other item was said to be delivered. its been 3 weeks now and i have not received any emails from their end, not even a call. I dont want to make a scene at their office but it really pisses me of because i already went there 2x last month 🙁 sayang sa pamasahe. Same hir, nobody is available to take my call…

  62. my office mate ordered APPETON weight gain for adult, we found out na it’s being tampered, the packaging is way different from the authentic Appeton. Actually we took pictures of it. for God sake she’ll be using sana for her sick mom, based on the original package kasi we removed the paper it says APPETON weight gain for children 2-7 yo. VERY DISAPPOINTING, INCONSIDERATE and GREEDY company. BEWARE of ENSOGO!!!

  63. scam ang ensogo 100%!!!! ichacharge nila credit card mo upon purchasing their products then pagka check mo ulit after few weeks nakalagay refunded na daw kahit hindi mo naman nirerefund!!!! wtf!!!! i can say naloko ako! malay ko ba, sinabi lang sakin to ng friend ko hindi naman namin alam na scam sila! pag tinwagan mo or inemail mo sila hindi mo sila macocontact! once naman na macontact mo mag rereason out sila na hold lang daw sa line tapos pagihihntayin ka hindi na babalik or ibababa ang phone! lago sakin tong ensogo na to! lahat ng yan papahuli ko mga manloloko! ang hirap hirap kitain ng pera tapos ganon na lng! wala ba kayo pamilya?! lagot talaga kayo sakin irereport ko kayo kaya humanda na kayo!

  64. I bought 2 vouchers for a day tour Chateau Royale Nasugbu Batangas. Yesterday, Sept 29, 2011 I and a friend of mine used the voucher. The voucher includes a BUFFET LUNCH, but was not complied with. Please ENSOGO please be honest and truthful with your deals. We your clients really take serious all the items you put in there and we believe it to be true. You are disgussing and this will be my last and first to patronize you …. you tell lies … you are not honest in your dealings with your customers …. all of us will not a next deal on you …. nakakadala kayo!!!!

  65. I have a piece of advice for ensogo buyers


    Have it picked up as much as possible. I bought a watch, last October 7, redemption and delivery period on Oct 26-Nov 26. I followed up last Nov 15, they said the item was already dispatched for delivery. But then Nov 24 came, still no item. So i went there to have it picked up instead but Guess what, They said started dispatching items for delivery last November 20(tuesday)! then they’re saying it usually take 2 days for the item to get delivered.

    They’re a bunch of liars!

    So i suggest, have your item picked up as much as possible

  66. so it seems that I am not the only one having problem with Ensogo. I purchased slimming vest in June and guess what..I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THE THING. I first emailed the supplier and I was told that they have already forwarded all items to Ensogo office so I emailed customer service and after a few weeks I got a reply asking me if I already received the product. I told them I did not. They did not reply back. After waiting for a few more weeks, I called them (long distance since I am in Dubai) and I was told that they are still processing the delivery and even if the voucher has already expired they will still deliver it. I asked my mom to follow up on them too and they said the same thing. That call was made in October. Up to now, I haven’t received the item. So I will never, ever buy again from Ensogo! What a waste of money!

  67. SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16GB Flash Drive (Black)

    Cashcash Pinoy – 699 (free shipping, delivery by april 12 )!/3-electronics/217-digital-storage-solutions/d/11199-16gb-sandisk-cruzer-glide

    Lazada – 589 (free shipping, next day delivery)

    I have received some good deals before with Cashcash Pinoy and other group sites. However, these were purchased with utmost caution and with a great deal of research. Do your research before you hit the BUY button.

  68. Is that so!…and here i was thinking of getting a deal from ensogo…i thought i was good will save me some money….now ill just forget about ensogo ill try to find something else..

  69. let me share to all of you the worst experience that we had with ENSOGO..first, flight was cancelled on the day itself without notifying us..we were already in airport when we found out..their travel and tour manager could not be contacted during that time..luckily, we were able to contact the manager from the customer service and what he did is to encourage us to “demand” that we should be transf…erred to other available ba moral support lng ang kaya nilang ibigay..kaya kming magkakapatid ang gumawa ng paraan pra malipat kmi sa flight ng PAL..we thought after nmin maayos ang okay mageenjoy n kmi..we were all wrong..when we arrived at the puerto princesa airport..wlang van na magsusundo sa amin…ang lakas p nmn ng ulan..pinagantay p kmi ng more than 20 mins pra lang think n we texted them na natuloy ang flight nmin at wla clang dpat i-cancel sa mga reservation nila..third,pagdting nmin ng el nido di pla kmi naka booked sa kht n anong hotel at lodge 1am ng fri wla kming choice kundi maghanap ng peak season so wla tlga kming makita na mag accomodate sa amin ng hanggang sun..fortunately,yng driver maraming kakilala..ayun sya pa ang tumulong sa amin makahanap ng lodge..nakapagpahinga kmi ng past 3am na..
    the bottomline is nag purchase kmi ng travel package sa ensogo for convenience and yet puro problema ang binigay nila sa amin mula sa flight hanggang accomodation hanggang sa paguwi nmin ng Manila..natuloy ang lakad nmin dhil sa diskarte nmin..wla kming napala sa ENSOGO..”stress-cation” ang offer nila at hindi “vacation”..

