Top 5 Group Buying sites in the Philippines

Without a doubt, group buying websites have invaded the Philippines. We scoured the Internet and our latest count shows that there are at least 20 active (and legitimate) group buying sites operating in the country.

What is a Group Buying Site?

A Group Buying site banks on the power of “collective buying.”  It is a well-accepted fact that individually, people don’t have much bargaining power versus the seller when buying a product or service. When these people unite, though, they can as a group negotiate for lower prices or better deals.

In group buying sites, customers can typically get discounts of up to 90%. In most cases, these deals are exclusively offered through the sites. Anywhere else, these group discounts are not available — not even in the stores themselves.

The power of group buying indeed translates to huge discounts for Filipino users.

We looked at all these sites and the types of deals they offer. The result: our list of the 5 Best Group Buying sites in the country (in no particular order) — based on our own experience with them and various consumer comments and feedback seen on blogs and social media sites .

Top 5 Best Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

1. Beeconomic

Their site claims that they are “A Company of Groupon,” with Groupon being one of the pioneers of group buying worldwide. Beeconomic operates in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Deals are on after a minimum number of buyers have pledged to buy the product or service, which usually focus on the food, health, beauty and wellness niches. Their association with Groupon is one of the main reasons why Beeconomic ranks on our Top 5.

2. Metrodeal

Claiming to be the first in the country, Buyanihan is one of the few group buying sites that has an active non-Manila counterpart. Aside from the Manila deals, Buyanihan also has a simultaneous offer for the city of Cebu. I personally have purchased their D’Pond Fishing deal which I’ll use when I visit Cebu next month. Like most group buying sites, their offers are in the food, health, beauty and wellness arenas. They used to have only one deal per week but starting 2011, they are now introducing simultaneous offers. Their first-mover advantage, the presence of an active deals site for Cebu, and the range of offers land them a spot on our Top 5 list.

3. Deal Grocer

Deal Grocer stands out from the rest of the group buying sites because they focus on the premium line of products and services. Unlike other group buying sites, there is no minimum number of buyers required. Instead, they use a voucher system wherein the deal goes on as soon as the voucher is bought. Deal Grocer is clearly positioning itself as the site that offers “a taste of the good life” — and that is why it has earned its place on our Top 5. Check out, for instance, some of their offers: a private helicopter ride for P15,600 (orig. price: P25,000) and a P4,950 weekend stay at The Farm at San Benito (orig. price: P8,540). Sweet deals, indeed, for the good life.

4. eBay Deals

They may be late to arrive in the market, but eBay Philippines’ Deals is emerging to be a top contender in the local group buying market. Operated by auction site eBay, eBay Deals was no doubt a strategic move by eBay to further clinch their hold on the local online buyers’ market. Initially, they required a minimum number of buyers before a deal goes on. In the past years, though, the site evolved and simply highlighted special discount offers of its own pool of eBay members, with no need anymore for minimum orders. It was a good move, because eBay Deals now boasts of hundreds of discounted deals everyday from thousands of eBay members — which also explains why they are part of our Top 5 group buying sites.

5. CashCashPinoy

We’ve been transacting with CashCashPinoy since the start but its amateurish site (coupled with its funny and scammy-sounding website name) prevented us from putting it in our Top 5. But with Ensogo being demoted as a problem site in 2011 (read below) and after a major site overhaul of CashCashPinoy, the latter is now regarded as a professional group buying site. The new site layout also features not just one but a dozen offers from various trusted merchants. CashCashPinoy has truly earned its spot in our Top 5.

We are demoting Ensogo as a top group buying site because of a problematic incident with them back in 2011. Read about this problem with Ensogo here. A merchant featured on Ensogo maliciously advertised a service with a 50% discount — when in fact, you can get it cheaper when directly reserved from them. A month after we complained, Ensogo even had the gall to offer only a 50% refund of what we paid. The other 50% we will supposedly get IF AND ONLY IF we remove the blog post. Talk about lack of professionalism.

Other Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

  • Twangoo –
  • Local Roam –
  • Couppie –
  • Deal Spot –
  • Groupie –
  • Buyanihan –
  • Crazy Deals –
  • Cuponz –
  • Melo Deal –
  • Mura Ito –
  • Awesome –
  • Clever Buy –
  • Tipid ‘To –
  • eTreet –
  • My Shop Mates –
  • Pakyaw –

What’s your favorite group buying site?

278 thoughts on “Top 5 Group Buying sites in the Philippines”

  1. Tingin nyo iisang tao lang ang gumawa nyang mga sites na yan? Pareho sila ng scheme lalo na sa referrals eh.

    Go Pinoys! 🙂

  2. I’m quite surprised to see beeconomic, or even buyanihan, instead of cashcashpinoy in the top 5. I thought more people knew about cashcashpinoy than the other 2. Aside from the fact that cashcashpinoy seems to have the most deals.

  3. – I’m very happy with some great deals I got from LOCALROAM.PH – 30% off on Manila Ocean Park tickets, 65% off Belo Medical treatments and over 50% discount on a 2-hour complete spa-massage package. Great customer service and product offers.

  4. thanks for including crazy deals in your list

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  5. so far, i’ve only tried cashcashpinoy and ensogo and i love them both since the offers are really good and easy to the pocket. besides, there are no hassles in availing of the coupons and in using them.

  6. for me rocks. I love their deals. Especially their deals for this valentines. 66% off on Salon de San Lorenzo for their Hair & Make-up with Mani and Pedi.. Perfect gift for my girlfriend…

  7. seriously, how is metrodeal not in this list? their splash island deal sold 2738 times … and beeconomic? they’re actually the most horrible in my opinion.

  8. @shiela: sis, i don’t think those thousand of boughts from MetroDeal are true.. Pano ba naman, madumi sila trumabaho.. they bought a Fan page from facebook just to have subscribers/followers, yung “Mabuti pa ang hindi planado natutuloy, ang planado hindi” whatsoever.. plus they are adding infos sa site nila na hindi nman totoo..just like sa fat burrito, they didn’t use the real logo of the establishment, plus they posted services/products na hindi naman talaga ino-offer ng merchants..

  9. Buyanihan should be on the 1st spot they have so many amazing deals! =) especially the boracay it’s about 6,000+ per pax =)

  10. legit b ung metrodeal? im planning to buy p nmn sa knila kaso takot ako kz wala pa kong kilala n nakabili n sa knila.. wat u think guys!?

  11. stay away from metrodeal. no customer service number available. never-ending exchange of email when in fact they ask the same questions regarding information that were already provided. very rude response from support team. I was simply asking for my purchase details that was processed using my card and they could not provide it claiming they have no insight into this. i bought splash island tickets and the number of vouchers i purchased is not in in sync with the number of vouchers shown on my account.

  12. i bought

    shui hilot spa
    splash island
    barbara’s restaurant intramuros

    from metrodeal and so far everything went great =) love their deals, they are my favorites together with ensogo and dealgrocer.

  13. hehehe…. like… SUper Like….

    but for me… rockz!… I always bought their deals… Love it… TRied and tested!!

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  15. Anna lourdes bilan

    The success of a group buying site is not in the number of likes on facebook, but on the actual sales generated on the site. so the premise of this survey is wrong. That is why should be ranked as the leading website.

  16. Hi,

    Yes, agree with Ana that Group buying sites should be rank also based on the sales unfortunately we can’t no group buying sites will show the record of sales in public, even us in will not show our records in public due to security reason and of course for ethical reason.


