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Cheap Prices of Apple iPad 2

Last year when the first Apple iPad was launched, we compared prices in various online Apple stores in Asia to determine where the cheapest iPad price can be found. We discovered that in Asia Pacific, the cheapest Apple iPad can be found in Apple’s online store Hong Kong, then Singapore, then Japan.

Is the same pricing applicable in the case of the new Apple iPad 2?

Apparently, no. Despite using the old pricing scheme as in the first generation iPad, the Apple iPad 2 reduced prices in other Asian countries. Also interestingly enough, you can even buy an Apple iPad 2 in one Asian country that is relatively cheaper than its US counterpart.

Where? Continue reading.

First, let’s look at the prices of the iPad 2 in local currencies in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore. Vietnam and Indonesia are currently not on the list because the iPad 2 has not been launched there yet.


Of course, the numbers above don’t mean much because they are not comparable. So we converted all these prices to US Dollar amounts using their exchange rates as of May 13, 2011.

The result is shown in the table below.


Where to find the cheapest iPad 2 in Asia Pacific? Surprise! It’s in Malaysia. It’s priced a few dollars cheaper than in the US.

The next place to buy the cheapest iPad 2 is in Hong Kong, followed by Singapore. Australia and New Zealand have relatively more expensive Apple iPad 2 compared to other Asia Pacific countries.


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    nice thanks ur such a great help…how about imac and macbook…where should we buy….thanks!

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     Thank you for such detailed information!  Considering get one.

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    Thank you for info but I don’t see Europe here. But I do know that iPad in Europe is more expensive.

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    what about countries like cameroon?

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