    • pano natin mairereport ito? down daw ang website ng ensogo pero upon checking sa,

      ensogo website is up naman pala for selected customers. nag order ako ng Quality Wardrobe Storage worth Php 649 plus Php 85 for shipping and Handling daw. I waited for about 2 months tapos na yung delivery date wal pa rin yung item ko, I e-mailed them sabi naubusan daw kaya wait na lang daw ako, after another 1 month ng pangungulit ko at nagagalit na ako thru email, irerefund na lang daw yung ibinayad ko pero credits. I bought credits to purchase the item worth 900 so ibinalik nga nila sa akin yung amount thru credits. I was undecided to use it to buy for another deal dahil nadadala na ako, so after 2 weeks I tried to buy na but to my dismay down na ang website ng ensogo since 3 days!! What a BS!!! Let’s file a complaint. Bw*sit!!

  70. BEAUVAL, FRANKREICH 25. Januar: Zi Yuan, eine m?nnliche Riesenpanda und Huan Huan, ein weibliches Riesenpanda, teilen ihr Leben in ihrem Gehege im Zoo Parc de Beauval am 25. Januar 2012 in Beauval, Frankreich. Ein Paar von Riesenpandas, die in den Zoo nach China, wo sie hoffen, dass das Paar reproduzieren und dazu beitragen, die weltweit schwindenden Panda Bev?lkerung ausgeliehen wurden. (Foto von Franck Prevel / Getty Images)


    • Question Mr. Michael Dantes, how’s the perfume when u used it?I got some feedbacks from a friend that the perfume smell doesn’t last long. It’s not authentic kaya ang baba masyao ng prices nila sa website.

  72. Beware of ensogo. wala silang consideration sa mga customers sila. They only want our money. Rude customer service.

    • I fully agree here… Poor customer service. Had my purchase Jan. 29, up to this date wala pa delivery…. @#$@$%^!!!

  73. Yes BEWARE OF ENSOGO…this make me feel great when i saw their product with “FREE DELIVERY WITH IN METRO MANILA”…..something like this FREE DELIVERY –
    Multifunction Movable Stand available in 2 sizes + FREE DELIVERY WITHIN METRO MANILA SKU:150331-4160463….its sound great to me since i don’t have to go to their office to pick it up. Then they send me the verification code, for curiosity i try to call there number for many times, it always drop…that no one care to answer it. Just to verify that its free delivery. Then I email the Fine Print like this
    Fine Print:

    Valid from: 2015-04-06

    Expires: 2015-04-16

    Voucher is valid for

    Multifunction Movable Stand (Small) for P259 (valued at P500)

    Multifunction Movable Stand (Medium) for P299 (valued at P600)

    Purchase limit: Unlimited

    Product is available for pick-up 1 business day after purchase, valid for 10 days. If not picked up within this period, product will be discarded.

    Ensogo Office is open for redemption from Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

    Please present voucher upon claiming the product.

    Delivery is guaranteed within 3 business days after purchase.

    Please fill in delivery detail after clicking ‘Buy’ and ensure that the information is correct.

    Shipping will be made from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30AM to 6:00PM (not valid on holidays).


    For concerns regarding redemption, please call Ensogo Customer Service hotline: 555-6868 from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM ONLY (closed on weekends and holidays.)

    Warranty: 7-day replacement

    Terms apply unless otherwise noted.

    Product shipment terms:

    The company reserves the right to withhold delivery if the shipping and contact details are incomplete, particularly the contact number.

    Shipping fee is calculated according to weight, quantity purchased and shipping location. Shipping fee will be disclosed upon filling in the shipping detail.

    After 2 failed delivery attempts, product will be stored at Ensogo then will be discarded if not claimed within 30 days.

    Upon receiving, please inspect immediately whether the product is in good condition.

    Ensogo Terms:

    Price is inclusive of service charge and VAT.

    All paid transactions are subject to refund policy.

    This cannot be used in conjunction with senior citizen card, and any discount card or promotion.

    Prepare your ID so you can present it to the shipping crew on your scheduled shipping date or to the Ensogo counter for pick-up. Your ID should serve as a key for claiming your product. You may also be asked to also present the credit card used in the purchase. If your product will be claimed by a representative, make sure that a photocopy of your ID, the credit card used, and a signed authorization letter are provided.