    CleverBuy team

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  19. Jonalyn Macaraig

    DealsPOT Philippines really topped all other group buying websites here in the Philippines!!! Why? Because they always have these very affordable deals!!!!!!!!! I always check their site for more and new deals! You gotta try it guys!!! Their latest deal as of the moment is a package of bouquet of roses,bear,gold-plated jewelry set & card! And what’s so cool about this is they also have this NATIONWIDE DOOR-TO-DOOR DELIVERY! You gotta check it!

  20.  I’m looking for an ortho dentist and have found this group buying site and they offer 88% OFF! Pay only P3,500 instead of P30,000 for a Laser Teeth Whitening treatment and have that sparkling white teeth at POWER SMILE DENTAL Clinic in Manila! Is it for real? I mean, anyone here knows about!?

  21.  I’m looking for an ortho dentist and have found this group buying site and they offer 88% OFF! Pay only P3,500 instead of P30,000 for a Laser Teeth Whitening treatment and have that sparkling white teeth at POWER SMILE DENTAL Clinic in Manila! Is it for real? I mean, anyone here knows about!?


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  28. check out

    cleverbuy is nothing like other group buying sites (i can name a few) doing magic on prices and rates that wasted so much of our trust, money and time, and those sites who has NOTHING to offer on their website at all.

  29. How about Metrodeal’s Laser teeth whitening Treatment? is this for real? only 2,500 for a value of 18K.  THey don’t have any office address or landline number.  You can only inquire through email or FB chats.

  30. Uhm of course it’s real, you can just call Vaxcen directly, I called them earlier today, and this deal is real just like every other deal on Metrodeal.

  31. guys check out the new group buying company…. its called TCAT Philippines, you can register at and have the chance to win their 200k give away credits..the registration will end up to july 08, 2011….hurry

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  33. oh sorry the launching will be on July 09, 2011 at tomas morato, The Lounge…. see yah guys there, jah bless!!

  34. Janniepearl Bajaro

    Thanks, SaraLee.  But how sure am I that the vouchers will be given to me.  I’ve seen some bad comments for MetroDeal:

    stay away from metrodeal. no customer service number available. never-ending exchange of email when in fact they ask the same questions regarding information that were already provided. very rude response from support team. I was simply asking for my purchase details that was processed using my card and they could not provide it claiming they have no insight into this. i bought splash island tickets and the number of vouchers i purchased is not in in sync with the number of vouchers shown on my account. “

  35. I had only good experiences with Metrodeal so far, for me personally they get 10 out of 10 stars.
    First I bought 10 vouchers for Barbara’s Restaurant. Everything fine,
    my mother had a wonderful birthday party there and we all enjoyed the
    cultural dinner show. They have delicious food there
    Secondly I bought the Gold’s Gym voucher together with a friend. We
    have already consumed our 10 classes of Zumba, and everything went
    really smoothly and I actually signed up for a membership at Gold’s Gym.
    I even contacted MetroDeal once at,
    regarding a referral (my referral forgot to click on my link, instead
    went to the website directly and bought a deal, thus I didn’t get any
    referral reward) but the guys behind the support mail were happy to
    assist immediately within 30 minutes.
    Just bought the Cheesecake etc. deal and everything went fine again. Will go there in a week to pick up my cake.
    For me personally, no website in the Philippines offers deals AS GOOD as you get them on Metrodeal.

  36. Hi guys!  Have you checked out today’s deal at ? Do you like pampering yourself in luxury resorts and spa’s? If you do, then this one’s for you!

  37. I have a feeling that “Shereeza and Jullianne1982” is from Metrodeal
    because I’ve seen the same script from webistes that have bad reviews
    for metrodeal.

    Check out this link,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=951dc7972bfd90fb&biw=1080&bih=769

    This is not a good way to build your online reputation. You better resolve complaints than spread false information.

  38. Below is my Email to about my experience with their FAN PAGE in Facebook: ———————————————————————————————————— Good day. This is to report my BAD EXPERIENCE with your Metrodeal Fan Page at Facebook. I was interested with your current promo, as seen below:  (its the 38% Off Palawan Dream Trip with Hotel, Island Hopping and Airfare at So I posted a comment, if there’s a 1 month payment instead of 2days as I cannot pay the voucher within 2days. However, as I get back at the album, I tried searching if I was provided with an answer as I really wanted to buy the voucher. I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t provided with an answer, I was surprised that my comment has been So I made a comment again, asking “BAKIT BINURA YUNG COMMENT KO?” After a while as I get back to the comment thread, my second comment has been deleted, again.I started to get pissed. That fact that I wasn’t provided with an answer then my comment has been removed, that’s not a good way of saying that he/she cannot answer my inquiry. Its ok sana if he/she didn’t do anything na lang, I wouldn’t mind. Its definitely a bad service especially for your potential customers. This happened not just to me, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that there questions are not answered, deleted and unaddressed. I made a comment again which is eventually deleted(I understand that he/she had to delete it, I just want him/her to get my message) this is what I said: ok, its been twice you deleted my comments. did i mention anything bad/offensive?nag inquire lang ako about the promo ha? the fact that you weren’t able to answer my question and you deleted my comment, IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT CUSTOMERS??I’ve used metrodeal twice and I intend to buy this promo, but with what you did, I WILL DEFINITELY TELL MY FRIENDS NOT TO TRANSACT WITH METRODEAL AGAIN. One unhappy customer here, better start counting!  Those where deleted again,without getting any explanation why he/she did it. So I posted a comment again, saying:  “and yes, you did it again. for the 3rd time you deleted my post which started from an inquiry.You’re right Ethel Yu, the admin of this page is rude.” “SO UNPROFESSIONAL. deleting a customer’s comment is not a good way of saying that you cannot answer his/her question. geez.”  I was not the only one complaining here, there’s this Ethel Yu having the same experience as I was having. As expected, those comments were deleted as well as with Ethel. Afterwards I received a friend request from a Ruby Metrodeal and feedback from your page’s admin:  “P.s. dear Jona, for travel specific inquiries, you may contact Ensemble E-Travel Philippines, who is running this promo, directly at their landline 546-9083 during their business hours (Mondays-Fridays 9am-6pm except holidays) ” “P.s. didn’t you receive our friend request from Ruby MetroDeal? ”  Does a customer has to prove that he/she is really pissed that it had to come up to this point that he/she have to say a lot of complaining before his/her concern be addressed? The admin doesn’t even know that I was asking about the payment, not a Travel inquiry! He/she said that they were deleting comments which were not related with the topic, can you say that mine’s not related? Yes my following comments are subjected for removal, I can understand, but with my first comment, do you think its rightful to be removed? Its like a customer’s phone call he/she just hang up. That’s very rude,an unacceptable customer service. So I made a comment again (my last comment,which is eventually deleted:) HELLO METRODEAL. Im not sure if I have to thank you for getting back on me after DELETING MY COMMENTS which is DEFINITELY RELATED with this promo. i dont need to be friends with your Ruby Metrodeal, Ive already been PISSED with what you’ve done to me. and Oh yes, I expect that you will still delete this comment. Whoever you are handling this account for metrodeal, you should start attending seminars and trainings on HOW TO PROVIDE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will not be using Metrodeal again, I’ve already told my friends not to use it too, and I’ll be telling a lot of people about my experience with you.  I like metrodeal, I actually had a dispute last time with regard with the unavailability of my voucher for printing which is immediately addressed and solved by your representative named LARA.   I was happy with her service that’s why I decided to look for another promo. I didn’t expect your representative at Facebook will be this rude. WHOEVER may read this mail, please do IMMEDIATE and RIGHTFUL action to whoever is the admin of your Facebook Fan page. He/she should be given a reprimand and be replaced with someone who can provide exemplary customer service. If not, expect to receive more complain mails to come. FROM A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. Jona Erasquin ——————————————————————————- Now they even mailed me this:    Metrodeal offers a lot of good promos, I mean it, I check their promos daily. But with this, I’m not certain if I’ll be using their service again. SEE FOR YOURSELF!

