Dividend Yield & Dividends Paid by PSE Stocks

In stock investing, the primary way to make money is through stock price appreciation. This simply means the price increase, over time, of a company’s stock.

In addition stock price appreciation, receiving Dividend income is another valid way to earn money in stocks. This is the reason why investors should also consider the Dividend Yield and Dividend Payment History of a company when choosing which stocks to invest in.

We provide below relevant links to the Dividend Yield information of select stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Click each link to access important information regarding the payment history of these dividend-paying stocks in the PSE.

Dividend Yield and Dividend Payment History of PSE Stocks

Click the link below to access the Dividend information of the following stocks.

Stock CodeDividends
ACAyala Corporation (AC) Dividends
AEVAboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) Dividends
AGIAlliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI) Dividends
ALIAyala Land Inc. (ALI) Dividends
APAboitiz Power (AP) Dividends
BDOBanco de Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO) Dividends
BPIBank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Dividends
DMCDMCI Holdings (DMC) Dividends
EDCEnergy Development Corp. (EDC) Dividends
FGENFirst Gen Corporation (FGEN) Dividends
GLOGlobe Telecom (GLO) Dividends
GMA7GMA Network Inc. (GMA7) Dividends
GTCAPGT Capital Holdings (GTCAP) Dividends
HLCMHolcim Philippines (HLCM) Dividends
ICTInternational Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICT) Dividends
JFCJollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) Dividends
JGSJG Summit Holdings (JGS) Dividends
LTGLT Group (LTG) Dividends
MBTMetropolitan Bank and Trust Company (MBT) Dividends
MEGMegaworld Corporation (MEG) Dividends
MERMeralco (MER) Dividends
MPIMetro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPI) Dividends
MWCManila Water Co. (MWC) Dividends
PCORPetron Corporation (PCOR) Dividends
PGOLDPuregold Price Club (PGOLD) Dividends
PHNPhinma Corp. (PHN) Dividends
RRHIRobinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (RRHI) Dividends
RLCRobinsons Land Corporation (RLC) Dividends
SCCSemirara Mining & Power Corporation (SCC) Dividends
SECBSecurity Bank (SECB) Dividends
SMSM Investments Corporation (SM) Dividends
SMCSan Miguel Corporation (SMC) Dividends
SMPHSM Prime Holdings (SMPH) Dividends
TELPLDT (TEL) Dividends
URCUniversal Robina Corporation (URC) Dividends

What is Dividend Yield?

The Dividend Yield is a percentage showing the dividend returns earned by an investor, computed as:

  • Total Dividends Paid / Stock Price (Dividends divided by the company’s stock price)

Total Dividends may include regular and special dividends. Regular dividends are typically paid at a specific time of the year, while special dividends are non-recurring and distributed only in specific instances, such as when the company is experiencing profitability.

Important Dates related to Dividend Payments

Here are important dates that you need to know related to dividend distribution:

DateWhat It Means
Declaration DateThe company's announcement or declaration date that it will be distributing dividends
Ex-DateAlso called "Ex-Dividend Date," this is the first day a buyer of a stock is NOT entitled or is EX-cluded from receiving dividends
Record DateThe date a stockholder should be "recorded" in the books of the company to be eligible to receive dividends
Payment DateThe date dividends are actually paid to eligible shareholders

Take note that stock prices typically rise from the time the dividend was announced (Declaration Date) until the Ex-Date (the first day when buying a stock does NOT entitle the buyer to the dividends).

Stock prices would fluctuate and possibly rise right before the Ex-Date because investors are scrambling to buy the stock in order to be entitled to receive dividends. Historically, as well, stock prices start to decline from the Ex-Date onwards since those who bought the stock, just to receive dividends, start selling it because they have already earned the right to receive the dividends.

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