    The pictures are for reference only

    Terms and Conditions

    Please present a valid printed copy of Ensogo Voucher upon redemption (Self Pick-up or Delivery)

    Then this is their reply to me:

    Rain DS (ensogo)

    Apr 10, 11:09


    Upon checking on your account, this item is for Pick-up. Redeem at: Pick-up Point: Ensogo Office: 2F W Office Building, 28th St., Cor. 11th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. We have reviewed your account and no delivery shipping details has been submitted for that item.

    Thank you,
    Ensogo PH Team

    I made my decision to report them to Department of Trade and Industry.

  74. just like me, worsr experince happen when i order on thier website, i paid the product worth 3, in 7-11, it was on march 27, 2015, i did not click for pick up (the item) until 10 days for waiting to deliver no one item deliver on my door, then i contact to their one in only contact number 5556868, i wait for 6 minutes to answer my call, it’s always busy, it takes 2 days to contact them, gladly they answer my call, and they said that my order is for pick up which is not since i do not have time to pick it up, i made an authorization and sent a person to pick my order, sad and dissarter what they said, their is no item available (what a bad day) and my sister call me and lend her phone to one of their staff, promise to deliver the item and charge me for the delivery charge, i agree ( no choice), they promise that they deliver the item in april 16 to 22..gladly the 2 item deliver but the remaining one is not, another 4 days waiting for the last one to deliver, i emailed them gladly they answered, and said that the item i bought was for pick up, another bull shit day…(disaster online website)…pls be responsible with your job, and your life is your customer, how your website survive if all of your customer will not buy your item.

  75. Hi, I’ve encountered some issues with Ensogo too.. I’m trying to contact them for almost 2 weeks now. Ordered an amount of more than P5,000 for watch and bedsheet and paid it via credit card. But I only received the bedsheet. And all the numbers indicated on their site are not working! What the hell! Can you please tell me where to contact them? More than P5,000 is not a small amount for me. They should be responsible for this one! Or else we could file some case regarding this

  76. I just bought 2 miracle socks at Ensogo last month, April 2015. It was delivered 4 days after I paid for it. When the products came, I checked it and I noticed that the boxes were old and teared already like it was opened by someone who checked the products. I am very disappointed at it. Next, I also ordered 4pcs of LED Light Bulb. The watts of the bulb that I ordered is 7. When it was delivered 10 days after I paid for it, they gave me a wrong watts percentage. Instead of 7 watts I received 3 watts.

    I’m thinking that this kind of online store will harm many people. I just wanted to warn all the costumers that think that Ensogo is a great online shop in the Philippines. Actually it is not. I’m very disappointed. I will not order again any products at Ensogo. Bad costumer service, bad products and selling fake products. I really hate ENSOGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Waste of MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. guys the perfumes on Ensogo are not authentic!tested na po namin because the perfume I bought for my wife doesn’t last long not like the authentic ones I bought for her in perfume shops.that’s why they are giving big discounts because those perfumes are FAKE!

    • omg im glad i searched before I even do my purchase. I saw clinique happy for men that I would like to give as a gift to my husband, I was kind of skeptical with the price coz its too good to be true. It was 64% off original price. now I just have to let that deal go. thank you.

  78. Nag purchase ako ng massage voucher sa ensogo, pls lang wag na wag nyo kunin ang duchess spa along visayas ave., ndi matino kausap ang may ari.. ndi professional.. tapos nag ask ako ng refund sa ensogo, until now mag 2 months na ndi pa nila narerefund ang pera ko… kausap ko si bet cano sa email, at isang beses lang siya nag reply.. malamang pagbalik ko pinas ndi ko pa din nakukuha ang refund… sobrang walang kwenta ang ensogo… pls lang, kung ayaw nyo madismaya or maghintay ng napakatagal, wag na wag kau kukuha ng items sa kanila.. basta makuha nila ang pera, wala na sila pakielam sau khit sa pag refund, ndi ka nila marerefund kung wala kang tiyaga maghintay sa sobrang tagal… iinit lang ulo mo sa kanila..

  79. ALL SELLERS AT ENSOGO BEWARE Some Staff at Ensogo ph Scam you just like me. I sell that site im loosing money there. Staff at ensogo bought your selling there and after you shiip the order they automatically refunded with out prior noticed to the Seller. Staff at ensogo purchased your selling combine shipping as far as we know no combine shipping at after 4 weeks the combine shipping staff at ensogo purchased claim item not recieved even though seller marked ship by download the tracking # Staff ensogo purchased delivered but still they got refunded. Its Useless you download proof of delivery at ensogoph for the claim coz its refunded at ensogo staff purchased. Payout took Ages My big mistake i sell at ensogo ph


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