  39. i don’t know which is true..i tried to buy “P1875 instead of P4250 for a 12 hr stay at a themed suite + breakfast at Victoria Court” but I found at the official website of VC not that one in the beeconomic that you will click is that the original price is P1795..i’m just confused..


  41. Hazel Bonifacio

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  44. For me is the best site. Their deals are really great and very good customer service. I already purchased a couple of vouchers with them and I am very pleased with the service of the merchants they choose. And if ever, they always tend to all my inquiries as fast as they could. Thumbs up for their really good service! :bd

  45. Every now and then a much needed extension is added to the Joomla
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  47. I agree that ENSOGO is a PROBLEM SITE!

    Early this year, I purchase  3 vouchers from Ensogo for different Rapide services…when it was time for us to claim it na, which btw, went to a company owned branch, they didn’t wan to honor 2 of the vouchers we bought, the Supervisor said they only accept old model cars…whereas it was clearly stated in the voucher ALL vehicles except trucks and buses! anyway, we went there back and forth around 7 time in a span of 2 weeks. Good thing Rapide HEAD OFFICE staffs are accomodating and as of the moment STILL processing our refund….so we are still waiting if it they will eventually forget it or be true to their word. 

    Last June, thinking the Ensogo-Rapide incidence is just an isolated case, I purchased a voucher for a seminar/workshop in soap making.  Ensogo advertised that the published amount is 3400Php and if i buy from them at that time will have to pay only 1700Php. That’s 50% off! So i happily purchased it until I attended the seminar and found out from my WALK-IN classmates that the actual amount is actually only 1900Php!!!! Yes it’s still discounted, ( 200Php ) but it was a MISLEADING advertisement on Ensogo’s part since I did not actually get the 50% off they advertised….So sad.


  48. In fact, ENSOGO is getting lots of complaints and I just heard from a friend who works in ENSOGO that there’s one Merchant who filed a case against them. lol

  49. Visit the sites again. Frankly I have a better time using cashcash now than any of the other sites. I just bought fr Ensogo and you are right they give you hell frankly. I bought a few things and until now I cannot get a verification nor can i get them on their customer service.

  50. my favorites are metrodeal and beeconomic 🙂 ensogo not so much, it’s a problem site that even has a hate page on facebook

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  62. Oh no! I read this post a little late. :'( Hope I won’t be dealing with any problems with Ensogo. I just bought a voucher for half-leg wax & Brazilian wax by Lay Bare Robinsons Manila.

  63. Thanks a Ton if you could ‘like’ this page –> and ‘Share it on your Wall’ this weekend. Thanks, Again.

  64. I had a recent problem with your top choice, Groupon. I bought 2 vouchers for buffet at basilio’s. As I usually do, I buy in advance and use it much later. Imagine my surprise when I called the restaurant to reserve a few months after to find out they are no longer honoring reservations or my voucher because groupon oversold. What kind of customer service does groupon has, they didn’t even email me their customer to advise me that my vouchers can no longer be honored. I initially emailed but didn’t get a return email, it was only after I called and emailed again, that they emailed me back, it was so disappointing, the person I talked to didn’t even apologize. I vowed never to buy from them again. They are so different from Cash cash which emailed me right after finding out that Mickey’s restaurant closed, I bought 5 vouchers at 500 each and they said they will credit me back after 60 days, I didn’t complain even though it will take 60 days because I appreciated their effort to email me, their customer. Had a good experience also with metro deal. I bought 10 vouchers from them. Upon printing I noticed that the branch was not what I indicated. They immediately changed it without any question. Very good service so far also with ensogo, paakyat, deal dozen, deal grocer.

    1. I am also having a problem with the groupon/ beeconomics. I paid 1250 for this “50% off on Airsoft,
      ATV and Paintball at Confidence Kamp”

      worth 250 each last Nov 8 but till now I dont have my voucher. I have been sending emails to them the past weeks but still I havent received any reply. I also tried calling them but their line is always busy! Tried checking my spam folder and account in the said site but there was nothing and then just yesterday, I finally saw the order but it says, “deal not permitted, payment refused”. What the hell?!

      So there I already filed a complaint in the DTI and emailed them about that. 

  65. ihate COOKBOOK KITCHEN_89

    I recently bought vouchers from Metro deal for Cookbook Kitchen (Eastwood), which is completely a scam. Cookbook Kitchen wont honor the voucher on weekend which was not part of the terms and condition written in the site. They said i can only use the voucher from mon-friday and was only given a spot on a saturday if I were to go there on 3pm, which is too late for lunch and too early for dinner. What a rip off!! I hope metro deal is aware what their merchant (Cookbook Kitchen Eastwood) is doing. This makes me hesitant in buying vouchers online. Also the Manager in the said Establishment is mean. They value money more than the consumers.

  66. Hi good morning! please include Brieo Deals in the list! Brieo Deals is
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  67. I have an issue with one of your top group buying site, eBay Kuponan. They had this promo with Royal K Buffet Resto. Unfortunately, the merchant closed (probably because of the poor food offering). I have yet to receive refund of the payment made and have not heard from them. Continuously sending email follow up but Kuponan does not dare reply to me/us. Hope you can help call the attention of Kuponan and see what they have to say on this.

  68. ENSOGO IS SUCH A SCAM. They offered an apology on their FB page but the
    gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals. They
    blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my
    refund for the Pisobid fiasco. also was avictim of the Fila deal. They
    keep blaming other people but can’t accept that they are a stupid
    company with poor customer service and scam deals (see bacolod inasal

  69. Another deal site is coming to town!

    As of the moment I think they have a promo going on so you might still be able to join in. I believe the prizes are an iPhone and iPad. 🙂

  70. Good day,
    please add in your list of active Group Buying websie thank you so much.. God Bless
    Great deals are on Please Visit and Register..

    Liberty Penaredonda

  71. cashcashpinoy is a scam, they offer free shipping on many of their items only to refuse shipping them after payment is made and demanding you travel to their office 10am-4pm mon thru fri. Avoid Avoid  if you must use them only use paypal  for buyers protection.

  72. Cashcashpinoy is a SCAM. I bought their offer for the Smart Bro Wimax for P799 but when I tried to claim it at Smart Center – SM Pampanga, they are not honoring my voucher. I have been in contact with their lousy customer support since Dec and until now they can give a definite answer on what they are going to do to resolve my concern. I guess I’m going to file a complain to DTI.

    1. hala may ganitong issue na pala sa cashcashpinoy 🙁 kalungkot naman yan. Actually, sila lang talaga ang pinaka trusted deal site na binibilhan ko.  So far, wala pa akong problem sa mga nabili ko. Sana maayos mo.

      1. para sa akin metrodeal ang safest na group buying site. wala din gaanong nagrereklamo sa kanila.. unlike ensogo..ang daming negative feedbacks.

