The Best PSE Stocks in 2018

How are your stock investments so far? Are you making money or losing money in stocks?

If you’ve been monitoring the Philippine stock market recently, you’ll know that it has been a rollercoaster ride in just the first month of the year.

2018 kicked off with euphoric trades, with the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) recording all-time highs almost on a daily basis. In fact, in just a few weeks after the start of the year, the PSEi surged to a fresh record of 9,078.37 — a level never before seen in the history of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

But everything that goes up must come down. And that’s exactly what happened before January 2018 came to a close. From a staggering 9,000-point high, the PSEi plunged a jaw-dropping 300 points. On the last trading day of January, the PSEi ended at just 8,764.01 points.

Top 10 Best and Worst PSE Stocks

Not every stock, though, suffered a loss. A few stocks ended in positive territory at the close of January 2018, such as these Top 10 Highest Gaining PSE Stocks:

  1. Golden Haven Inc. (HVN): +345.45%
  2. Easycall Communications Phils. (ECP): +173.37%
  3. Transpacific Broadband Group International (TBGI): +125.45%
  4. Now Corp. (NOW): +98.60%
  5. Starmalls Inc. (STR): +47.31%
  6. ATN Holdings (ATN): +37.21%
  7. ATN Holdings “B” (ATNB): +36.17%
  8. Pepsi-Cola Products Phils. (PIP): +33.03%
  9. Nat’l Reinsurance Corp. of the Phils. (NRCP): +30.93%
  10. Philab Holdings (DNA): +29.69%

Top 10 Price Gainers in the PSE (January 2018)

Stock CodeCompanyProfit % (Jan 20178)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceJan. 2018 Last Price
1HVNGolden Haven Inc.345.45%22.0098.00
2ECPEasycall Communications Phils.173.37%16.9046.20
3TBGITranspacific Broadband Group Int'l125.45%0.280.62
4NOWNow Corp.98.60%2.855.66
5STRStarmalls Inc.47.31%9.3013.70
6ATNATN Holdings37.21%0.430.59
7ATNBATN Holdings B36.17%0.470.64
8PIPPepsi-Cola Products Phils.33.03%2.182.90
9NRCPNat'l Reinsurance Corp. of the Phils.30.93%0.971.27
10DNAPhilab Holdings29.69%3.574.63

In contrast, the following stocks suffered the biggest price losses among all stocks traded in the PSE:

  1. Roxas and Co. (RCI): -21.15%
  2. SFA Semicon Phils. (SSP): -19.17%
  3. Berjaya Phils. (BCOR): -17.94%
  4. Bogo Medellin Milling Co. (BMM): -17.33%
  5. Primex Corp. (PRMX): -16.78%
  6. Xurpas Inc. (X): -15.40%
  7. Keppel Phils. Properties (KEP): -15.06%
  8. Petroenergy Resources Corp. (PERC): -14.29%
  9. Ionics Inc. (ION): -13.74%
  10. Grand Plaza Hotel (GPH): -13.71%

Top 10 Price Losers in the PSE (January 2018)

Stock CodeCompanyPrice Loss % (Jan 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceJan. 2018 Last Price
1RCIRoxas and Co-21.15%2.602.05
2SSPSFA Semicon Phils-19.17%1.931.56
3BCORBerjaya Phils.-17.94%6.305.17
4BMMBogo Medellin Milling Co.-17.33%139.10115.00
5PRMXPrimex Corp-16.78%5.724.76
6XXurpas Inc.-15.40%5.134.34
7KEPKeppel Phils. Properties-15.06%4.984.23
8PERCPetroenergy Resources Corp.-14.29%5.714.89
10GPHGrand Plaza Hotel-13.71%12.9811.20

Here’s a complete list of stocks traded in the PSE and their price changes during the first month of the year.

The following stocks are listed alphabetically. You may sort the table and search for the stock you’re looking for.