  73. is a scam. we bought a voucher for a trip for two to palawan and another voucher for boracay. both vouchers costs us 9990php each. we went there jan. 16 2012. its been 3 weeks and we haven’t heard from them. we planned to go to palawan this feb 11- 13 but unfortunately until now we cant contact them.. never ever buy vouchers from them its gonna be a big hassle..

    1. hi! just bought a voucher at 2 voucher for boracay but im still out of the country and im planning to use the voucher by may. i hope its not a scam 🙁 

    2. Galitsasinungaling

      Cami, madami tayong nabiktima ng CleverBuy. Please check out my FB page (Galitsa Sinungaling), andun yung proof na sinungaling sila. Pinipilit nila kaseng maghugas kamay sa mga naburang travel deals under J2 Discount Travel and Tours pero obvious naman they are being managed by one company. In short, magkasabwat sila. 

      1. hello po, di ko makita ung proof sa FB, di po kasi ako masyado familiar don.. pano po ang step para makita ko? thanks

  74. hi there, i am a cleverbuy user, i also tried ebay kuponan, and cashcash pinoy. so far i don’t have a problem any of the 3 sites. but i love cleverbuy games, wheel of fortune and guess game. i just don’t like how cleverbuy handle their guess game, i won one time but they didn’t post it 🙁


    1. I agree! I purchased the longchamp bag last feb and the delivery was dated march, until now i havent received any item! CLEVERBUY SUCKS! DAMN THOSE (SO CALLED) DEALERS! They sAid if u cant wait then refund your money! GO TO HELL CLEVERBUY!

      1. galitsasinungaling

        naku jaden, mayron akong kakilala, longchamp din na bag ang inorder nya sa bwisit na CLEVERBUY na yan. soooobrang tagal bago nya nakuha, bastos pa mga customer service nila kapag nagfa-follow up sya. in the end alam mo nakuha nya, FAKE! 

  76. METRODEAL is also a pain in the ass. Their products are too good to be true most of it are false advertisements. Like for instance, it’ll tell you that it’s ok if you dont bring the vouchers but when we got there, the merchant asked us to actually PRINT the voucher, otherwise they wont honor our reservation.

  77. Beeconomic is incompetent and doesn’t even know what Customer Service means. I would never recommend having any transaction with them. Their hotline is useless and their people irritating. Don’t waste your time,money and energy. Very bad experience for me.

    1. yes i agree to you. i look at those links you posted. they’re still starting but i love their best summer photo contest. 

  78. Hi, ang sad naman kasi may mga friends ako na nagka-problem din sa mga ibang group buying sites. Mostly mga products and travel deals na walang confirmation. But let me recommend a group buying site na na-try ko and so far okay naman. Not sure if you’ve heard about “Paynoy” Mostly travel deals and the best part is you can reserve your check-in date sa hotel directly confirmed reservation na agad kasi pipili ka na ng date online hindi ka na tatawag para magtanong ng availability. Try nyo din guys.

  79. Ensogo sucks, they signed us up and then ignored us. Totally unprofessional. Try calling their tel numbers, noone answers… forget them

  80. cleverbuy .. a scammer..grabe ginamit lng pera ko tapos di nman ako ma asikaso sa deal na nabili ko.. after 4months nung sinabi ko na i refund ko na lng eh oo agad sila dhil nagamit na yun g pera tapos sabi pa na after 45days pa bago makuha.. dont buy po dito kasi especially if the deal is with J2 Travel and Tours.. SO SO SO MUCH FRUSTRATED!!!

    1. Galitsasinugaling

      hello novelyn. sobrang naiintindihan ko ang damdamin mo. isa lang tayo sa napakadaming naloko ng J2 Travel and Tours at CleverBuy na yan. ang nakakainis ay yung patuloy nilang pagsisinungaling. naglalaglagan pa sila. ang sabi ng J2, patuloy daw kaseng nagpost ng nagpost ang CleverBuy ng mga travel deals, iniiba iba lang daw ang inclusions kaya sa sobrang dami ng nagavail, hindi na nila nakaya. ang sabi naman ng CleverBuy, hindi sila ang may kasalan kundi ang J2. ginagawa nilang mga tanga ang madlang people. pinalalabas nilang hindi sila magkakilala pero may proof ako (check out my FB page, just search for Galitsa Sinungaling) na related sila. Under one company lang sila. Isang companya na walang kaalaman sa tourism or travel. No wonder pumalpak sila. 

  81. We availed of 5 Coron package vouchers amounting to Php 27,500 through the online company CLEVERBUY early January of this year. They directed us to J2 Travel and Tours, who they claimed would attend to our booking. They gave us the name Ms. Ross, the booking officer for all their Palawan Tours, who they said would send us email, updates and coordinate with us regarding our travel dates. Three months after, with NOT a single phone call or email, we decided to go to their office personally to speak with Ms. Ross. Upon our arrival, phones were ringing off the hook but not one of the J2 employees answered them. Madami kaming nakasabay that day na nagrereklamo sa J2 pero it seems immune na sila sa galit at mura ng mga tao kase hindi sila natitinag. They would give you a scripted response to your query and end the conversation with “tatawagan nalang po namin kayo”, or “email nalang po kayo samin uli”. Kahit binabara na sila na “hindi naman kayo natawag, hindi kayo nasagot ng telepono nyo, hindi kayo nageemail”, wala. Ni hindi nga sila nagaapologize. So anyway, Ms. Ross wasn’t around when we got there but the front liner who goes by the name Marge showed us a folder that had our vouchers inside.  She assured us that we were already booked for May 11-13 at the Darayonan Lodge in Coron and that all we needed to do was wait for the e-tickets Ms. Ross would send via email by Monday, April 30. To make the long story short, no e-tickets were sent to us and they didn’t call us either. We tried calling them by phone all day of May 2 but all their 9 phone numbers listed could not be reached. So, feeling suspicious already, tumawag kami sa Makati Business Permit and Licensing Office and they informed us na hindi registered/walang permit to operate ang J2 Travel and Tours. We also called DOT who advised us to file a formal complaint. Immediately after work that day, nagpunta kmi uli sa J2 at gaya ng dati, may mga kasabay kaming mga frustrated clients who were demanding to see the manager of J2 already. Hindi dw kami pwedeng harapin ng manager nila, at ang lahat ng kanila booking officers ay on-leave. Ang humarap samin ay isang taga CleverBuy at isang taga CleverTravel who gave us several flimsy excuses as to why the booking cannot push through sa dates that they had set. They gave us the refund option na 30-40 working days pa dw mapro-process and ire-set dw yung aming trip for another date but take note, WALA daw assurance na magiging ok yon. Ilang beses kami naginsist to talk to the manager pero pinaghintay lang nila kami to no avail. Sunod sunod pa din ang dating ng mga tao nagrereklamo noon pero siguro, sa sobrang hassle na, give up na sila sa J2.  

  82. This comment is regarding the voucher we availed from CLEVERBUY last Nov 2011. We purchased vouchers for a Boracay trip for 12 pax amounting to Php 48k++++, but there have been many inconveniences when it comes to scheduling from J2 Travel and Tours. Last Feb I went to the office in VM Cond, and i found out that the sched that we wanted to go in Bora still not available, So re-sched for March, April…I called J2 Travel so many times but no one answered the fone…I reported this to DTI and i received a letter coming from Consumer Assistance and Protection Division (DTI) a notice of mediation, for initial mediation April 10, for final mediation April 17, but no one from j2 travel shown on the said mediation. To make the long story short ,as of this date 5/6/2012 until now we dont have tickets going to Bora, we went to the J2 travel last friday and found out that the office was closed, what we did we went to Cleverbuy office in Marvins bldg along Pasong Tamo (4th Flr room A-6), and we talked to Wackz and Marissa these two people gave us an assurance that they will do their best to meet our needs…But the comments i read below, i doubt that there will be a good result…Last recourse, i think is a refund…Wackz guaranteed us a 100% refund plus 10 % interest for the damages…Goodluck but i dont want to push through this Bora trip anymore…..its schooling time already……

  83. Hi Novelyn, as of today anong status nung refund mo ?and sinong nag hahandle?, bka kasi pag pasa pasahan na namn tayo, kasi kami, nag papa refund na rin kami, give us some feedback..thanks.

    1. I also bought tickets to Boracay Sept 2011 pa. Until now, they have not issued the tickets!! They moved their office to VM (nakalagay sa voucher, office is in Marvin–are they trying to ward off the clients??) but its closed! I want my refund back.

      Let’s group together and file a case against it. Estafa yan! Niloloko nila tayo!

      1. Charlaine Calimlim


        i just bought mine 3days ago at wala pa ako natanggap na voucher or anyhing.. confirmation lang from dragonpay. im starting to worry kaya nagcheck ako ng mga feedback, now i want a refund.

        papost na rin po nung new address nila, thanks..


  84. I purchased the yoshinoya voucher 2 days ago sa Cleverbuy. It was my very 1st purchase sa site so i had to register as new member. Nareceive ko yung email sakin for payment instructions for LBC. Kahapon i paid sa lbc. Today i received the payment acknowledgment sa email. I was expecting they’d email the voucher nxt pero wala. So i tried to login sa site and check my acct. To my surprise yung same transaction number na binayaran ko was marked void and cancelled! I sent my complaint to them but no reply yet. And oh! If you plan to sign up to get that 100 credit, dont go for it it’s not true. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! SO DISAPPOINTED.

  85. we bought a buhol package sa cleverbuy 27 more or less voucher yung binili namin for the whole family last year pa kami nag pa book up to now hindi pa rin dumarating yung ticket and hotel itenerary namin before cancel nila yung first date ng trip namin 2days before without telling us. I email and called the merchant and cleverbuy halos araw araw hindi sila sumasagot or they kept promising next week next week book na daw kami ngayon 2 days to go wala pa din.

    yung number and address ng merchant (triptoe travel and tours) post ng CLEVER BUY sa voucher nila is not true kaya hindi ko na alam kung pano hahabulin yung pera namin. Ang laki halaga pa naman.

    1.  me too…i bought a Bohol trip from cleverbuy but their merchandiser (Triptoe Travel) failed to book us 3 times (even i started to request a reservation since last december pa), CLEVERBUY doesnt help us on our case, and now we want to refund my money but im not able to contact them to their number..even in email NO RESPONSE..even their so-called “LIVE-CHAT SUPPORT” no response…………….

  86. BEECONOMIC SUCKS! i have 7 vouchers from them and it has been three months past delivery!  They are unreachable either by email or phone.  No replies on your emails and phone is always busy.  Facebook page has lots of unfavorable comments which are deleted immediately.  Try to visit once in a while and you’ll notice a lot of customers demanding for the delivery of the items.  You will also notice after a few hours, that the comments are deleted.  They are hiding.  They can delete comments but not reply emails nor deliver the items.

    1. sweet_kate1223

      hi sis! I agree BEECONOMIC SUCKS!>>>>>nasira ang beeconomic sa kin dahil sa BEACH HUT deal!!!..never got my purchase!!!…i went to their office last may 11 and this Mr. lee told me that he just learned that morning that they ran short of the sunblocks!!…geez!!!…imagine, dapat ist week of April pa dapat nadeliver tapos nalaman lang nya na kulang stock on May 11!! how tacky!…he gave his word that items will be delivered to me on May 14! ni isang sunblock walang dumating!..i tried to call them pero lagi sira or busy and worst– nadrodrop yung calls…i finally got to talk to their cust rep and sabi 2-3 weeks pa daw para mareverse yung nacharge sa credit card ko…napakaunprofessional ng groupon…i’m totally disgusted with ur service and wag na kayo magbenta ng product na wala naman kayong stocks on hand! wala man lang kayo effort inform yung mga nakabili na wala palang stocks!!…nagiintay lang kayo na magreklamo at magalit ang customers!..BEECONOMIC/ Groupon has really poor customer service!…STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

  87. Beware of buying in cleverbuy! OMG. My first time and will be my last time to buy in their sh*t site! Nagkakagulo sila ngaun dahil sa sobrang dami nilang promos na tour kung saan saang lugar. at pagtingin ko sa site nila hanggang ngaun may boracay promo p rin cla. E pagpunta nga namin dun ni hindi kami maasikaso ng maayos ng mga tao at nagsara ang J2 Travel ang Tours! Nguupdate raw cla ng records! MY GOD CLEVERBUY! kung hindi nyo na kya, wag na kau magoffer ng kung ano2ng promos!

  88. sweet_kate1223

    i was one of the victims of CLEVERBUY & J2 Travel. Bought 2 package deals for Puerto Princesa, Palawan which is good for 4pax. Ms. Lanie of J2 Travel promised to call me up after 2-3 weeks when i went to their office to give  the vouchers. She NEVER called me back regarding my booking! I tried to contact them but all their contact numbers were out of order. Good thing I read Ms. Maggie’s post 2 weeks ago regarding sa scam ng J2 Travel and I immediately called Cleverbuy to file a complaint. Super irate talaga ako sa nakasagot. I even went there the following day to claim my money. Buti nman apologetic sila. They said bumalik ako the next day to get my cheque. I told them I won’t be going back anymore and I want my cheque immediately for all the hassle & trouble i went through. They asked me to wait for an hour & a half and gave me a post dated cheque amounting to 19,700K. I have deposited the cheque last May 18 and buti nman may pondo! If magbounce, di lang fraud ang isasampa kong kaso, pati estafa na! I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON>>>>>HUWAG MAGPAPADALA SA MURANG DEALS LALO NA PAG DI REPUTABLE ANG COMPANY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WAG NA BUMILI SA CLEVERBUY!!!!


    1. Hi. Buti kpa nka pag refund.. Pano kaya kme.last tym n nkausap ko was last last wk p sabi follow up dw ulit kc nsa mngment n at since mtgal n request ka dw andun n cheke

  89. me tooo. victim of cleverbuy and J2..hanggang ngayon im still waiting for the refund…i heard na babawasan daw nila ng 7% for the third party na nag process ng payment tru credit card…any suggestion san pwedeng pumunta pag binawasan nila…wala naman sa contract yung ganon di ba, eh kung singilin ko naman sila for the reimbursement of transpo na pabalik balik sa kanila.

  90.  me too…i bought a Bohol trip from cleverbuy but their merchandiser (Triptoe Travel) failed to book us 3 times (even i started to request a reservation since last december pa), CLEVERBUY doesnt help us on our case, and now we want to refund my money but im not able to contact them to their number..even in email NO RESPONSE..even their so-called “LIVE-CHAT SUPPORT” no response…………….

  91. Southernskitter

    I love Metrodeal. They also respond to queries very quick. I’ve bought 6 deals with them already, and I’m very much satisfied so far. 

  92. have same problems with you guys, cleverbuy and J2 travels really gives you a headache gggrrrrr, I also ask for my refund but it has been almost 3 weeks and no reply from them… where do you think we can file a complaint so that our refunds will be possible……. this is a scam!!! something should be done…. 