All PSE Stocks Ranked from Best and Worst

Stock CodeCompanyPrice Change % (Jan 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceJan. 2018 Last Price
12GO2GO Group2.74%18.9819.50
3ABAAbaCore Capital-1.67%0.300.29
4ABGAsiabest Group9.44%17.3819.02
6ACAyala Corp0.96% 1,040.00 1,050.00
7ACEAcesite Phils0.72%1.391.40
8ACRAlsons Cons-2.99%1.341.30
9AEVAboitiz Equity Ventures3.09%74.5076.80
10AGFAG Finance4.35%3.453.60
11AGIAlliance Global-6.58%16.4215.34
13ALHIAnchor Land18.64%12.9815.40
14ALIAyala Land-2.75%45.5044.25
15ANIAgri Nurture2.58%12.3812.70
16ANSA Soriano0.14%7.047.05
17APAboitiz Power-1.09%41.4541.00
18APCAPC Group-8.42%0.470.43
19APLApollo Global17.07%0.0410.048
21APXApex Mng-4.43%1.581.51
22ARAbra Mining0.00%0.00230.0023
23ARAAraneta Prop-5.65%2.302.17
24ATAtlas Cons Mng-3.00%5.004.85
25ATIAsian Terminal-1.86%11.8011.58
26ATNATN Holdings37.21%0.430.59
27ATNBATN Holdings36.17%0.470.64
28AUBAsia United-0.83%60.0059.50
29BCBenguet Corp-4.00%1.751.68
30BCBBenguet Corp B-2.29%1.751.71
31BCORBerjaya Phils.-17.94%6.305.17
32BDOBDO Unibank-4.97%161.00153.00
33BELBelle Corp-0.26%3.843.83
34BHBHI Hldgs-1.63% 1,474.00 1,450.00
35BHIBoulevard Hldgs-4.23%0.0710.068
36BKRBright Kindle-4.04%1.981.90
37BLFIBDO Leasing-2.09%3.833.75
39BMMBogo Medellin Milling Co.-17.33%139.10115.00
40BPIBPI Bank8.36%110.00119.20
41BRNA Brown Co.-10.58%1.040.93
42BSCBasic Energy0.91%0.2200.222
43CAConcrete Agg-0.83%60.5060.00
44CABConcrete Agg B-1.80%83.5082.00
45CATCAD Tarlac-6.75%19.8418.50
46CDCCityland Dev-4.27%1.171.12
47CEBCebu Air-0.85%99.9599.10
48CEICrown Equities3.93%0.2290.238
50CHICebu Hldgs1.03%5.825.88
51CHIBChina Banking9.01%33.3036.30
52CHPCemex Holdings Phils.-13.58%4.864.20
54CIPChemical Ind's14.55%165.00189.00
56CLICebu Landmaster-3.54%4.804.63
57CNPFCentury Pacific-2.38%16.0015.62
58COALCoal Asia1.59%0.320.32
59COLCOL Financial1.30%15.4015.60
60COSCOCosco Capital-5.76%7.647.20
61CPGCentury Prop-3.12%0.480.47
62CPMCentury Peak-1.23%1.621.60
63CPVCebu Prop-0.98%6.106.04
64CPVBCebu Prop B-3.78%6.095.86
65CROWNCrown Asia0.53%1.901.91
66CSBCitystate Bank10.26%9.069.99
67CYBRCyber Bay-2.22%0.450.44
68DAVINDa Vinci Cap1.71%5.275.36
71DIZDizon Copper0.28%7.217.23
72DMCDMCI Hldgs1.84%14.1414.40
73DMPLDel Monte-3.64%11.0010.60
74DNAPhilab Holdings29.69%3.574.63
75DNLDNL Industries9.73%11.1012.18
76DWCDiscovery World12.97%2.392.70
77EAGLEEagle Cement1.10%14.5814.74
78ECPEasycall Communications Phils.173.37%16.9046.20
79EDCEnergy Dev't.1.43%5.605.68
80EEIEEI Corp3.36%11.9012.30
81ELIEmpire East4.69%0.640.67
84EVEREver Gotesco-6.80%0.1470.137
85EWEast West Bank-12.42%33.0028.90
86FAFFirst Abacus-5.56%0.720.68
87FDCFilinvest Dev-1.30%7.707.60
89FFIFilipino Fund7.40%7.708.27
90FGENFirst Gen-5.56%16.9215.98
91FJPFJ Prince10.62%4.525.00
92FJPBFJ Prince B-10.71%5.605.00
93FLIFilinvest Land-1.06%1.891.87
94FNIGlobal Ferro-5.93%2.702.54
95FOODAlliance Select3.23%0.620.64
96FPHFirst Phil Hldg-1.04%62.5561.90
97FPIForum Pacific-6.53%0.1990.186
100GLOGlobe Tele1.33% 1,875.00 1,900.00
101GMA7GMA Network0.00%5.885.88
102GPHGrand Plaza Hotel-13.71%12.9811.20
104GTCAPGT Capital4.02% 1,293.00 1,345.00
105H2OH2O Ventures3.39%5.906.10
106HIHouse of Inv-0.68%7.367.31
108HOUSE8990 Holdings-6.12%6.706.29
109HVNGolden Haven Inc.345.45%22.0098.00
113IMII. Micro-Elec4.69%18.3419.20
114IMPImperial Res4.92%2.642.77
116IPMIPM Holdings-0.24%8.328.30
119ISIsland Info0.71%0.1410.142
120ISMISM Comm.19.15%1.411.68
122JFCJollibee Foods11.51%255.40284.80
123JGSJG Summit0.00%76.5076.50
125KEPKeppel Phils. Properties-15.06%4.984.23
126KPHKeppel Hldgs-0.93%5.405.35
127KPHBKeppel Hldgs B11.19%5.365.96
128LANDCity and Land0.88%1.141.15