    1. Cleverbuycomplainant

      Erica Gonzales from DTI NCR recommends that we, victims, must REPORT OUR COMPLAINTS DIRECTLY to DTI via so that they can facilitate our refund inquiries against Cleverbuy. EMAIL NOW! 

  93. Nako we went sa cleverbuy kahapom stayed there and waites for someone to reapond to us and refund apparentky mr Edgardo garcia an mark telan and an admin person and web designer na lang ang andun! Mr garcia promised to attend to us in 30 minutes then nagin after lunch then he came mga 3pm na only to tell us miski pdc hndi na sila makakapagrelease promissory note na lan mindbu we were almost 50 there complaining and asking for refund on a minimum of 6990 refun to a whooping 2 million claim.

    1. hi iksemap, nagbibigay pa po sila ng promissory note til now? kami kasi wala pa pong pinanghahawakan na nasa knila na ung vouchers namin and even promissory note kasi hindi pa rin po kami nakakapagfill up ng refund form. hoping pa kasi na makakapagtravel by june as they promised. pero last may 30 ay nagpunta friend ko don, only to find out temporary close daw sila. hindi pinapasok ng guard kaya wala syang nakuhang kahit na anong promissory note. ano po kaya ang gagawin? ok lang kaya pumunta don on mon then force entry pag ayaw ng guard just to secure a promissory note? pls help. thanks po

  94. They said iddodown na nila deals nila since may hearing na nga sila sa nbi ng june sa dami ng complaints sa cleverbuy pero i checked til now may deals pa sila ! So nanloloko pa din sila. Pinagantay kame since 9am to 4pm sabay promissory note lan ang binigay ! Super hassle i heard lalabas na dn soon sa media ang scam nila. Mind u 50 kami more pa atang complainants for tiptoe ans j2 deals ! For that day alone sabi ng guard masmadami pa dw nagcomplain day before. Some na andon 3 x na nila pinabalik tas nakakita pa kame resignation letter ng lahat na halOs ng tao dun even the one who was only the man enough to face us mr mark telan i heard magreresign na til june 15 na lan. Pag nagpnta ka sa bldg nila sasabhen sarado na pero viola when i opened their door sa 7th at 4th may tao sa loob! Sammers sila to the maxx. Mr edgardo garcia and cleverbuy owes a lot of money from everyone and cant refund! All they gave was a piece of prOmissory note they were not even apologetic and had the gutts na lecturean kami about walang magagawa at masesettle ang galit namen pls learn dont settle for them theyre too clever enough manggugulang na sila. Nag ala ch corona pa yung mr garcia at hypoglycemic and just left when people are demanding na for their money now nbi had to mediate! Cleverbuy sana umattedn kayo sa hearing nyo!!! Mahiya kayo mga manloloko kayo

  95. Oh and sa mga ppnta pa sa cleverbuy to claim refund sasabhn ng guard sarado na sila dont believe it nagiiba iba lan sila ng oras ng bukas dahil sa dami ng sumusugod na angry complainants 🙂 andun lan sila hiding either sa 7th or 4th floor sa webix which is mother company nila pero consider ur day wasted when u go there and do expect to be bashed and no customer service nakipagsagutan pa sila samen when di naman nila mairefund pera namin!! Cleverbuy karma will haunt you !!

  96. Cleverbuycomplainant

    hi guys… hope they will return all our money. we just dont want to waste it for nothing. pinaghirapan din naman natin ung perang pinanggastos natin. I dont have fb right now but i hope somebody can create an fb account if we can’t file a direct complaint. That fb account will serve as our petition against cleverbuy and their irresponsible merchant partners. Calling all victims! 

  97. Kahapon (May 30) galing din ako. From Tuguegarao pa ako, niluwas ko lang sila dahil sa mga nababasa ko. Bwiset, 135k worth of Bohol vouchers tong sa ken. Mababalik pa ba ang pera natin? Maka-attend nga ng hearing bukas, 2 pm, sa NBI, 5th floor daw sa Anti Fraud division. Sana wag masyado maging bayolente ang mga kapwa ko complainant para makausap ng maayos tong mga taga clever buy, at ng may maayos. Kung willing sila ibalik ang pera natin, kailangan mag-usap ng maayos, ang hirap nito nagkakaroon sila ng reason magtago dahil kesyo hina- harass  daw sila ng mga complainants.

    1. Cleverbuycomplainant

      hi dolz, thank you for the info about the hearing. Can you get back here to update us and the others who will not be able to go there tomorrow? Marami pong salamat. Hope it will go smoothly.

      1.  Humarap na po si Mr. Garcia sa amin nung June 1. Problema, parang sya mismo hindi nya rin alam kung paano gagawan ng paraan to. Na-shocked pa nung nalaman na nasa 135k ang ibabalik nila sa ken. Nagpa-extend pa sya kaya sa June 8 (Friday , 2 pm sa NBI room 503. Anti-draud division, may meeting ulit). Hindi ako makakapunta, sana makapunta ang iba. Kung sakali, kung gusto nyo talaga kasuhan si cleverbuy, you need to file your own affidavit.

  98. Cleverbuy victim

    Thank you sa pag share niyo ng info, plan ko pa naman pumunta today sa clever buy pra magrefund, bumili ko 2 vouchers for Bohol trip, kaya pala walang sunasagot sa kanila,first time ko try talks scam pa, buti pa sa Metrodeal and Deal Amigos maayos. Ang problema continuous pa din ang offer nila ng sa website, mas marami pa silang maloloko. Kailangan mamedia sila para sa awareness ng lahat.

  99. Cleverbuycomplainant

    Update: Just read a comment from Erica Gonzales from DTI NCR and she recommends that we, victims, must report our complaints directly to DTI via so that they can facilitate our refund inquiries against that establishment. LET’s MOVE PEOPLE!  

    1. hello po, authentic po ba ang email add? nagemail ako nong nakaraan pa pero wala pong reply taliwas sa mga nabasa ko na mabilis sila magreply.. nakakalito na ang nangyayari.. 

  100. Mimi cleverbuy complainant

    Please help nman…. mag rerefund din kc ako.. Plan ko pa nman pmunta dun. Pano na kung gnyan pala yan..

      1. taga clever buy po ba kyo? inutang ko lang po yung pera kc sana po matulungan ako.. Pano po ba? may landline po ba Kyo


    Hi! If you’re still waiting for your refund and you’re not being able to get through their numbers because they’ve closed, you may wish to contact the chief of DTI’s Consumer Welfare Division, Ms. Carmen A. Avendaño (@ 751-3236).  She suggests that formal complaints be made in person before DTI-NCR or through a complaint letter (detailing the transaction) to: 

    Dir. Ferdinand L. Manfoste
    Regional Director
    DTI-National Capital Region
    12F Trafalgar Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela Costa St.
    Salcedo Village, Makati City

    Attach all proofs of transactions/possible evidence.I hope this somehow helps. 

    1. tumawag po kanina ung friend ko, napakasungit daw po ng sumagot na babae. alam na alam na daw po nila ung case ng cleverbuy. ibinigay daw po nila kagad ung details kung san pwede magreklamo at ibinaba na kagad ang fon without any comment from my friend, sana man lang ay wag naman ganon kasi DTI is a government owned institution at dapat ung puso nila ay nakakaramdam ng pagdamay sa mga victim.hay, hirap din lumapit sa mga taong hindi nararapat sa mga pwestong public service… 🙁

  102. I have talked to Ms. Carmen, and all of us needs to send all proofs of those vouchers and she also mentioned that cleverbuy  will verify if that voucher has been USED..DAMN CLEVERBUY!! they think they could find a way not to give us a FULL REFUND.