129LBCLBC Express-7.77%16.4815.20
130LCLepanto Cons0.65%0.1530.154
131LCBLepanto Cons B-0.63%0.1580.157
132LFMLiberty Flour-5.12%58.5555.55
133LIHCLodestar Inv-1.43%0.700.69
134LMGLMG Chemicals-0.96%4.154.11
135LOTOPacific Online-4.68%11.1010.58
136LPZLopez Hldgs-2.65%5.665.51
137LRLeisure Resort7.89%3.804.10
138LSCLorenzo Shipping-12.71%1.181.03
139LTGLT Group19.80%18.7422.45
140MAManila Mng-1.06%0.00940.0093
141MABManila Mng B-4.04%0.00990.0095
143MACAYMacay Holdings-0.24%20.8020.75
145MAXSMax's Group-1.86%18.3217.98
146MBManila Bulletin-10.34%0.580.52
147MBCMBC Company1.10%18.2018.40
148MBTMetro Bank-4.88%104.6099.50
149MEDMEDCO Hldgs-6.90%0.580.54
152MFCManulife Fin'l-1.96% 1,020.00 1,000.00
153MFINMakati Finance1.41%2.832.87
155MHCMabuhay Hldgs13.11%0.300.34
156MJCManila Jockey-10.00%5.004.50
157MJICMJC Inv1.21%3.313.35
158MPIMetro Pac. Inv.-4.72%6.786.46
159MRCMRC Allied-1.47%0.340.34
160MRPMelco Resorts8.28%7.858.50
161MRSGIMetro Retail-2.87%3.833.72
162MVCMabuhay Vinyl4.69%3.203.35
163MWCManila Water3.28%27.4028.30
165NINIHAO Mineral-6.04%1.491.40
166NIKLNickel Asia-0.15%6.606.59
167NOWNow Corp.98.60%2.855.66
168NRCPNat'l Reinsurance Corp. of the Phils.30.93%0.971.27
170OPMOriental Pet-7.69%0.0130.012
171OPMBOriental Pet B0.00%0.0120.012
172OREOriental Pen0.00%0.930.93
175PALPAL Holdings-9.33%11.3610.30
176PAXPaxys, Inc.-1.43%2.802.76
177PBBPhil Bsns Bank6.83%12.6013.46
178PBCPhil Bank Comm7.01%24.2525.95
180PERCPetroenergy Resources Corp.-14.29%5.714.89
181PFSM Pure Foods17.61%528.00621.00
184PHENPHINMA Energy0.00%1.631.63
185PHESPhil Estate-2.86%0.350.34
187PIPPepsi-Cola Products Phils.33.03%2.182.90
189PLCPremium Leisure-5.38%1.301.23
193POPIPrime Orion23.41%2.052.53
194PPCPryce Corp-6.67%6.756.30
195PPGPHINMA Pet7.46%2.012.16
196PRCPhil Racng Club5.51%8.899.38
197PRIMPrim Media15.04%1.131.30
198PRMXPrimex Corp-16.78%5.724.76
199PSBPS Bank2.12%87.1589.00
201PTCPhil Trust Co-10.76%119.90107.00
202PXPhilex Mng4.69%6.406.70
203PXPPXP Energy6.73%8.328.88
205RCIRoxas and Co-21.15%2.602.05
206REGRepublic Glass-5.30%2.642.50
207RFMRFM Corp-3.02%4.974.82
208RLCRobinson Land0.33%20.8320.90
209RLTPhil Realty-11.29%0.620.55
210ROCKRockwell Land-4.27%2.112.02
211ROXRoxas Holdings-5.00%4.003.80
212RRHIRobinsons Ret.-2.47%97.0094.60
214SBSSBS Philippines0.35%5.785.80
215SCCSemirara Mining4.99%36.1037.90
216SECBSecurity Bank-3.07%253.80246.00
217SEVNPhil Seven-7.42%114.50106.00
218SFISwift Foods0.00%0.1310.131
219SGISolid Group-3.59%1.671.61
220SGPSynergy Grid-0.94%180.10178.40
221SHLPHPilipinas Shell-0.08%62.5062.45
222SHNGShang Prop3.19%3.133.23
223SLFSun Life1.04% 1,925.00 1,945.00
224SLISta. Lucia Land0.00%1.021.02
225SMSM Investments-1.44% 1,040.00 1,025.00
226SMCSan Miguel25.44%114.80144.00
227SMPHSM Prime-4.77%38.7536.90
229SPCSPC Power-1.64%5.505.41
231SSISSI Group-5.85%3.253.06
232SSPSFA Semicon Phils-19.17%1.931.56
233STISTI Holdings-5.03%1.591.51
234STRStarmalls Inc.47.31%9.3013.70
235SUNSuntrust Home-2.35%0.850.83
236TTKC Metals-7.56%1.191.10
237TBGITranspacific Broadband Group Int'l125.45%0.280.62
238TECHCirtek Holdings2.04%49.0050.00
239TELPLDT4.81% 1,497.00 1,569.00
241TFHITop Frontier-1.82%286.20281.00
242TUGSHarbor Star0.00%4.694.69
243UBPUnion Bank3.74%86.8090.05
244UNIUnioil Res17.51%0.2170.260
245UPMUnited Paragon0.00%0.0070.007
246URCUniv Robina4.74%154.00161.30
249VLLVista Land16.89%5.986.99
251VULVulcan Ind'l3.80%0.790.82
254WINWellex Ind-5.76%0.1910.180
255WLCONWilcon Depot11.57%8.309.26
256WPIWaterfront Phil-9.09%0.990.90
257XXurpas Inc.-15.40%5.134.34
258ZHIZeus Hldgs7.32%0.2050.220

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