    1. hi marky, sino po si ms carmen? hay, mukhang ang mangyayari pa ay sasabihin nilang nagamit na ang vouchers natin kahit hindi pa tayo nakapagtravel. pinapaiwan kasi nila ang voucher during reservation without any acknowledgement receipt from them in return as proof na nakuha nila ang vouchers natin and need nila ang vouchers before booking.

  103. Imtypicalgurl04

    sobrang nkakasad naman parang hindi na ata marerefund ung worth 10K na nabili kong coron vouchers 🙁 buntis pa naman ako and due date ko this month kaya i cant go personally to file a complaint.. kawawa naman tayong victims.. 

    1. sis, dont get stress.. buntis ka pa naman. i know ung nararamdaman mo kasi even me nagpapalpitate everyday lalo na pag naiisip ko ang mawawala ko na pera (incase-wag naman sana). everynight when i got home, nagiinternet na ako para makibalita sa mga nangyayari kasi i have my work kaya di ako makalabas para sumama sa mga hearing, inaabot ako ng til 3am just to read all the blogs & posts sa cleverbuy/j2.. i am just hoping and praying na sana maibalik pa ang ipinambayad. less stress, time, effort & everything. important kasi ung money natin.. alam na po ba ng husband nyo ang nangyari? share ur story para atleast marelieve ng konti ang nararamdaman nyo. tc po

  104. may naka pag refund na ba sa cleverbuy? almost 100k yugn e rerefund namin dapat today ako pupunta e muka close na

    1. hi claudine, nabasa ko sa mga post na since may 29 ay wala na daw pong binigay na mga pdc’s. promissory note na lang ang binigay nila nong day na un. last may 30 ay nagpunta ung friend ko sa cleverybuy office kaya lang closed (temporary daw) na sila, ayaw magpaakyat ng guard. ung mga nakakuha ng checks before may 29 ay dated po yata ng june. so far don sa mga nabasa ko noon na mga post ay di naman nagbounce ung checks nila. ito lang mga latest ang not sure. baka maya naka-hold na rin account nila sa bank. same here, 35800 din ang naibayad ko sa knila, kala ko makakapagrelaks/stress free sa vacation, un pala ay free stress ang bigay nila. worrying so much. di pa alam ng parents ko ang nangyayari, all they know is matutuloy pa kami sa coron. definitely manlulumo sila sa mababalitaan nila, di madaling kumita ng pera.. hay, nagbebenta ako online ng mga orig goods para lang makaipon ng pang vacation pero sa ganito rin pala mawawala… 🙁

  105. GUYS i just wanna help text or call me if you need assistance sa refund nyo with cleverbuy 09063569827 just text or call me 

      1. @ marky, j2 travel victim din po kayo? nagfile na rin po ba kayo sa DTI or NBI? kami hindi pa & parang nagdadoubt kmi magfile kasi ang gusto lang namin maibalik ang perang ipinambayad namin sa cleverbuy. nakausap kasi ng friend ko ung 1 nagsumbong dati sa tulfo, minura mura lang daw ng tulfo, wala ring nangyari, lalong hindi sila binayaran ng nagkautang sa knila. hay, nakakastress. ang hirap isipin kung ano ang magandang gawin para lang makapagrefund. 

    1. yes, gusto po naming maibalik ang refund. how po? pls pakitulungan kami. ung iba hindi na magdedemanda just give their money back. @ neopaine, taga cleverbuy po kayo? pls assist us, pagusapan po natin, wag nating pairalin ang nararamdaman nating pagkainis sa cleverbuy. me landline po kayo?

  106. For Triptoe travel scam the owner “Amielyn LImbona” already have a estafa case back 2011 so she has record in Iligan city, IF there is a way you can contact iligan regional court much better than ask for refunds from cleverbuy coz this company will sure declare bankcrupcy soon…Hope this help..

  107. I also buy a travel from cleverbuy 2011 pa bohol tour tapos lagi ko pang pina follow up and one time sabi nila naka book na daw ako april 2012 and when the day comes wala pala nag complain ako about what happen sabi nila kakusapin daw nila triptoe mga 1 week di na rin daw sila sinasagot ng triptoe sabi ko pano yan refund ko nalng sabi nila ok lang daw pero ang problema matagal daw process nun sbi ko ano ngayun gagawin natin?? sabi namn nung agent gusto mo sir lagay ko nalng as credit mo para for future transac. may mapili ka babawas nalng sa credit mo so ok pumayag ako and now nasa credit ko na yung balance nila ang problema ko nga baka mag sara na cleverbuy dahil ang dami na pala nila na scam.. im hoping na sana ma refund ko pa yung binayad ko…

      1. unsugarcoatedreviews

        May formal complaints na against Cleverbuy. NBI is encouraging complainants to submit affidavits and other proof ng transaction at payment. May meeting sa Anti-Fraud Division (5th floor) ng NBI this Friday. You can attend that, better kung ready na yung papers mo para maisubmit mo na rin. For more info, check out the post and the comments dun sa post.

  108. to all cleverbuy complainants,

    kanina (june 4) we went to marvin plaza, and talagang sarado na ung office nila tapos may note sila tapos may mga lists ng contact numbers (sun, smart and globe) na pwede raw ma-contact. Pero ni-isa sa mga numbers na un, walang gumana… ang dame nmin mga nagpang-abot na complainant ng cleverbuy knina, ung iba umuwi na lang. Tpos we’re five na pumunta ng station 4 sa pasay pra mag-file ng complaint tapos ni-refer naman kme ng mga pulis dun sa mkati police district. sabi dun nung naka-usap nmin, marame na nga rw dun pumupunta, kaya lang sabi nung investigator, masyado na raw marame ang nagko-complaint kaya dapat sa CIDG or NBI na rw kme pumunta.I tried to call CIDG kaya lang pinapapunta kme dun. we don’t want to waste more time & effort pa, kaya kinuha na lang nmin ung contact numbers nmin at magbabalitaan na lang kme.

    swerte ung ilan n nkapag-refund pa pero mas marame pa rin ung mga hindi pinalad n makakuha. hindi n rin alam ng marame kung ano na gagawin. sa management ng cleverbuy, we jaz wnt our refund lang nman… grabe lesson learned talaga ito!

    ano ba mganda natin gwin? ni hindi nga natin alam kung saan na sila nag-o-office ngaun, to think na continues pa rin ang mga deals nila at marame pa rin sila naloloko.

  109. Is there any way to file a claim??? Just 3 weekes ago i just purchased sa clever buy yung boracay promo nila…ano ba pwede gawin???? May pag asa ba ang kaso na ito???

  110. Pls help me. Isa rin ako nascam ng cleverbuy. 10k lang pero para sakin malaki nayun. Di biro magipon. Student lang po ako. Gusto ko lang po mabalik. Madami pa po akong magagawa sa 10k. Nakakalungkot kasi akala ko makakamura talaga ako. Regalo ko uun sa sarili ko sana. Pano po ba ang gagawin ko?

  111. guys I recommend very I bought an item from them and curious when is the delivery date that’s why I called them up, very accommodating people and reliable service they know when the item will be delivered and sometimes they will shipped your items early, and even the delivery courier is very accommodating , hehehe 🙂 guys visit their site and you won’t be dissapointed with the service 🙂

  112. I tried to purchase a deal grocer offer and a message that I use another debit or credit card appeared on the screen even if my card was okay. I tried to use other cards and the same message appeared. I checked with my banks and was advised that the transaction was not processed but I was charged $1.00=Php42.00 for every time I tried to use the cards. Is this really how its done? It is my first time to avail of a deal grocer promo and so traumatic. Now, I have to wait for 3 to 5 days to check with my banks again to see if the transactions were posted. 🙁

  113. To all: Sana makatulong itong message na to para sa inyo isa akong
    concerned citizen isa din ako sa muntik ng maloko ng Clever Buy Travel
    pero thank God natuloy yung travel namin sa kanila. Sa mga naloko ng
    Clever Buy yung mga Manager at mga sales ng Clever Buy na hindi nyo na
    mahanap ngayon sasabihin ko sa inyong lahat kung saan sila matatagpuan
    at kung saan na sila nagtatrabaho ngayon isa din sya group buying site
    dito na sila nagwowork yung mga manager at sales ng clever buy na nawala
    na lang parang bula dito nyo sila makikita ng personal sa “DEALSPOT”
    ito ang office address ng DealSpot Unit 18-D Goldland Tower, 10
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    Meron po akong source na kakilala sa loob ng DealSpot ito po ay 100% na
    totoo. Halos karamihan ng nagwowork ngayon na sales at managers sa
    Dealspot ay galing sa CleverBuy nandun ang mga managers every monday to
    friday except saturday. Much better na magpunta na lang kayo office ng
    Dealpsot para makita nyo sila.

  114. I am REALLY PISSED OFF with !! The worst customer service ever! may 3 items akong binili sa kanila last April 2012 pa and until now matatapos nalang ang July 2012, wala pa rin. Email ako ng email, wala namang sumasagot! walang kwenta talaga ang BEECONOMIC!! I trusted this group buying site kasi international ang Groupon na company dba? pero wala pa rin.. sayang naman ang pera ko! walang kwenta talaga!!

  115. Beeconomic took my money but won’t take my calls or email about the voucher I received (I followed instructions to the letter but got no response from the service provider). I have asked them for a refund, and got no reply as well. Buyers beware!!!!!!

  116. Just stumbled onto this site looking for other group buying sites, read the article about ensogo and got nervous all of a sudden..

    Just recently bought a buffet groupon, wireless headset and an infrared stove from them, when I pick them up (the latter two) from their main office and it is not what is advertised, I will raise hell on their collective a$$es..

    Hopefully it will be fine, also bought a usb from beeconomic, only problem with their pick-up option is their building has no visible signs and their security guards are clueless as to what groupon/beeconomic is, turns out it was just a few walks from their station.. d’oh!

  117. cashcashpinoy also seems like a scam site for some of the merchandise they post. I bought a marshal backpack from them and the day before the release date of the product, they emailed me that they won’t be able to deliver. This was because they received a different product than the one they advertised (and they would not pass this one either which is good for the consumer imo). The problem is, they still have not given me my refund. And my request for refund has been flagged as processed. (already 2months since and I bet all those who bought the bags still have not received their refunds)

  118. Hello there! Kindly include on your list, they’re just new. They’re located in Ayala Tower, Makati. Thank you and more power!

  119. ok naman sa metrodeal. 5voucher na yung nakuha at nagamit ko and wala naman naging problema. pero hindi ko pa kasi natry yung tour packages ayoko rin magtake ng risk kasi baka masayang pera ko better go directly sa mga T&T agency para sigurado kayo 🙂 sa foods, shopping and beauty lang ako kumukuha ng deal sa net 🙂

  120. Ensogo is the worst online shopping for items for claim at their office. How can they have no stocks of what they are selling where the stocks are for pick up after you have ordered and the items are available everywhere you go in the malls. I went back 3x already and still the item is not available. the pick up time is dec5-21 but we are asked to return Dec 26! the reason we bought the item is for the holidays and this is really waste of time and energy…. the savings are not worth it because of the gas, parking, traffic, effort and patience!!! Lousy logistics and they wont even offer to deliver due to the hazzle it caused…. last time to buy an item for pick up!!!!!

  121. Hi. I don’t think Cash Cash Pinoy should belong to the top 5. I would rather, put back Ensogo there. First, they do not have a PHONE NUMBER. Every properly registered company in the Philippines has a phone number! Isn’t it weird? Maybe you will ask why is it so important? It is for me, so if you cannot deliver the products on time or you cannot made available for me to pick up the products on time, I need to be able to call to arrange when is the time that I could pick it up. I talked to them, and even talked to the manager and begged to give me any kind of number so I can call before I would go there so I can be sure that my items are already available and they do not have any phone number, they say! Stupid policy! The DTI or SEC should required every corporations to made availbale their phone numbers as a service to their customers! Bad customer service! BAD SERVICE AT ALL! I WILL NOT EVER BUY FROM CASH CASH PINOY! They don’t deserve to be in top 5!

  122. Lexter Mamporte

    It’s hard to tell which sites should be included on the top five. All of them showcases GREAT deals just like GrabThis which I recently bought Ostrich Pillow Light. Love to carry it around especially when traveling.

  123. Veronica Torres Mutuc

    naka purchased na ako ng ilang items from cashcashpinoy, ensogo, beeconomic and metrodeal para sa akin okey naman po silang 4…meron lang konting problema experienced in cashcashpinoy na ipurchased mini dvd camcorder 1st delivery nila ayaw gumana nung unit, yun nga wala silang phone kaya thru emails ang convrsation. pero sana kung may telephone sila for items complaints and sometimes for follow ups ng delivery mas madali po ang mga transaction to the customers like me.

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  127. Tried Metrodeal for the warts removal and barrio fiesta it’s okay naman sya so sya yung para sakin trusted ko. for corporate we also try para sa admin needs namin groceries ganun. pero sa cash cash madami nga nagrereklamo dyan kaya dko tnatry pero totoo po ba? I’ll try naman ung deal grocer next

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  130. I’ve tried Metrodeal a couple of times and so far it din’t disappoint me but If you love shopping online why don’t you guys try to find an affordable item or deals on a buy and sell website like Philippines. I’m sure you’ll be able to save more compare to some group buying website in this list

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  132. Beware of some Deals for they are Not Worth It often Overpriced or has a Hidden Exclusions! Especially Tour Packages! We bought a Promo daw na package yon pala Hindi! The seller was under a certain TipidLakbay…

  133. I think DTI should be in picture in Group Buying Sites since the aim of these sites is Savings Daw? Promo Daw? So customers will know if its really a Money Saver or Not!??

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  136. How about are they a group online shop? I think they are base here in the Philippines and they are the enemy of lazada. But I think lazada is better than them in terms of discounted items.

  137. Hello PinoyMoneyTalk

    Thanks for publishing good content like this, I had no idea there are lots of Online Shopping and buying groups like these until I read this post. Thanks! I can add them to this site that offers good deals for most of the online shops that you mentioned. \

  138. Mikhail Montes

    Please double check as for cashcash.pinoy to be included in the top 5. As I remember a while back cashcash pinoy had a very bad reputation in where most of their deals were fraud and without refunds. I subscribe before but when I found out plenty of complains I tried to unsubscribe (online) plenty of times but to no avail. I noticed also in their website that there was no contact details. Luckily for me I was able to acquire an email address. I constantly emailing them that I want to be unsubscribe, but still I received emails from them. Then 1 day it just stop, after so very long.

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